a. First Prize in Category

Oil/Acrylic - Entries must not exceed 36”x36” inches with a minimum size of 12"x12” inches including the frame. Watercolor - Entries must not exceed 3...

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2017 3rd ANNUAL XS ART SHOW COMPETITION RULES Objective The XS Art Competition aims to support the development of talented Xaverian artists by giving them a forum where they can showcase their talent. This competition personifies the school’s motto, “Luceat Lux” or “Let your light shine” by challenging student artists to realize their potential in becoming a visual artist. Goals 1. To encourage, and develop the creativity and artistic talent of the Xaverian; 2. To raise awareness and appreciation for the arts among the Xavier community; and 3. To recognize the artistic excellence of the Xaverian artists. THEME FOR THE COMPETITION: “I Heart XS” (I love Xavier School) This iconic phrase is the theme of this year’s 61st alumni homecoming in November. As a prelude to the Grand Alumni Homecoming, the art show is an opportunity to remind us of the many reasons why we love Xavier. We invite Xavier artists to show through their art what it means to love one’s alma mater, or the reasons why one loves Xavier. Through art, we hope to inspire alumni and students to appreciate a cornerstone of their youth and formation: Xavier School. Eligibility 1. The competition is open to students currently enrolled in Xavier School from Grade 1 to 12, alumni, current or former faculty and staff of Xavier School, parents and siblings of a student currently enrolled in Xavier School 2. These are the five (5) divisions and their respective categories: a. Grade 1 to 3 Drawing Only b. Grade 4 to 6 – Drawing & Painting (Oil/Acrylic, and Watercolor)

c. d. e.

Grade 7 to 10 –

Drawing, Painting and Sculpture

Grade 10 to 12 - Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Alumni, Faculty and Staff (current or retired), Parent/siblings, - All Categories i. For ages 6 – 12 yrs. old: Drawing and painting ii. For ages 13 – 17 yrs. old: Drawing, painting or sculpture iii. For 18 yrs. old and above: Drawing, painting or sculpture

3. XS Art Show organizers (XS Art teachers and AAXS Art Show organizers) are not eligible to participate in the competition. Categories 1. Drawing - Entries must not exceed 18” x 24” inches with a minimum size of 10” x 14”, including the frame. Artist may use pencil, ball pen, charcoal, crayon, or any writing material 2. Painting

Oil/Acrylic - Entries must not exceed 36”x36” inches with a minimum size of 12"x12” inches including the frame. Watercolor - Entries must not exceed 36”x36” with a minimum size of 12”x12” inches including the frame. 3. Sculpture - Entries must be freestanding, at least 1 foot in height but not more than 1.5 feet (including base) and not more than 1.5 feet on all sides. The sculpture may be made of wood, stone, metal or any other durable material or a combination of these. Materials that easily break apart and are flammable (such as paper Mache, charcoal, soap, etc.) and works with pointed objects or sharp protrusions will not be accepted. Entry Requirements 1. Only one (1) entry of chosen medium per participant. 2. An entry is considered to be an artistic product of an individual. All artworks should be the original artistic creation of participating artists. 3. Nudity, obscene and offensive entries will be rejected outright. 4. All entries must be ready for exhibition, framed (matted for drawings only), and with a proper hanging system. No wet works allowed. No glass cover. 5. Only rectangular or square canvas will be accepted. Mixed media and collages are not allowed. 6. Name of the artist must not appear on the face of the entry. A label at the back of the painting should have the artist’s name, and entry number accompanied by a short rationale of the artwork. 7. Artworks must be able to withstand the rigors of handling. The XS Art organizers shall not be responsible for any damage to the artwork sustained during handling, even as it shall exert best efforts in handling. The artist shall hold the XS Art and/or any of its officers or staff free and harmless for any liability/claims for loss, damage or injury to the works while in transit or in storage. 8. Artists found to have made any misrepresentations relative to compliance with these rules such as submitting artworks that are not originally made by the artist, shall be automatically disqualified. 9. Entries with incomplete documentation or which are outside the allowable sizes and weight shall be automatically disqualified. 10. All entries must complete an Entry Form with a printed photo (at least 4 X 6 inches on photo paper or ordinary bond paper) attached for record, monitoring and retrieval purposes. 11. All entries will become property of the Alumni Association of Xavier School (AAXS). 12. Entries will be sold, proceeds of which will go to the Alumni Association of Xavier School through the XS Art Show Organizers. Submission Mechanics 1. A soft copy of the entry form can be downloaded from http://w5.xs.edu.ph. 2. One 4” x 6” inch photo of the artwork must be attached to the Entry Form with the artist’s signature. 3. Entry forms must be completed, signed and submitted to the XS Art Dept. for students, faculty and staff, AAXS office for the alumni and the XSPA office for the parents. 4. An Acknowledgment Receipt will be given to the participant. Schedule The schedule for the competition is set out as follows: 1. Deadline for submission of entries is on August 12, 2017. 2. Pre-event judging will be on August 14-17, 2017 3. Winners shall be announced on August 19, 2017at the XS Art Show. Entries may be exhibited around the school campus from August to November 2017.

Judging 1. The XS Art Show organizers shall have the sole prerogative to select the Board of Judges. 2. All entries will undergo preliminary screening before the final judging. The Top 10 Finalists in each division and category will be selected by XS Art teachers for display at the Art Show. 3. The decision of the Board of Judges is final. Judges may decide not to award prizes if the entries do not meet their artistic and competition standards. 4. The XS Art Show organizers reserves the right to withdraw any award at any time should the participant violate any of the rules and regulations of the competition or if the XS Art organizers deems, in any way, that granting the participant the award will damage the reputation of the XS Art Show and XS as a whole. 5. First, second, third prizes will be awarded on August 19, 2017 at 3:30PM. 6. All entries will be judged according to the following criteria: a. Creativity (20%) b. Originality (20%) c. Impact (20%) d. Technique (20%) e. Design (20%) Prizes 1. Major Winners: a. First Prize in Category - Trophy b. Second Prize in Category - Trophy c. Third Prize in Category - Trophy 2. All Categories will receive the following: a. Top 10 Finalists - Certificate of Merit b. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation 3. Xavier students who will win first prize will get a FREE pizza party for his class. 4. All prizes (except the pizza party) will be given during the XS Art Show on August 19, 2017. Intellectual Property Rights The AAXS shall have perpetual intellectual property rights over prize-winning works and other non-winning works it may acquire, including the right to use, produce or reproduce, prepare derivative works of the designs for whatever purpose and whichever form as may be deemed fit by AAXS without further compensation to the artist. Furthermore, the Major winners may not use their entries for any other purpose or submit their entries to other competitions/contests without the approval of the AAXS.