1Modern Cultural Heritages in Gunsan

templeanditconsistsofthemainhall,monk'slivingquarters,andabelfry. ItsnamewaschangedtoDongguksaaftertheLiberationofKoreain1945...

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Digital images of the famous shooting the fan scene from the Genpei War were projected on a water ... Page 43 of 62. 44 Discovering and utilizing new historical landmarks Castle wall from a Korean-style fortress built in the 7th century have been dis

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Realism is presented under laser range finder. In addition, complex structures are automatically reproduced. In Section 2, the technique of modeling from reality is described. The method is described by means of example. The creation of the 3D model

Good governance is an indeterminate term used in development literature to describe how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources in order to guarantee the realization of human rights

MULTICULTURAL HERITAGES IN A CITY AS PRODUCTIVE TOURISM PLACES ... moulded, shaped, interpreted, bought and sold by groups with varying interests. What remains constant, however, is the historical sense of place embedded in the concept of heritage. .

Model Development Open Access Open Access ... using a geographic information system (GIS). ... The historical data of earthquakes in the Gyeongju area

ny Afwany Alamsyah from Batik House Indonesia for promoting batik techniques in ... Sultan Agung of Mataram is known to have dressed in white cotton decorated with Indigo blue, and his court dancers wore ... symbolism and culture surrounding hand-dye

CULTURAL IDENTITY AND CULTURAL POLICY IN SOUTH KOREA Haksoon Yim* Korea Culture and Contents Agency, Seoul, South Korea INTRODUCTION With the evolution of cultural policy in South Korea, there has been an associated change in

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