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Home to your global ICT solutions Telehouse now offer full end-to-end ICT solutions from design to implementation such as IP connectivity, system inte...

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Telehouse Istanbul Location: Tekno İş Merkezi Saniye Ermutlu Sok. No.10 34742 Kozyatağı-İstanbul, Turkey

Telehouse Istanbul

in partnership with Teknotel, is one of the first true carrier neutral facilities in the Turkish data center market and located on the Asian side of The Bosphorus it is situated in the growing trade center area of Kozyata ı right next to the Metro Station. Telehouse Istanbul offers uninterrupted power supply, superior security & multiple choices of connectivity. Telehouse Istanbul is proud to be able to offer our customers multiple carrier choice in a state-of-the-art facility, which is designed to protect and support your business and to help your business grow in Turkey and also within the region.

Power: • Standard power to each cabinet is 4KW - maximum power available of 4.8 KW • N+1 redundant standby generators • Standby generators with a maximum of 48 hours autonomy at full capacity • N+1 redundant UPS with a maximum of 30 minutes autonomy at full capacity • 2 Smart PDUs to each cabinet from different power distribution panels

Air Conditioning and Cooling: • N+1 Close Control Air Conditioning Units (Gas)

• Room Air Conditioning Units (RACUs) provide room temperature at 24˚C (±2) and humidity at 50% (±20%) • Hot aisle/cold aisle zone design • 500mm raised floor design with airflow space to provide the most efficient cooling • The In-room units to provide full function, closed control air conditioning with cooling, humidity and de-humidification control

Fire Detection & Suppression: • Data center area is fitted with a fully addressable double layered fire detection system that monitors both under floor area and the room it self • Local detection and intervention capability. i.e. data center space is separated into distinct areas so the specific location of a problem will be shown on our systems • FM200 gas automated fire

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extinguishing system, which diminishes heat physically by absorbing heat energy. It is designed to protect electronic equipment and as well as being safe to human health • Dry sprinkler fire detection system installed thoughout the data center to meet local standards for safety with very early smoke detection alarms (VESDA) installed throughout the facility • Fire-resistant inflammable calcium-sulphate flooring throughout data center • The fire detection and suppression system is designed to minimise any possible disruption and to ensure that minor problems remain localised

Security System: • Independent client card identification access system

Telehouse Istanbul

• Secure & monitored single-person point of entry, physically guarded 24/7 and integrated digital video camera surveillance • Secure access procedures to ensure that only customers’ nominated staff or visitors gain authorised access whenever they require • Full CCTV coverage of the perimeter, common areas and data center facilities

Connectivity: Telehouse Istanbul, with its ‘Carrier Neutral’ access features, offers an operator independent infrastructure to internet service providers (ISPs), carriers, application developers (ASPs) and corporations/organisations. Telehouse Istanbul incorporates terrestrial (optical fibre) overseas access via 3 different operators, satellite internet access via 2 different platforms and point-to-point infrastructure access via 4 different operators. Carriers are able to provide point to point connectivity via dark fibre/ Metro Ethernet/satellite to clients

at Telehouse Istanbul. Due to the widespread network and point-topoint connections provided from the infrastructures of different operators, it is possible both to connect to the data center on a failsafe basis and to provide uninterrupted access.

Colocation & Other Managed Service Options: • Rack Colocation: Customers can opt for 1U colocation to full racks for their own servers • Server Leasing: Customers who may not require buying their own equipment may prefer to use the server leasing alternative - any choice of colocation service can be taken with leased equipment • Virtual Private Server: For customers who are willing to share servers to accommodate their applications. Clients can benefit from the cost saving opportunities of our Virtual Private Server service • Hosting: Our professional hosting service is provided to corporate/ individual customers on Telehouse

Istanbul servers for their website and e-mail hosting needs • Domain: Domain registration and related services are provided as a complementary service to hosting center services • Other: SLA - Service Level Agreement, Back-Up, SaaS, Disaster Recovery Services, Remote Hands, 24/7 Technical Support , Monitoring and Periodical Reporting

Services & Support: • The experienced and dynamic Network Operations Center (NOC) staff of Telehouse Istanbul are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to monitor and solve problems in the shortest possible time • All customer questions and requests, which may be received via telephone, online support, web form or e-mail, are recorded in our ticketing system and our customers are able to follow the status of their ticket online with their specific username and password

Home to your global ICT solutions Telehouse now offer full end-to-end ICT solutions from design to implementation such as IP connectivity, system integration, LAN and software installation, system monitoring and virtual servers as well as premium data centres. Speak to a member of our sales team regarding your requirements and we will propose the right solution for you. Telehouse can also assist in improving the efficiency of your existing IT infrastructure and the management of a comprehensive IT migration plan.

Contact Our Sales Team: Telehouse International Corporation, Coriander Avenue, London, E14 2AA T: +44 (0) 207 512 0550 E: [email protected] W: www.telehouse.net