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PSC Circular 2 of 2005 NO:SS/PSC/ Circular/2005 Dated: November 09, 2005 Sub: PSC Detention of Indian Ships...

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NO:SS/PSC/ Circular/2005

PSC Circular 2 of 2005 Dated: November 09, 2005

Sub: PSC Detention of Indian Ships The President, INSA, Mumbai. Chief Executives, All Indian Shipping Companies. Sirs, Further to the meeting on Port State Control (PSC) matters held in the Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai on 24.10.2005, this is to inform you that there have been two more incidents of PSC detentions. M.V. Maratha Messenger was inspected and detained under PSC by AMSA on 27.10.2005 at Gladstone, Australia. The vessel was detained due to inoperative emergency fire pump. The owners have explained that, during the vessel's passage to Gladstone, this pump was painted in preparation for AMSA inspection, and apparently, fresh painting on the operating linkage of the priming pump jammed the linkage and made the priming pump non-operative. Though the priming pump engaging linkage was freed and made operational within 30 minutes, AMSA detained the vessel due to this deficiency. The second detention was that of M.T. RATNA SHALINI at South Korea on 28.10.2005. The detainable deficiency was non-operative display unit of the oil content meter, even though the oily water separator unit otherwise was functioning satisfactorily (including 15 PPM alarm). Though the Master had appealed to the PSCO that the ship should not be detained only for this deficiency, his appeal was rejected. Thereafter the owners have lodged a formal appeal with the Korean Maritime Administration and its outcome is still awaited. Considering the merits of the case, (PSCO found only one deficiency on board, except for the sudden malfunctioning of the display unit, the oily water separator unit was fully functional) this Directorate is also taking up the matter with the Korean Administration for revocation of the detention. In view of the above incidents, all Ship Owners and Ships officers are advised to take utmost care and be fully prepared for a detailed PSC inspection at any time. This is absolutely essential, as any further detentions in the current year would adversely affect Indian ships status under various MOUs. In the Directorate’s view a little extra care on the part of Ship staff could easily have avoided both these detentions.

Yours faithfully, Sd/(Suresh Kumar) Ship Surveyor-cum DDG (Tech)