731 repair mortar fibre-reinforced, non shrinking mortar (thickness 5 - 50mm) eco friendly non shrink fibre reinforced description lanko 731 repair mo...

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• Grey ready-to-wet powder. • Active ingredients including hydraulic binders and synthetic fibres. Chloride and metal particle free. ECO FRIENDLY



• 731 REPAIR MORTAR protects steel rebars from corrosion. Portland cement concrete colour. • Particle size : 0 - 2 mm


Lanko 731 REPAIR MORTAR is a ready-to-use mortar composed of sand, special cement, fibres and admixtures.


• Repair of concrete surfaces: spalling, honeycombing, stair nosing, etc. • Concrete restructuring: pillars, slabs, posts, dam aprons and spillways , etc. • Reinforcement of weakened structures: balconies, overhangs,cornices . • Treatment of chamfers and seams prior to waterproofing .


• Application thickness: 5 to 50mm • Thixotropic. • Strong bonding. • High compactness. Closed porosity delays the progression of carbonation . • High initial and final mechanical strength. • Excellent resistance to sea water and sulphated waters. • Contact possible with drinking water.

• Apparent powder density

: 1.36

• pH

: 12.5

Specifications are subject to change without notification. Results shown are typical but reflect test procedures used. Actual field performance will depend on installation methods and site conditions.

Setting time* Temperature Initial setting Final setting

5°C 7 hours 8½ hours

20°C 2 hours 3 hours

35°C 1 hour 1½ hours

* average laboratory values provided as a general guide.

Flexural strength* Period 2 days MPa >5

7 days >8

28 days >10

Compressive strength* Period 2 days MPa >30

7 days >45

28 days >50

* Tests carried out on 4 x 4 x 16 samples, kept at 23°C and 90% humidity. Average laboratory values provided as a general guide.

* Tests carried out on 50 x 50 samples, kept at 23°C and 90% humidity. Average laboratory values provided as a general guide.

Shrinkage @ 28 days (ASTM C531:2000 Reapproved 2012) Adhesion strength ASTM D4541:2002

0.07% 1.1N/mm2


• Remove loose and damaged concrete and laitance using a point tools, chisel, or planiong tool in order to obtain a clean, rough surface. • Clear out concrete around corroded rebars in order to create space for inserting the product behind and around them. • The boundaries of the surface to be repaired must be clearly defined. • The substrate must be free of all traces of grease and oil. Brush, scrape or sandblast corroded rebars in order to remove non-adherent rust. • Dust off all surfaces to be repaired. • Soak the substrate prior to application. • If rebars are to be covered with less than 1Omm of mortar, they should be passivated using either - a slurry mix of 731 REPAIR MORTAR and 751 LANKOLATEX ,or - 760 PASSIVANT ACIER


• The mortar is made by mixing 731 REPAIR MORTAR with water. • Machine or hand-mix for 3 minutes minimum until evenly distributed.

DOSAGE / YIELD Powder Quantity 25kg Water 3.5 - 4 litres Workable mortar 13 - 13.5 litres


2.1 kg/m2 per mm thickness.

PACKAGING 25kg bag.


12 months from date of manufacture if stored in unopened original packing in dry, frost-free conditions.


• Temperature range for use : 5°C to 35°C. • Do not apply to a frozen or thawing substrate. • Apply only to clean, sound resistant substrates, free of loose material. • Cracks should be treated separately. • Soak the substrate before application .

• Workable life after mixing: approximately 45 minutes at 20°C.

• After finishing, protect the mortar from drying out by applying 742 PRODUIT DE CURE SP or by dampening without soaking.

• No water must be added during application .

• Refer to safety data sheet.


Disclaimer The use of this product is beyond the manufacturer's control and liability is restricted to the replacement of material proven faulty. The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from incorrect usage. Specifications are subjected to changes without prior notice. Before application, customers and users are requested to check that they have the latest version of this document from our website www.parexgroup.com.sg

• Apply a first batch of 731 REPAIR MORTAR with a steel trowel, pressing firmly to ensure bonding. • Apply additional mortar to obtain the desired overall thickness . • Trowel of float the repaired surface for a smooth finish. • For large surfaces , the mortar may be applied by machine spray (wet or dry process) . PAREXGROUP PTE LTD 28 TUAS SOUTH AVENUE 8, SINGAPORE 637648 TEL: (65) 6861 0632 FAX: (65) 6862 3915 EMAIL: [email protected] PAREXGROUP.COM.SG WEBSITE: WWW.PAREXGROUP.COM.SG ONLINE STORE: DAVCO-ONLINE .COM.SG ParexGroup, a French multi-national company with headquarters in Paris, is a leading manufacturer of speciality products for the construction industry with operations in more than 20 countries, and our 2700 people around the world are the cornerstone of our growing organization. Updated TM26 Nov 2018

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