Homeroom Teacher’s Roles ... counselor & library visit once in every 2 weeks. • Reading log book . ... • Technology Use Policy (Part 13)...

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6B 2014/2015 ACADEMIC YEAR

Ms. Rika & Ms. Ayu

Homeroom Teacher’s Roles • We will provide students support academically, socially and emotionally. • We will assist students in evaluating their learning and make the right choices for their learning goal. • When needed, we will mediate between students and teachers when issues are taking place. • We will communicate with students and parents about school matters and other issues that my rise.

Homeroom class expectations: • Take care of your personal belongings (always use locker to store your bag) • Respect to yourself and others • Always come to class on time and prepared • Ask permission when you leave class • Use classroom voice level when conversing inside class • Participate during discussion, and be openminded

What will happen during homeroom this year? • Homeroom session begins at 8:00am till 8:20am Monday through Thursday. We will have Service Learning on Friday homeroom session begins at 8:00am till 8:45am. • We will have one homeroom time with school counselor & library visit once in every 2 weeks. • Reading log book

Homeroom Session with School Counselor Objectives: • To support students transition period in secondary school (for year 6 particularly) • To help students understand the learning (academic) expectations in middle school and be able to attain them • To equip students sound social skills they can apply as they interact at school • To help students learn strategies of solving problems, and making right decisions

The Schedule for Homeroom with Counselor:

• •

Year 6A - Mondays at 13.05 - 13. 50 Year 6B - Mondays at 11.35 - 12.20

School Policies • • • • • • •

Dress Code Policy (Part 2) Food Policy (Part 6) Lateness Policy (Part 4) Attendance Policy (Part 4) Behavior Policy ( Part 10) Technology Use Policy (Part 13) Home-School Connection Policy (Part 9)

Edmodo • Currently all teachers use the website Edmodo to disseminate information and reminders. Students will create an Edmodo account and join each subjects group. • If you would like to track homework and other information you can sign up with Edmodo under your child’s account. • The school is also creating another program for Cikal that we will use once completed. Until then we will use Edmodo as the main communication with students about homework and assessments outside of class.

Edmodo Address • www.cikalsetu.edmodo.com • The registration period for students with their school email address will start at the end of July

Student’s Orientation Schedule July 15th – 23rd, 2014 •

Classes • •

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am – 2:05pm WIB Friday: 8:00am – 1:00pm WIB

Clubs • •

Monday - Thursday 2:15pm – 3:15pm WIB Friday: 1:10 – 2:10pm WIB

Note: Intramural and elective classes with start after Idhul Fitri Holiday

Student’s Orientation Schedule July 15th – 23rd, 2014 BUS  Monday - Thursday:  Bus

I 14:25pm WIB  Bus II 15:35pm WIB  Friday  Bus

I 13:20pm WIB  Bus II 14:30pmWIB July 24th, 2014 – Students will go home at 12.35 WIB Bus I : 12.55 WIB Bus II : 14.30 WIB

Cikal Aksi-Aksi Field Trip 

There will be annual Field trip for all year levels on 21 – 24 October 2014 The field trip will be a school program to address service and learning curriculum. The Field Trip will be to West Java

Intramurals 

Intramural activity is a sport program held by school to encourage students implement their PE skills and promote healthy life style in a non competitive setting

Students will choose only one intramural among the 4 choices.

Time: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 7:00am – 8:00am








Jogging Water Polo

Bus Roster- During Ramadhan Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays; Bus 1- 15.10 Bus 2- 16.20 • Tuesdays, Fridays; Bus 1- 13.40 Bus 2- 14.50 •

Bus Roster- Regular •

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays;

Bus 1- 15.30 Bus 2- 17.00 •


Bus 1- 14.00 Bus 2- 15.30 Bus 3- 17.00


Bus 1- 13.00 Bus 2- 16.00

How you can contact us 

English & Design Teacher – Ary Hermawan ([email protected])

Moslem Religion Teacher – Diah Wati ([email protected])

Catholic Religion TeacherAntonius Satrioadi Hutomo ([email protected])

Protestant Religion TeacherMebby Feronica ([email protected])

Mathematics & Science Teacher – Wienny Lintang ([email protected])

Bahasa Indonesia & Individual and Societies Teacher – Rika Suprihantini ([email protected])

PE Teacher – Yogi Setiawan ([email protected])

School Counselor 6A – Rani Indriani ([email protected])

Visual Arts Teacher – Ayu Fadira ([email protected])

School Counselor 6B – Izza Dinillah ([email protected])

Music Teacher – Nino Aditya ([email protected])

Parent Volunteers 

Cikal believes that active partnership with parents benefits the whole school communities.

This is a great opportunity for Parents to become more involved in the School Community.

The areas at this time needing parent volunteers is:  Class Representatives  Food Committee  Cikal Aksi-Aksi  Cikal Bincang-Bincang  Parents Welcome Team

Please visit the Marketing office or talk to the Marketing team about these volunteer positions.

Thank you