5 year BBA LLB

5 year BBA LLB SYLLABUS 1/5 B.B.A.,LL.B., First Semester Paper-I : General English - I I. Grammar and Usage (Communication Skills) 1. …...

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1/5 B.B.A.,LL.B., First Semester Paper-I : General English - I I. Grammar and Usage (Communication Skills) 1. a) Simple sentence (one clause) (their phrase structure) I) Tense and Concord. II) Noun modifiers (Determiners Propositional phrases, Clauses) b) Passives c) Negatives d) Questions 2. Complex and Compound Sentences (use of connectives) 3. Conditionals 4. Reported speech 5. Question - tags and Short Responses 6. Some Common Errors II. a) Vocabulary (Communication skills) b) Legal terms (relevant to the subject paper of a BL. Student) c) Use of Legal Terms and idiomatic expressions III. Comprehension skills 1. Reading comprehension (Principles and Practice) 2. Listening comprehension IV. Composition skills 1. Paragraph writing 2. Formal correspondence 3. Note taking 4. Translation from regional language into English and vice-versa. Books prescribed : 1. Wren and Martin: English Grammar and composition 2. Essay, Precis, Composition and Comprehension by JE Eroforn 3. T.E. Berry; The most common mistakes in English 4. Ishitiaque Abidi: Law and language 5. MA close: A reference Grammar for students of English 6. Dallas: Read to Understand

7. Central Institute of India Languages: Speed Reading PAPER-II : PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT Unit – 1

Nature & Scope of Management process-Management Science, Art, Development of Management, Functions of the Manager.

Unit – II

Planning : The meaning & purpose of planning, Steps in planningTypes of Planning Objective & Policies :Objective , policies, Procedures and methods – Nature and type of policies. Decisions making : Process of Decision making-type of Decisions – problems involved in decision making – Quantitative techniques.

Unit – III

Organising and staffing : Types of organization – Organisational structure-span of control – use of staff units and committees.

Unit – IV

Leading and Delegation – delegation and centralization line and staff relationship staffing : sources of recruitment – Selection process training. – Leadership – traits, behavior and styles, Transactional /transformational leadership.

Unit _ V :

Directing : Nature and purpose and directing Controlling : Need for co-ordination – caning and importance of controls – control process – Budgetary and non-Budgetary controls – case studies – control of overall performance – Profit and loss control. Reference Books : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Koonts & Odonnel Dale Ernest Bagar Dr.Saxen Louis A Allen Jack Dunean W Chatterjee

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Management Management –theory practice Principles of Management Business Administration & Management Professional Management Essentials of Management An Introduction to Management : Its principles and Techniques


Unit 1 :

Definition, scope, role in Business decisions: Economics systems

Unit II :

Demand analysis :- Utility analysis of consumer’s demand: indifference curves : consumer equilibrium; elasticity of demand and its measurements. Demand distinction-durable and non-durable goods, deriver and autonomous demand, industry and company demand: demand for forecasting-methods.

Unit – III:

Price determination; Market its definition and classification , price output determination under perfect and monopolistic condition.

Unit – IV:

Capital Budgeting : meaning- need-capital expenditure budgeting – demand for capital resources allocation – investment criteria and decisions – methods of investment decisions

Reference Books 1. Business Economics : Sankaran 2. Business Economics : Sundram K.P and Sundram E


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