Big Band Library 1 / 25 namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Music 1 11 0-9 007 James Bond Medley ... Here Come Santa Claus 2)...

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Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger 1 11 0-9 007 James Bond Medley (Betta) A.Betta 2 11 0-9 12:37 On A Saturday Afternoon 3 11 0-9 2 Bone BBQ Doc.Green's Big BandJ.Green M.D. 4 11 0-9 20 Nickles 5 11 0-9 Zarathustrare Visited Dale Devou 6 11 0-9 21st Century Schziod Man Jazz Rock 7 11 0-9 25 Or 6 To 4 Rock Chicago Peter Blair 8 11 0-9 42nd Street Medley Med.Swing Bob Lowden 1)Lullaby of Broadway 2)About a Quarter to Nine 3)We're in the Money 4)Shuffle off to Bufflo 5)42nd Street 9 11 0-9 4679385 Blues In Bb Rock 10 11 0-9 7 Come 11 HENDERSON B.Goodman Orch. F.Henderson 11 11 0-9 720 In The Book Med.Swing Will Hudson 12 11 0-9 720 In The Books (Mason).pdf Med.Swing Jack Mason 13 11 0-9 720 In The Books (Savitt).pdf Hand Wr. Med.Shuffle 14 11 0-9 88 Basie street (Nestico) Easy Jazz C.Basie S.Nestico 15 11 0-9 9:20 Special Jump Like Mad. Spud Murphy 16 3 a A Big Band Christmas Carl Strommen 1)On the 1st Day of X'mas 2)Jingle Bell 3)"O" Come All Ye Faithful 4)We 3 kings of Orient Are 17 3 a Carl Strommen A Big Band Christmas Ⅱ 1)Here Come Santa Claus 2)Santa Claus Coming to Town 3)Have Yourself a Merry X'mas 4)Auld Lang Byne 18 3 a A Child Is Born Slowly 3/4 T.Jones&M.Lous Orch. Thad Jones Contemporaly Swing 19 3 a A Children's Song Bob Mintzer 20 3 a A Cool Shade Of Blue Swing Loe Reisman 21 3 a A Country Boy Med.Slow SwingM.Ferguson Orch. Bill Holman 22 3 a A Dreamers Holiday (WARRINGTON) Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 23 3 a A Few Good Men Rock March Gordon Goodwin 24 3 a A Fine Romance Unknown 25 3 a A Fine Romance 1 Med. Jimmy Lally 26 3 a A Foggy Day Med.Swing Dave Wolpe 27 3 a Easy Samba Want Stuart A Foggy Day (Stuart).pdf Vocal 28 3 a A Hard Days Night Bright 4 Beatles Johnny Warrington 29 3 a A Kiss To Build A Dream On Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 30 3 a A Little Blues, Please Easy Jazz Feel 31 3 a A Little Minor Booze Stan Kenton Orch. Willie Meiden 32 3 a A Night In Tunisia Afro Latin S.Nestico 33 3 a A Night In Tunisia Latin Ralph Ford 34 3 a A Night In Tunisia 1 Glenn Osser 35 3 a A Night In Tunisia EJC Latin/Swing Michael Sweeney Straight 8th Ballad 36 3 a A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square Mike Tomaro 37 3 a A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square EJF Moderato Ballad Roger Holmes 38 3 a A shot in the dark (Mancinni) Johnny Richerds 39 3 a A String Of Pearls Med.Swing Johnny Warrington 40 3 a A String Of Pearls 1 Med.Jump G.Miller Orch. Jerry Gray 41 3 a A String Of Pearls 2 Moderato Swing Bob Lowden 42 3 a A String Of Pearls TOBDJ Swing John Berry 43 3 a A Swingin' Safari Med.Shuffle 44 3 a A Taste Of Honey 3/4 to 4/4 Burnell Whibley 45 3 a A Taste Of Honey Briskly Ray Crismer 46 3 a A Very Precious Love Hand Wr. Unknown 47 3 a A Walk In The Black Forest Quickstep Nell Richerdson 48 3 a A Warm Breeze Laid Back SwingC.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 49 3 a A Wonderful Guy (From South Pacific) Waltz Jack Mason 50 3 a ABBA Medley Hand Wr. Leslie Vinall 51 3 a Acapulco 1922 (Greenslade) Steady Shuffle Arthur Greenslade 52 3 a Adams Apple Med. Woody Herman Orch. 53 3 a Adios Hand Wr. Unknown 54 3 a Adios {Miller}.pdf Hand Wr. G.Miller Orch. Style Unknown 55 3 a Adios Cha Cha Cha Cha Stan Butcher 56 3 a Adios Muchacho Tango David Drubeck 57 3 a Admiral's Horn Frantic Funky 58 3 a African Wedding (Stone) Moderato 59 3 a After The Lovin' Alto Sax Solo Mod.Ballad Dave Wolpe 60 3 a Mod.Swing Dave Wolpe After the lovin (Wolpe) Vocal Easy Swing Ballad 61 3 a Lennie Niehaus After The Lovin' Hand Wr. Vocal 62 3 a After You've Gone Bright Swing John Edmondson 63 3 a After Burner Hand Wr. Bright Slow Rock Ballad Phil Collins Big BandDavid Stout 64 3 a Against All Odds Alto Sax Solo 65 3 a Ahunk Ahunk 4/4 to 5/4 Thad Jones 66 3 a Ain't Misbehavin' Mod.Swing Bob Lowden 67 3 a Ain't Misbehavin' (Dedrick) Mod.Slow Ard Dedrick 68 3 a Mod.Swing Jeff Jarvis Ain't Misbehavin 1 Vocal 69 3 a Marriot Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Vocal 70 3 a Ain't She Sweet (Warnaar).pdf Hand Wr. 71 3 a Ain't that a kick in the head Vocal Tiff Image 72 3 a Air Mail Special (Mundy) Med.Swing B.Goodman Orch. Jimmy Mundy 73 3 a Alfie (Mike Lewis) Slowly Mike Lewis 74 3 a Alice Blue Gown G.Miller Style 75 3 a All Go Riding On A Rainbow (Fahey) Bright Quick Brian Fahey 76 3 a All my life Tenner Sax Solo Slowly S.Nestico 77 3 a Moderately Johnny Warrington All My Love (Warrington).pdf Vocal 78 3 a All Of Me Lennie Niehaus 79 3 a Billy Byers All of Me (Byers).pdf Vocal 80 3 a All Of Me 1 Unknown 81 3 a Mod.Swing Lennie Niehaus All Of Me 2 Vocal 82 3 a All Of Me 3 Swing Dave Wolpe 83 3 a All Or Nothing At All Hand Wr. Tiff Image 84 3 a All Play Med.Swing Frank Como

1 / 25 Music Gary Persons Al Cobine D.Beach&G.Shutack

Robert Lamm Harry Warren Rob McConnel B.Goodman&C.Christian Jan Savitt & J.Watson Jan Savitt & J.Watson Jan Savitt & J.Watson S.Nestico Earl Warren

Thad Jones Bob Mintzer H.Mancini Haerb Ellis K.Gannon & M.Wayne Gordon Goodwin Jerome Kern Jerome Kern G.Gershwin G.Gershwin B.Kalmar etc S.Nestico Willie Meiden D.Gillespie & F.Palarelli D.Gillespie & F.Palarelli D.Gillespie & F.Palarelli D.Gillespie & F.Palarelli Mannig Sherwin Mannig Sherwin Henry Mancini Jerry Gray Jerry Gray Jerry Gray Jerry Gray Bert Kaempfert R.Marlow & B.Scott R.Marlow & B.Scott Horst Jankowski S.Nestico Richerd Rodgers Anderson Ulvarevs Eldon Allon Alan Broadbent

Enric Madriguera Sanders Nick Lane Berd Page & Pol Stone Alan Berstein & R.Adams Alan Berstein & R.Adams Alan Berstein & R.Adams Alan Hare Phil Collins Thad Jones T.Waller & H.Brooks T.Waller & H.Brooks T.Waller & H.Brooks

B.Goodman etc B.Bacharack Harry Woods Paul Durand

Frank Como

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger 85 3 a Unknown All Right Vocal Hand Wr. 86 3 a Med.Shuffle Johnny Warrington All Shook Up.pdf Vocal 87 3 a All The Things You Are (Mason).pdf Fox Trot Jack Mason 88 3 a All The Things You Are EJF Mod. Latin Michael Sweeney 89 3 a Alley Cat Song (Lally) Mod.Slow Jimmy Lally 90 3 a Mod.Swing Lennie Niehaus Almost Like Being In Love Vocal 91 3 a Almost Like Being In Love (Weirick) Fox Trot P.Wririck 92 3 a Almost Like Being In Love 1 Mod.Swing Manny Albam 93 3 a Alone Again Med.Slow Rock Ron Roullier 94 3 a Alone Again Naturally Light Rock Woody Herman Alan Broadbent 95 3 a Alone Med./Slow Curnow 96 3 a Along The Santa Fe Trail (Mason).pdf Fox Trot Jack Mason 97 3 a Shuffle S.Nestico Alright, Okay, You Win (Nestico).pdf Vocal 98 3 a Also Sprach Zarathustra 2001 Hand Wr. Leslie Vinall 99 3 a Always and Forever Ballad Robert Curnow 100 3 a Amapola Fox Trot Will Hudson 101 3 a Amapola (Houghton).pdf Hand Wr. B.Goodman Orch. Ernie Houghton 102 3 a Amazing Grace (Drover).pdf Hand Wr. Waltz Adrian Drover 103 3 a America I Love You Fox Trot Lou Leaman 104 3 a Slowly Mike Tomaro America The Beautiful Vocal 105 3 a Slowly B,Reed & K.White America The Beautiful 1 Voval 106 3 a America The Beautiful 2 Tom Kubis 107 3 a American Patrol (Jerry Gray) Med.Jump G. Miller Orch. Jerry Gray 108 3 a American Patrol 1 Fast Swing Bill Holcombe 109 3 a American Patrol 2 Med.Bounce Paul Lavender 110 3 a American Patrol G.Miller Style Eanie Haughston 111 3 a And I Love Her (Price) Sax:Tennor Only S.P.Price 112 3 a Swing Ballad B.Goodman Orch. And The Angels Sing Vocal Hand Wr. 113 3 a And We Listened Med.Slow Swing 114 3 a Anema E Core Moderato Glenn Osser 115 3 a Angels We Have Heard On High Stan Kenton Orch. Ralph Carmichael 116 3 a Anniversary Waltz bmp Image Mod.Waltz Jack Mason 117 3 a Med. Walt Stuart And All That Jazz! Vocal 118 3 a Another Three Putt Jim Martin 119 3 a Antigua (Gingery) Latin Rock 120 3 a Any Dude'll Do.pdf Sop.Sax Solo Shuffle Bill Holman Big BandBill Holman 121 3 a Any Time Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 122 3 a Apple Honey (Woody Herman) Moderato W. Herman Orch. Joe Bishop 123 3 a Apple Tree Hand Wr. Med.Swing 124 3 a April In Paris C.Basie Orch. Jeff Hest 125 3 a April in Paris (Sweeny).PDF Michael Sweeney 126 3 a April In Paris 1 Fox Trot Spud Murphy 127 3 a April In Paris {basie} Hand Wr. C.Basie Orch. 128 3 a April In Portugal Disco John Labarbera 129 3 a Aquarius Frank Metis 130 3 a Are We Not The Cats Easy Shuffle 131 3 a Are We There Yet Alto Sax Future Rock Robert Curnow 132 3 a Are You Lonesome Tonight Waltz Johnny Warrington 133 3 a Armed Forces Medley Hand Wr. March 134 3 a Armed Forces Salute March Fred Wesche 135 3 a Around The World Hand Wr. 136 3 a Arrival Tiff Image Fast Swing Jay Chattaway 137 3 a Fox Trot Johnny Warrington Arrivederci Roma Opt.Vocal 138 3 a Artistry for Trumpets Mod.Swing Lennie Niehaus 139 3 a Artistry In Bolero Bolero Stan Kenton Orch. Pete Rugolo 140 3 a Artistry In Boogie Med.Jump Stan Kenton Orch. Pete Rugolo 141 3 a Artistry In Percussion Moderately Stan Kenton Orch. Pete Rugolo 142 3 a Artistry In Rhythm Med.Slow Stan Kenton Orch. Mark Winsten 143 3 a As I Recall Slowly 144 3 a As Time Goes By Hand Wr. Med.Bounce Don Schamber 145 3 a Unknown As Time Goes By Vocal 146 3 a At A Dixie Roadside Diner Moderately Spud Murphy 147 3 a Mike Carubia At Last Vocal(Sp. Alt Tenor Bass) 148 3 a At Last (Bolton) Moderato Cecil Bolton 149 3 a At Last 1 Very Slow Jack Mason 150 3 a At Last Hand Wr. 151 3 a At The Hop Rock Jerry Nowak 152 3 a Auf Wiedersheh'n Sweetheart Moderato Stan Bowsher 153 3 a Autumn In New York ( Dedrick).pdf Slowly 154 3 a Autumn Leaves Swing John Berry 155 3 a Autumn Leaves Swing Peter Blair 156 3 a Autumn Leaves 1 Slowly Van Alexander 157 3 a Autumn Nocturne Fox Trot Abe Osser 158 3 a Avalon Mod.Bounce Carl Haseman 159 3 a Avenue R Slow Cha Cha 160 2 b-bo Baby Face SEARS Fox Trot Jerry Sears 161 2 b-bo Baby, It's Cold Outside Mod.Swing Jack Matthis 162 2 b-bo Baby Won't You Please Come Home Moderate Glenn Osser 163 2 b-bo Back Bacon Blues Blues Boogaloo Rob McConnell & Boss Brass 164 2 b-bo Back Bay Shuffle Artie Show Orch. Ernie Houghton 165 2 b-bo Back Bay Shuffle Swing Spud Murphy 166 2 b-bo Back Burner Bright Jazz 167 2 b-bo Back Home (Nestico).pdf Slowly S.Nestico 168 2 b-bo Back In Your Own Back Yard Moderately 169 2 b-bo Back To Basie Swing 170 2 b-bo Backbone Moderato T.Jones&M.Lous Orch. Thad Johes 171 2 b-bo Backwoods Sideman Fast Rock John Labarbera

2 / 25 Music O.Blackwel & E.Presley Jerome Kern Jerome Kern Frank Bjorn A.Lerner & F.Loewe A.Lerner & F.Loewe A.Lerner & F.Loewe G. O'Sullivan G. O'Sullivan Will Grosz S.Wyche & M.Watts Deodatra Pat Metheny Joseph M. Lacalle Joseph M. Lacalle E.Leslie & A.Gottler Samuel A.Ward Samuel A.Ward Samuel A.Ward F.W.Meacham F.W.Meacham F.W.Meacham F.W.Meacham Benny Goodman Bob Freedman

Dave Franklin Jim Martin Ralph Gingery Bill Holman Herbert H.Lawson Woody Harman Vernon Duke Vernon Duke Vernon Duke Vernon Duke Raul Ferrao Gordon Brisker Lyle Mays R.Turk & L.Handman

R.Rascel Lennie Niehaus Pete Rugolo S.Kenton & P.Rugolo Pete Rugolo Stan Kenton Rob Vuono,Jr.

Joe Burke Harry Warren Harry Warren Harry Warren Harry Warren

Joseph Kosma Joseph Kosma Joseph Kosma Josef Myrow Rob Vuono,Jr. B.Davis & H.Akst Frank Loesser C.Warfield & C.Willams Ian McDougall A.Shaw & T.McRae A.Shaw & T.McRae Carmine Pastore S.Nestico

Thad Johes John Labarbera

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger 172 2 b-bo Bad Bad Leroy Brown Boogie Rock Willams Stanford 173 2 b-bo Bad Bad Leroy Brown 1 Boogie Rock Frank Comstock 174 2 b-bo Bad Samba Med.Samba Jeff Steinberg 175 2 b-bo Baia Samba Paul Weirick 176 2 b-bo Baia (Richards) Temp Di Guajira Johnny Richards 177 2 b-bo Bailey Rest.pdf Dave Barduhn 178 2 b-bo Bailey Saxes.pdf 179 2 b-bo Balboa Bash Bright 4 Stan Kenton 180 2 b-bo Bali Hai Fox Trot Jack Mason 181 2 b-bo Ballin' The Jack Med. Vocal Hand Wr. 182 2 b-bo Bandstand Boogie Swing Pete Korey 183 2 b-bo Bandstand Boogie Bright Swing John Higgins 184 2 b-bo Barbie (Laine) Mexican Beat 185 2 b-bo Bari Bari Good Swing Andy Clark 186 2 b-bo Barnaby Jones (Bowden) Disco Rock Richard Bowden 187 2 b-bo Barney Miller Slow Rock John Higgins 188 2 b-bo Basically Blues Easy Swing Buddy Rich Orch. Phil Wilson 189 2 b-bo Basie © Mod. Bob Lowden 190 2 b-bo Basie ST Hand Wr. 191 2 b-bo Basie Straight Ahead Fast 192 2 b-bo Basie Straight Ahead Professional Bright Swing C.Basie Orch. 193 2 b-bo Basie's Buddy B Fast 194 2 b-bo Bass Folk Song Fast 4 Woody Herman Tony Klatka 195 2 b-bo Batman Theme Bat Rock Temp Earl Sheldon 196 2 b-bo Baubles Bangels & Beads Hand Wr. 197 2 b-bo Baubles Bangles & Beads (Moore) Fox Trot(bossa) Pete More 198 2 b-bo Be Careful Its My Heart Hand Wr. 199 2 b-bo Beach Rumba 200 2 b-bo Beat Music No 1 (Stone) Moderato Pol Stone 201 2 b-bo Beat Music No 2 (Stone) Quasi Marcia in 4 Pol Stone 202 2 b-bo Beatles Hits Medley 1 Swing Jeff Muston 1.She Loves You 2.All My Loving 3.Can't Buy Me Love 203 2 b-bo Beatles Hits Medley 2 Jeff Muston 1.I Want to Hold Your Hand 2.From Me toYou 3.A Hard Days Night 204 2 b-bo Beatles Hits Medley 3 Side2 Hand Wr. Jeff Muston 1.Get Back 2.John+Yoko 205 2 b-bo Beatnik Bounce (McLin).pdf Med.Bounce 206 2 b-bo Beatnik Fly (Tanner).pdf Swing 207 2 b-bo Beautiful Dreamer Waltz EDW.J.Cunnffe 208 2 b-bo Beautiful Flower Bossa Albert Alva 209 2 b-bo Beauty And The Beast DJF Ballad John Berry 210 2 b-bo Because Of You Mod.Slow Paul Weirick 211 2 b-bo Bee Gees Night Fever Medley Hand Wr. 212 2 b-bo Beer Barrel Polka Brightly Bob Haring 213 2 b-bo Beer Barrel Polka (Lowden).pdf Polka(Fast) Bob Lowden 214 2 b-bo Beguine Medley Hand Wr. 215 2 b-bo Begin The Beguine Jerry Gray 216 2 b-bo Begin the Beguine (Artie Shaw) Fox Trot A.Shaw Orch. A.Shaw 217 2 b-bo Begin the Beguine (kenton) Mod.Swing S.Kenton Orch. Lennie Niehaus 218 2 b-bo Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Mundy).pdf B.Goodman Orch. Jimmy Mundy 219 2 b-bo Bei Mir Bist Du Schon Fox Trot Jack Mason 220 2 b-bo Bein' Green Ballad Dave Barduhn 221 2 b-bo Bellavia Steady 4 Fred Lewis 222 2 b-bo Benny Goodman Medley Hand Wr. 1)Stompin' At Savoy 2)And The Angels Sing 3)Don't Be That Way 223 2 b-bo Bernie's Tune (Alexander) Brightly Van Alexander 224 2 b-bo Bernie's Tune (Como).pdf Med.Swing 225 2 b-bo Besame Mucho Fox Trot Jack Mason 226 2 b-bo Besame Mucho 1 Med.Swing Frank Comstock 227 2 b-bo Best Coast Jazz Waltz John Labarvera 228 2 b-bo Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Fox Trot Jimmy Dale 229 2 b-bo Beyond The Blue Horizon Moderate Jimmy Lally 230 2 b-bo Beyond The Sea Easy Swing Roger Holmes 231 2 b-bo Big Band Ballad Med.4 232 2 b-bo Big Band Milestones Easy Swing S.Nestico 1)A String of Pearls 2)L'll Darlin' 3)Opus One 233 2 b-bo Big Dipper Med.Groove T.Jones&M.Lous Orch. Thad Jones 234 2 b-bo Big Mama Cass Jazz Rock Don Sebesky 235 2 b-bo Big Spender Mod.Swing Bob Rowden 236 2 b-bo Big Spender Moderate Johnny Warrington 237 2 b-bo Big Spender (Roy Green) Slow Beat Roy Green Vocal 238 2 b-bo Big Swing Face Buddy Rich Orch. B.Eberhart 239 2 b-bo Bill Bailey Sax Section Future Fast Bop Dave Barduhn 240 2 b-bo Bill's Blues Swing 241 2 b-bo Bird Land (Lane) Hand Wr. M.Ferguson Orch. Nick Lane 242 2 b-bo Birdland Unknown 243 2 b-bo Birdland EJC Fast Rock Michael Sweeney 244 2 b-bo Birth Of The Blues Med.Swing Art Dedrick 245 2 b-bo Biscuits "N" Honey 246 2 b-bo Bizet Has His Day Med.Bounce Les Brown Ben Homer 247 2 b-bo Black Magic Woman Med.Slow Rock Santana Art Dedrick 248 2 b-bo Black Coffee Swing Vocal 249 2 b-bo Blackjack Mod.Rock Mitch Farber 250 2 b-bo Blacknail Fast 251 2 b-bo Blue (In Memory of Blue Mitchell) Flugel Future Ballad Gordon Brisker 252 2 b-bo Blue Birdland Med.Blues Jeff Turner 253 2 b-bo Blue Champagne Slowly Harry New

3 / 25 Music Jim Croce Jim Croce Jeff Steinberg Ary Barroso

Ralph Yaw R.Rodgers C.Albertine C.Albertine Peter Laine Andy Clark Jerry Goldsmith Phil Wilson

S.Nestico S.Nestico Stanley Clarke Neal Hefty R.Wright & George Forrest

Edward McLin

Alan Menken A.Hammerstein

Cole Porter Cole Porter Cole Porter

J.Raposo Chuck Manjione

Bernie Miller Bernie Miller

T.Koehler & H.Arlen R.A.Whiting & W.F.Harling C.Trenet M.Gold & S.Feldstein

Thad Jones Don Sebesky CY Coleman CY Coleman CY Coleman

Bill Stapleton Josef Zawinul Josef Zawinul Josef Zawinul Ray Henderson S.Nestico Peter Green Donald Byrd Tim Davies Bobby Shew G.Watts & F.Ryerson

4 / 25 Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Music 254 2 b-bo Blue Champagne Moderato Art Dedrick G.Watts & F.Ryerson 255 2 b-bo Blue Christmas Mod.Slow Van Alexander Billy Hayes R.McConnell & B. BrassRob McConnell 256 2 b-bo Blue Daniel Med.Swing Frank Rosolino 257 2 b-bo Blue Flame Slow Blues Joe Bishop 258 2 b-bo Blue Invasion Easy Shuffle Louie Bellson 259 2 b-bo Blue Midnight Alto Sax Future Rock Ballad Larry Neeck Larry Neeck 260 2 b-bo Blue Moan Slow Bluesy Don Sebesky Don Sebesky 261 2 b-bo Blue Moon Vocal Richard Rodgers Hand Wr. 262 2 b-bo Blue Moon (Wolpe) Vocal Easy Swing Dave Wolpe Richard Rodgers 263 2 b-bo Blue Moon 'Sax feature!'(Wolpe) Dave Wolpe Richard Rodgers 264 2 b-bo Blue Moon WARRINGTON Mod.Slow Johnny Warrington Richard Rodgers 265 2 b-bo Blue Skies Swing Roger Holmes Irving Berlin 266 2 b-bo Blue Tango Temp Di Tango Johnny Warrington Leroy Anderson 267 2 b-bo Blue Train Mod.Swing Michael Sweeney John Coltrane 268 2 b-bo Blue Velvet (Warrington).pdf Slowly Johnny Warrington B.Wayne & L.Morris 269 2 b-bo Blue Velvet 1 Slowly Joe Leahy B.Wayne & L.Morris Vocal 270 2 b-bo Blueberry Hill Med.Slow Swing Dave Wolpe 271 2 b-bo Blueberry Hill 1 Moderately Jack Mason 272 2 b-bo Blueberry Hill NOWAK Slow Ballad Jerry Nowak 273 2 b-bo Blue Flame Slow Bounce Joe Bishop 274 2 b-bo Blues George Gershwin 275 2 b-bo Blues Bros Megamix Dave Tanner 1)Peter Gun Theme 2)She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride 3)Minnie Rall 276 2 b-bo Blues Brothers Theme Unkown 277 2 b-bo Blues For Alfy Med. Bill Holman Bill Holman 278 2 b-bo Blues For Big E Slow Ernie Wilkins Ernie Wilkins 279 2 b-bo Blues For Cat Swing Rob Vuono Jr. 280 2 b-bo Blues for Poland Med.Swing Woody Herman Orch.Johny Klatka Johny Klatka 281 2 b-bo Blues In Hoss Flat Shuffle Mark Taylor C.Basie & F.Foster 282 2 b-bo Blues In The Night Mod.Slow Swing Calvin Custer Harold Arlen 283 2 b-bo Blues In The Night 1 Vocal Fox Trot Vic Schoen Harold Arlen 284 2 b-bo Blues into outro.PDF 285 2 b-bo Blues Machine TBODJ Med.Swing Michael Sweeney Michael Sweeney 286 2 b-bo Blues Machine, the Med.Jazz C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 287 2 b-bo Bluff Point Swing John Labarbera John Labarbera 288 2 b-bo Blusette Mod.Jazz Waltz Dave Wolpe Jean Toots Thielemans 289 2 b-bo Body & Soul (Paich) Stan Kenton Orch. Marty Paich John Green 290 2 b-bo Body and Soul Stan Kenton Orch.'61Sam Donahue John Green 291 2 b-bo Body and Soul Fox Trot Walter Paul John Green 292 2 b-bo Bolero At The Savoy Mod. James Mundy 293 2 b-bo Bonaparte's Retreat Med.Dixie Rock Richerd Hayman 294 2 b-bo Bone Voyage TB Section Future Med.Swing Lennie Niehaus Lennie Niehaus 295 2 b-bo Bones for Basie TB Sec.Future Fast Alan Hare 296 2 b-bo Boogie Woogie Buggle Mod.Boogie Tommy Dorsey Orch.Deane Kincaide Clarence P.Smith 297 2 b-bo Boogie Woogie Buggle Boy Boogie Woogie Vic Schoel 298 2 b-bo Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Boogie Shuffle David Earl Holt 299 2 b-bo Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy CAPPS Up-Temp Al Capps 300 2 b-bo Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Med.Swing Larry Norred 301 2 b-bo Booke Ends Tom Kubis 302 2 b-bo Boom Boom Swing Paul Murtha John Lee Hooker 303 2 b-bo Boomerang Mod. Jay Chattaway 304 2 b-bo Boot Scootin' Boogie Country Shuffle Peter Blair 305 2 b-bo Bopularity Matt Catingub 306 2 b-bo Born To Be Wild Heavy Rock Michael Sweeney Mars Bonfire 307 2 b-bo Bossa Nova USA (Brubeck) Mod.Latin Howard Brubeck Dave Brubeck 308 2 b-bo Boulder Buff Mod. Gren Miller Orch. Fred Norman G.Novello & F.Norman 309 4 bp-bz Brain Sprain DJF Med.Rock Andy Clark 310 4 bp-bz Brassroots Mod.Swing Lennie Niehaus 311 4 bp-bz Brazil Latin C.McNeill & T.Garling 312 4 bp-bz Brazil Wolpe complete.pdf Mod.Samba Dave Wolpe 313 4 bp-bz Breezin DJF Michael Sweeney 314 4 bp-bz Breezin' Along With The Breeze Mod. Art Dedrick 315 4 bp-bz Bride And Groome Polka Fox Trot Johnny Warrington Lester Lee 316 4 bp-bz Bridge Over Troubled Water Slowly Keith Mansfield Paul Simon 317 4 bp-bz Broadway Med.Swing Frank Como 318 4 bp-bz Broadway Med.Jazz S.Nestico 319 4 bp-bz Brotherhood Of Man Fast Swing Woody Herman Orch.Tony Klatka 320 4 bp-bz Brotherhood (Mint) Funk Ballad Bob Mintzer 321 4 bp-bz Brush Taps Easy Swing Mark Taylor Louie Bellson 322 4 bp-bz Buckle Down Winsocki Sprited March Jack Mason 323 4 bp-bz Bugle Call Rag Hand Wr. 324 4 bp-bz Bullett 325 4 bp-bz Bunny Hop Nelson Riddle 326 4 bp-bz Busman's Holiday Slowly George Williams R.Anthony & G.Williams 327 4 bp-bz But Beautiful Alto Sax Future Ballad Stan Kenton Orch. Lennie Niehaus 328 4 bp-bz But Not For Me Swing Dave Wolpe George Gershwin 329 4 bp-bz But Not For Me George Gershwin Vocal Hand Wr. 330 4 bp-bz Button Up Your Overcoat Med.Bounce Jimmy Lally 331 4 bp-bz By All Means Med.Swing S.Nestico 332 4 bp-bz By The Time I Get To Phenix Hand Wr. 333 4 bp-bz Bye Bye Black Bird (Berg) Swing Kris Berg Ray Henderson 334 4 bp-bz Bye Bye Black Bird TAYLOR Med.Swing Mark Taylor Ray Henderson 335 4 bp-bz Bye Bye Love Hand Wr. Unkown 336 4 bp-bz Bye Bye Love WARRINGTON Med.Swing Johnny Warrington 337 4 c C Jam Blues Mod.Swing Dave Wolpe 338 4 c C Jam Blues (Duffy).pdf Hand Wr. Dave Lindup Duke Ellington 339 4 c Med. Johnny Warrington John Kander Cabaret Vocal

5 / 25 Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Music 339 4 c Cabaret Mod.Bright Jimmy Lally John Kander 340 4 c Cagney and Lacey Roy Kaighin Bill Conti 341 4 c Cajun Cooking Street Beat Denis Diblasio Denis Diblasio 342 4 c Call Me Irresponsible LALLY Mod.Slow Jimmy Lally James Van Heusen 343 4 c Canadian Sunset Hand Wr. 344 4 c Cannon (Bowden) Diaco Rock Richard Bowden John Parker 345 4 c Dave Wolpe Can't Get Started (I) Option Vocal 346 4 c Slow Can't Help Loving That Vocal 347 4 c Can't Smile Without You Mod. Walt Stuart 348 4 c Can't Take My Eyes off You (Richardson).pdf Neil Richardson B.Crewe & B.Gaudio 349 4 c Can't Take My Eyes off You Johnny Warrington 350 4 c Can't Turn You Loose 351 4 c Cant Get Started complete.pdf Mod.Slow Dave Wolpe Veron Duke 352 4 c Captain Cook's Tour Slowly George Williams Ray Anthony 353 4 c Caravan Fast Art Dedrick Duke Ellington 354 4 c Caravan Fox Trot Will Hudson Duke Ellington 355 4 c Caravan Fast Reg Owen Duke Ellington 356 4 c Caravan Samba Michael Sweeney Duke Ellington 357 4 c Caravan (Wolpe) Bright Meringue Dave Wolpe Duke Ellington 358 4 c Careless Whisper (Nowak) Slowly Jerry Nowak G.Michael & A.Ridgeley 359 4 c Caribbean Clipper Bright Jerry Gray Jerry Gray 360 4 c Caribbean Clipper Fast G.Miller Style Ernie Haughton 361 4 c Carioca Cha cha C.Ropetz 362 4 c Carioca Artie Show Orch. 363 4 c Carnavy Street Med.Rock S.Nestico 364 4 c Carnival (Bonfa) Hand Wr. 365 4 c Carnivale(for Marching Band) 366 4 c Castle Rock Jump Tempo SY Oliver 367 4 c Med.Jazz C.Basie Orch. Caught A Touch Of Your Love Vocal 368 4 c C'est Magnifique (Weirick) Fox Trot Paul Weirick Cole Porter 369 4 c C'est Si Bon Med.Bounce Johnny Warrington 370 4 c Chameleon Mod.Funk Michael Sweeney H.Hancock 371 4 c Chameleon (Chattaway) Slow Dirty Rock Jay Chattaway H.Hancock 372 4 c Channel Hand Wr. 373 4 c Charade Med.Swing Herry Mancini Herry Mancini 374 4 c Jazz Waltz Charade Ilelt Vocal Hand Wr. 375 4 c Charade Lally Mod.Waltz Jimmy Lally Herry Mancini 376 4 c Charmaine Mod.Waltz Jimmy Lally 377 4 c Chase it Brother Bright Fast B.Paige & P.Stone 378 4 c Chase it Brother Rock Ballad 379 4 c Chase The Clouds Away Reraxed 4 Fred Lewis Chuck Mangione 380 4 c Chatanooga Choo Choo (Mason).pdf Med.Jump Jack Mason Harry Warren 381 4 c Chattanooga Choo Choo USSB Med.Swing Frank Comstock Harry Warren 382 4 c Chattanooga Choo Choo Bright Swing Dave Wolpe Harry Warren 383 4 c Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy WARRINGTON Fox Trot Johnny Warrington H.Stone & J.Stapp 384 4 c Cheek To Cheek Fox Trot Paul Weirck Irving Berlin 385 4 c Cheek To Cheek Ray Conniff Orch. Ernie Haughton 386 4 c Cheek To Cheek Vocal Hand Wr. 387 4 c Chelsea Bridge (Wilson) Slow Swing Phil Wilson Billy Strayhorn 388 4 c Cherokee Mod. Johnny Warrington Ray Noble 389 4 c Cherokee 1 Fox Trot Ray Noble Ray Noble 390 4 c Cherry B.Goodman Orch. J.Mundy D.Redman 391 4 c Cherry Hand Wr. H.James Orch. 392 4 c Cherry Juice Fast Swing T.Jones&M.Lous Orch. Thad Jones Thad Jones 393 4 c Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Warrington).pdf Fox Trot(Mambo) Johnny Warrington Louiguy 394 4 c Cherry Point Hand Wr. 395 4 c Chiapas Hank Levy 396 4 c Chica de Espana (Nowak) Mod.Latin Jerry Nowak 397 4 c Chicago (ryzum Sec. Missing) T.DorSey 398 4 c Chicago Unknown 399 4 c Children Of Sanchez.pdf Latin 4 Beat Keith Foley Chuck Mangione 400 4 c Chilli Pepper 101 Latin George Shutack Doug Beach 401 4 c Christmas - The Joy and Spirit S.Nestico 1)Jingle Bells 2)Away In A Manger 3)Westminster Carol 4)Deck The Hall 5)Up On The House-Top 6)The Wassail Song 7)Silent Night 8)Adeste Fideles 402 4 c Christmas In Kilarney Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 403 4 c Christmas kenton Stan kenton 1)Joy To The World 2)Away In A Manger 3)The First ???? 4)We Wish You A Merry Cristmas 5) 6)silent Night 404 4 c Christmas Medley Unknown 1)Jingle Bells 2)Frosty The Snowman 3)Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 405 4 c Christmas Song ExPressively Paul Jennings 406 4 c Christmas Time Is Here Laid-Back Waltz Todd Fronawer 407 4 c Christmas Time Is Here 1 Mod.Slow 3/4 David Pugh 408 4 c Ciribiribin 409 4 c Ciribiribin (James).pdf Fox Trot Harry James A.Pestalozza 410 4 c Ciribiribin (Schoen).pdf Fox Trot Vic Schoen A.Pestalozza 411 4 c City Lights Rock Ballad Jeff Jarvis Jeff Jarvis 412 4 c Clarinet A La King B.Goodman Orch. Eddie Sauter 413 4 c Clarinet Melodrama Hand Wr. Slow Hamilton/Ellington 414 4 c Close To You Slow Jim Mahaffey Burt Bacharach 415 4 c Close To You Mod.Swing Dave Wolpe Burt Bacharach 416 4 c Close To You Mod.Slow Johnny Dentato Burt Bacharach 417 4 c Closely Dancing Latin Ballad Arturo Sandoval Ed Calle Arturo Sandoval 418 4 c Coconut Champagne Bright Samba M.Ferguson Orch. Bob Lowden Denis Diblasio 419 4 c Cold,Cold Haert Med.Bounce Hank Williams 420 4 c College Of Musical Knowledge Hip Hop Shuffle Greg Adams Greg Adams 421 4 c Colonel Bogey Very Bright Gerald Sears K.J.Alford

6 / 25 Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Music 422 4 c Color Me Warm Bossa Nova S.Nestico S.Nestico 423 4 c Colour My World Mod. Tom Johns 424 4 c Come Back To Sorrento Slowly Stan Kenton Orch. Pete Rugolo New Orleans Shuffle 425 4 c Come By Me Matt Amy Harry Comick Jr. 426 4 c Come Dance With Me 427 4 c Come Dancing Quick Step Joe Loss Orch. Brian Fahey H.W.David & R.Downes 428 4 c Med.Swing Come Fly With Me Hand Wr. Vocal 429 4 c Come In From The Rain Mod.Ballad Jerry Nowak 430 4 c Come Rain Or Come Shine Bluesy Feel George Stone Harold Arlen 431 4 c Come Rain Or Come Shine Ballad Woody Herman Orch. 432 4 c Come Rain Or Come Shine Ballad 433 4 c Concerto Vic Shoen Tschaikowsky D.Barger & A.CambellDuke Ellington 434 4 c Concerto for Cootie (Ellington) Trumpet Future Slow 435 4 c Conquistador Slowly M.Ferguson M.Ferguson&J.Chattaway 436 4 c Consummation Slow T.Jones&M.Lous Orch. Thad Jones Thad Jones 437 4 c Contessa (Niehaus).pdf Bossa Nova Lennie Niehaus 438 4 c Contrasts Jimmy Dorsey 439 4 c Cool Blues Fast Super SAX Med Flory Charlie Parker 440 4 c Cool Front Swing Doug Beach 441 4 c Cop This (Vincent) Med. Trevor Vincent 442 4 c Copacabana Vocal Hand Wr. 443 4 c Copacabana Samba Cecil Bolton 444 4 c Copacabana (Spino).pdf Latin Pat Spino 445 4 c Copacabana At the Copa (Price) Samba 446 4 c Copenhagen Swing Fletcher Henderson 447 4 c Corazon Med.Rock Woody Herman Orch.Bill Stapleton Carole King 448 4 c Corazon De Melon (Lopez).pdf Cha cha Paul Lopez 449 4 c Cornbelt Symphony Fox Trot Johnny Warrington Nev Simons 450 4 c Cornerpocket (Green) Med. Freddie Green 451 4 c Council Grove Groove Frank Mantooth Frank Mantooth Gordon Goodwin B.Band 452 4 c Count Bubba Shuffle Gordon Goodwin 453 4 c Count Me In Mod.Slow C.Basie Orch. Bill Byers 454 4 c Count The Aces Med.Jazz Feel S.Nestico 455 4 c Country Road Kenny Wheeler 456 4 c Country Wedding Barn Dance Leonard Gautier Orch. Den Berry 457 4 c Cozy Toes Mod.Swing Lennie Niehaus Lennie Niehaus 458 4 c Crazy Rhythm Med.Quick Jimmy Lally J.Meyer & R.W.Kahn 459 4 c Crosstown Fox Trot Jack Mason 460 4 c Cruisin for a Bluesin Fast M.Ferguson Orch. Peter Blair Andy Weiner 461 4 c Mod.Slow Swing Jerry Nowak Arthur Hamilton Cry Me a River (vocal) 462 4 c Cry Me A River CACAVAS Slowly John Cacavas Arthur Hamilton 463 4 c Cuban Manbo Mod. RamonUsera 464 4 c Cuban Pete Rhunba Jack Mason Jose Norman 465 4 c Cute Bright Swing Mike Story Neal Hefty 466 4 c Cute (Hefti) Med.Swing C.Basie Orch. Neal Hefty Neal Hefty 467 8 d Dancing In The Dark 468 8 d Dancing Men Rock Folk DanceBuddy Rich Orch. John Labarbera John Labarbera 469 8 d Dancing Nitely HOLMAN Med.Swing M.Ferguson Orch. Bill Holman Bill Holman 470 8 d Dancing On The Ceiling Fox Trot Jack Mason Richard Rodgers 471 8 d Dangerous Precedent Hard Rock Frank Mantooth Frank Mantooth 472 8 d Danke shoen Mod. 472 8 d Danny Boy Slow M.Ferguson Orch. Don Sebesky 473 8 d Dark Eyes Mod. Art Dedrick 474 8 d Darn That Dream Slow Lennie Niehaus 475 8 d Darn That Dream (Taylor) Lite Swing Mark Taylor James Van Heusen 476 8 d Darn That Dream HATHAWAY Charlie Hathaway 477 8 d Unkown Day By Day Vocal 478 8 d Day Dream Slowly Will Hudson D.Ellington & B,Strayhorn 479 8 d Day In Day Out Mod.Bright Dave Wolpe Rube Bloom 480 8 d Days OF Wine And Roses (Barduhn).pdf Hard Drive Swing Dave Barduhn H.Mancini 481 8 d Days of Wine and Roses (Kinyon).pdf Mod. John Kinyon H.Mancini 482 8 d Deacon Blues Easy Rock John Higgins 483 8 d Dead Man's Party Unkown 484 8 d Dean Martin - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You Swing 485 8 d Dear Heart (Mancini).pdf H.Mancini 486 8 d Dearly Beloved Med.Swing Andy Vinter Jerom Kern 487 8 d Decoupage LEVY H.Levy 488 8 d Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Unknown).pdf Bright in2 489 8 d Deep Purple Mod. 4 Chuck Bradford 490 8 d Deep Purple (Bolton) Fox Trot Cecil Bolton 491 8 d Deep Purple Med.Groove Dave Wolpe Peter De Rose 492 8 d Deep Skins (Belson) Mod. Lowis Bellson Lowis Bellson 493 8 d Delicate Balance (Barberra) Jazz Waltz John LaBarbera Marian McPortland 494 8 d Deliverance Bill Holman Lowis Bellson 495 8 d Med.Swing Unkown A.C.Jobim Desafinado Hand Wr. Vocal 496 8 d Desafinado (Lowden) Bossa Nova Bob Lowden A.C.Jobim 497 8 d Devil May Care Fox Trot Jack Mason Harry Warren 498 8 d Dial Mentia Tim Davices 499 8 d Diane Mod. Jimmy Lally 500 8 d Dindi (Gingii) Bossa Nova Bob McConnell A.C.Jobim 501 8 d Dinner Music Medley 1 (Unknown).pdf 1)Say It With Music 2)Rosalie 3)September Song 4)Moonlight & Roses 5)Look For The Silver Lining 6)'S Wonderful 7)People Will Say We're In Love 8) I Love You 9)Easy To Love 10)Dancing In The Dark 11)There's A Small Hotel 12)Almost Like Being In Love 502 8 d Dinner Music Medley 2 (Unknown).pdf 1)You Do Something To Me 2)In Tie Stil Of The Night 3)Check To Check 503 8 d Dis'n Dat Easy Swing Joe Hasper

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band 504 8 d Discover The Blues DJF Swing 505 8 d Discovery (Holmes) Rock Fanfare 506 8 d Dizzyland 507 8 d Do It Again Med.Swing 508 8 d Do Nothin Til You Hear From Me Slowly 509 8 d Mod.Slow Swing Do Nothin Til You Hear From Me Vocal 510 8 d Do You Care Fox Trot 511 8 d Doc's Holiday 512 8 d Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is Shuffle Chicago 513 8 d Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is 1 Mod. 4 514 8 d Dog House Blues March 515 8 d Doin Basie's Thing (Nestico) 516 8 d Don't Be That Way 517 8 d Don't Change Horses 518 8 d Don't Cry Out Roud Hand Wr. Slow 519 8 d Don't Get Around Much Anymore Med.Swing 520 8 d Don't Get Around Much Anymore 1 Med.Slow 521 8 d Don't Get Around Much Anymore Bari Med.Swing 522 8 d Don't Get Around Much Anymore nestico Med.Groove 523 8 d Don't Know Why Flugel Solo Easy Jazz Rock 524 8 d Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight Slow Rock Ballad 525 8 d Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Slow Rock 526 8 d Don't Push It Med.Slow Blues 527 8 d Don't Rain On My Parade [Darin].pdf 528 8 d Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree Hand Wr. 529 8 d Don't Stop 530 8 d Don't Worry be Happy(Holmes).pdf Bobby McFerren 531 8 d Ballad Don't Worry Be out Me Vocal Hand Wr. 532 8 d Don't You Forget It (Henry Mancinni) Latin 533 8 d Donut King 534 8 d Doobies (The Best Of ) Mod.Funky 1)Listen To The Music 2)What A Fool Believes 3)A Little Faster 4)Taki'n It To The Steets 535 8 d Dos Almas Slow Beguin 536 8 d Down Argentina Way Rumba 537 8 d Down By The Lazy River (Coker) Med.Rock 538 8 d Down Down Down Fox Trot 539 8 d Doxy Med.Swing 540 8 d Dragnet Mod.Swing 541 8 d Dream Slowly 542 8 d Dream Vocal 543 8 d Dream A Little Dream Of Me McKAY Fox Trot 544 8 d Dream Of The Return Rock Ballad 545 8 d Dreamsville Med.Slow Swing 546 8 d Duet Mod.Blues C.Basie Orch. 547 8 d Dulcinea (Fenno) Andante Mod. 548 8 d Dynaflow KENTON Med.Swing S.Kenton Orch. 549 8 e Eager Beaver Med.Swing 550 8 e Early Autumn Slowly W.Herman Orch. 551 8 e Early Autumn 1 Fox Trot 552 8 e East Of The Sun Mod.Slow Bernie Fenton Orch. 553 8 e Easter Parade Fox Trot 554 8 e Easy Does It Laid-Back Blues 555 8 e Easy Go Med.Jump S.Kenton Orch. 556 8 e Easy Living (Wolpe).pdf Slowly 557 8 e Easy Street 558 8 e Easy To Love Nestico.pdf Med.Bright Jazz 559 8 e Easy To Love Fox Trot 560 8 e Ebb Tide Slowly 561 8 e Ecaroh (Score Only) 562 8 e Edelweiss Slowly 563 8 e Edelweiss 1 Mod.Slow 564 8 e Edelweiss1 565 8 e El Cumbanchero 566 8 e El Gatotriste 567 8 e Elis Comin Slow 568 8 e Eli's Comin' EJC Slow 569 8 e Elvira 570 8 e Emancipation Blues 571 8 e Embraceable You Ballad 572 8 e Mod.Slow Embraceable You - Female Vocal 573 8 e Embraceable You - Male Vocal 574 8 e Embraceable You (Barduhn) 575 8 e Embraceable You (Unknown).pdf 576 8 e End Of A Love Affair Alto Sax Future Ballad S.Kenton Orch. 577 8 e Endless Love Mod.Slow Ballad 578 8 e Enjoy Yourself (Lally) Samba 579 8 e Esy 580 8 e Mod.Rock Ballad Evergreen Vocal 581 8 e Every Little Beat Helps Nestico.pdf Very Fast C.Basie Orch. 582 8 e Every Summer Night 583 8 e Every Sunrise Is A Bonus 584 8 e Everybody Loves Somebody (Lane) Mod.Slow 585 8 e Everything Happens To Me WEIRICK Fox Trot 586 8 e Ev'ry Little Beat Helps 587 8 e Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye Ballad S.Kenton Orch. 588 8 e Explosion 589 8 e Eye of the Tiger (Sullivan) Med.Rock

7 / 25 Arranger Roger Holmes Mark Taylor S.Nestico Dave Wolpe Les Brown Mark Taylor Mike Lewis

Jeff Hest

Music Andy Clark John Tesh Don Menza George Gershwin Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Lew Quadling S.Nestico Robert Lamm Robert Lamm Brian Harrison S.Nestico Benny Goodman

Unkown Frank Comstock Toots Camarata Roger Pemberton S.Nestico Paul Murtha Mark Taylor Jay Chattaway

Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Jesse Harris James Taylor Elton John Jeff Tayler

Dave Wolpe Roger Holmes Jimmy Lally Nick Capocci Bob Lowden

Henrry Mancini Nick Capocci

Jack Mason Jerry Coker Will Hudson Mark Taylor Dick Reynolds

Harry Warren Merrill Osmond Don Redman Sonny Rollins Walter Schumann J.End

Art McKay Bob Curnow Mike Lewis Neal Hefti Dick Fenno Stan Kenton Dave Wolpe Larry Clinton Paul Weirick S.Kenton Dave Wolpe S.Nestico Jack Mason Richard Maliby Jimmy Lally John Moss Paul Lavender Walt Stuart Larry Kerchner Adrian Drover Michael Sweeney Bob Lowden Dave Barduhn Dave Wolpe Dave Wolpe Dave Baduhn Lennie Niehaus Jerry Nowak Jimmy Lally Tito Pecnte Ilmars Sermulis Robert Curnow Les Aldrich Jimmy Lally Paul Weirick Lennie Niehaus Larry Norred

Pat Metheny Henrry Mancini Neal Hefti Mitch Leigh S.Kenton & A.Pepper Stan Kenton R.Burns & W.Herman R.Burns & W.Herman Brooks Bowman Irving Berlin Lennie Niehaus J.Garland & S. Kenton L.Robbin & R.Rainger Don Costa Cole Porter Cole Porter

Richerad Rodgers Richerad Rodgers Richerad Rodgers Chuck Mangione Laura Nyro Laura Nyro Oliver E.Nelson G.Gershwin & I.Gershwin G.Gershwin & I.Gershwin G.Gershwin & I.Gershwin G.Gershwin & I.Gershwin G.Gershwin & I.Gershwin Edward C.Redding Lionel Richie Carl Sigman Tito Pecnte Barbra Streisano S.Nestico Pat Metheny Les Aldrich Ken Lane Matt Dennis S.Nestico Cole Porter Matt Catingub F.Sullivan3 & J.Peterik

8 / 25 Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Music 590 7 f Falling Leaves Hand Wr. 591 7 f Fancy Pants Funky Blues C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 592 7 f Fan Fares (ファンファーレ) 593 7 f Fantail (Hefti) Hand Wr. C.Basie Orch. Neal Hefti 594 7 f Fantasy (Taylor) Slow Earth,Wind & Fire Mark Taylor 595 7 f Fascinating Rhythm Swing Dave Wolpe G.Gershwin & I.Gershwin 596 7 f Fascinating Rhythm Bright S.Nestico G.Gershwin & I.Gershwin 597 7 f Fat Cat Med.Swing Doug Beach 598 7 f Fat Man Boogie Mod.Bounce Billy May 599 7 f Feed the Birds Mod.Slow Jimmy Lally 600 7 f Feelings Mod.Slow Dave Wolpe Morris Albert 601 7 f Feels So Good (Tkazyik).pdf Jeff Tkazyik Chuck Mangione 602 7 f Feliz Navidad Funky Latin Paul Murtha Jose Feliciano 603 7 f Fever (Heath) Hand Wr. Ted Heath Orch. 604 7 f Med..Swing Roger Holmes Fever (Holmes) Vocal 605 7 f Few Good Men Rock March Gordon Goodwin Gordon Goodwin 606 7 f Final Analysis (Don Ellis).pdf Hand Wr. Don Ellis Big Band Don Ellis 607 7 f Fire Dance Hand Wr. 608 7 f Fire Fly 609 7 f First Circle Latin Robert Curnow P.Metheny & L.Mays 610 7 f First Light Rock Ballad Jeff Taylor 611 7 f First Wish Ballad S.Nestico 612 7 f Five Brothers Hand Wr. 613 7 f Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue Med.Swing Dave Wolpe Ray Henderson 614 7 f Five O'Clock Whistle Fox Trot Vic Schoen 615 7 f Flamingo Beguin Wilfred Roberts Ted Grouya 616 7 f Flamingo Beguin Johnny Warrington Ted Grouya 617 7 f Flamingo (Grouya) Slowly Jimmy Lally Ted Grouya 618 7 f Flight of the Foo Bird (Hefti) Lively Swing C.Basie Orch. Dave Barduhn Neal Hefti 619 7 f Flintstones Fast Bop Dave Barduhn 620 7 f Fly Me To The Moon Bart Howard 621 7 f Fly Me To The Moon Nestico.pdf Med Swing S.Nestico Bart Howard 622 7 f Fly Me to the Moon (vocal) Easy Jazz S.Nestico Bart Howard 623 7 f Fly Me To The Moon EJF Mod.Swing Jerry Nowak Bart Howard 624 7 f Flying Home Mod.Bounce Fletcher Henderson B.Goodman & L.Hampton 625 7 f Foggy Day Mod.Swing S.Kenton Orch. Lennie Niehaus George & Ira Gershwin 626 7 f Foggy Day jp25 Jerry Nowak George & Ira Gershwin 627 7 f Fool on the Hill (Lennon-McCartney) Bright Latin 3/4 Beatles Jim Mahaffey J.Lennon & P.McCartney 628 7 f Fool on the Hill Mod.Latin Beatles Jerry Nowak J.Lennon & P.McCartney 629 7 f Fools Rush In Hand Wr. Unkown 628 7 f Footpath Cafe Slow Blues C.Jacob & C.McNeillM.Ferguson & C.Jacob 629 7 f For Dancers Only Bounce 4 Glenn Osser Sy Oliver 630 7 f For Looie Hand Wr. Unkown 631 7 f Mod.Slow Lennie Niehaus R.Miller & O.Murden For Once In My Life Vocal 632 7 f For You Slow Waltz 633 7 f For You Rio Rita (Santeugini) Paso Double E.Santeugin E.Santeugin 634 7 f Forget-Me-Nots In Your Eyes (Lorden).pdf Herb Lorde 635 7 f Four (Taylor) Be-Bop Swing Mark Taylor Miles Davis 636 7 f Four Brothers Fast Woody Herman Orch.Jimmy Giuffre Jimmy Giuffre 637 7 f Four Other Brothers Hand Wr. Med. 638 7 f Fox Hunt Bright Swing M.Ferguson Orch. Robert Curnow 639 7 f Foxtrot Medley 3 Hand WR. 640 7 f Foxtrot Medley 4 Hand Wr. 641 7 f Foxtrot Medley 5 Hand Wr. 642 7 f Foxtrot Medley 6 Hand Wr. 643 7 f Frank Sinatra - I've Got The World On A String Bounce 644 7 f Frank Sinatra - Love Is Here To Stay (Nelson Riddle) Nelson Riddle George Gershwin 645 7 f Frank Sinatra - On The Street Of Dreams (Jones) Quincy Jones 646 7 f Frank Sinatra Foxtrot Medley 1)Come Fly With Me 2)The Tender Trap 3)Nice & Easy Does It 647 7 f Frank Sinatra-Beyond The Sea 648 7 f Frankenstein Contemporary Sw. Jack Cooper Edgar Winter 649 7 f Freckle Face Easy Swing C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico S.Nestico 650 7 f Freedom Jazz Dance Feel Rock Woody Herman Orch.Eddie Harris Bill Stapleton 651 7 f French Connection 7/4 Don Ellis Big Band Ron Davis Don Ellis 652 7 f Frenesi Mod.Beguine Dave Wolpe Albert Daminguez 653 7 f Frenesi Slow Rumba Jack Mason Albert Daminguez 654 7 f Frenesi Med.Swing Artie Show Albert Daminguez 655 7 f Friendly Tavern Polka Lightly Marvin Fisher Frank De Vol 656 7 f Med.Blues Frim Fram Sauce Vocal Hand Wr. 657 7 f Front Burner C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 658 7 f Frosty The Snow Man Jerry Nowak S.Nelson & J.Rollins 659 7 f Med.Swing Michael Sweeney S.Nelson & J.Rollins Frosty The Snow Man Vocal 660 7 f Frosty The Snow Man Mod.Bounce Johnny Warrington S.Nelson & J.Rollins 661 7 f Fun Time Med. C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 662 7 f Funk Town Slow Funk Jeff Steinberg Jeff Steinberg 663 7 f Funky Cha Cha Mod.Latin Funk E.Eddy & A.SandivalArturo Sandoval 664 7 f Funky Old St. Nick Funky Rock Paul Claek Paul Claek 665 7 f Funny Valentine (jp) Slowly Bob Lewden Richerad Rodgers 666 7 f Funny Valentine (nestico) Jazz Ballad C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico Richerad Rodgers 667 9 g Gail 668 9 g Gentle Breeze Rock Ballad Jeff Taylor 669 9 g George Gerswhin Medley No 1 (Tanner).pdf Dave Tanner George Gershwin 1)Strike Up The Band 2)Nice Work If You Can Get It 3)I Got Rhythm 4)Fascinati' Rhythm 5)But Not For Me 6)Lady Be Good 7)Somebody Loves Me 8)'S Wonderful 9)Liza 670 9 g Georgia (Houghton).pdf 671 9 g Georgia On My Mind Slow & Bluesy Dave Wolpe Hoagy Carmichael

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Slow Swing Ballad 672 9 g Georgia On My Mind Frank Comstock 673 9 g Georgia On My Mind Bluesy Michael Sweeney 674 9 g Georgia on my Mind (Taylor).pdf Med.Basie Mark Taylor 675 9 g Get It On (Jennings).pdf Driving Rock 676 9 g Get Up And Go (Nestico).pdf Fast Jazz S.Nestico 677 9 g Gettin' Sentimental (Houghton).pdf Ernie Haughton 678 9 g Gimme Some Lovin' (Malone).pdf Rock Tom Malone 679 9 g Girl From Ipanema (Glen Osser).pdf Mod.Bossa Nova Glenn Osser 680 9 g Girl From Ipanema (Holmes).pdf Mod.Latin Feel Roger Holmes 681 9 g Girl Talk (Houghton).pdf 682 9 g Give It One.pdf M.Ferguson Orch. 683 9 g Give Me The Simple Life (Wolpe).pdf Swing Dave Wolpe 684 9 g Glory Of Love, The (Wolpe).pdf Mod. Dave Wolpe 685 9 g God Bless The USA Slow 686 9 g Slow Ballad Jerry Nowak God Bless the Child(Nowak).pdf Vocal 687 9 g Gonna Fly Now_handwritten.pdf Mod.Disco Beat 688 9 g Dave Wolpe Gonna Sit Right Down & Wright Myself A Letter VocalBright Swing 689 9 g Good Life Medley (Como).pdf Frank Como 1)Good Life 2)What Kind Fool Am I 3)San Francisco 690 9 g Good News! (Nestico).pdf Easy Jazz Feel 691 9 g Goodbye (Goodman).pdf B.Goodman Orch. 692 9 g Goody Goody (hand written).pdf Swing 693 9 g Goon Juice Latinish 694 9 g Gospel John Andy Clark Med.Gospel Rock M.Ferguson Orch. 695 9 g Gospel John 696 9 g Gospel John 1 Sarang Kulkarmi 697 9 g Got That Basie Feelin' (Unknown).pdf 698 9 g Got The Spirit 699 9 g Got To Get You Into My Life Driving Suffle Beatles John Wasson 700 9 g Got Cha Cha Cha (Dedrick).pdf Cha Cha 701 9 g Greasy Sak Blooz (Unknown).pdf Med.Blues 702 9 g Green Dolphin Street (MF).pdf 703 9 g Green Eyes (Wolpe).pdf Med.Beguine Dave Wolpe 704 9 g Groovin' High.pdf Up-Temp SwingR.McConnel&BossBrassRob McConnell 705 9 g Grooving Easy Nestico.pdf Med. 706 9 g Groovin Hard.pdf Med.Suffle Dave Barduhn 707 9 g Gum Shoe (Nestico).pdf Easy Blues 708 11 h Hamps Boogie Woogie (Battle) Med.Boogie Edgar Battle 709 11 h Hang On Sloopy NOWAK Mod.Rock Jerry Nowak 710 11 h Hanging By A Thread Fox Trot 711 11 h Happy Christmas, Little Friend (Warrington).pdf Waltz Johnny Warrington 712 11 h Slow 3/4 Johnny Warrington Happy Christmas, Little Friend Vocal 713 11 h Slow 3/4 Johnny Warrington Happy Christmas, Little Friend Male Vocal 714 11 h Happy Holidays Helmy Kresa 715 11 h Harbor Lights Fox Trot Jack Mason 716 11 h Harlem Nocturne Slowly Ray Anthony Orch. George Williams 717 11 h Harlem Nocturne (Hagen) Alto Sax Solo Slow Ray Noble Orch. 718 11 h Harlem Nocturne Light Latin Groove Peter Blair 719 11 h Harper Valley PTA (DeJulio).pdf Mod. Max DeJulio 720 11 h Hav a Nice Day Mod.Swing C.Basie Orch. 721 11 h Have You Met Miss Jones Hand Wr. 722 11 h Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas COMSTOCK Med.Slow Ballad Frank Comstock 723 11 h Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Slowly Victor Lopez 724 11 h Mod.Slow Dave Wolpe Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas-Vocal 725 11 h Hawaii 5 0 Leslie Vina 726 11 h Hawaii Five O (Price) Hand Wr. 727 11 h Hawaiian War Chant Mod. 728 11 h Hawaiian War Chant (Haku) 729 11 h Hawaiian War Chant (Murphy).pdf Spud Murphy 730 11 h Hay Burner C.Basie Orch. 731 11 h Hazell (Price) Med. 732 11 h Head Over Heels Mod.Fast Swing Lennie Niehaus 733 11 h Hear My Song Violetta Tango Bert Barnes 734 11 h Heart and Soul Fox Trot Red Bone 735 11 h Med.Swing Glenn Osser Heartaches Vocal 736 11 h Heartbreak Hotel Shuffle Blues Jerry Nowak 737 11 h Hebrew Dances (Phillips) Brightly Sid Phillips 738 11 h Hello Beautiful Hand Wr. Slow 739 11 h Hello Dolly Slow In Easy 740 11 h Hello Goodbye (Lennon-McCartney) Beatles Jeff Muston 741 11 h Here Comes The Bridge 742 11 h Here Comes Santa Claus ALEXANDER Mod.Bright Van Alexander 743 11 h Here In My Heart Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 744 11 h Here There And Everywhere Slowly Beatles Bob Louden 745 11 h Here's That Rainy Day Slow Ballad Dave Barduhn 746 11 h Here's That Rainy Day (Kenton) Slow Ballad S.Kenton Orch. Dee Barton 747 11 h Hernando's Hideaway Tango Eddie Ballantine 748 11 h Hey Jude Rock Ballad Beatles Adrian Drover 749 11 h Hey Look Me Over Brightly Johnny Warrington 750 11 h Hey Mambo Driving Latin Gordon Goodwin 751 11 h High Five Brite C.Basie Orch. 752 11 h High Maintenance Shuffle Gordon Goodwin 753 11 h High Noon Mod. Johnny Warrington 754 11 h High On A Windy Hill Mod. Walter Paul 755 11 h Hill St Blues (Price) 756 11 h Hip-Hug-Her Boogaloo Rock Roger Holmes 757 11 h Hippy Hippy Shake Med. Harry Roberts

9 / 25 Music Hoagy Carmichael Hoagy Carmichael Hoagy Carmichael Willam E.Cha

Antonio Carlos Jobim Antonio Carlos Jobim Ferguson-Downey Rube Bloom Billy Hill N.Herzog Jr.& B.Holiday Fred E.Ahlert

S.Nestico Benny Goodman Benny Goodman Tom Daveis Jeff Steinberg Jeff Steinberg Jeff Steinberg Slide Humpton J.Lennon & P.McCartney Art Dedrick

Dizzy Gillespie S.Nestico Don Menza L,Hamton & M.Buckne B.Russell & V.Knight Tim Davies Richerd Rodgers Richerd Rodgers Richerd Rodgers Irving Berlin J.Kennedy & H.Williams Earle Hagen Earle Hagen Earle Hagen Tom T. Hall S.Nestico H.Martin & R.Blane H.Martin & R.Blane H.Martin & R.Blane Mort Steven

S.Nestico Lennie Niehaus Hoagy Carmichael J.Klenner & A.Hoffman M.B.Axton & T.Durdon

J.Lennon & P.McCartney G.Autry & O.Haldeman J.Lennon & P.McCartney J.Burke & J.V.Heusen J.Burke & J.V.Heusen J.Lennon & P.McCartney Cy Coleman

Gordon Goodwin Dimitri Tiomkin J.Whitney & A.Kramer


Big Band Library namber disk folder title 758 11 h Hold Me 759 11 h Hold On To Love Alto Sax Future 760 11 h Home To Emily Trumpet Future 761 11 h Honeysuckle Bass Bass Solo 762 11 h Honeysuckle Rose 763 11 h Honky Tonk CLINTON 764 11 h Hoop-Dee-Doo (Mason).pdf 765 11 h Horn of Puente 766 11 h Hospital Blues 767 11 h Hot Cha Cha 768 11 h Hot Lips 769 11 h Hot Toddy 770 11 h Hot Toddy (flannagan) 771 11 h Hot Toddy (Hand written transcription) 772 11 h Hot-Cha Cha Cha 773 11 h Hound Dog DJF 774 11 h House of the Rising Sun (Moss) 775 11 h Houseparty Hop 776 11 h How About You vocal 777 11 h How Are Things In Glocca Morra 778 11 h How Deep Is The Ocean 779 11 h How High The Moon SWEENEY 780 11 h How High The Moon 781 11 h How High The Moon Vocal 782 11 h How High The Moon Vocal 783 11 h How Insensitive 784 11 h How Insensitive ( Glen Osser).pdf 785 11 h How Sweet It Is Vocal 786 11 h How Ya Doin Baby 787 11 h HRH (Jones,Basie) 788 11 h Hush 789 11 h Hyde Park 2 AM 790 5 i I Aint Got Nobody 791 5 i I Am The Walrus (Muston) 792 5 i I Believe In You [Sinatra].pdf Hand Wr. 793 5 i I Can't Get Started 794 5 i I Can't Get Started (Warrington).pdf 795 5 i I Can't Get Started (Wolpe).pdf Alto Sax Solo 796 5 i I Can't Stop Loving You UBBS 797 5 i I Could be so Good for You-vocal (Waterman).pdf 798 5 i I Cried For You (Wolpe).pdf 799 5 i I Do, Do You? 800 5 i I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire 801 5 i I Feel Good 802 5 i I Get A Kick Out Of You 803 5 i I Get A Kick Out Of You 1 804 5 i I Get A Kick Out Of You Vocal 805 5 i I Got It Bad (Wolpe).pdf 806 5 i I Got News for You 807 5 i I Got Rhythm(Lally) 808 5 i I Had The Craziest Dream Hand Wr. 809 5 i I Hear A Rhapsody Male 3 Vocal 810 5 i I Heard It Through The Grapevine BLAIR 811 5 i I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day 812 5 i I Left My Heart In San Francisco 813 5 i I Left My Heart In San Francisco [Bennett].pdf Vocal 814 5 i I Left My Heart In San Francisco 1 Vocal 815 5 i I Love Paris (Warrington) 816 5 i I Love The Nightlife (Stuart).pdf Hand Wr. 817 5 i I Never Knew 818 5 i I Only Have Eyes For You-vocal (McIntosh).pdf 819 5 i I Remember Clifford (Nestico).pdf 820 5 i I Remember You 821 5 i I Wanna Be Loved (Burgett).pdf 822 5 i I Want To Hold Your Hand (Cacavas) 823 5 i I Will Survive Vocal 824 5 i I Will Survive (Stuart).pdf 825 5 i I Will Wait for You 826 5 i I Wish I Were In Love Again Vocal 827 5 i I Wish You Love (Brown).pdf 828 5 i I Wish You Love OSSER 829 5 i I Won't Dance 830 5 i I Write The Songs (Lowden).pdf 831 5 i I Write The Songs (Price) 832 5 i I Aint Got Nobody_complete.pdf 833 5 i Ice Castles_complete.pdf 834 5 i I'd Know You Anywhere 835 5 i Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider (Wolpe).pdf 836 5 i If 837 5 i If (Lowden) 838 5 i If He Walked Into My Life (Como).pdf Hand Wr. 839 5 i If I Could 840 5 i I'll Be Around 841 5 i I'll Be Around DEDRICK 842 5 i I'll Be Around 843 5 i I'll Be Home For Christmas 844 5 i I'll Be Home For Christmas (Barduhn).pdf

10 / 25 Playing Band Mod. Rock Ballad Med, Rock

Arranger Stan Butcher Larry Neeck John Higgins

Aircom Band Swing Fox Trot Polka Latin Cha Cha Cha Cha Swing Med. Med.Bounce

Richerd Maltby Larry Clinton Jack Mason

Music Larry Neeck CFB Winnipeg A.Razaf & T.F.Waller

Gordon Goodwin

Ted Heath Orch. R.Flanagan Orch.

Rock Slow Rock Med.Bright Mod.Swing Fox Trot Slow Fox Trot Mod.Swing Fox Trot Mod. Mod.Bossa Nova Mod.Bossa Nova Shuffle Funk Rock M.Ferguson Orch.

Tom Kubis Glenn Osser Spud Murphy Ernie Houghton

Glenn Osser Ralph Flanagan Ralph Flanagan Ralph Flanagan Glenn Osser J.Leiber & M.Stoller Alan Price R.Anthony & G.Williams Burton Lane Burton Lane Irving Berlin Morgan Lewis Morgan Lewis Morgan Lewis Morgan Lewis A.C.Jobim A.C.Jobim

Glenn Osser John Berry Leonard Moss George Williams Dave Wolpe Paul Weirick Bert Barnes Michaell Sweeney Jack Mason Jerry Nowak Dave Wolpe Les Brown Glenn Osser Mark Taylor M.Ferguson&B.Hannon M.Ferguson&B.Hannon Thad Jones & C.Basie Louis Bellson

Med.Down Swing Quick Step Beatles

Tom Kubis Jeff Muston

Fox Trot Fox Trot Mod.Slow Med.Slow Swing

Jack Mason Johnny Warrington Dave Wolpe Frank Comstock Dave Tannel Dave Wolpe Lew Quadling Johnny Fortis Paul Jennings Kris Berg Jimmy Lally Dave Tanner Dave Wolpe Ralph burns Jimmy Lally

Moderately Fox Trot Driving Motown Rock

Swing Med. Slowly Slow Blues Brightly

Motown Rock Mod.Slow Swing Ballad C.Basie Orch. Mod.Ballad Mod.Slow Fox Trot Disco Bounce Slow Slowly Fox Trot Slowly Mod.Rock Beat Beatles

Mod. Med.Swing Slowly Med.Down Swing Slow Ballad Mod.Slow Mod. Waltz Slowly Slow Ballad Pat Metheny Orch. Slowly Med.Slow Slowly Mod. Ballad

Vernon Duke Vernon Duke Vernon Duke Don Gibson Waterman Lew Quadling James Brown Cole Porter Cole Porter Cole Porter D.Ellington & P.Webstar George & Ira Gershwin

Walter Paul Peter Blair Johnny Warrington Billy Byers Lennie Niehaus Johnny Warrington Johnny Warrington Cole Porter Jimmy Munday Ladd McIntosh S.Nestico Jack Mason Perry Burgett Tommy Leonetti Dave Tanner

Ted Fiorito

Les Brown Glenn Osser Neal Hefti Bob Lewden

Cherles Trenrt

Disco Easy Slow Bossa Nova Les Brown Orch.

J.Lennon & P.McCartney

Benny Golson Johnny Green J.Lennon & P.McCartney Fekris Perren Fekris Perren Michel Legrand

Bruce Johnston

Frank Comstock Cherlie Hathaway Dave Wolpe Paul Weirick Bob Lowden

Tom Kuvis Marvin Hamlisch Jimmy McHugg Eddie Munson David Gate David Gate

Robert Curnow S.Nestico Art Dedrick Spud Murphy Dave Burton Dave Barduhn

Pat Metheny Alec Wilder Alec Wilder Alec Wilder Walter Kent Walter Kent

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger 845 5 i I'll Buy That Dream ALEXANDER Mod. Van Arexander 846 5 i I'll Get By Fox Trot Paul Weirick 847 5 i Ill Never Be The Same Hand Wr. Ted Heath Orch. Jonny Keatings 848 5 i Mod. Johnny Dentato I'll Never Fall In Love Again Vocal 849 5 i I'll Never Smile Again Hand Wr. 850 5 i Ill Never Smile Again (Osser).pdf Mod. Glenn Osser 851 5 i Latin 2 Feel Mike Crotty I'll Remember April Vocal 852 5 i I'll Remember April (Osser) Bright 4 Glenn Osser 853 5 i I'll String Along With You Fox Trot Jack Mason 854 5 i I'll Take Romance Mod.Swing John Cacavas 855 5 i Illusion (Morand).pdf Mod.Rhumba Jose Morand 856 5 i I'm A Man (Price) Hand Wr. 857 5 i Med.Swing Mark Taylor I'm Beggining to See the Light Vocal 858 5 i I'm Beggining to See the Light Swing Gordon Goodwin 859 5 i I'm Beggining to See the Light nestico Swing S.Nestico 860 5 i I'm Coming Virginia (Mundy).pdf Med.Swing James Mundy 861 5 i I'm Getting Sentimental Over You Bob Wilber Big Band 862 5 i I'm Getting Sentimental Over You WARRINGTON Mod. Johnny Warrington 863 5 i I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (Henderson).pdf B.Goodman Orch. F.Henderson 864 5 i I'm In The Mood For Love (Warrington).pdf Mod. Johnny Warrington 865 5 i I'm Sitting On Top Of The World [Darin].pdf Hand Wr. 866 5 i I'm Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight Slowly Frank Skinner 867 5 i Imagination (Mantooth).pdf Easy Swing 868 5 i In A Mellow Tone (Mitchell).pdf Hand Wr. 869 5 i In A Mellow Tone (Nelson) Med.Swing B.Rich Orch. Oliver Nelson 870 5 i In A Persian Market Hand Wr. 871 5 i In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room Mod. Walter Mourant 872 5 i In Apple Blossom Time Mod.Waltz Ted Dale 873 5 i In full swing (Niehaus) Bright Swing Lennie Niehaus 874 5 i In Her Family Robert Curnow 875 5 i In Love (Unknown).pdf 876 5 i In The Blue Of The Evening (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 877 5 i In The Mood Swing Glenn Miller 878 5 i In The Mood (Garland) Med.Bounce G.Miller Orch. Doc Severinsen & T.S.BandJeff Tyzik 879 5 i In The Mood (Garland).pdf Fast Swing 880 5 i In The Mood (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. Unknown 881 5 i In The Mood 2 Med.Swing Michel Sweeney 882 5 i In The Still Of The Night Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 883 5 i In The Still Of The Night (Riddle).pdf Nelson Riddol 884 5 i In The Stone Mod.Funk Victor Ropez 885 5 i Indian Love Call (Gray).pdf Mod. A.Shaw Orch. 886 5 i Inside Out EJF Mod.Rock Michael Sweeney 887 5 i Intermezzo Fox Trot Kendall Burgess 888 5 i Intermission Riff Bounce S.Kenton Orch. Ray Weztel 889 5 i Invitation (Comstock).pdf Hand Wr. F.Comstock 890 5 i Iron Chef 891 5 i Ironside (Jones) Mod. Quincy Jones B.B. Quincy Jones 892 5 i Irving Berlin Medley No 1 Fox Trot Ray Terry 1)Cheek To Cheek 2)Easter Parade 3)Slumming On Park Avnue 4)It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow 893 5 i Easy Swing Myles Collins Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby Vocal 894 5 i Island Breeze Cha Cha 895 5 i Isle Of Capri Hand Wr. Mod.Cha Cha 896 5 i It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 3/4 Jeff Anderson 897 5 i It Could Happen To You WARRINGTON Mod. Johnny Warrington 898 5 i Jerry Nowak It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing Vocal Mod.Swing 899 5 i It don't mean a thing Bright Swing Frank Comstock 900 5 i It Don't Mean A Thing UBBS Med.Swing Michael Sweeney 901 5 i It Had To Be You B. Goodmann Orch. Frecher Henderson 902 5 i Marcato Dave Burley It Had To Be You (Burley).pdf Vocal 903 5 i It Had To Be You (Evans).pdf 904 5 i It had to be you (H Connick Jnr).pdf Harry Connick Jr. 905 5 i It Happened In Monterey Vocal Hand Wr. Med.Swing 906 5 i It Might As Well Be Spring Swing Mark Taylor 907 5 i It Was A Very Good Year Hand Wr. 908 5 i It was a very good year (Fenno).pdf Slowly Dick Fenno 909 5 i Italian Medley (Edwards).pdf Mod. Goerge Edwards 1)O Sole Mio 2)Santa Lucia 3)Sorrento 4)O Marenariello 5)O Marie 910 5 i ItHadToBeYou_complete.pdf 911 5 i It's A Blue World (Elam).pdf Don Elam 912 5 i It's A Raggy Waltz (Brubeck) Med.Bounce in3 Desmond Champ 913 5 i It's A Wonderful World Vocal Hand Wr. 914 5 i It's About Time (Nestico).pdf 915 5 i It's All In The Game MASON Waltz Jack Mason 916 5 i Its All Right With Me STROMMEN Bright Latin Samba Carl Strommen 917 5 i John Ferguson Its Alright With Me (Ferguson).pdf Vocal 918 5 i It's Been A Long Long Time (James).pdf H.James 919 5 i It's Easy To Remember (Unknown).pdf Ballad 920 5 i Its Just Talk Latin Robert Curnow 921 5 i It's Not Unusual (Osser) Bright 4 Glenn Osser 922 5 i It's Oh, So Nice Nestico.pdf Med. C.Basie Orch. 923 5 i Up-Temp Swing Jim Martin Its OK To Disagree Vocal 924 5 i Its Only A Paper Moon Jimmy Lally 925 5 i Its only a paper moon (Nowak).pdf Med.Swing Jerry Nowak 926 5 i Its only a paper moon Slowly Jimmy Lally 927 5 i It's the Talk of the Town (Weirick).pdf Fox Trot Art Weirick 928 5 i It's Time to Say Goodnight (Lally) Mod.Waltz Jimmy Lally 929 5 i I've Been Working On The Railroad (Nestico).pdf Reluxed Swing

11 / 25 Music Allie Wrubel Fred E.Alhert Burt Bacharach Tommy Doesey Ruth Lowe

Harry Warren Ben Oakland Xavier Cugat D.Ellington etc D.Ellington etc D.Ellington etc Donald Heywood Geo Bassman Geo Bassman J.McHugh & D.Fields Allie Wrubel

Duke Ellington

Lennie Niehaus Pat Metheny

Joe Garland Joe Garland Joe Garland Joe Garland Joe Garland Cole Poter Cole Poter Rudlf Frin Heinz Provost Ray Weztel

Quincy Jones

B.Austin & L.Collins Mike Tamaro

Jimmy V.Heusen Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Duke Ellington

Richerd Rodgers Ervin Drake

Dave Brubeck S.Nestico Cole Poter

Pat Metheny S.Nestico

Harold Arlen Harold Arlen Jerry Livingston Henry Hall S.Nestico

12 / 25 Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Music 930 5 i I've Found A New Baby (Donahue).pdf Sam Donahue J.Palmer & S.Willams 931 5 i Ive Found A New Baby (GOODWIN) Fast Swing Gordon Goodwin J.Palmer & S.Willams 932 5 i I've got a crush on you 933 5 i I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo Med.Swing Frank Comstock 934 5 i I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Fox Trot Skippy Martin Irving Berlin 935 5 i I've Got The World On A String Harold Arlen 936 5 i Mod.Swing Dave Wolpe Harold Arlen I've Got The World On A String vocal 937 5 i Ive Got The World On A String (Wolpe).pdf Med.Swing Dave Wolpe Harold Arlen 938 5 i I've Got You Under My Skin (Shetron).pdf Cole Poter 939 5 i I've Got You Under My Skin Crisp,Tight Style Art Wiggins Cole Poter 940 5 i I've Got You Under My Skin Shuffle Frank Mantooth Cole Poter 941 5 i I've Got You Under My Skin [C] (Stuart).pdf Cole Poter 942 5 i I've Got You Under My Skin [Eb] (Stuart).pdf Cole Poter 943 5 i I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face [Ab] (Warrington).pdfSlowly Johnny Warrington Frederick loewe 944 5 i I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face [Db] (Warrington).pdf Johnny Warrington Frederick loewe 945 5 i I've Heard That Song Before {James}.pdf Hand Wr. Harry James 946 6 j JA DA Swing Andy Clark Bob Carleton 947 6 j Ja-Da (Nestico).pdf C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico Bob Carleton 948 6 j Jam Session MUNDY Lively Swing James Mundy 949 6 j James Bond Medley (Betta) Hand Wr. A.Betta 950 6 j James Bond Theme (Davis).pdf Med.Swing Tom Davis Monty Norman 951 6 j James Session (Matthias).pdf Fox Trot Jack Mathias Jack Matthis 952 6 j Jamie (Nestico).pdf Slowly S.Nestico 953 6 j Java (Anderson).pdf Mod. Sonny Anderson 954 6 j Java (Warrington).pdf Mod.Bright Johnny Warrington 955 6 j Java Jive Fox Trot Vic Schoen Ben Oakland 956 6 j Jazzman Carole King Larry Norred Carole King 957 6 j Jericho (Sharp) Chris Sharp 958 6 j Jersey Bounce Hand Wr. Med.Swing Goodman Frank Como 959 6 j Jersey Bounce (Williams).pdf Groovy Bounce George Williams 960 6 j Jersey Bounce {Goodman}.pdf 961 6 j Jet (Warrington).pdf Mod.Beguine Johnny Warrington Henry Revel 962 6 j Jimmy Dorsey Medley Hand Wr. 963 6 j Jingle Bell Jazz Basie Swing Pete Coulman 964 6 j Jingle Bell Rock Swing Paul Cook 965 6 j Jingle Bell Rock 1 Rock Shuffle Bob Lowden 966 6 j Jingle Bell Rock NOWAK Mod.Rock Shuffle Jerry Nowak 967 6 j Jingle Bells (Miller).pdf Med.Jump G.Miller Orch. Glenn Miller 968 6 j John Brown's Other Body W.Herman Orch. John Oddo 969 6 j John Lennon Medley.pdf Beatles 1)Hey Jude 2)And I Love Her 3)Here There 4)Hey Jude 970 6 j Johnny B Goode (Price) Hand Wr. 971 6 j Johnny's Theme (Higgins).pdf Med.Fast Swing John Higgins P.Anka & J.Carson 972 6 j Johnson Rag 973 6 j Johnson Rag (Hudson).pdf Hand Wr. G.Miller Orch. 974 6 j Johnson Rag 1 Med.Swing Will Hudson 975 6 j Jolly Ole St. Nick (Holmes).pdf Latin Bossa Jeff Holmes 976 6 j Joy & Spirit of Christmas.pdf S.Nestico 1)Jingle Bells 2)Away In A Manger 3)Westminster Carol 4)Deck The Hall 5)Up On The House-Top 6)The Wassail Song 7)Silent Night 977 6 j Juke Box Saturday Night NORMAN Mod.Groove Fred Norman 978 6 j Jump For Joe (Niehaus).pdf Med. Lennie Niehaus Gene Roland 979 6 j Jump Jive An' Wail Jump Swing Brain Setzer Orch. Mark Taylor 980 6 j Jumpin' At The Woodside (Warrington).pdf C.Basie Orch. Johnny Warrington Count Basie 981 6 j Jumping at the woodside (Nestico).pdf Brite C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico Count Basie 982 6 j Just A Closer Walk Wih Thee Slow Jeff Anderson 983 6 j Just Before Midnight Ballad Howard Rowe Howard Rowe 984 6 j Just Friends Joe Jackson 985 6 j Just in time (Nestico).pdf Easy Jazz S.Nestico Jule Styne 986 6 j Jule Styne Just In Time {Sinatra}.pdf Vocal 987 6 j Just One Of Those Things Med. Jimmy Lally Cole Porter 988 6 j Just The Two Of Us Med.Funk John Wasson 989 6 j Just The Way You Are Light Rock Roger Pemberton Billy Joel 990 6 j Just The Way You Are Med.Bossa NovaBilly Joel John Berry Billy Joel 991 6 j Just The Way You Look Tonight (Nestico).pdf Easy Jazz Feel S.Nestico 992 6 j Just The Way You Look Tonight (Shetron).pdf Hand Wr. 993 6 j Just You Just Me DAVIS Med.Swing Tom Davis Jesse Greer 994 8 k Kalamazoo (Houghton).pdf 995 8 k Kalamazoo (Warren).pdf Mod. Harry Warren 996 8 k Kalamazoo {Miller}.pdf Hand Wr. G.Miller Orch. 997 8 k Kalamzoo (Stuart).pdf Hand Wr. 998 8 k Katy (Nestico).pdf Ballad C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico S.Nestico 999 8 k Katy (Shetron).pdf Hand Wr. Slow 1000 8 k Keep The Customer Satisfied Strong Shuffle B.Rich Orch. Bill Holman Paul Simon 1001 8 k Kenton Hits Medley Robert Curnow 1)Eager Beaver 2)Opus In Chartreuse 3)Dynaflow 4)Artistry In Rhythm 1002 8 k Kenton Xmas Medley Stan Kenton 1)Joy To The World 2)Away In A Manger 3)The First ???? 4)We Wish You A Merry Cristmas 5) 6)silent Night 1003 8 k Kid Charlemagne Funky W.Herman Orch. Bill Stopleton 1004 8 k Kid from Redbank (Hefti) Fast C.Basie Orch. Neal Hefti 1005 8 k Killer Joe (Sweeny) Michael Sweeney Benny Golson 1006 8 k King Porter Stomp Fox Trot B.Goodman Orch. Flecher Henderson Fred Morton 1007 8 k King Porter Stomp 8 X 11.pdf 1008 8 k Tango Kiss Of Fire Vocal Hand Wr. 1009 8 k Kiss Of Fire 1 Tango Johnny Warrington L.Alen & R.Hill 1010 8 k Kiss The Girl DJF Calypso Michael Sweeney Alan Menken 1011 8 k Knock On Wood Med.Disco Bob Lowden 1012 8 k Knock On Wood (Mendez).pdf

Big Band Library namber disk folder title 1013 8 k Knowing You Knowing Me (Price) Hand Wr. 1014 8 k Ko Ko Mo 1015 8 k Kokomo 1016 8 k Kokomo (Goodwin) 1017 10 l La Bamba 1018 10 l La Cucaracha DEDRICK Hand Wr. 1019 10 l La Fiesta 1020 10 l La Mer (Beyond The Sea) Hand Wr. 1021 10 l La Nevada Blues (Evans) 1022 10 l Lady is a Tramp (Lally) Vocal 1023 10 l Lady Of Spain WEIRICK 1024 10 l Land Of Make Believe 1025 10 l Lassus Trombone 1026 10 l Last Dance (Stuart).pdf Hand Wr. 1027 10 l Last Waltz (Reed) 1028 10 l Latin Dance 1029 10 l Latin Satin NIEHAUS 1030 10 l Laura 1031 10 l Laura (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1032 10 l Laura 1033 10 l Lazy River (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1034 10 l Lean Baby (May).pdf 1035 10 l Leap Frog 1036 10 l Learnin' The Blues (Unknown).pdf 1037 10 l Left Bank Express 1038 10 l Legend Of A One Eyed Sailor 1039 10 l Lester Leaps In Hand Wr. 1040 10 l Let It Snow 1041 10 l Let It Snow 1 1042 10 l Let Me Try Again Hand Wr. 1043 10 l Lets Call The Whole Thing Off MASON 1044 10 l Let's Dance {Goodman}.pdf 1045 10 l Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love 1046 10 l Lets Face The Music and Dance Hand Wr. 1047 10 l Lets Fall In Love (Como).pdf Hand Wr. 1048 10 l Let's Fall In Love [Sinatra].pdf 1049 10 l Letter From Home 1050 10 l Liechtensteiner Polka 1051 10 l Light My Fire 1052 10 l l'il Darlin (Hefti) 1053 10 l Lil Jeannie (Gould) Hand Wr. 1054 10 l Lily Was Here 1055 10 l Linda 1056 10 l Lindsays Tune 1057 10 l Linus and Lucy 1058 10 l Little Bird Little Bird (Fenno) 1059 10 l Little Brown Jug 1060 10 l Little Brown Jug (Finegan).pdf 1061 10 l Little Brown Jug (Hest).pdf 1062 10 l Little Brown Jug (Nestico).pdf 1063 10 l Little Brown Mambo (Flannigan).pdf 1064 10 l Little Green Apples (McLin) 1065 10 l Little Rascal On A Rock 1066 10 l Little White Lies WARRINGTON 1067 10 l Live and Let Die 1068 10 l Livin' La Vida Loca 1069 10 l Londonary Air, Danny Boy (Nestico).pdf 1070 10 l Lonely Street Nestico.pdf 1071 10 l Lonesome Rambler (Stone) 1072 10 l Look For The Silver Lining (Nestico).pdf 1073 10 l Lost In France (Price) Hand Wr. 1074 10 l Lou Grant 1075 10 l Louie Louie 1076 10 l Louisiana Be Bop (Hooper) 1077 10 l L-O-V-E Hand Wr. 1078 10 l L-O-V-E (Gabler).pdf 1079 10 l Love And Marriage-vocal (Warrington).pdf 1080 10 l Love For Sale 1081 10 l Love For Sale (Kenton).pdf Hand Wr. 1082 10 l Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 1083 10 l Love Is Here To Stay - Female Vocal 1084 10 l Love Is Here To Stay - Male Vocal 1085 10 l Love Is Here To Stay-Vocal For Sinatra 1086 10 l Love On The Rocks Hand Wr. 1087 10 l Love Scene (Como).pdf 1088 10 l Love The Feelin 1089 10 l Love Theme From La Strada (Osser).pdf 1090 10 l Love Walked In 1091 10 l Lover 1092 10 l Lover Come Back To Me 1093 10 l Lovin' Arms (Sherwood).pdf Hand Wr. 1094 10 l Low Down Slow Down Blues CLARK 1095 10 l Luck Be A Lady 1096 10 l Luck Be A Lady Tonight (May).pdf Hand Wr. 1097 10 l Luck be a lady tonight Vocal (Sinatra) 1098 10 l Lullaby In Boogie EVANS 1099 10 l Lullaby Of Birdland

13 / 25 Playing Band Mambo Blues Easy Latin Rock Mod.Tropical Rock

Beach Boys

Fast Latin Mod.Mambo Fast 3

W.Herman Orch.

Arranger Larry Wagner Peter Blair Gordon Goodwin Richie Valens Art Dedrick Tony Klatka

Brightly Med.Quick Step Beguin Mod.

Jimmy Lally Paul Weirick Fred J.Lewis

Slowly Mod.Waltz Latin Latin Jazz Mod.

Bob Mintzer Lennie Niehaus Marke Winstin


Chick Corea Gil Evans Richerd Rodgers Tolcherd Evans Chuck Mangione Henry Fillmore L.Reed & B.Mason Bob Mintzer Lennie Niehaus

W.Herman Orch. Mod.Swing

Mod. Mod.


Les Brown Orch.

Joe Garland

M.Ferguson Orch.

Billy May Joe Garland Pete Jackson

Dave Eshelman Johnny Warrington Jule Styne Bob Lowden Jule Styne

Mod.Swing Fox Trot Mod.Bounce Med.Swing

B.Goodman Orch.

Jack Mason John Cacavas S.Nestico

George Gershwin Cole Porter

Nelson Riddle Orch. Frank Como Ballad

Pat Metheny

Mod. The Doors Slowly C.Basie Orch. Slow Mod.Jazz Rock Slow Lucy Latin Mod.Latin Med.Bounce Med.Swing

Tijuana Brass G.Miller Orch.

Robert Curnow Pat Metheny Johnny Warrington Jim Mahaffey Niel Hefti Niel Hefti Jerry Nowak David A.Steward Johnny Warrington Jack Lawrence Jim Evans Tom Davis Vince Guaraldi Dick Fenno Mitch Leigh Paul Lavender Billy Finegan

Ralph Flanagan Mod. Ed McLin Med.Swing T.Jones&M.Lous Orch. Thad Jones Mod.Bounce Johnny Warrington Rock S.Kenton Orch. Robert Curnow Rumba Flamenca Victor Lopez Slowly S.Nestico Slowly C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico Easy Med.Bounce Med.Swing S.Nestico

Bobby Russell Thad Jones Walter Donaldson P. & L. McCartony

S.Nestico Jerome Kern

Med.Rock Med.Rock Funky Rock Beat

Phil Reed Roger Holmes Les Hooper


Johnny Warrington James V.Heusen

Mod. Mod.Swing Mod.Swing

Jim Baker Dave Wolpe Dave Wolpe Nelson Riddle

S.Fain & Paul F.Webster George & Ira Gershwin George & Ira Gershwin George & Ira Gershwin

Frank Como Jeff Tkazylk Glenn Osser

Duke Ellington Chuck Mangione N.Rota

Sonny Burke Jimmy Lally

Richerd Rodgers

Paul Clark

Paul Clark

Jon Harpin Gil Evans Art Dedrick

James V.Heusen Cy Coben George Shearing

Slowly Med.Swing Mod. 2 Mod. Med.Swing Fox Trot Mod. Slow Blues

Frank Sinatra Fox Trot Med.Swing

Richerd Berry Les Hooper

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band 1100 10 l Lullaby Of Broadway Fox Trot 1101 10 l Lullaby of Broadway Med.Beat 1102 10 l Lullaby Of Broadway [Bennett].pdf 1103 10 l Lulu's Back In Town Mod.Swing 1104 10 l Lulus Back In Town STOMMEN Bright Jazz 1105 10 l Lush Life Slowly 1106 10 m Macarena (Blair).pdf Dance Rock Los Del Rio 1107 10 m MacArthur Park Hand Wr. 1108 10 m Mack The Knife Swing 1109 10 m Mack The Knife (Mason) Fox Trot 1110 10 m Mack The Knife (Sears).pdf Med.Bright 1111 10 m Mack The Knife (Stuart).pdf Hand Wr. Med.Swing 1112 10 m Mack The Knife (unknown arranger & handwritten).pdf 1113 10 m Mack The Knife 1 Mod.Jazz 1114 10 m Mack The Knife-vocal 1115 10 m MackThe Knife Vocal Med.Swing 1116 10 m Maids of Cadiz (Evans) Fast 4 Miles Davis 1117 10 m Main Stem {Ellington}.pdf 1118 10 m Make Me Smile Rock 1119 10 m Makin' Whoopee Vocal Hand Wr. Mod.Slow & Bluesy 1120 10 m Making Whoopee (Wolpe).pdf 1121 10 m Malaguena (Butcher) Quick-Step 1122 10 m Malaguena DJF Boldly 1123 10 m Malaguena EJC Mod. 1124 10 m Mambo Caliente Very Fast 1125 10 m Mambo Mogambo Mod.Mambo 1126 10 m Mambo No 5 (Prado) Bright Mambo 1127 10 m Mamma Mia (Price) Hand Wr. 1128 10 m Manhatten HARRIS Fox Trot 1129 10 m Mannix Jazz Waltz 1130 10 m Manteca (Owen) Latin 1131 10 m Manteca(John Berry).pdf Latin Funk Rock 1132 10 m March of the Mods (Carr) Finnjenka Dance 1133 10 m Marching In (Stone) Swing March 1134 10 m Margie (Evans).pdf 1135 10 m Margie (Lorden).pdf Hand Wr. Med. 1136 10 m Maria (Charlton) Slow 1137 10 m Maria (Sebesky).pdf 1138 10 m Maria 1 Salsa-Latin Ballad 1139 10 m Maria Elana 1140 10 m Marianne (Bunce) Flugel Solo Slow 1141 10 m Marie Fox Trot T.Dorsey Orch. 1142 10 m Marie (Stulce).pdf Opt.Vocal Hand Wr. 1143 10 m Martinique (Nestico).pdf Light Latin 1144 10 m Mas Que Nada (King) Latin 1145 10 m Mas Que Nada (Taylor) 1146 10 m Matchmaker (Richardson) 1147 10 m Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Muston) Beatles 1148 10 m Me & My Shadow [Frank & Sammy].pdf Swing 1149 10 m Me And My Shadow (Warrington).pdf Easy Swing 1150 10 m Meditation Mod.Bossa Nova 1151 10 m Meditation (Florence).pdf 1152 10 m Meet The Band (Stuart).pdf Med. 1153 10 m Meet The Flinstones Fast Swing 1154 10 m Memories Of You Ted Heath Orch. 1155 10 m Memories Of You (Unknown).pdf 1156 10 m Memory (Johns).pdf Slow Ballad 1157 10 m Mercy Mercy Mercy (Price) Hand Wr. Med.Rock 1158 10 m Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Nichols).pdf Hand Wr. B.Rich Orch. 1159 10 m Midnight passage (Gingery).pdf 1160 10 m Midnight Sun {Brown}.pdf Hand Wr. Alto Sax Future 1161 10 m Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue Transcriptions.pdf So What 1162 10 m Milestones EJF Bright Swing 1163 10 m Miller Love Medley (Eberhart).pdf Hand Wr. 1)People Will Say We're In Love 2)Love Is Here To Stay 3)Younger Than Springtime 1164 10 m Miller Medley (Eberhart).pdf Hand Wr. 1)Ruby 2)Street Of Dream 3)This Heart of Mj 1165 10 m Miller Medley No 15 (Eberhart).pdf Hand Wr. 1166 10 m Miller Waltz Medley (Wayne).pdf Hand Wr. 1)Missouri Waltz 2)Together 3)Alice Blue Gown 1167 10 m Millidaire (Stone) Cha Cha 1168 10 m Million Dollar Baby (Lemly).pdf Hand Wr. 1169 10 m Minka Fox Trot 1170 10 m Minnie The Moocher 1171 10 m Minnie The Moocher (Henebry).pdf Hand Wr. 1172 10 m Minor Riff Med.Groove 1173 10 m Missing You Alto Sax Future Ballad 1174 10 m Mission Impossible Theme Driving 4/5 1175 10 m Mission Impossible Theme TBODJ Driving 4/5 1176 10 m Mistletoe and Holly Mod. 1177 10 m Misty Slow Ballad 1178 10 m Misty (Como).pdf Med.Ballad 1179 10 m Misty (Desselgem) 1180 10 m Misty (Enos).pdf 1181 10 m Misty (Unknown).pdf Mod.Slow 1182 10 m Misty (Warrington) Vocal Mod.Slow 1183 10 m Misty (Wolpe).pdf

14 / 25 Arranger Eddie Dee Tony Osborne

Music Harry Warren Harry Warren

Dave Wolpe Carl Strommen Phil Willson Peter Blair

Harry Warren Harry Warren Billy Strayhorn

Dave Wolpe Jack Mason Jerry Sears

Kurt Weill Kurt Weill Kurt Weill Kurt Weill Kurt Weill Kurt Weill Kurt Weill Kurt Weill Delives Duke Ellington James Pankow Walter Donaldson Walter Donaldson

S.Nestico Dave Tanner Bob Knox Gil Evans Peter Blair J.Keating Dave Wolpe Stan Butcher Michael Sweeney Bob Lowden

Johnny Warrington Dick Warrel Fred Barovick Perez Prado Lew Harris John Wasson Steve Owen John Berry Leslie Vinall

Richerd Rodgers Lalo Shifrin Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Gillespie Tony Carr B.Paige & P.Stone

Herb Lorden Don Sebesky Lay Cattaway Hal Avery

Leonard Berstein Leonard Berstein Leonard Berstein Lorenzo Barcelata

Gordon Jenkins Freddie Stulce S.Nestico Anthony King Mark Taylor Neil Richerdson Jeff Muston

Irving Berlin Irving Berlin

Jerry Nowak Bob Florence Walt Stuart

Antonio C.Jobim Antonio C.Jobim Walt Stuart Matt Amy

Tom Johns

Andrew L.Webber Josef Zawimul Josef Zawimul

Peter Blair

Jorge Ben Jorge Ben Jerry Bock J.Lennon & P.McCartney

Miles Davis Miles Davis

Bob Eberhart

Pol Stone Vic Shoen Mike Henebry Van Alexander

Jay Milton Cab Calloway Cab Calloway Pete Rugolo Fred Stride Lalo Shifrin Lalo Shifrin

Roger Holmes Michael Sweeney Johnny Warrington Jerry Nowak Erroll Garner Frank Como Erroll Garner Erroll Garner Erroll Garner Erroll Garner Johnny Warrington Erroll Garner Dave Wolpe Erroll Garner

Big Band Library namber disk folder title 1184 10 m Misty {Basie}.pdf Hand Wr. Bari Sax Future 1185 10 m Miz Marie 1186 10 m Moments To Remember 1187 10 m Mondays Child NIEHAUS 1188 10 m Monitor Theme 1189 10 m Montego Bay 1190 10 m Mood Indigo (Nestico).pdf 1191 10 m Mood Indigo (Unknown).pdf 1192 10 m Mood Indigo (Wolpe).pdf 1193 10 m Mood Indigo TBODJ 1194 10 m Moon Nocturne (Como).pdf 1195 10 m Moon River 1196 10 m Moon River (Mancini).pdf 1197 10 m Moon River (Wolpe).pdf 1198 10 m Moon River 1 1199 10 m Moon River hand Wr. Quincy Jones Ver. 1200 10 m Moondance 1201 10 m Moonglow 1202 10 m Moonglow (Stuart).pdf 1203 10 m Moonglow & Theme From Picnic (Duning).pdf 1204 10 m Moonlight In Vermont - Male Vocal 1205 10 m Moonlight In Vermont (Alexander) 1206 10 m Moonlight In Vermont (Comstock).pdf 1207 10 m Moonlight In Vermont Vocal 1208 10 m Moonlight Serenade 1209 10 m Moonlight Serenade (Bolton) 1210 10 m Moonlight Serenade (Hest).pdf 1211 10 m Moonlight Serenade (Hudson).pdf 1212 10 m Moonlight Serenade 1 Vocal 1213 10 m Moonlight Serenade UBBS 1214 10 m More Vocal Hand Wr. 1215 10 m More (Lally) 1216 10 m More and More Amore (Alpert).pdf 1217 10 m More Party Cha Pt 1(Rees) 1218 10 m More Party Cha Pt 2 (Whibley) 1219 10 m Morning Dance 1220 10 m Morocco (Morand).pdf 1221 10 m Moten Swing (Nestico).pdf 1222 10 m Moten Swing (Wayne).pdf hand Wr. 1223 10 m Moten Swing (Wilkins).pdf 1224 10 m Moten Swing TBODJ 1225 10 m Mountain Band Man (Wolking) 1226 10 m Mountain Greenery DEDRICK 1227 10 m Mr Anthonys Boogie 1228 10 m Mr Anthony's Boogie (Warrington).pdf 1229 10 m Mr E Osso 1230 10 m Mr Lucky (Wolpe).pdf 1231 10 m Music Makers 1232 10 m Music To Watch Girls By (Dedrick).pdf 1233 10 m Music to watch Girls by (Moorhouse) 1234 10 m Muskrat Ramble 1235 10 m Muskrat Ramble (Phillips) 1236 10 m Mutiny In The Brass Section MURPHY 1237 10 m My Baby Just Cares For Me 1238 10 m My Baby Just Cares For Me Vocal Hand Wr. 1239 10 m My Blue Heaven Hand Wr. 1240 10 m My Blue Heaven (Wolpe).pdf 1241 10 m My Cherie Amour (Nestico).pdf 1242 10 m My Favorite Things (Warrington).pdf 1243 10 m My favourite things (Jennings).pdf 1244 10 m My Foolish Heart Flugel Future 1245 10 m My Funny Valentine 1246 10 m My Funny Valentine (Como).pdf 1247 10 m My Heart Will Go On (Tomaro).pdf 1248 10 m My Kind Of Girl 1249 10 m My Life (Pemberton) 1250 10 m My Man Quincy 1251 10 m My Melancholy Baby 1252 10 m My Melancholy Baby MASON 1253 10 m My One and Only Love Vocal 1254 10 m My One And Only Love (Niehaus).pdf 1255 10 m My Reverie (Clinton).pdf 1256 10 m My Shawl (Andre).pdf 1257 10 m My Way 1258 10 m My Way (Stuart).pdf Hand Wr. 1259 10 m My Wonderful One (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1260 9 n N Quincys Bag 1261 9 n Nature Boy (Houghton).pdf Hand Wr. 1262 9 n Nearness of You (Lally) 1263 9 n Nearness of You (Stuart).pdf Hand Wr. 1264 9 n Negev (Gibson) 1265 9 n Neil Sedaka Medley (Tanner) 1266 9 n Neutron Dance(Nowak).pdf 1267 9 n Never On Sunday (Luna).pdf Hand Wr. 1268 9 n Neverbird Hand Wr. 1269 9 n Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) 1270 9 n New York New York (Wolpe)

15 / 25 Playing Band C.Basie Orch. Med.Up-Swing Mod.Slow Slow Ballad


Jack Mason

Music Erroll Garner Ryan Cullen Robert Allen Lennie Niehaus

Bill Holman Mod.Samba Slowly Slowly Slowly Mod.Slow Slow 3/4 Swing Ballad 3/4 C.Basie Orch. Mod. Mod.Slow Bounce Artie Shaw Orch. Mod.Swing Bossa Nova Slowly Slowly Bossa Nova Slowly Slow G.Miller Orch. Slow Swing Ballad Med.Slow Ballad Med.Swing Mod. Med. H.Alpert & T.Brass Cha Cha Cha Cha Easy Rock Spyro Gyra Mod. C.Basie Orch.

Cecil Bolton Jeff Hest Will Hudson Mike Caruba Frank Comstock Jimmy Lally Herb Alpert Gordon Ress Bernell Whibley John Higgins Jose Morand S.Nestico

Dave Wolpe Jack Mathias Art Dedrick Alan Moortouse Bob Haggart Sid Phillips Spud Murphy


S.Nestico Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Duke Ellington Henry Mancini Henry Mancini Henry Mancini Henry Mancini Henry Mancini Van Morrison

Karl Suessdorf Karl Suessdorf Karl Suessdorf Karl Suessdorf Glenn Miller Glenn Miller Glenn Miller Glenn Miller Glenn Miller Glenn Miller

Sol Lake

Jay Beckenstein B.Moten & B.Moten B.Moten & B.Moten B.Moten & B.Moten Henry Wolking

Ray Anthony Rick Stitzel Henry Mancini Harry James

Edward K.Ory Edward K.Ory J.Dorsey & Camarata

Nelson Riddle Orch. Johnny Warrington Walter Donaldson

Swing Mod. Mod.Waltz Bright Swing Mod.Bossa Jazz Ballad Mod. Mod.Swing Mod.Disco

George Dunning Dave Wolpe Van Alexander Frank Comstock Dave Wolpe

Ernie Wilkins Michael Sweeney Henry Wolking Art Dedrick George Willams John Warrington

Med.Swing Med.Swing Med.Fast Boogie Woogie Boogie Swing Mod. Fox Trot Mod. Mod.


S.Nestico Art Dedrick Dave Wolpe Jerry Nowak Frank Como (Copy)Bill Jacobs Joe Reisman Dave Wolpe Rick Stitzel Bill Jacobs Roy Phillippe Dave Wolpe

Dave Wolpe S.Nestico Johnny Warrington Paul Jennings Mark Taylor S.Nestico Robert Como

Billy Joel

Stevie Wonder Richerd Rodgers Richerd Rodgers Victor Young Richerd Rodgers Richerd Rodgers

Unknown Roger Pemberton Billy Joel Al Cobin

Fox Trot

Jack Mason

Slow S.Kenton Orch. Slow Rumba Mod.Rock Ballad

Lennie Niehaus

Med.Jazz Groove 3/4 Slowly

Paul Lohorn Ernie Houghton Jimmy Lally

Paul Lohorn

Slow Ballad

Ken Gibson Dave Tanner Jerry Nowak

Sam Fendrich

Mod. Cha Cha

Pointer Sisters

R.Mellin & G.Wood Rally Clinton

Fabian Andre John Cacavas Walt Stuart

Hoagy Carmichael

Ray Brown Fox Trot Mod.Swing

Jack Mason Dave Wolpe

John Kander

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band 1271 9 n New York New York 1 Mod.Swing 1272 9 n New York, New York (Como).pdf Mod. 1273 9 n New York, New York (Stuart).pdf Mod. 1274 9 n Nice 'N Easy (Como).pdf Med. C.Basie Orch. 1275 9 n Nice N Juicy Funky 1276 9 n Nice Work If You Can Get It (Mason).pdf Mod.Bright 1277 9 n Nice Work If You Can Get It (Warrington).pdf Mod. 1278 9 n Mod. Nice Work If You Can Get It [Db] Female Vocal 1279 9 n Mod. Nice Work If You Can Get It [G] Male Vocal 1280 9 n Frank Sinatra Night & Day (Stuart).pdf Vocal Hand Wr. 1281 9 n Night and Day Mod. 1282 9 n Night and Day (Gray).pdf Fox Trot Artie Shaw Orch. 1283 9 n Night And Day (Hayward).pdf Artie Shaw Orch. 1284 9 n Night and Day 1 1285 9 n Mod.Swing Night and Day(Elie-vocal).pdf Vocal 1286 9 n Night in Tunisia (Osser) Hand Wr. 1287 9 n Night Train (Estes) Med.Blues 1288 9 n Night Train (Norred).pdf Easy Blues 1289 9 n Nighthunter (Garcia) 3/4 1290 9 n Nightingale (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1291 9 n NightingaleSangBerkleySquare_complete.pdf Ballad 1292 9 n Nightmare (Stuart).pdf Hand Wr. 1293 9 n Nighty Night Fox Trot 1294 9 n Ninepins (Brown) Hand Wr. Bright 1295 9 n No Particular Place To Go Solid Beat 1296 9 n Nobody Does It Better Rock Ballad 1297 9 n Nobody til Somebody loves U (Belson) Slowly 1298 9 n Nobody til Somebody loves U (Belson) Slowly 1299 9 n Norwegian Wood Jazz Waltz Beatles 1300 9 n Not In The Mood Swing 1301 9 n Not So Quiet Please (Oliver) Bright Jump 1302 9 n Not Too Long ago (Niehaus).pdf Mod.Ballad 1303 9 n Nothing But Everything (Hansen).pdf 1304 9 n Notthecats [Are We Not 'The Cats' ?] Easy Shuffle 1305 9 n Nou's Blue Med.Swing 1306 9 n Nuff Said Mod.Rock 1307 7 o O Christmas Tree Jazz 1308 7 o O U Beautiful Doll (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1309 7 o Obsession Lightly Ted Heath Orch. 1310 7 o OddCouple_complete.pdf Easy Swing 1311 7 o Odyssey (Nestico).pdf Rock 1312 7 o Off Duty (Dankworth) Slow Rock 1313 7 o Oh What It Seemed To Be Fox Trot 1314 7 o Oh you beautiful doll!(Wolpe).pdf Med.Swing 1315 7 o Oh, But I Do! (Warrington).pdf Fox Trot 1316 7 o OK with Jay (Rich) Med.Blues B.Rich Orch. 1317 7 o Old Black Magic (Lally) Mod. 1318 7 o Old Cape Cod Slowly 1319 7 o Old Devil Moon (Nestico).pdf 1320 7 o Old Man Riva Hand Wr. 1321 7 o Old San Juan Latin Rock 1322 7 o Old San Juan.pdf 1323 7 o Old Time Rock & Roll (Comstock).pdf Bright Rock 1324 7 o On A Clear Day (Berry).pdf Easy Swing 1325 7 o On A Clear Day (Wolpe).pdf Bright Swing 1326 7 o On A Slow Boat To China (Jones).pdf Vocal Hand Wr. 1327 7 o On Broadway (Nowak).pdf Mod.Rock 1328 7 o On Broadway-vocal Busy Jazz Rock Latin 1329 7 o On Green Dolphin Street 1330 7 o On Green Dolphin Street 1 Bright Swing M.Ferguson Orch. 1331 7 o On Green Dolphin Street WARRINGTON Mod. 1332 7 o On The Atcheson Topeka and the Santa Fe Med.Rock 1333 7 o On The Nightside Mod.Swing 1334 7 o On The Street Where You Live Swing 1335 7 o On The Sunny Side of the Street (Bethel).pdf Slow Bounce 1336 7 o On the Sunny Side Of The Street (Nestico).pdf Reluxed Jazz 1337 7 o On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Taylor).pdf Med.Shuffle 1338 7 o Once Upon a Summertime (Osser) Mod. 1339 7 o One (Holmes).pdf Swing 1340 7 o Slow Blues One For My Baby Vocal Hand Wr. 1341 7 o One Mint Julip (Basie) Hand Wr. C.Basie Orch. 1342 7 o One Note Samba Bossa Nova 1343 7 o One Note Samba (Glen Osser).pdf Bossa Nova 1344 7 o One Note Samba (Tomaro).pdf Laid-Back Samba 1345 7 o One Note Samba EJF Mod.Latin 1346 7 o One O'clock jump (Maltby) Mod. C.Basie Orch. 1347 7 o One O'Clock Jump [D] (Clayton).pdf C.Basie Orch. 1348 7 o One O'Clock Jump [F] (Clayton).pdf C.Basie Orch. 1349 7 o One O'Clock Jump UBBS Bright Swing 1350 7 o One On One Mod.Swing 1351 7 o One Two Three Four Jump (Hudson) Bright Bounce 1352 7 o One_complete.pdf 1353 7 o Onthesunnysidecomplete.pdf 1354 7 o Opus 1 {Dorsey}.pdf 1355 7 o Opus In Chartreuse Med.Swing 1356 7 o Opus in Pastels (Noble) Mod.Slow 1357 7 o Opus In Turquoise NIEHAUS Med.Swing

16 / 25 Arranger Jerry Nowak Frank Como Walt Stuart Frank Como

Music John Kander John Kander John Kander Jeff Steinberg

Jack Mason Jonny Warrington Jonny Warrington Jonny Warrington

George Gershwin George Gershwin George Gershwin George Gershwin Cole Porter Jimmy Lally Cole Porter Jerrt Gray Cole Porter Cole Porter Cole Porter Van Del Jeught Elie Cole Porter Bud Estes Larry Norred Russ Garcia Mike Tomaro John Sterling Jimmy Lally Matt Amy Louis Bellson Louis Bellson Steve Wright Sy Oliver Lennie Niehaus C.R.Hansen Myles Collins

Leslie Beacon John R.Brown Chuck Berry Marvin Hamlisch

J.Lennon & P.McCartney Robert Woods Sy Oliver Lennie Niehaus Eric Marienthal Gordon Brisker Myles Collins Jeff Taylor

Paul Clark Reg Owen Roger Holmes S.Nestico John Dankworth Paul Weirick Dave Wolpe Jonny Warrington

John Dankworth Nat D.Ayer Arthur Schwartz Jay Craig

Johnny Warrington S.Nestico B.Lane & E.Y.Harburg Bill Holman John Berry Jay Beckenstein Frank Comstock John Berry Dave Wolpe Jerry Nowak Jerry Nowak Les Hooper Michael Abene Johnny Warrington Richerd Maltby Mark Taylor Brin Bethel S.Nestico Glenn Osser Roger Holmes

Frank Mantooth Glenn Osser Mike Tomaro Jerry Nowak Richerd Maltby Buck Clayton Buck Clayton Frank Comstock

G.Jackson & T.Jones 3 Burton Lane Burton Lane

N.Washington & B.Kaper N.Washington & B.Kaper N.Washington & B.Kaper J.Mercer & H.Warren Mike Tomaro Frederick Loewe Jimmy McHugh Jimmy McHugh Jimmy McHugh Marvin Hamlisch

Will Hudson

Antonio C.Jobim Antonio C.Jobim Antonio C.Jobim Antonio C.Jobim Count Basie Count Basie Count Basie Count Basie Lennie Niehaus Joe F.Phillips

Tommy Dorsey Lennie Niehaus James J.Noble Lennie Niehaus

Gene Roland Gene Roland Stan Kenton Gene Roland

Big Band Library namber disk folder title 1358 7 o Opus One Hand Wr. 1359 7 o Opus One 1360 7 o Opus One (Oliver) 1361 7 o Orange Colored Sky 1362 7 o Orange coloured skies (Holmes) 1363 7 o Original Palais Glide (Bowsher) 1364 7 o Orilla Del Mar 1365 7 o Our Love Affair Vocal 1366 7 o Our Love Is Here To Stay Vocal Hand Wr. 1367 7 o Our love is here to stay (Nelson Riddle) For Cinatora 1368 7 o Our Very Own (Warrington).pdf 1369 7 o Out Of Nowhere (F. Como).pdf 1370 7 o Outside Of That I Love You 1371 7 o Over The Raibow 1372 7 o Over The Raibow UBBS 1373 7 o Over The Rainbow (Lowden).pdf 1374 7 o Over The Rainbow (Wolpe).pdf 1375 5 p Pages from against all odds.pdf 1376 5 p Parting 1377 5 p Peanut Vendor Hand Wr. 1378 5 p Peanut Vendor (Andre) 1379 5 p Peanut Vendor (Kenton) 1380 5 p Peg O' My Heart (Wolpe).pdf 1381 5 p Peggy(Dave Baker).pdf 1382 5 p Pennies From Heaven Hand Wr. 1383 5 p Pennies from Heaven (New) 1384 5 p Pennies From Heaven (Wayne).pdf 1385 5 p Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Hest).pdf 1386 5 p Pennsylvania Polka 1387 5 p Penthouse Serenade 1388 5 p People (Lally) 1389 5 p People 1 1390 5 p People 2 1391 5 p Peppermint Twist (Whibley).pdf 1392 5 p Perdido 1393 5 p Perdido (Butcher) 1394 5 p Perdido 1 1395 5 p Perfidia 1396 5 p Perfidia (Wolpe).pdf 1397 5 p Perfidia(Houghton).pdf 1398 5 p Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Mason).pdf 1399 5 p Perry Mason Theme 1400 5 p Persian Market Hand Wr. 1401 5 p Peter Gunn 1402 5 p Peter Gunn (Jennings).pdf 1403 5 p Peter Gunn 2 1404 5 p Petit Fleur Hand Wr. 1405 5 p PianoAgainstallodds.pdf 1406 5 p Pick Up The Pieces (Mardin) 1407 5 p Pick up the pieces (Mark Taylor).pdf 1408 5 p Pick Up The Pieces 1 1409 5 p Pink Panther (Mancini).pdf 1410 5 p Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Dedrick).pdf 1411 5 p Plymouth Rock (Unknown).pdf 1412 5 p Pocket Change Hand Wr. 1413 5 p Polka Dots And Moonbeams Alto Sax Future 1414 5 p Polka Medley (Warrington).pdf 1415 5 p Pompton Turnpike (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1416 5 p Poor Little Fool WARRINGTON 1417 5 p Prelude to a kiss (Wolpe) 1418 5 p Pride Of Erin (Waltz Medrey) 1419 5 p Proud Mary JOHNS 1420 5 p Pullin' Punches 1421 5 p Pure & Simple 1422 5 p Put Your Dreams Away (Unknown).pdf 1423 5 p Put Your Hand In The Hand (DeCamp).pdf 1424 5 p Puttin On The Ritz 1425 5 p Pyramid (Berger-Ellington).pdf 1426 5 p Pythagatha 1427 1 q Quaker City Jazz (Murphy).pdf 1428 1 q Queen Bee (Nestico).pdf 1429 1 q Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Brown).pdf 1430 1 q Quincy & The Count (Nestico).pdf 1431 1 q Quintessence (Nestico).pdf Alt Sax Future 1432 2 r Radio (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1433 2 r Rags To Riches 1434 2 r Rainy Day (R. Como).pdf 1435 2 r Rainy Sunday Baritone Sax Future 1436 2 r Raven Speaks 1437 2 r Record Session 1438 2 r Re-Cycle (Wilkens).pdf 1439 2 r Red Bank Boogie (Clayton).pdf 1440 2 r Red Roses For A Blue Lady 1441 2 r Red Roses For A Blue Lady 1 Hand Wr. 1442 2 r Redskin Rhumba (Barnet).pdf 1443 2 r Rhapsody In Blue Hand Wr. 1444 2 r Rhumbolo (Dedrick).pdf

17 / 25 Playing Band Ted Heath Orch.


Mod. Jump Fox Trot

Bob Lowden Sy Oliver

Med.Swing Mod. Med.Samba Mod.

Roger Holms Stan Bowsher Jim Martin Jack Mason

Frank Sinatra Mod.Slow Med.Swing Med.Jump Slow S.Kenton Orch. Med.Slow Ballad Slow

Lazy Blues

Don Ellis Orch.

Rumba Mod.Bright Slowly Easy Bounce

Music Sy Oliver Sy Oliver

Jim Martin A.Freed & R.Edence George Gershwin Nelson Riddle George Gershwin Johnny Warrington Victor Young Frank Como Jack Mason Irving Berling Willam Russo H.Arlen & E.Y.Harburg Frank Comstock H.Arlen & E.Y.Harburg Bob Lowden H.Arlen & E.Y.Harburg Dave Wolpe H.Arlen & E.Y.Harburg Ron Davis Fabian Andre Stan Kenton Dave Wolpe


Walt Sturry Harry New

Fox Trot Fox Trot Mod. Slow Ballad Ballad Med.Fast

Jeff Hest Vic Schoen Vic Schoen Jimmy Lally Don Sebesky Frank Mantooth Burnell Whibley

Don Ellis Moises Simons Moises Simons Moises Simons Fred Fisher Dave Baker Arthur Johnston Arthur Johnston Arthur Johnston Jerry Gray

Mod.Swing Hard Drive Rock Med.Rock

Jule styne Jule styne Jule styne J.Dee & H.Glover Juan Tizol Stan Butcher Juan Tizol Luther Henderson Jr. Juan Tizol Joe Pafumy Albert Dominguez Dave Wolpe Albert Dominguez Ernie Houghton Albert Dominguez Jack Mason Osvalbo Farres Gordon Goodwin Fred Steiner Bob Florence Frank Comstock Henry Mancini Paul Jennings Henry Mancini Dave Wolpe Henry Mancini

Phil Collins Orch. Funk Rock Groove Med.Swing

David Stout Arif Mardin Mark Taylor Martin Conley Henry Mancini Art Dedrick

M.Ferguson Orch.

Cha Cha Med.Bounce Slowly Med.Beguine Glen Miller Orch. Mod.Slow

Up-Temp Swing Ballad

Med.Rock Slowly Fast Rock Brisk Jazz Funk 3/4 Rock Mod.Swing Med.Latin Groove Not Too Fast Med.Blues C.Basie Orch. Slow Bossa NovaLes Brown Orch. Easy Slow Quincy Jones Orch. Fox Trot Slow Slow Ballad Fast Funk W.Herman Orch. Med.Slow Harry James Orch. Med.Fast Boogie Woogie Mod. Glen Miller Voicing Groove Temp Slow Ballad Med.Slow

Phil Collins

Henry Mancini

Dave Barduhn Jimmy V.Heusen Johnny Warrington F.Losser & M.Delugg Johnny Warrington Dave Wolpe Eddie Dee Tom Johns Les Hooper

Shari sheely Duke Ellington

Carroll DeCamp Bob Lowden David Berger

Gene MacLellan Irving Berling Duke Ellington Tim Davies

Spud Murphy S,Nestico Les Brown S,Nestico S,Nestico

J.C.Fogerty Les Hooper Jeff Jarvis

Antonio C.Jobim Quincy Jones

Johnny Warrington Roberta Como Carroll DeCamp Carroll DeCamp Bill Stapleton Keith Jarrett Gray Rains Gray Rains Ervin Wilkins Buck Clayton C.Basie & B.Clayton Johnny Warrington Charlie Bernet Art Dedrick

Charlie Bernet

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger 1445 2 r Rhumboogie Mod.Boogie Vic Schoen 1446 2 r Richard Diamond Theme (Warrington).pdf Med.Blues Johnny Warrington 1447 2 r Rico Vacilon (Ruiz).pdf Cha Cha 1448 2 r Riff In Peace Fast Swing Frank Mantooth 1449 2 r Ringin' 'N Swingin' (Nestico).pdf Med.Swing 1450 2 r Riot In Rio Bright 1451 2 r River Stay Away From My Door Vocal Hand Wr. 1452 2 r Riverdance Bob Curnow Orch. 1453 2 r Robbins World Famous Waltz Medley Frank Skinner 1)Liebestraum 2)Vilia 3)La Golondrina 4)Drigo's Serenade 5)Chiribiribee 1454 2 r Rock and Roller (McLin).pdf Med.Jump 1455 2 r Rock Around The Clock - Female Vocal (Barovick).pdf Mod.Rock Fred Barovick 1456 2 r Rock Around The Clock - Male Vocal (Barovick).pdf Mod.Rock Fred Barovick 1457 2 r Rock Around The Clock (Barovick).pdf Fox Trot Fred Barovick 1458 2 r Rock Around The Clock TBODJ Rock Roger Pemberton 1459 2 r Rock This Town Rockabilly Swing Dave Wolpe 1460 2 r Rock This Town.pdf 1461 2 r Rock-A-Bye Your Baby (Wolpe).pdf Mod. Dave Wolpe 1462 2 r rockford files.pdf Unknown 1463 2 r Rockin Thru the Rye (Phillips) 1464 2 r Roll Em (Mundy).pdf Swing 1465 2 r Rolling Stones Medley.pdf Bob Lowden 1)Gimme Shelter 2)Ruby Tuesday 3)Satisfaction 1466 2 r Rosalie Waltz Jimmy Lally 1467 2 r Round Midnight (Bardhun) Hand Wr. Dave Barduhn 1468 2 r Round Midnight (Wolpe).pdf Slowly Dave Wolpe 1469 2 r Round Midnight Ver. 2 Hand Wr. 1470 2 r Route 66 (Bob Lowden).pdf Mod Swing Bob Lowden 1471 2 r Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 1472 2 r Rum and Coca Cola Mod.Samba Van Alexander 1473 2 r Runaround Sue MUCCI Shuffle 1474 2 r Russ Job (Como).pdf Med.Swing Frank Como 1475 6 s-st S Wonderful (Wolpe) Vocal Mod.Swing Dave Wolpe 1476 6 s-st 'S Wonderful UBBS Mod.Swing Frank Comstock 1477 6 s-st Sackbut City Bright Swing Rayburn Wright 1478 6 s-st Salsa Nueva Med.Salsa 1479 6 s-st Salt Peanuts Very Fast Glenn Osser 1480 6 s-st Samantha (Nestico).pdf Alto Sax Future Slowly C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 1481 6 s-st Samba De Rollins Fast Samba Don Menza 1482 6 s-st Samba Dees Godda Do It Samba 1483 6 s-st SamsBoogie (Nestico).pdf Mod. S.Nestico 1484 6 s-st San Francisco (Lemley).pdf 1485 6 s-st Santa Baby Hand Wr. 1486 6 s-st Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town Fast Rock Calvin Custer 1487 6 s-st Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Pete Coulman 1488 6 s-st Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Wolpe).pdf Easy Swing Dave Wolpe 1489 6 s-st SantaBab.pdf Hand Wr. 1490 6 s-st Sao Paulo Med.Fast Samba Gordon Goodwin 1491 6 s-st Satin Doll (Como).pdf Frank Como 1492 6 s-st Satin Doll (Nestico).pdf Shuffle C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 1493 6 s-st Satin Doll (Roberts) Mod. Wilfred Roberts 1494 6 s-st Satin Doll (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. Unknown 1495 6 s-st Saturday In The Park Mod.Rock Tom Johns 1496 6 s-st Saturday Night Fever (Medley) Tom Evans 1497 6 s-st Savoy Hand Wr. 1498 6 s-st Sax Alley Shuffle Med.Slow 1499 6 s-st Sax Cantabile Afro Mambo Ramon Marquez 1500 6 s-st Scheherazade Mod. S.Nestico 1501 6 s-st Scott's Place Med. 1502 6 s-st Scrapple from the Apple (Lieb) Med.Swing Dick Lieb 1503 6 s-st Second Kiss Slow Chorale 1504 6 s-st Second Time Around 1505 6 s-st Secret Love Rob Parton Big BandJim Martin 1506 6 s-st See The World Latin Rock Pat Metheny Big BandRobert Curnow 1507 6 s-st Seems Like Old Times (Mantooth).pdf Swing Frank Mantooth 1508 6 s-st See The Light SaxTpts.pdf Swing Gordon Goodwin 1509 6 s-st See The Light TmbsRhythm.pdf Gordon Goodwin 1510 6 s-st Semi Mental Journey Med.Swing Rob Parton Big BandJim Martin 1511 6 s-st Send In The Clowns Slowly Jerry Nowak Vocal 1512 6 s-st Sentimental Journey Les Brown Orch. Al Turner Vocal 1513 6 s-st Sentimental Journey (Houghton).pdf G.Miller Orch. Ervie Houghton 1514 6 s-st Sentimental Journey Slow Jack Mason Vocal 1515 6 s-st September In The Rain (Dedrick).pdf Mod.Swing Art Dedrick 1516 6 s-st September Song Slowly Jimmy Lally 1517 6 s-st September Song 1 Slow Jack Mason 1518 6 s-st Serenade by Miller (Baker).pdf Slow 1519 6 s-st Serenade In Blue 1520 6 s-st Serenade in Blue (Warrington) Johnny Warrington 1521 6 s-st Serenade In Blue 1 Slow Ballad Charley Hathaway 1522 6 s-st Serenata (Hyde).pdf 1523 6 s-st Serenata (Wolpe).pdf Dave Wolpe 1524 6 s-st Sermonette (Nelson) Mod.Bounce Fred Nelson 1525 6 s-st Serpico (Chircop) Mod. Anthony Chircop 1526 6 s-st Sesame Street.pdf Bright Shuffle M.Ferguson Orch. Denis Diblasio 1527 6 s-st Sgt Pepper's Marcato 1528 6 s-st Shades On, Roof Down Swing/Funk Erick Richards 1529 6 s-st Shadow of your smile (Bolton) Vossa Nova Cecil Bolton

18 / 25 Music D.Raye & H.Prince Pete Rugolo Rosendo Ruiz Jr. Frank Mantooth S.Nestico Art Strauss

Edward McLin

Brain Setzer Jean Schwartz Sid Phillips

Cole Porter C.Williams & T.Monk Bobby Troup Johnny Marks

George Gershwin George Gershwin Rayburn Wright Jeff Taylor D.Gillispie & K.Clark Don Menza Tom Cubis S.Nestico

J.Fred Coots J.Fred Coots J.Fred Coots David Benoit B.Strayhorn & D.Ellington B.Strayhorn & D.Ellington B.Strayhorn & D.Ellington B.Strayhorn & D.Ellington Robert Lamm

Dave Barduhn Rimskiy Korsakoff S.Nestico Charlie Parker Frank Mantooth Sammy Fain Pat Metheny

Jim Martin Stephen Sondhein

Kurt Weill Kurt Weill Harry Warren Harry Warren Harry Warren Leroy Anderson Leroy Anderson Julian Adderley Mikis Theodoraks

Erick Richards Johnny Mandel

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band 1530 6 s-st Shadow Of Your Smile (Como).pdf Slow 1531 6 s-st Shadow Of Your Smile (McCoy).pdf 1532 6 s-st Shaft Hand Wr. 1533 6 s-st Shake, Rattle and Roll EJC Mod.Rock Shuffle 1534 6 s-st Shapin' Up Mod.Swing 1535 6 s-st She's Sexy Fast Rock Shuffle 1536 6 s-st Shiny Stockings 1537 6 s-st Shiny Stockings (Foster).pdf C.Basie Orch. 1538 6 s-st Shiny Stockings NESTICO Easy Jazz 1539 6 s-st Shiny Stockings(Alan Grahame).PDF Hand Wr. 1540 6 s-st Shoehorn Shuffle (Mantooth).pdf Shuffle 1541 6 s-st Shoreline Drive (Nestico) Rock Shuffle 1542 6 s-st Short Stop (Butcher) 1543 6 s-st Show Me Med. 1544 6 s-st Show Me The Way To Go Home (Nestico).pdf Mod.Swing 1545 6 s-st Siboney (Mason).pdf Rumba 1546 6 s-st Side By Side WARRINGTON Fox Trot 1547 6 s-st Sign of the Swinging Cymbals (Fahey) Fast 4 1548 6 s-st Silent Night Slow 3 1549 6 s-st Silver Bells (Warrington).pdf Mod. 1550 6 s-st Similau (Oliver).pdf Afro Cuban 1551 6 s-st Since I Fell For You Very Bluesy 1552 6 s-st Since Jesus Came Into My Heart Fast Swing 1553 6 s-st Sing Sing Sing (Wolpe) Mod.Bright Swing 1554 6 s-st Sing Sing Sing 1 Bright Swing 1555 6 s-st Sing, Sing, Sing (Murphy).pdf Swing 1556 6 s-st Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) UBBS Bright Swing 1557 6 s-st Sing, Sing, Sing Part I (Hest).pdf 1558 6 s-st Sing, Sing, Sing Part II (Hest).pdf 1559 6 s-st Singin' In The Rain Mod.Swing 1560 6 s-st Sir Duke Mod. 1561 6 s-st Sister Sadie Med.Fast Swing 1562 6 s-st Six String Shuffle Guitar Future Blues Shuffle 1563 6 s-st Skycoach Bounce 1564 6 s-st Skylark Ballad 1565 6 s-st Skyliner (Moore) 1566 6 s-st Skyliner (Shetron).pdf 1567 6 s-st Slaughter On 10th Avenue 1568 6 s-st Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Nestico).pdf 1569 6 s-st Slave Labor (Mantooth).pdf Med.Hard Swing 1570 6 s-st Sleepy Lagoon Hand Wr. Harry James Orch. 1571 6 s-st Sleepy Serenade Very Slow 1572 6 s-st Sleigh Ride Mod.Brightly 1573 6 s-st Slow Freight Fox Trot 1574 6 s-st Slow Hot Wind (Mancini).pdf Lazily 1575 6 s-st Smack Dab In The Middle (Nestico).pdf Med.Jazz Feel 1576 6 s-st Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Fox Trot 1577 6 s-st Smoke Rings Hand Wr. 1578 6 s-st Smooth (Lewis).pdf Latin Rock 1579 6 s-st Smooth Operator TAYLOR 1580 6 s-st So Deep Is The Night (Lally) Mod.Slow 1581 6 s-st So Nice Summer Samba (Ployhar) Allegro Mod. 1582 6 s-st So Rare Slow Vocal Hand Wr. 1583 6 s-st So Rare (Freeman).pdf Slow Mod. 1584 6 s-st So Rare (Unknown).pdf 1585 6 s-st So Rare WARRINGTON Mod. 1586 6 s-st So Whats New (Alpert) Herb Alpert 1587 6 s-st So You're The One Mod. 1588 6 s-st Softly as in the Morning Sunrise (Gray) Fox Trot Artie Shaw Orch. 1589 6 s-st Softly, As In The Morning Sunrise Fast 1590 6 s-st Somebody Loves Me Hand Wr. 1591 6 s-st Somebody Loves Me (Wolpe).pdf Mod.Swing 1592 6 s-st Someday (Osser) Bright 4 1593 6 s-st Someone to Watch Over Me Vocal Slowly 1594 6 s-st Something (Arena).pdf Hand Wr. 1595 6 s-st Something for Cat Bossa 1596 6 s-st Something Stupid Hand Wr. 1597 6 s-st Somethings Gotta Give Vocal Hand Wr. Med.Swing 1598 6 s-st Sometimes A Samba Jazz Samba 1599 6 s-st Sometimes I'm Happy (Henderson).pdf Hand Wr. 1600 6 s-st Somewhere (Holmes).pdf Vocal lowly 1601 6 s-st Somewhere Along The Way Fox Trot 1602 6 s-st Somwhere my love (Jarre).pdf Waltz 1603 6 s-st Song For My Daughter Slowly(Rock) 1604 6 s-st Song from MASH 1605 6 s-st Song Of India Med.Swing Tomy Dorsey Orch. 1606 6 s-st Song Of India (Bone).pdf Med.Swing 1607 6 s-st Song Of India (Dankworth) Bossa Rock 1608 6 s-st Song Of India (Hest).pdf 1609 6 s-st Song Of The Volga Boatmen (Finegan).pdf Hand Wr. G.Miller Orch. 1610 6 s-st Songs In The Key Of Life (Stevie Wonder Medley) 1611 6 s-st Sonnymoon For Two Swing 1612 6 s-st Sophisticated Lady Med.Ballad 1613 6 s-st Sophisticated Lady (Dedrick).pdf Slowly 1614 6 s-st Sophisticated Swing (Dedrick).pdf Med.Slow 1615 6 s-st Soul Bossa Nova Hand Wr. 1616 6 s-st Soul Man (Phillipe) Mod.Funk

19 / 25 Arranger Frank Como Keith Mansfield Bob Lowden Lennie Niehaus Bob Lowden S.Nestico S.Nestico Alan Grahame Frank Mantooth S.Nestico Stun Butcher S.Nestico Jack Mason Johnny Warrington Brain Fatey Paul Clark Johnny Warrington Sy Oliver Dave Wolpe Richard Kingsmore Dave Wolpe Mike Lewis Spud Murphy Frank Comstock Jeff Hest Jeff Hest John Denton Dave Wolpe Mike Dana Scott D.Stanton Bob Brookmeyer Billy Moore

Music Johnny Mandel Johnny Mandel Charles Calhoun Lennie Niehaus Brain Setzer Frank Foster Frank Foster Frank Foster Frank Foster Frank Mantooth Shorty Rogers Irving King Ernesto Lecuona Harry Woods Brain Fatey J.Livingston & R.Evans Arden Clar Buddy Johnson Charles H.Gabriel Louis Prima Louis Prima Louis Prima Louis Prima Louis Prima Louis Prima Nacio H.Brown Stievie Wonder Horace Silver Scott D.Stanton R.Anthony & G.Williams Charlie Barnet

Frank Mantooth

Frank Mantooth Harry James Vic Schoen Lou Singer Johnny Warrington Leroy Anderson Benny Carter Buck Ram Henry Mancini Henry Mancini S.Nestico Jack Mason Jerome Kern

Mark Taylor Jimmy Lally James D.Ployhar Boston Eddie Ned Freeman

Adu & St John Chopin

Johnny Warrington Dick Fenno Paul Weirick Jerry Gray Dave Wolpe

Jerry Hest John Pisano

Jerry Hest

Sigmund Romberg Sigmund Romberg George Gershwin George Gershwin Jimmie Hodges George Gershwin

Dave Wolpe Glenn Osser Dave Wolpe Arena Matt Amy Henry Mancini Stan Butcher Johnny Warrington Bill Holman Bill Holman Fletcher Henderson Roger Holmes Leonard Berstein Kurt Adams

Jack Marek Tomy Dorsey T.Dorsey & R.Bone John Dankworth Jeff Hest Bill Finegan Bob Lowden Dave Parker David Berger Art Dedrick Art Dedrick Roy Phillipe

Jay Chattaway Johnny Mandel Rimsky Korsakoff Rimsky Korsakoff Rimsky Korsakoff Rimsky Korsakoff Stevie Wonder Sonny Rollins Duke Ellington Duke Ellington

20 / 25 Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Music 1617 6 s-st Soulman Mod. Blues Bros. Mike Barone 1618 6 s-st South Rampart Street Parade Mod.Swing Bob Haggart 1619 6 s-st Southern Scandal (Hudson).pdf Med.Bounce Will Hudson 1620 6 s-st Spain Med.Samba Victor Lopez Chick Corea 1621 6 s-st Spanish Boots Bossa Nova Don Menza 1622 6 s-st Spanish Eyes Funky Rock Jack Marek Bert Kaempfert 1623 6 s-st Spanish Eyes (Grismer).pdf Mod.Beguine Ray Grimer Bert Kaempfert 1624 6 s-st Spanish Eyes (McLin).pdf Mod. Ed McLin Bert Kaempfert 1625 6 s-st Spanish Flea (Herb Alpert).pdf Mod.Bright Herb Alpert&T.BrassDick Fenno Julius Wetcher 1626 6 s-st Spanish Perfume (Baker) Fast Dave Baker 1627 6 s-st Speak Low (Cacavas) Shuffle John Cacavas Kurt Weil 1628 6 s-st Spinning Wheel AdrianDrover David C.Thomas 1629 6 s-st Spinning Wheel (Warrington).pdf Slow Beat Johnny Warrington David C.Thomas 1630 6 s-st Spinning Wheel DJF Michael Sweeney David C.Thomas 1631 6 s-st Splanky (Hefti).PDF Hand Wr. C.Basie Orch. Neil Hefti 1632 6 s-st Splanky (Nestico) Easy Jazz S.Nestico Neil Hefti 1633 6 s-st Splanky 3 Med.Swing C.Basie Orch. Dave Barduhn Neil Hefti 1634 6 s-st Splish Splash (Carlson).pdf Rock & Roll Vocal 1635 6 s-st Spooky Med.Rock Roger Holmes 1636 6 s-st Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Wolpe).pdf Slow Ballad Dave Wolpe Tommy Wolf 1637 6 s-st Spring Is Here (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1638 6 s-st St Louis Blues (Nestico) Bluesy Ballad S.Nestico W.C.Handy 1639 6 s-st St Louis Blues EJF Med.Blues Michael Sweeney W.C.Handy 1640 6 s-st St Louis Blues March (Gray).pdf Bounce Jerry Gray W.C.Handy 1641 6 s-st St Thomas Michael Sweeney Sonny Rollins 1642 6 s-st Stairway To The Stars (Young).pdf Hand Wr. 1643 6 s-st Stan Kenton Medley Hits Robert Curnow 1)Eager Beaver 2)Opus In Chartreuse 3)Dynaflow 4)Artistry In Rhythm 1644 6 s-st Star Dreams (Hudson).pdf Slow Will Hudson 1645 6 s-st Star Spangled Banner Tom Cubis 1646 6 s-st Star Spangled Banner (Kaitz).pdf 3/4 Geo Kaitz 1647 6 s-st Star Spangled Banner 1 Bob Curnow 1648 6 s-st Star Wars Carl Strommen John Williams 1649 6 s-st Stardust Slow John Denton Foagy Carmichael 1650 6 s-st Stardust (Eberhart).pdf Foagy Carmichael 1651 6 s-st Stardust {Miller}.pdf Foagy Carmichael 1652 6 s-st Stardust 2 Slow Jack Mason Foagy Carmichael 1653 6 s-st stardust_london.pdf London OrchestrationFoagy Carmichael 1654 6 s-st Stars Fell On Alabama (Wolpe).pdf Groove Dave Wolpe Frank Perkins 1655 6 s-st Stars Fell On Alabama 1 Med.Slow Art Dedrick Frank Perkins 1656 6 s-st Stealin' Apples (Wolpe).pdf Bright Swing Dave Wolpe A.Razaf & T.Waller 1657 6 s-st Stella By Starlight (Riddle).pdf Nelson Riddle Victor Young 1658 6 s-st Stella By Starlight 1 Bright Swing Frank Mantooth Victor Young 1659 6 s-st Steppin out (Niehaus).pdf Med.Shuffle Lennie Niehaus Lennie Niehaus 1660 6 s-st Steppin Out with My Baby (Lally) Med.Jump Jimmy Lally Irving Berlin 1661 6 s-st Stevie wonder medley (Lowden).pdf Mod.Rock Shuffle Bob Lowden Stevie Wonder 1)Is'nt She Lovely 2)Knocks Off My Feet 3)Sir Duke 1662 6 s-st Stompin At The Savoy Med.Swing Michael Sweeney B,Goodman & C.Webb 1663 6 s-st Stompin' At The Savoy (Burns).pdf B,Goodman & C.Webb 1664 6 s-st Stompin' At The Savoy (Hest).pdf Jeff Hest B,Goodman & C.Webb 1665 6 s-st Stompin' At The Savoy{Goodman}.pdf Hand Wr. B,Goodman & C.Webb 1666 6 s-st Stormy Weather Fox Trot Bernard EbbinghouseHarold Arlen 1667 6 s-st Stormy Weather (Nowak).pdf Slow Ballad Jerry Nowak Harold Arlen 1668 6 s-st Stormy Weather (Warrington).pdf Slowly Johnny Warrington Harold Arlen 1669 6 s-st Stormy Weather 1 Slow Jack Mason Harold Arlen 1670 6 s-st Stormy Weather-Vocals arr Johnny Warrington 1671 6 s-st Straight No Chaser Fast Swing Art Famer Big Band Frank Mantooth 1672 6 s-st Straighten Up And Fly Right Vocal Matt Amy Nat K.Cole & I.Miles 1673 6 s-st Stranger On the Shore Hand Wr. Jack Mason Jimmy McHugh 1674 6 s-st Strangers In The Night (Florence).pdf Slow Easy Swing Bob Florence Bert Kaempfert 1675 6 s-st Strangers In The Night (London Orchestrations).pdf H.W. Bert Kaempfert 1676 6 s-st Strawberry Lane Fox Trot 1677 6 s-st Stray Cat Strut Lasy Swing Larry Kerchner Brain Setzer 1678 6 s-st Street Life Med.Funk Rick Stitzel Joe Sample 1679 6 s-st Street Where You Live Hand Wr. Ted Heath Orch. Ernie Houghton 1680 6 s-st Street Where You Live (Houghton) 1681 6 s-st Streets of San Francisco (Price) Fast 1682 6 s-st Strike Up The Band 1 Med.Bright C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico Goerge Garshwin 1683 6 s-st String of Pearls (Gray) Med.Jump G.Miller Orch. Jerry Gray Jerry Gray 1684 6 s-st Struttin' With Some Barbeque Dixieland Swing Mike Tamaro Louise Armstrong 1685 9 su-sz Sugar Med.Groove Mark Taylor Stanley Turrentine 1686 9 su-sz Sugar Beat (Fote).pdf Slow Rock Richard Fote 1687 9 su-sz Sugar Blues {McCoy}.pdf Mod. Clarence Williams 1688 9 su-sz Sugar Blues OSSER Blues 4 Glenn Osser Clarence Williams 1689 9 su-sz Sugar Valley (Nestico).pdf Easy Swing S.Nestico 1690 9 su-sz Summer Samba, So Nice Bossa Nova Bob Florence 1691 9 su-sz Summer Time (Zito).pdf Hand.Wr. 1692 9 su-sz Summer Wind (Maltby).pdf Slowly Richerd Maltby Hennry Mayer 1693 9 su-sz Summer Wind {Sinatra}.pdf Vocal Hennry Mayer Hand Wr. 1694 9 su-sz Summertime (Wolpe).pdf Vocal Slow Dave Wolpe Goerge Garshwin 1695 9 su-sz Summertime 2 Slow Bossa Rock Roger Pemberton Goerge Garshwin 1696 9 su-sz Summertime EJC Med.Swing Michael Sweeney Goerge Garshwin 1697 9 su-sz Summit Ridge Drive SHAW Slow Bounce Artie Shaw Orch. 1698 9 su-sz Sundown (Stone) Slow Rock 1699 9 su-sz Sunny Med. Stan Butcher Vocal 1700 9 su-sz Sunny Afternoon (Price) Hand Wr. Mod.Beat 1701 9 su-sz Sunny Side {T Dorsey}.pdf Med.

21 / 25 Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger Music 1702 9 su-sz Sunrise Serenade (Wolpe).pdf Mod. Dave Wolpe J.Lawrence & F.Carle 1703 9 su-sz Sunshine of my Life (Wonder) Hand Wr. 1704 9 su-sz Superbone Meets The Badman M.Ferguson Orch. Jay Chattaway 1705 9 su-sz Superman 1706 9 su-sz Superstar Hand Wr. 1707 9 su-sz Superstar (James) 1708 9 su-sz Sussudio.pdf Mike Barrone Phil Collins 1709 9 su-sz Swanee River (Oliver).pdf Hand Wr. 1710 9 su-sz Sway (Ruiz) Montuno Bolero Fred Barovick Pablo Beltran Ruiz 1711 9 su-sz Sweet and Lovely Slowly Jimmy Lally 1712 9 su-sz Sweet Georgia Brown (Nestico) Brite C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 1713 9 su-sz Sweet Georgia Brown 2 Med.Swing Mark Taylor Vocal 1714 9 su-sz Sweethearts or Strangers Fox Trot Jack Mason 1715 9 su-sz Swing Action (Verelst) [Swing Medley] Robert Verelst 1)In The Mood 2)Stompin' At The SaVoy 3)American Patrol 4)Pennsylvenia6-5000 5)A String Of Pearls 6)Take The A Train 7)Opus One 8)Bye Bye Blackbird 8)Two O'Clock Jump 1716 9 su-sz Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Easy Blues S.Nestico 1717 9 su-sz Swingin Down The Lane (Barnes) Fox Trot Bert Barnes 1718 9 su-sz Swinging Safari Mod.Shuffle 1719 9 su-sz SwingLowSweetChariot_complete.pdf 1720 9 su-sz Swingstreet Easy Swing S.Nestico 1721 9 su-sz Swingtime In The Rockies Bright Swing Dave Wolpe B.Goodman & J.Mundy 1722 9 su-sz Switch In Time (Nestico).pdf C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico 1723 1 t T.O Straight Swing R.McConnel&BossBrass Rob McConnell Rob McConnell 1724 1 t Taco Time NOWAK Mod.Jazz Samba Jerry Nowak Jerry Nowak 1725 1 t Jazz Waltz Jim Martin Jean Laughlin Take A Risk Vocal 1726 1 t Take Five (Coker).pdf 4/5 Mod. Jerry Coker Paul Desmond 1727 1 t Take Me Out To The Ballgame Bright Swing John Higgins John Higgins 1728 1 t Take The A Train Med.Swing Michael Sweeney Billy Strayhorn 1729 1 t Take the A train (Billy Strayhorn) Mod. Billy Strayhorn Billy Strayhorn R.McConnel&BossBrass Rob McConnell 1730 1 t Take The A Train (McConnell).pdf Samba in 2 Billy Strayhorn 1731 1 t Take the A Train (Roberts).pdf Mod. Wilfred Roberts Billy Strayhorn 1732 1 t Take The A Train (Unknown).pdf Unknown Billy Strayhorn 1733 1 t Take The A Train (Wolpe).pdf Swing Dave Wolpe Billy Strayhorn 1734 1 t Take The A Train 2 Brent Wallarab Billy Strayhorn 1735 1 t Take The A Train EJC Mod.Swing Rob Lowden Billy Strayhorn 1736 1 t Taking A Chance On Love Mod. Jack Mason Vernon Duke 1737 1 t Tall Cotton (Nestico) C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico S.Nestico 1738 1 t Tangerine Dave Barduhn Gene DePaul 1739 1 t Tangerine Jack Mason 1740 1 t Tangerine (Stuart).pdf 1741 1 t Tangerine (Wolpe).pdf Swing Dave Wolpe Victor Schertzinger 1742 1 t Tangerine TBODJ Med.Latin Peter Blair Victor Schertzinger 1743 1 t Taps Miller Hand Wr. 1744 1 t Tea for two (Dedrick).pdf Med.Swing Art Dedrick 1745 1 t Tea For Two (Luna).pdf Hand Wr. Cha Cha 1746 1 t Teach Me Tonight Slow Wolpe Gene DePaul 1747 1 t Teach Me Tonight (Crowley).pdf Hand Wr. Gene DePaul 1748 1 t Teach Me Tonight (Osser) Mod. Glenn Osser Gene DePaul 1749 1 t Teach Me Tonight complete.pdf Dave Barduhn Gene DePaul 1750 1 t Tears In Her Eyes Slow Samba Mike Tomaro 1751 1 t Teddy The Toad Lasy Swing C.Basie Orch. Nieal Hefti Nieal Hefti 1752 1 t Temptation (Winsten).pdf Mod.Beguine Marke Winsten 1753 1 t Temptation {Shaw}.pdf Hand Wr. Fast Artie Shaw Orch. 1754 1 t Ten Short Jazz Chorales 1755 1 t Tenderly Fox Trot Johnny Warrington Walter Gross 1756 1 t Fast 3 Chuck Cassey Tennessee Waltz (Cassey).pdf Vocal 1757 1 t Tenor Madness Bebop Mark Taylor Sonny Rollins 1758 1 t Tequila TBODJ Latin Rock Michael Sweeney Chuck Rio 1759 1 t Thank You Band Fast Swing Paul Clark Paul Clark 1760 1 t Thanks For The Memory (Mason).pdf Fox Trot Jack Mason 1761 1 t That Old Black Magic Mod. Jimmy Lally Harold Arlen 1762 1 t That Old Black Magic MAY Billy May Harold Arlen 1763 1 t That Old Feeling (Evans).pdf Marion Evans 1764 1 t That Warm Feeling Very Slow C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico S.Nestico 1765 1 t Thats Amore Waltz 1766 1 t That's Earl Brother (Fuller) Med.Bop D.Gillespie Gil Fuller 1767 1 t Thats Life Hand Wr. 1768 1 t That's Life Damien Montalto 1769 1 t That's My Desire Medley (Ward).pdf Hand Wr. 1770 1 t That's My Weakness Now WATSON Fox Trot Johnny Watson Bud Green 1771 1 t The Alley Cat Song Mod.Slow Jimmy Lally Frank Bjorn 1772 1 t The Anniversary Waltz (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 1773 1 t The Apartment (Cacavas) Mod. John Cacavas Charles Williams 1774 1 t The Best Is Yet To Come 1 Hand Wr. 1775 1 t The Best Of Earth, Wind and Fire Bob Lowden 1)In The Stone 2)That's The Way Of The World 3)September 1776 1 t The Best Of The Doobies Bob Lowden 1)Listen To The Music 2)What A Fool Believes 3)A Little Faster 4)Taki'n It To The Steets 1777 1 t The Birth Of The Blues Slowly Jimmy Lally Ray Henderson 1778 1 t The Birth Of The Blues DEDRICK Med.Swing Art Dedrick Ray Henderson 1779 1 t Med.Bounce Jimmy Lally Richerd Rodgers The Blue Room Vocal 1780 1 t The Blues Machine (Nestico) Med. C.Basie Orch. S.Nestico S.Nestico 1781 1 t The Breeze and I Borelo T.Camarata 1782 1 t The Candy Man NESTICO Med. S.Nestico L.Bricusse & A.Newley 1783 1 t The Chicken Funk Kris Berg Alfred J.Ellis 1784 1 t The Christmas Song Mod.Slow Bob Lowden

Big Band Library namber disk folder title 1785 1 t The Christmas Song (Warrington).pdf 1786 1 t The Christmas Waltz Waltz 1787 1 t The Conga Brightly 1788 1 t The Continental 1789 1 t The Continental (Dedrick).pdf Mod.Swing 1790 1 t The Continental 2 Fox Trot 1791 1 t The Count Is In Easy Swing 1792 1 t The Creeper (Hefti).pdf Med. 1793 1 t The Dipsy Doodle Fox Trot 1794 1 t The Elk's Parade (Hudson).pdf Not Fast 1795 1 t The End Of A Love Affair Hand Wr. 1796 1 t The Fool On The Hill (Nowak).pdf 3/4 Mod.Latin 1797 1 t The Girl From Ipanema EJF Bossa Nova 1798 1 t Mod.Latin The Girl from Ipanema Vocal 1799 1 t The Glory Of Love (Wolpe).pdf Mod.ly 1800 1 t The Holly and The Ivy Waltz 1801 1 t The Hustle (Slater).pdf Mod.Rock 1802 1 t The Jazz Police Rock'n Roll 1803 1 t The Kashmir Rock 1804 1 t The Kid from Red bank (Hefti).pdf Fast 1805 1 t Bright Swing The Lady Is A Tramp - Female Vocal 1806 1 t The Lady Is A Tramp - Male Vocal Bright Swing 1807 1 t The Lady Is A Tramp (BBC).pdf Hand Wr. 1808 1 t The Lady Is Tramp WALTER Mod. 1809 1 t The Lady In Red Mod.Beguine 1810 1 t The Lip Blues Shuffle 1811 1 t The Little Prince Jazz Waltz 1812 1 t The Lonely Bull Mod. 1813 1 t The Loveliest Night Of The Year (Weirick).pdf Mod.Slow 1814 1 t Mod.Slow The Man I Love Vocal 1815 1 t The Man I Love UBBS Slow Ballad 1816 1 t The Man That Got Away (Farley).pdf Hand Wr. 1817 1 t The Man with The Horn (Estes) Mod. 1818 1 t The Model (Stanley) 1819 1 t The Model Fox Trot 1820 1 t The Music Goes Round and Around Mod. 1821 1 t The Nearness Of You Soft Latin 1822 1 t The Nearness Of You (Murphy).pdf Mod.ly 1823 1 t Mod. The Nearness Of You (WARRINGTON) Vocal 1824 1 t The Odd Couple Easy Swing 1825 1 t The Opener Brightly 1826 1 t The Peanut Vendor (Andre).pdf Rumba 1827 1 t The Peanut Vendor EJC Med.Samba 1828 1 t The Pink Panther UBBS Med.Swing 1829 1 t The Power Of Love Steady Rock 1830 1 t The Preacher Med.Bounce 1831 1 t The Professionals (Price) Hand Wr. 1832 1 t The Queen Bee (Nestico) Med.Blues 1833 1 t The Raven Speaks Fast Funk 1834 1 t The Rhythm Machine Hand Wr. 1835 1 t The Rockford Files Hand Wr. 1836 1 t The Shadow Of Your Smile (Sheldon).pdf Mod.ly 1837 1 t The Shadow of your smile (Wolpe).pdf Slowly 1838 1 t The Sheik Of Araby 1839 1 t The Sheik Of Araby (SCHOEN) Med.Bounce 1840 1 t The Slug (MANTOOTH) Samba 1841 1 t The Song Is You (Taylor).pdf 1842 1 t The Spanish Flea Mod.Bright 1843 1 t The Stripper 1844 1 t The Student Prince Waltz Mod.Waltz 1845 1 t The Sweetest Sounds Mod. 1846 1 t The Swingin' Shepard Blues (Nelson).pdf Mod.Blues 1847 1 t The Swingin' Shepard Blues (Taylor).pdf 1848 1 t The Swingin' Shepherd Blues Swing 1849 1 t The Things I Love Slowly 1850 1 t The Time Of My Life Hand Wr. 1851 1 t The Twist DJF 1852 1 t Med.Rock The Twist MOORHOUSE Vocal 1853 1 t The very thought of you (New) Mod.Slow 1854 1 t The Walls Of Jericho Rock 1855 1 t The Way To My Heart 1856 1 t The Way We Were Rock Ballad 1857 1 t The Way We Were 1 Hand Wr. 1858 1 t The Way You Look Hand Wr. 1859 1 t The Way You Look Tonight (Holmes).pdf Swing 1860 1 t The Way You Look Tonight (Unknown).pdf 1861 1 t The Whiffenpoof Song (Wolpe).pdf Mod.Swing 1862 1 t The Wind Beneath My Wings 1863 1 t The Wind Beneath My Wings (Nowak).pdf Slowly 1864 1 t The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise Mod. 1865 1 t Them There Eyes (Kelly).pdf Hand Wr. 1866 1 t Them There Eyes SCHAEFER 1867 1 t Theme and Variations Med.Swing 1868 1 t Theme from Barney Miller Slow Rock 1869 1 t Theme From Frasier Alto Sax Future Med.Swing 1870 1 t Theme From Ice Castles Slow Ballad 1871 1 t Theme From New York New York

22 / 25 Playing Band

Arranger Music Johnny Warrington Lisa Despain Jule Styne

T.Dorsey Orch.

Bill Finegan Art Dedrick Jack Mason Rob Parton Big BandJim Martin Neal Hefti Larry Clinton Will Hudson Beatles

S.Kenton Orch.

Jerry Nowak John Berry Rodger Holmes Dave Wolpe Ralph Carmichael

Jim Martin Neal Hefti Larry Clinton Bobby Sherwood J.Lennon & P.McCartney Antonio C.Jobim Antonio C.Jobim Billy Hill

G.Goodwin Big BandGordon Goodwin

Gordon Goodwin

C.Basie Orch.

Neal Hefti Richerd Rodgers Richerd Rodgers Richerd Rodgers Richerd Rodgers Allie Wrubel

Neal Hefti Dave Wolpe Dave Wolpe

Dick Walter Dave Wolpe M.Ferguson Orch. Matt Amy Bob Lowden Herb Alpert&T.BrassDick Fenno Paul Weirick Dave Wolpe Frank Comstock Bud Estes Nigel Stanley LeRoy Holmes Stan Butcher Mark Taylor Spud Murphy Johnny Warrington Roger Holmes

C.Basie Orch. W.Herman Orch.

Chuck Mangione Sol Lake Irving Berlin Goerge Garshwin Goerge Garshwin

Kraftwerk H.James & L.Holmes Hoagy Carmichael Hoagy Carmichael Hoagy Carmichael Neal Hefti Carl Strommen

Pabian Andre Michael Sweeney Frank Comstock Paul Jennings Art Dedrick

Henry Mancini

S.Nestico Bill Stapleton

S.Nestico Keith Jarrett

Earl Sheldon Dave Wolpe

Johnny Mandel Johnny Mandel

Norace Silver

Vic Schoen

Ted Snyder Frank Mantooth Mark Taylor Jerome Kern Herb Alpert&T.BrassDick Fenno Julius Wetcher Johnny Warrington David Rose Jimmy Lally Sigmund Romberg Charlie Bernet Fred Nelson Moe Koffman Mark Taylor Moe Koffman Rick Stitzel Moe Koffman Lew Harris Lew Harris Dave Wolpe Michael Sweeney Hank Ballad Alan Moorhouse Hank Ballad Harry New Ray Noble Tommy Newson Les Aldrich Les Aldrich John Wilson Marvin Hamlisch Randy Pursell Marvin Hamlisch Roger Holmes Unknown Dave Wolpe John Berry Jerry Nowak Walter Paul Kelly Will Schaefer Lennie Niehaus John Higgins Gordon Goodwin Frank Comstock Roy Phillippe

Jerome Kern Jerome Kern Tod B.Galloway Jeff Silber Jeff Silber Ernest Seitz

Bill Holman Bruce Miller Marvin Hamlisch John Kander

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger 1872 1 t Theme From New York New York 1 Mod.Swing Jerry Nowak 1873 1 t Theme From New York, New York (Lowden).pdf Mod.Swing Robert Lowden 1874 1 t Theme From Sesame Street Bright Shuffle M.Ferguson Orch. Bob Lowden 1875 1 t Theme From The Rockford Files Solid Rock Beat John Cacavas 1876 1 t The Raven Speaks_complete.pdf Fast Funk W.Herman Orch. Bill Stapleton 1877 1 t There'll Be Some Changes Made Fox Trot Artie Shaw Orch. Jerry Gray 1878 1 t There's A Small Hotel Mod. Jimmy Lally 1879 1 t There's No Business Like Show Business (Warrington).pdf Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 1880 1 t There's The Rub Gordon Goodwin 1881 1 t Med.Swing Cy Payne They Cant Take That Away From Me Vocal(2 Voices) H.W. 1882 1 t They Met In Rio Tango Jack Mason 1883 1 t Things aint what they used to be (lalama).pdf Med.Swing W.Herman Orch. Dave Lalama 1884 1 t Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Unknown).pdf Unknown 1885 1 t This Can't Be Love Swing Mark Taylor 1886 1 t This Can't Be Love 2 Vocal 1887 1 t This guy is in love with you (Bacarach).pdf Mod.Slow 1888 1 t This Love Of Mine Fox Trot Paul Weirick 1889 1 t Three Little Sisters Fox Trot Vic Schoen 1890 1 t Three Little Words Med. Jimmy Lally 1891 1 t Three's A Crowd Jazz Waltz Myles Collins 1892 1 t Tico-Tico (Hathaway).pdf Mod. Charles Hathaway 1893 1 t Tiger Of San Pedro Latin Paul Lavender 1894 1 t Tiger Of San Pedro 1 1895 1 t Tijuana Jump (Stone) Mambo 1896 1 t Tijuana Taxi (Alpert) Herb Alpert&T.BrassDick Fenno 1897 1 t Till Then (Osser) Mod. Glenn Osser 1898 1 t Time Check 1899 1 t Time Was Fox Trot Jack Mason 1900 1 t Tin Roof Blues DJF Laid-Back Blues Andy Clark 1901 1 t Tiralee Hand Wr. Med.Shuffle 1902 1 t TJ's boogie (Taylor).pdf Mod. 1903 1 t To close for comfort (Wolpe) Med.Swing Dave Wolpe 1904 1 t To Each His Own WARRINGTON Fox Trot Johnny Warrington 1905 1 t Told You So (Holman).pdf C.Basie Orch. Bill Holman 1906 1 t Mod.Swing Dave Wolpe Too Close For Comfort Male Vocal 1907 1 t Toothless Grin Easy Swing John La Barbera 1908 1 t Topsy Bright Swing C.Basie Orch. Dave Wolpe 1909 1 t Torn Between Two Lovers (End).pdf Hand Wr. Jack End 1910 1 t Total eclispe of the heart (Horney).pdf Allan Horney 1911 1 t Touchin All The Basses Rock Andy Clark 1912 1 t Tower Of Power Medley 1)Young Man 2)Funkifize 3)Give Me The Proof 1913 1 t Traces NESTICO S.Nestico 1914 1 t Trajectory For Trombone 1915 1 t Tribute to Louis Armstrong (Dedrik).pdf Rusty Dedrick 1916 1 t Tribute To Woody (Nestico) S.Nestico 1917 1 t Truly Ballad Lionel Richie S.Nestico 1918 1 t Trumpet Blues & Cantabile (Mathias) Fox Trot Jack Mathias 1919 1 t Trumpet Boogie Jump Blues Goerge Williams 1920 1 t Trumpet Brigade (Stone) Mod. 1921 1 t Trumpeter's holiday (Paige).pdf Rock Mambo 1922 1 t Trumpets With Attitude TBODJ Mod.Rock 1923 1 t Try To Remember Jazz Waltz Chuck Cassey 1924 1 t TSOP Mod.Rock 1925 1 t Tuxedo Junction (Houghton).pdf Glenn Miller Orch. Ernie Houghton 1926 1 t Tuxedo Junction (Johnson) Med.Bounce Willams Johnson 1927 1 t Tuxedo Junction (Lowden).pdf Mod.Swing Bob Lowden 1928 1 t Med.Swing David Cajjey Tuxedo Junction Vocal 1929 1 t Twice as nice (Nestico) Blues S.Nestico 1930 1 t Twist And Shout COMSTOCK Med.Rock Frank Comstock 1931 1 t Twist and Shout DJF Fast Rock Jerry Nowak 1932 1 t Two O'Clock Jump Mod.Bounce Will Hudson 1933 6 u Unchained Melody (Mason).pdf Mod.ly Slow Jack Mason 1934 6 u Undecided Brisk Frank Mantooth 1935 6 u Undecided (Osser).pdf Med.Swing Glenn Osser 1936 6 u Unforgetable (May).pdf Billy May 1937 6 u Until Then, Farewell Hand Wr. 1938 6 u Up A Lazy River (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. Twist 1939 6 u Up, Up and Away Easy Swing Hale Rood 1940 6 u Uptown Girl (Hand written) 1941 6 u Us (Jones) T.Jones&M.Lous Orch. Thad Jones 1942 6 u Use Me R.Flowers 1943 9 v Valve Job (Como).pdf Fast Swing Frank Como 1944 9 v Vehicle Driving Rock Paul Jennings 1945 9 v Velvet Rain Trumpet Future Rock Ballad Larry Neeck 1946 9 v Vilia (Prince).pdf Hand Wr. 1947 9 v Violets For Your Furs (Como).pdf 1948 9 v Volga Boatman Hand Wr. Glenn Miller Orch. Bill Finegan 1949 11 w Walk In The Black Forest (Richardson) Quick Neil Richerdson 1950 11 w Walk Right In Basie Groove Dave Wolpe 1951 11 w Walking In The Rain Ballad S.Nestico 1952 11 w Warm Valley (Unknown).pdf Slow 1953 11 w Watch What Happens (Cobine).pdf Bossa Nova Al Cobine 1954 11 w Watch What Happens EJC Mod.Bossa Bob Lowden 1955 11 w Watch What Happpens John Berry 1956 11 w Watermelon Man (Coker).pdf Med.Rock Jerry Coker 1957 11 w Wave Bass Trombone Future Ballad Buddy Rich Orch. John La Barbera

23 / 25 Music John Kander John Kander Denis Diblasio Post/Carpenter Leith Jarret W.b.Overstreet Richerd Rodgers Irving Berlin Gordon Goodwin George Gershwin Harry Warren M.Ellington & T.Persons M.Ellington & T.Persons Richerd Rodgers Richerd Rodgers Burt Bacharach S.Parker & H.Sanicola Vic Mizzy Harry Ruby Myles Collins John La Barbera John La Barbera N.Gomez & P.Stone Bud Coleman Don Menza Miguel Prado

Jeff Taylor Ray Evans Bill Holman John La Barbera

Jim Steinman Andy Clark

Robert Curnow

Lionel Richie H.James & J.Mathias R.Anthony & G.Willams Bert Paige Michael Sweeney Harvey Schmidt K.Gamble & L.Huff

Alex North Charles Shavers Charles Shavers

Jim Webb Thad Jones Bill Withers Frank Como James M.Peterik Larry Neeck

Horst Jankowski H.Woods

Michel Legrand Michel Legrand Michel Legrand HerbieHancock Antonio Carlos Jobim

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band Arranger 1958 11 w Wave (Sherwood).pdf 1959 11 w Way We Were The.pdf Randy Purcell 1960 11 w We And Us (Wilkens).pdf Med.Fast 1961 11 w We have all the time in the World(Tanner) Slow Dave Tanner 1962 11 w We Wish You A Merry Christmas Basie Style Ballad Bryan Kidd 1963 11 w Wedding Reception Routine (Unknown).pdf 1)Fanfare 2)A Party Girl 3)Here Comes The Bride 4)Daddy's Little Girl 5)sweetheart of Sigma Chi ETC 1964 11 w C.Basie Orch. Bob Florence We'll Be Togehter Again Vocal(Diane Shure) 1965 11 w West Side Story Buddy Rich Orch. 1966 11 w We've Only Just Begun Rock Ballad Will Schaefer 1967 11 w We've Only Just Begun (Sebesky).pdf Ballad Don Sebesky 1968 11 w What A Wonderful World Swing Ballad As L.Armstrong Rick Stitzel 1969 11 w Slowly Unknown What A Wonderful World Vocal 1970 11 w What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life Mod.Latin 1971 11 w What are you doing the rest of your life (Legrand) 1972 11 w What I Did For Love (Higgins).pdf John Higgins 1973 11 w What Is Hip 1974 11 w What Is Hip (Tomaro) Driving Funk Mike Tomaro 1975 11 w What Is This Thing (Houghton).pdf Hand Wr. Artie Shaw Orch. Ernie Houghton 1976 11 w Carl Strommen What kind of fool am I Vocal 1977 11 w What now my love (Sinatra vocal) Hand Wr. 1978 11 w What The World Needs Now Mod.Jazz Waltz Mike Lewis 1979 11 w Whatcha Know Joe Fox Trot Vic Schoen 1980 11 w Whatever Lola Wants hand Wr. Rumba 1981 11 w Whatever lola wants.PDF 1982 11 w What's New (Como).pdf Frank Como 1983 11 w When A Man Loves A Woman Slow Bob Reed 1984 11 w When I Fall In Love Bossa Nova Mike Carubia 1985 11 w When i fall in love (Nowak).pdf Slow Ballad Jerry Nowak 1986 11 w When I Fall In Love EJF Ballad Roger Holmes 1987 11 w When I'm With You (Lemly).pdf Hand Wr. 1988 11 w When Johnny Comes Marching Home Mod. Bill Finegan 1989 11 w Slow Blues Jerry Nowak When Sunny Gets Blue Vocal 1990 11 w When Sunny Gets Blue (Unknown).pdf Slow Blues 1991 11 w When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' AlongVocal Chuck Cassey 1992 11 w When The Saints Go Marchin' In Hand Wr. Art Dedrick 1993 11 w When You Fall In Love Ballad 1994 11 w Mod.Slow Ballad Paul Jenning When You Wish Upon A Star Vocal 1995 11 w When You Wish Upon A Star (Nowak).pdf 1996 11 w When You Wish Upon A Star (Schafer).pdf 1997 11 w When You're Smiling (Dedrick).pdf 1998 11 w When You're Smiling (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. Unknown 1999 11 w When You're Smiling 1 Tom Cubis 2000 11 w When You're Smiling BAROVICK Mod.Dexieland Fred Barovick 2001 11 w Where is the love (Broadbent) Easy Rock Alan Broadbent 2002 11 w Where Or When (Davis).pdf Frank Sinatra 2003 11 w Where The Blue Of The Night Mod. Jimmy Lally 2004 11 w While We're Young (Dedrick).pdf Bright Waltz Art Dedrick 2005 11 w White Christmas Slowly Phil Cardew 2006 11 w White Christmas (Houghton).pdf Ernie Houghton 2007 11 w Who's sorry now (Nestico).pdf Swing S.Nestico 2008 11 w Who's Sorry Now 1 Swing Dave Wolpe 2009 11 w WhosSorryNowcomplete.pdf 2010 11 w Mod.Swing Jerry Nowak Why Don't You Do Right Vocal 2011 11 w Wide Open Spaces (Unknown).pdf 2012 11 w Willow weep for me (Schaefer).pdf Slow 4 Will Schaefer 2013 11 w Slowly Matt Harris Willow Weep For Me HARRIS Vocal 2014 11 w Wine and Roses Hand Wr. W.Herman Orch. 2015 11 w Winning The West Quasi Rock Buddy Rich Orch. Bill Holman 2016 11 w Winston Salem (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 2017 11 w Winter Wonderland Med. Jack Mason 2018 11 w Winter Wonderland (Mann).pdf 2019 11 w Winter Wonderland 1 Mod.Swing Dave Wolpe 2020 11 w Witchcraft (Houghton).pdf Hand Wr. Ernie Houghton 2021 11 w Witchcraft NESTICO Med.Swing S.Nestico 2022 11 w Without A Trace Jazz Ballad 2023 11 w Wonderful Copenhagen Waltz Johny Warrington 2024 11 w Wonderful One Waltz Bert Barnes 2025 11 w Won't You Be My Neighbor Samba Mike Tomaro 2026 11 w Woodchoppers Ball Fox Trot W.Herman Orch. Joe Bishop 2027 11 w Woody Creek John La Barbera 2028 11 w Woodys Golden Star Med.Swing John Fedchock 2029 11 w World on a string (unknown).pdf 2030 11 w World's Shortest Blues 2031 11 w Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams At a Walking Richard Maliby 2032 11 w Wrong Highway Blues Blues Shuffle 2033 3 y Ya Gotta Try Nestico.pdf Bright 4 S.Nestico 2034 3 y Yakety Sax Fast Bob Reed 2035 3 y Yardbird Suite (Sweeney).pdf Mod.Swing Michael Sweeney 2036 3 y Yes Indeed Fox Trot Sy Oliver 2037 3 y Yesterday When I Was Young (Lieb).pdf Soft Rock Dick Lieb 2038 3 y Yesterdays 2039 3 y Yesterdays (Holman) Very Slow Stan Kenton Orch. Bill Holman 2040 3 y YMCA Disco John Berry 2041 3 y YMCA (Stuart).pdf Hand Wr. Disco 2042 3 y Yo Hark! Those Angels Swing Brite Swing Frank Comstock 2043 3 y You always Hurt the one You Love (Osser) Bright 4 Glenn Osser

24 / 25 Music

Ernie Wilkens

Leonard Berstein P.Williams & R.Nichols P.Williams & R.Nichols Bob Thiele Bob Thiele

Burt Bacharach James Young

Percy Sledge Victor Young Victor Young Victor Young

Marvin Fisher Harry Woods

Leigh Harine

Alec Wile Irving Berlin Irving Berlin Ted Snyder Ted Snyder Joe McCoy Ann Ronell Ann Ronell

Felix Bernard Felix Bernard Felix Bernard Cy Coleman Cy Coleman Doug Beach Frank Loesser Fred Rogers Joe Bishop Dave Grusin John Fedchock Doug Beach F.Mantooth & J.Martin

Charlie Paker Sy Oliver

Felix Mendelssohn

Big Band Library namber disk folder title Playing Band 2044 3 y You and the Night and the Music Mod. 2045 3 y You are sensational (hand written).pdf 2046 3 y You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Husak).pdf 2047 3 y You Are The Sunshine Of My Life USSB Bright Swing 2048 3 y You Brought A New Kind Of Love Vocal 2049 3 y You Don't Know What Love Is (OSSER) Mod. 2050 3 y You Go To My Head (DEDRICK) Mod.ly Slow 2051 3 y You Got It Fast Swing 2052 3 y You Made Me Love You Fox Trot 2053 3 y You Made Me Love You [Eb] (Unknown).pdf Hand Wr. 2054 3 y You Made Me Love You {James}.pdf 2055 3 y You Made Me Love You 1 Easy Ballad 2056 3 y You Made Me So Very Happy 2057 3 y You Make Me Feel So Young Vocal 2058 3 y You Make Me Feel So Young (Riddle).pdf Nelson Riddle Orch. 2059 3 y You Make Me Feel So Young (Unknown).pdf 2060 3 y You Make Me Feel So Young GORDON 2061 3 y You 'N Me (Nestico).pdf Easy 2062 3 y You Needed Me Med.Rock Ballad 2063 3 y You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Houghton).pdf 2064 3 y You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (NIEHAUS) Med.Swing 2065 3 y You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine 2066 3 y You'll Never Know (Unknown).pdf 2067 3 y You Needed Me Vocal 2068 3 y Young At Heart (Fenno).pdf Slowly 2069 3 y Your Cheatin' Heart (Hayman).pdf Mod.Rock-Swing 2070 3 y You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (Wolpe).pdf Swing 2071 3 y Your'e Nobody Till Somebody Loves You Hand Wr. 2072 3 y Yours Mod.ly Bright 2073 3 y You've Changed Trumpet Future Slowly 2074 7 z Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart Med. 2075 7 z Zodiac Girls (BEECH) Samba 2076 7 z Zoot Suit Riot Bright Swing 2077 7 z Zoot Suit Riot - 2 2078 7 z Zoot Simms Tribute Stan Kenton Orch.

25 / 25 Arranger Dave Wolpe

Music Arther Schwartz

Frank Comstock

Stevie Wonder

Glenn Osser Art Dedrick Tom Garling Gray Rains

John Edomodson Bob Reed Dave Kopp Johny Warrington

Josef Myrow

S.Nestico Jeffrey Steinberg Ernie Houghton Lennie Niehaus

Cole Poter

Jeffry Steinberg

Randy Goodrum

Richard Hayman Dave Wolpe

Hank Willams

T.Camarata Frank Mantooth Jimmy Lally

Gonzalo Roig Clare Fisher James Hanley Doug Beach Steve Perry

Paul Murtha Chris Hansen Bill Holman

Bill Holman