884 Professional VA

Bismuth Bi 500 ppt Lead Pb 50 ppt Cadmium Cd 50 ppt Chromium CrIII/CrVI 25 ppt Cobalt Co 50 ppt Iron FeII/FeIII 50 ppt Copper Cu 50 ppt Molybdenum Mo ...

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884 Professional VA

Universal system solution for voltammetry and CVS

884 Professional VA and viva – flexible, convenient, and secure! 02

The 884 Professional VA in combination with viva software is currently the most modern and most flexible analy­sis system for voltammetry and polarography. More flexibility The 884 Professional VA is outstanding for its unique flexi­bility. Due to its modular design, the system can be expanded at any time with additional components such as dosing devices, pumps, and sample changers. This flexi­bility is supported by the viva PC software. viva gives users unlimited freedom to program their own application-oriented methods. Commonly used methods are already available as templates to facilitate familiarization with the system. Access to all method parameters is a matter of course.

The most important applications • Determination of transition metals using polarography or stripping voltammetry • Speciation analysis • Determination of organic additives (brighteners, levelers, suppressors) in electroplating baths using CVS

More convenience Another key benefit of viva is the integrated database. In addition to automatic data acquisition and evaluation, viva also enables convenient management of the measuring results. More security User administration with freely definable access rights as well as automatic backup functions ensure a high level of data security. Even better: to ensure that the solutions, and electrodes are checked at regular intervals, they can be monitored with the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) functions.

The most important benefits at a glance 884 Professional VA • Compact, space saving design • Maximum flexibility due to easily exchangeable measuring head • Trace analysis and CVS in one instrument • Customized measuring system with versatile automation options • Guaranteed accuracy and trueness due to the integrated calibrator

viva • Maximum flexibility due to individualized, task-focused method programming • Intelligent user support based on logical decisions, e.g. proportional standard addition, measuring with or without preconcentration • Reliable and reproducible calculations of the results • Data security and traceability of the measurement results • Database with numerous functions for convenient viewing and assessment of measurement results

Application 1 – Trace analysis 04

Analysis of heavy metals using voltammetry Voltammetry is outstanding for its combination of low detection limits and low sensitivity to interferences arising from high concentrations of dissolved solids. Moreover, it is a quite affordable technologoy and operating costs are low – especially in comparison with spectroscopic methods such ICP-MS. Total concentration and speciation Spectroscopic methods can determine only the total me­­tal concentration. In contrast, voltammetry can also be used to differentiate between different oxidation states of metal ions or between free and bound metal ions. This allows statements to be made on the biological availability and on the toxicity of heavy metals, e.g., in environmental research. High ion concentrations? Not a problem with VA! Samples with high ion concentrations are not a problem for voltammetry. Hence, voltammetry is ideal for the analysis of: • Seawater, salts, pure chemicals • Electroplating baths

Typical limits of detection Antimony SbIII/SbV Arsenic AsIII/AsV Bismuth Bi Lead Pb Cadmium Cd Chromium CrIII/CrVI Cobalt Co Iron FeII/FeIII Copper Cu Molybdenum Mo Nickel Ni Platinum Pt Rhodium Rh Mercury Hg Selenium SeIV/SeVI Thallium Tl Uranium U Tungsten W Zinc Zn

200 ppt 100 ppt 500 ppt 50 ppt 50 ppt 25 ppt 50 ppt 50 ppt 50 ppt 50 ppt 50 ppt 0.1 ppt 0.1 ppt 100 ppt 300 ppt 50 ppt 25 ppt 200 ppt 50 ppt


Determination of organics, anions, and elements Voltammetry is not just limited to metal determination. It may also be used to determine a wide variety of organic compounds by polarography. Voltammetry thus permits a simple determination of impurities in organic synthesis, e.g., 4-carboxybenzaldehyde in terephthalic acid or free styrene in polystyrene. Active pharmaceutical ingredients, e.g., thiomersal in storage solutions for contact lenses, can be quantified by polarography.

Certain special anions can also be determined by voltammetry. Of particular interest is the analysis of environmentally relevant species such as cyanide, sulfide, nitrite, and nitrate. The polarographic determination of elemental sulfur in gasoline is an application that is particularly used in vehicle construction and in petrochemistry.

Typical applications • Metal ions, e.g., Cd, Pb, Ni, Co, Fe, As in water samples • Additives and impurities in electroplating baths and in electrolytic metal refining • Corrosion indicators (Cu, Fe, etc.) in boiler feed water • Ultratrace determination of metal species (Fe(II), Fe(III), Cr(III), Cr(VI), Cd, Pb, Co, etc.) in seawater • Fe(II) in iron sucrose injection solutions • Iodide and iodate in sodium chloride solutions and glacial acetic acid

Typical voltammogram nickel (1.7 μg/L) and cobalt (n/a) in seawater

Application 2 – Determination of organic additives with CVS 06

«Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping» (CVS) and «Cyclic Pulse Voltammetric Stripping» (CPVS) are important methods used in the electroplating industry for the determination of organic additives in electroplating baths. This method plays a crucial role in production control for many types of technical coatings, particularly in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards and semiconductors. Quantitative determination of the additives takes place indirectly via their influence on the plating of the principal component of the electroplating bath. Since the measurement is based on an electrode reaction that corresponds to the production process, the activity of the additives and thus

their efficiency in the electroplating process is measured. Due to the different effects of the additives in the electroplating process, different measuring and calibration techniques are available for the analysis.

Typical voltammogram

Calibration curve and determination with smartDT

Dilution Titration (DT) The well-established Dilution Titration (DT) technique can be used to determine the concentration of the suppressor component. Using the innovative smartDT, the execution of this determination is now even faster and more efficient than before.

(Modified) Linear Approximation Technique (M)LAT MLAT or LAT is the calibration technique of choice when it comes to brightener determination. A wide array of electroplating baths can be analyzed by using either CVS or CPVS measurement techniques (for pulse-plating procedures or electrolytes containing iron). Response Curve (RC) The Response Curve is used for the determination of levelers, which are increasingly popular as a third additive component in modern electroplating baths.


Save time and money with the 884 Professional VA In order to reduce cost of ownership per determination, it is possible with the 894 Professional VA to reduce the amount of reagents needed significantly* in comparison

with other systems. Furthermore, the duration of the analysis can also be reduced. This increases sample through­put and helps keeping cost of ownership low.

The most important applications • Suppressor determination with DT (Dilution Titration) • Brightener determination with MLAT (Modified Linear Approximation Technique) • Brightener determination with LAT (Linear Approximation Technique) • Leveler determination with RC (Response Curve) • Chronopotentiometric measurement (CP)

*Up to 70% of the quantity normally used

The 884 Professional VA in detail 08

The basic configuration of the 884 Professional VA consists of the instrument, the separately available electrode kit for the respective application, and the matching measuring head. This already makes a full-fledged analysis system. An integrated calibrator and the newly designed potentiostat that is extremely accurate in all measuring ranges provide for superior accuracy and sensitivity of measurements.

Fast method change due to detachable measuring head The new detachable measuring head means that the measuring system can be refitted for a different application in a matter of seconds. All the electrodes and tubing connections can be replaced quickly and simply.

Wide selection of sensors There is a versatile selection of suitable electrodes available for the different applications.

Superior reliability of measurements due to integrated calibrator The 884 Professional VA has an integrated, certified calibrator. It is used to readjust the potentiostat before each measurement. Even in the case of fluctuating ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.), this ensures that the measurement is always accurate and reliable.

High performance on a small footprint With its footprint of only 18.8 cm × 45.2 cm, the 884 Pro­­ fessional VA takes up very little space on the labora­tory bench. The modular design provides the highest convenience and maximum flexibility to suit your requirements.

Powerful communication 4 MSB connectors permit the operation of several 800 Dosino-type dosing devices. The 884 Professional VA is connected to the computer via USB. An integrated USB hub provides connections for additional PC peripheral devices, e.g., printers or barcode readers.


Metrohm VA systems – flexible automation 10

Flexible and modular Due to the modular concept, a manually operated 884 Professional VA can be easily upgraded to a fully automated analysis system. The 884 Professional VA grows with the requirements of your laboratory. 884 Professional VA manual Even the manual version of the 884 Professional VA enables reliable analysis. The solutions necessary for the determination are added manually. Of course, all the available calibration and current measuring techniques are supported without limitation. 884 Professional VA semiautomated Routine analysis is much more user-friendly when the solutions are added automatically. The 884 Professional VA semiautomated is recommended for routine determination of trace metals or organic additives in individual samples. Determinations can be carried out easily with minimum intervention by laboratory personnel. All auxi­li­ ary solutions and, if necessary, the sample are added automatically with an 800 Dosino. The basic version includes two 800 Dosinos for two auxili­ ary solutions. An optional accessory kit allows simple expansion to four or more dosing devices. The optional 843 Pump Station can be used to rinse the measuring vessel automatically after each determination. This enhances both user convenience and measuring accuracy because the need for user intervention is reduced to a minimum. MVA-22 884 Professional VA automated for VA The MVA-22 884 Professional VA automated is a fully automated system with a sample changer for the voltammetric determination of heavy metals in routine laboratory work. If an MVA-22 is used, the samples are automa­­tically transferred by a 919 IC Autosampler plus for VA using the integrated peristaltic pump. Up to 28 samples can be determined in a series.

MVA-23 884 Professional VA automated for CVS The MVA-23 884 Professional VA automated for CVS is the fully automated solution for CVS determinations. Using an 858 Professional CVS Sample Processor, up to 56 samples for a suppressor determination or up to 28 samples for a brightener determination can be analyzed for their additive content. An unlimited combination of different calibration techniques is also possible. Depending on the chosen method, the sample is transferred with an 800 Dosino or a peristaltic pump that is integrated in the sample changer. The possibility of recalibrating methods during a sample series guarantees the highest accuracy.

System modules Manual

884 Professional VA Measuring head Electrode kit viva

The 884 Professional VA is the core component of the voltammetry system. When combined with the appropriate measuring head for rotating disk electrodes or for the Multi-Mode Electrode pro, the corresponding electrode kit and the viva software, it is a fully functioning manual measurement system.


Kit with the first 2 Dosinos Expansion kit with 2 Dosinos

Rinsing equipment

Dosinos are used for the convenient, automated addition of solutions. Corresponding kits containing the necessary accessories make it easy to set up the connections.

The rinsing equipment is used to empty and rinse the measuring vessel automatically after each measurement.


919 IC Autosampler plus 858 Professional Sample Processor

Sample changers enable automatic processing of sample series. The 919 IC Autosampler plus is suitable for small sample series, whereas the 858 Professional Sample Processor with its robotic arm is used for larger-sized series.


viva – the new Metrohm software for voltammetry 12

viva is the most powerful software for VA and CVS determinations. Easy to use and highly flexible, viva enables individual and task-focused method programming for voltammetry and CVS.

The userfriendliness of the software is evident in the «Workplace» of the user interface. All of the information required for the determination is presented here. It goes without saying that the «Workplace» can be individually configured so that only the data relevant to the user is displayed.


The «Run» window is the «cockpit» of viva software, from here to the user controls all measurements. The appropriate method, any sample identification data, and the sample quantities, among other things, are defined here. With just a few mouse clicks, a sample table for executing a determination series can be compiled and then saved to any available storage medium for later use.

Animated graphics and text information in the «Live display» window provide the user with an overview of the progress of the current measurement. The voltammogram in progress, the remaining measuring time, and the status of any pumps or Dosinos are additional real-time information available to the user there.

The method used and the associated evaluation parameters are logically structured and clearly displayed in the «Method» window. The current command is highlighted in color during a measurement.

Curves The measured voltammograms are superimposed on each other in the curve window. The associated calibra-

tion curve and the measurement results can be displayed by simply switching between the two.

viva – smart features for superior usability 14

viva is the first and only voltammetry software that enables individual, task-focused method programming. viva does not force the user to follow rigid, predefined measuring sequences. Instead, methods can be programmed step by step adding command by command and following the logic of the application at hand – it is that simple! It is even possible to have commands executed simultaneously!

Commonly used method runs are already available as templates to facilitate familiarization with the system. These can be adapted and expanded as required.

viva supports the user with numerous smart assist functions. The optimum standard addition volumes, for example, can be calculated automatically by viva for each determination.

With viva, users no longer have to think about calculating results – that is all done automatically. Volumes, too are automatically calculated according to the settings of

the method. and even the appropriate prefix for the units of the result (µg/L, mg/L, etc.) are determined automatically by viva.

viva – user-friendly data management and maximum security 15

All determinations are stored in the viva database.

The determinations can be viewed in the «Database» program part, along with all of the parameters for the determination, the method, and the instrument.

The determination overview can be configured according to preference. This means that it is easy to keep track of all measurement results. In the «Curve» and «Information» subwindows, the respective measurement curve, calibration curve, and other information on the para-

meters for the determination, the method, and the instrument can be displayed for the selected determination. Easy-to-operate sort, search, and filter functions simplify data retrieval.


Central data management There is no difference between the viva client-server version and local installations in terms of operation and range of functions. However, in the client-server-version, all of the methods and determinations are saved centrally on the viva server. The benefit of this is that the data can

be viewed and edited further from any PC that has a viva client installed on it, whether in the laboratory or in the office. All measured data is thus available throughout the company.

Reprocessing a determination Does the voltammogram show unknown peaks? Has the concentration of the standard solutions being used changed? No problem with viva, as determinations

already carried out can be recalculated at any time. Retroactive recalibration with a newly measured standard solution is also possible. Of course, the original data is not lost and all versions of the determination can be archived.

Report generation The report generator offers a full range of options for designing the analysis report, whether it be an individual report with all relevant sample and method information or a tabular overview report containing all of the results of a

measurement sequence. viva offers a range of different report templates that can easily be adapted to meet the respective requirements. This means a customized report can be created very fast.

Individual report containing all the relevant specifications for the determination

Tabulated report (with or without curve) in portrait or landscape format provides a better overview for large measurement series

Simple user administrationt Data security and traceability of the results are becoming ever more important. Access permissions for each user can be defined in viva in accordance with in-house security guidelines. Unauthorized access to program parts

and data is prevented by password protection. Unnecessary program parts can thus be hidden, making operation even easier.

Data security viva also performs data backups. The entire database and all methods are backed up at freely defined intervals. Lost data can thus be quickly restored.

GLP – Good Laboratory Practice With viva, the regular maintenance intervals of the complete analysis system, can be monitored automatically and in compliance with GLP. If the defined working life is exceeded, this automatically triggers the appropriate

measures (e.g., automatically generated e-mail, stopping the determination). Thanks to this «integrated quality assurance», expired solutions, unchecked electrodes, or unserviced dosing units are a thing of the past.


Technical specifications 18

884 Professional VA Voltammetric measuring station with integrated potentiostats and galvanostats Dimensions with measuring head and drip pan Width 188 mm Height 322 mm Depth 452 mm Weight without 7.4 kg accessories Potentiostat Sweep potential range ±5V Current range ± 224 mA Current measuring ranges 200 pA...224 mA Galvanostat Potential measuring ranges 5 mV...5 V Resolution Applied potential 15 μV Measured potential 150 μV Applied current 0.0031% of current measuring range Measured current 0.0031% of current measuring range Current measured in the smallest current measuring range (200 pA) 6 fA Accuracy Applied current ± (0.2% of current +0.2% of current measuring range) Measured current ± (0.2% of current +0.2% of current measuring range) Applied potential ± (0.2% of potential ± 1 mV) Measured potential ± (0.2% of potential ± 1 mV) Temperature Measuring range (Pt1000) 0...+100 °C measurement Accuracy (Pt1000) ± 0.5 °C Power connection Voltage 100...240 V Frequency 50...60 Hz Power consumption 45 W Minimum Processor Pentium 4; clock rate 1 GHz requirements RAM 4 GB for the PC Hard disk space 1 GB for program Free memory for data 64 GB Operating system Windows Vista Business / Enterprise / Ultimate (32-Bit) Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate / Enterprise (32-Bit / 64-Bit) Windows 8 Professional / Enterprise (32-Bit / 64-Bit) Windows 8.1 Professional / Enterprise (32-Bit / 64-Bit) Windows Server 2003 (32-Bit) Windows Server 2008 (32-Bit) Windows Server 2008 R2 (32-Bit / 64-Bit) Windows Server 2012 (64-Bit) Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-Bit) Graphics card / monitor Min. resolution 1024 × 768 pixels or higher Connections Min. 1 USB interface (Version 1.1 or higher) for each connected instrument Client/Server Network Min. 10 Mbit/s, stable and permanent communication operation via TCP/IP

Ordering Information Manual 2.884.0010 884 Professional VA, instrument without measuring head 2.884.0110 884 Professional VA manual for MME 2.884.0210 884 Professional VA manual for RDE/CVS 2.884.1110 2.884.1210

Semiautomatic 884 Professional VA semiautomated for MME 884 Professional VA semiautomated for RDE/CVS

2.884.1110 2.919.0130 2.843.0240 6.2441.300 6.1456.210

MVA-22: Fully automated VA system for trace analysis 884 Professional VA semiautomated for MME 919 IC Autosampler plus for VA 843 Membrane Pump Station for Professional CVS systems Remote cable Measuring vessel for use with sample changer operation

2.884.1120 2.858.0110 2.843.0240 6.2441.300 2.800.0020 6.5339.500

MVA-23: Fully automated CVS system for organic additives 884 Professional VA semiautomated for RDE/CVS 858 Professional Sample Processor for VA/CVS 843 Membrane Pump Station for Professional CVS systems Remote cable 800 Dosino (2 ×) Equipment with 2 dosing units

6.1256.010 6.1256.020

Measuring heads Measuring head for RDE Measuring head for MME

6.5339.000 6.5339.010 6.5339.020 6.5339.030 6.5339.040 6.5339.050

Electrode kits CVS electrode kit with 1 mm platinum electrode for Professional VA/CVS CVS electrode kit with 2 mm platinum electrode for Professional VA/CVS CVS electrode kit with 3 mm platinum electrode for Professional VA/CVS VA electrode kit with Multi-Mode Electrode pro for Professional VA VA electrode kit with glassy carbon RDE for Professional VA VA electrode kit with scTRACE Gold for Professional VA

viva 6.6065.202 viva 2.0 Full CD: 1 License 6.6065.203 viva 2.0 Multi CD: 3 Licenses


Subject to modifications Design Ecknauer+Schoch ASW, printed in Switzerland at Metrohm AG, CH-9100 Herisau 8.884.5000EN – 2015-06