officers are hassling the newest female recruit; married DCI Graham Harvey, who owns a pieceof her heart, is running hot and cold; her aged auntie is ...

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Staying power tells about DS Kate Power Of Birmingham CID in London has been transferred after the death of her partner and lover. The heroine is depressed after the loss of her lover and lonely because she hasn’t made friends in her new location but when it comes to fighting crime,she doesn’t let her personal feelings get in the way .She is the highest-rangking female CID officer in Birmingham police force and has to deal with sexism and racism in the police department and how it is handled as well as insubordination.She has been on sick leave since injuring herself on a previous case. Returning from a holiday in florence,She meets Alan Grafton as her seat mate and starts a conversation with her,he is exhilarated because his trip was a success buying leather goods and clothing to sell to disributors.She gives him her business card and forgets all about him. Two days later she is called to a case of purported suicide. A man has been found hanging from a canal bridge-with Kate’s card in his pocket, , the man who’d sat in the plane seat next to her, swinging from a rope, his handsome new sweater and shoes dotted with his blood the only means of identification is Alan Grafton. Although the amorous pathologist, who wants to have sex with Kate astride a motorcycle, thinks it’s suicide, she opts for murder. An anonymous phone call from a terrified woman leads her to suspect civic nabob Howard Sanderson, who controls his wife Isobel’s every movement, locks up their son Nigel, and forces him to doctor purloined vitamin tablets so they look like Ecstasy. As if that weren’t enough to keep a girl busy, two of Kate’s fellow

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officers are hassling the newest female recruit; married DCI Graham Harvey, who owns a piece of her heart, is running hot and cold; her aged auntie is acting up in the nursing home; and the firm redoing her kitchen may be robbing her. If not for the support of gay Constable Colin Roper, Kate would be well and truly overwhelmed.

Kate is shocked to see that the dead man is Alan who was so excited over the money he expected to make on the goods.The easy conclusion for the investigating officers is suicide,but Kate isn’t conviced.As her subsequent investigations prove,the cause of Alan Grafton’s death-and it’s consequences-are more serious than she and her colleagues could have imagined. She is granted permission to find out if this was a murder made to look like a selftermination.She discovers that Alan was bankrupt thanks to a powerful business leader who used fraudulent means to achieve a line of credit for shell companies.To bring this man to justice,she has to have hard evidence because if he walks,Alan Grafton wife and son will be his next victims.

For even though she had been battling a cold and a congested ear, she's sure that Grafton, from the bits of conversation she could hear and remember, was the last person to take his own life. And so, with her boss's blessing, Kate starts doing a little digging, little realising the extent of human cruelty and frailty that she would unearth. Still regarded as a newcomer in the Birmingham police force, still battling against prejudice and intimidation among the ranks, still fighting to

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prove that she's got what it takes, Kate is determined to stick to her gun until she finally










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