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Accreditation and Membership

Dean’s Message Prof. Sang-Lin Han, Dean of HUBS

HUBS can trace its humble beginnings back to 1959 when we started as the Department of Commercial Science in the College of Politics and Economy. We have grown and developed by leaps and bounds since then, and are currently enjoying the fruits of decades of dedication, time, expense. HUBS has built itself a nationwide reputation for academic innovation and the nurturing of well-rounded business leaders who are highly regarded both in the private and public sectors. At HUBS, we place emphasis on the depth of business knowledge education as well as the breath of practical managerial experience. Our students are exposed to varied curricula consisting of specialized tracks to provide a more comprehensive and balanced learning experience. As a result, our undergraduate and graduate programs have been consistently ranked highly in the nation by a number of reputable sources. In this era of globalization and growing international commerce, Asia’s role is becoming increasingly more prominent. Thus, Korea’s strategic position in this part of the world, combined with its dynamic expansion in the global economic community makes HUBS the ideal choice of aspiring business majors. Because we recognize the importance of cooperation, both on the domestic and international levels, HUBS has partnerships with various prestigious institutions around the world. By developing and maintaining global academic networks, our students have opportunities to gain a variety of valuable experiences, allowing them to broaden their global perspectives. We will continue to work towards greater levels of excellence by remaining steadfast in our mission and vision, which center on creativity, integrity, and collaboration. HUBS gained accreditation by the Korean Association of Business Education Accreditation (KABEA) in 2008. In addition, HUBS became a member of the Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS) in order to advance its efforts to progress as a management model in Asia within a global context.

I invite you to join HUBS to realize your full potential.

Dean, Sang-Lin Han

4 _ HUBS

In April of 2010, HUBS was granted full accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and thus we stand proudly alongside our fellow accredited members at home and abroad. Founded in 1916, AACSB International is the longest serving global accrediting bodies for business schools that offer undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees in business and accounting. AACSB sets the educational quality standards for business schools through a rigorous examination process.

Hanyang University Business School _ 5

Vision and Mission

Foster creativity in education and research to develop high-achieving students with advanced knowledge and skills.

Emphasize integrity in our education and research to produce respectful professionals.

Cultivate collaboration with our strategic partners and stakeholders to increase mutual benefts.

HUBS has been quickly advancing in its relatively short history. With a new business building constructed in 2007 and a growing local and foreign student population, we are aiming to gain top 10 ranking among Asia’s renowned business schools. Building upon our successes, HUBS is also envisioning its recognition with the world’s best 100 business schools.

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Hanyang University Business School _ 7

8 _ HUBS

Hanyang University Business School _ 9

Who We Are

About Hanyang University

Established in 1939

Seoul Campus (1939), where HUBS is located ERICA Campus in Ansan (1979)


Among the top 3 private universities in Korea

Ranked 3rd Best Private University in Korea by England’s “The Times World University Review” (2009) Ranked 2nd in number of alumni CEOs in companies listed on KOSDAQ - Korean Stock Exchange (2012) Ranked 2nd in number of alumnI CEOs produced among top 1,000 engineering firms in Korea (2011) Ranked 1st in the number of courses offered in English in Korea (2012 by JEDI) Ranked 4th in Korea for academic research output measured by SCI, SSCI & A&HCI citation (2011 by JEDI) Ranked 4th as the Most Favored University for corporate recruiters (2012 by JEDI)

Hanyang, Seoul Campus 10 _ HUBS

Hanyang University Business School _ 11

Who We Are

About Hanyang University

Hanyang at a Glance

Investing in Cutting-edge Technology and Research Future Automobile Research Center Hanyang University and Hyundai Motor Group recently reached an agreement to co-establish the “Future Automobile Research Center”. The Center will be a 13,200 5 story building, housing cutting edge equipment and facilities, and will include research laboratories, lecture rooms, and international conference rooms, among others. Hanyang has been offering an automobile engineering program since 2011, for the purpose of bringing together the fields of machinery, electrical and electronic engineering, and information communication for the research and development of future automobiles. The establishment of the Future Automobile Research Center is in line with the university’s ambition to advance this area of study by fostering expertise and the development of core automobile technology.

Hanyang Univeristy Medical Center (HYUMC) Since the foundation of the Hanyang Univeristy Medical Center in 1972, HYUMC has worked tirelessly to actively contribute to Korea’s medical industry. Equipped with 805 beds at its main facility in Seoul, HYUMC provides treatment for various types of ailments and diseases, and is known for its specialization in rheumatic diseases. HYUMC aims to be an Asian medical hub as a research-based medical institute and seeks to expand its medical services to locals and foreigners alike through its International Hospital.

Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT) Established in 2001, the Hanyang Institute of Technology was created as an industry-academia research facility to promote scientific and technological education and research. HIT serves to advance technology in the industry which includes development of new technology and the nurturing of globally competitive human resources. There are currently 27 research institutes, 17 private firms, located within the 6 floors of the building.

12 _ HUBS

Hanyang University Business School _ 13

Hanyang Alumni

About Hanyang University

Government and Politics


Art & Culture Jang, Keun-Suk (Actor), 2006 – Present

Yoon, Sung-Kyu (Minister of Environment), Class of 1979 Minister Yoon received both bachelor's and master’s degree from Hanyang university. He also served as a research professor at Hanyang. With 20 years of experience in the area of environment engineering, he finally became the Minister of Environment in 2013.

Kim, Moo-Sung (Politician), Class of 1975 Rep. Moo-Sung Kim graduated from the school of business at Hanyang univerisity and started his career in the private sector. He was elected as a member of 19th national assembly in 2013 (New Frontier Party).

Choo, Mi-Ae (Politician), Class of 1981 After graduating from Hanyang univerisity, Rep. Mi-Ae Choo passed the bar exam and became a judge. She was elected as a member of 19th national assembly in 2013(Democratic Party).

14 _ HUBS

Jung, Mong-Koo (Chairman of Hyundai Motors Group), Class of 1967 Chairman Jung, who controls both Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors is a graduate of Hanyang, who exemplified the famous motto of Hanyang university - “Engine of Korea”.

Yoon, Boo-Keun (President of Samsung Electronics Co.), Class of 1979 President Yoon – a.k.a. Steve Jobs in Korea – is another proud Hanyang graduate, who is currently leading Samsung Electronics.

Lee, Woong-Bum (CEO of LG Innotech Co), Class of 1983 President Lee spent most of his career at LG after he graduated from Hanyang university. Under his leadership, LG Innotech – a global producer of LED, PCB, and mobile components – has been growing at a remarkable pace.

Kim, Woo-Kyung (World-renowned Tenor), Class of 2000 A world-renowned tenor, who has grasped the hearts of the audience around the world. He has been on stages such as the National Theater Munchen and New York Metropolitan Opera Theater, and has appeared in La traviata, Rigoletto, and Laboheme.

Lee, Byung-Hun (Actor), Class of 1994 Byung-hun Lee, initially one of the top stars in Korea, has increasingly become well-known in Hollywood and the global stage, through films such as the G.I. Joe series and Red 2.

Lee, Young-Ae (Actress), Class of 1993 A Korean actress especially known across the vast Asian region for her outstanding acting skills. Her filmography includes the famous soap opera such as ‘Daejanggeum’, and movies such as JSA and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree in Theater and Cinema at Hanyang.

Keun-suk Jang, still attending Hanyang University as a student has led the entertainment industry in Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia as an actor, a singer and an entertainer altogether.


Park, Chanho (Former Major League Baseball Player), Class of 2000 (Honorary graduate ) As the first ever Korean Major League Baseball player, Chanho Park has 124 wins in 17 seasons, the most ever for an Asian player. He also attained the gold medal in the 1998 Asian Games.

Kim, Namil (Soccer Player), Class of 2000 Namil Kim, as a Soccer player, experienced three FIFA World Cup competitions, contributing to Korea’s success. He has played in Korea, Netherlands, and Japan as a professional soccer player.

Hanyang University Business School _ 15

Location & Map

About Hanyang University

Seoul Campus

About Hanyang University

In the heart of Seoul The Main (Seoul) Campus is 10 minutes by subway to the downtown or Gangnam areas Hanyang University Subway Station is conveniently located on campus and adjacent to a subway hub where 5 different subway lines intersect.

Hanyang University (Main Campus in Seoul) 222 Wangsimni-ro, Sungdong-gu, Seoul, 133-791, Korea

Pictured is the main entrance to or exit from the Hanyang University Subway Station, located on campus. HYU is the only Korean university with its own subway station. 16 _ HUBS

01 Administration Building 02 Student Welfare Building 03 Paiknam Academic Information Center and Library 04 College of Social Sciences 05 Engineering Building I 06 College of Humanities 07 College of Medicine 08 College of Medicine I 09 College of Medicine II 10 College of Music West Building 11 Graduate School, Civil Engineering Building 12 College of Education 13 Engineering Center 14 Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering Building 15 Hanyang University Medical Center 16 R.O.T.C. Headquarters 17 Business and Economics Building 18 Student Union 19 Hanyang Women`s College 20 Hanyang Primary School 21 College of Music East Building 22 University Museum 23 Student Residence Hall I 24 College of Medicine Lecture Hall 25 Hanyang University Medical Center East Wing 26 Paiknam Concert Hall

27 Engineering Building II 28 Hanyang Women’s College Early Childhood Education Center 29 Hanyang University Medical Center New Building 30 Hanyang Women’s College Food and Nutrion Center 31 Hanyang Women’s College IT and Culture Center 32 Olympic Gymnasium 33 Engineering Center Annex 34 College of Human Ecology 35 Hanyang Women’s College Library 36 College of Natural Sciences 37 College of Law I 38 Hanyang Women’s College Plastic Art Center 39 Student Residence Hall II 40 Engineering Science and Technology Building 41 Hanyang Women’s College Faculty Research Building 42 Alumni Association Building 43 College of Education Annex 44 Hanyang University Medical Center Parking Lot I 45 Hanyang University Medical Center West Wing 46 R and D Building 47 College of Law II 48 Hanyang Institute of Technology 49 Hanyang University Medical Center Parking Lot II 50 Student Residence Hall III 53 Hangwon Park 58 University Post Office

74 Convenience Store at the Academic Information Center and Library 75 Hanyang Cyber University 77 Information and Communications Building 88 College of Law III 89 Business Administration Building(HUBS) 90 Administration Building (NEW) 91 Student Residence Hall II-A 92 Student Residence Hall II-B 94 Hanyang Techno Residence Hall 100 Fusion Technology Center 101 Civil Engineering Building 102 Hangwon Square 126 Amphitheater A Track and Field C Tennis Courts D Aegimoon(Subway Exit NO.2) E Front Gate F Former Front Gate G Rear Gate _ H Rear Gate _ I Hospital Entrance J Hanyang Women`s College Front Gate

Hanyang University Business School _ 17

New HUBS Building opened in 2007

18 _ HUBS

Hanyang University Business School _ 19

Who We Are

HUBS Undergraduate Program

Established in 1959

Structure of Our Program

English Concentration Track Department of Financial Management


Among the top 3 business schools in Korea

Department of Business Administration

Number of Full-time Tenure-Track Professors : 55 Number of Students admitted each year (excluding foreign exchange) : Korean Foreign Total

2012 Evaluation of Korean Business School Graduates* Ranking

Capability in Organization

Integrity & Responsibility


Korea University Business School

Korea University Business School


Sungkyunkwan Business School




Sungkyunkwan Business School


Yonsei University Business School

Yonsei University Business School


Sogang University Business School

Seoul National University Business School

2011 285 68 353

2012 282 87 369

Number of Foreign Exchange Students admitted each year : 2010 58

2011 68

2012 122

Total Number of Students Registered : Korean Foreign Total

(* Source: Hankyung Business Weekly, 2012. 11. 19)

Area of Studies at HUBS

Recipient of “2013 Grand Prize in Education Quality”

2010 269 47 316

Academic Calendar : 15 Week Semester System

Accounting Finance OB & HRM Global Business

2010 1,201 205 1406

2011 1,304 236 1540

2012 1,303 244 1547

Marketing MIS Operations & Service Management Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship



Mid of April

Enrollment & Course registration

Spring Semester begins

Mid-term Exam

Mid of June

July – August


Final Exam & Spring Semester ends

Summer Vacation

Fall Semester begins

Mid of October

Mid of December

January – February

Mid-term Exam

Final Exam & Fall Semester ends

Winter Vacation

awarded by Chosun Daily HUBS was awarded the Grand Prize in the field of Business Education for customer satisfaction by patrons all around the country. The Chosun Daily is the nation’s top ranked newspaper by circulation. 20 _ HUBS

Hanyang University Business School _ 21

HUBS Alumni

HUBS Undergraduate Program

HUBS Alumni, Leading the Korean Economy HUBS has proudly graduated numerous outstanding individuals who have became executives and CEOs of Korea’s major conglomerates

HUBS graduates are in every sector of the industry

HUBS’s Annual Alumni Association Meeting, 2011

22 _ HUBS

HUBS Alumni Night, 2012

Hanyang University Business School _ 23

Our Students

HUBS Undergraduate Program

Only the Top 1% of students nationwide are admitted

We arrange overseas internship opportunities for our students every vacation. We also support various overseas summer programs for students.

HUBS admission requires university entrance exam scores of applicants to be within the top 1% nationwide. For the Department of Finance, scores must be within the top 0.7%. Our students have good track records of winning in many national case competitions and innovation contests sponsored by major corporations of Korea.

Students at HUBS are presented with surmountable challenges, designed to expose them to various aspects of business. Our curriculum not only covers the latest knowledge, but also helps you get the skills you need to put your ideas into action.

HUBS students experience summer internship at Wellcome Corp, a retail giant in Hong Kong.

Outside classrooms, HUBS students are also passionate voluntary helpers for local community.

HUBS students received the Grand Prize in the National Business Case Competition in 2011.

HUBS students experience summer internships at Samsung Electronics in London, U.K.

HUBS offers students the chance to visit companies across the nation that are leaders in the industry. HUBS students posing with Executive Director of Samsung Economic Research Institute

24 _ HUBS

Students help to supply coal briquettes to low income families in Seoul.

Imperial College London and HUBS collaborate on international summer school.

Hanyang University Business School _ 25

Our Faculty

55 Full-time, Tenure-track Professors Prof. Min-Soo Kim (OB & HRM, Ph.D., from University of California, Berkeley) Professor Kim’s research interests include the person-environment fit, multi-level approach, social network, and employment relationship. His articles have been published in major international journals including the Journal of Management, the Human Resource Management Journal, and the International Journal of Human Resource Management. Some of his articles have received the “Best Paper” awards from the Academy of Management in Korea. In addition, Prof. Kim has served as a member of the editorial board of many prestigious national journals. He also has extensive experience in consultation of HR and organizational issues in major corporations such as Samsung and LG.

Prof. Min-Soo Shin (MIS, Ph.D., from University of Cambridge) Much of Professor Shin’s research is field-based in industries including telecommunications, broadcasting, digital contents, and consumer electronics. His work focuses on how novel information technologies are applied in organizations. His research in this area has been published in leading academic and practitioner journals such as Information & Management and Journal of Information Processing Management. He has served as an editorial board member of the International Telecommunications Policy Review and Journal of Internet Policy, and was an advisor of the Korean National Assembly’s Broadcasting & Telecommunications Forum. Prior to his academic career, he worked as a chief researcher at Samsung Economic Research Institute. Furthermore, Prof. Shin was recently invited as a visiting scholar at the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge.

Prof. Sung-Ho Kim (Marketing, Ph.D., from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) Professor Kim specializes in services marketing and market research methodology. His research interests lie particularly in the area of service failure and recovery. Kim pioneered the field of healthcare marketing in Korea and became the country’s first chairman of the Academy of Healthcare Management. He has rendered significant contributions in this area and his research has been published in many international and domestic journals. Prof. Kim’s research has won and received “Excellent Paper” awards from the Academy of Marketing Science, the Services Marketing Association, and the Korea Service Management Society to name a few.

With extensive international and real world experiences, HUBS faculty combine theory with practical knowledge in their classes The vast majority of our professors have either full-time work experience in major corporations and/or government offices worldwide. Some even come directly to the school from the world of business. Thus, their real-life experiences are utilized in their teaching, providing practical insights into the inner working of the professional world.

Prof. Dae-Sik Kim (Finance, Ph.D., from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) In academia, Professor Kim has published numerous books and articles in the area of financial markets and financial institutions, and was elected as the president of the Korea Finance Association. As an industry expert, he recently served as the Head of Korea Insurance Research Institute (KIRI) - a major research institution of the insurance industry in Korea - from 2010 to 2013. Prof. Kim teaches courses on finance and financial institutions, employing his extensive industry experience. He also served as an outside director for large corporations such as SK Telecom and Shinhan Bank.

Prof. Yu-Hyung Shin (OB & HRM, Ph.D., from Columbia University) Professor Shin’s research interest is in exploring factors and processes that contribute to the performance and creativity of organizational teams. She specializes in the areas of leadership, team culture, and regulatory focus as antecedents of tasks and creative performance of work teams. In addition, she has conducted various research on person-organization fit, organizational citizenship behavior, organizational culture and climate, and technology and organizational behavior. Prof. Shin’s research has been published in leading academic journals such as the Journal of Management, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, the Journal of Business Ethics, and Organizational Dynamics. She has received “Best Teaching” awards and “Excellent in Research” grants from universities and the Korean government. Prior to her academic career, she worked as a resource development specialist.

Prof. Sung-Jin Choi (Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Ph.D., from Peking University) After receiving his degree from the Guanghua School of Management at Peking (Beijing) University in China, Professor Choi was at the University of Hong Kong to pursue in-depth research on Chinese business strategy. He recently joined HUBS (2013) and teaches strategic management with an emphasis in the Chinese market. Prof Choi’s research interests include corporate political strategy and international knowledge spillover. Specifically, he specializes in business environments and institutions in China. Choi’s research has appeared in the International Journal of Technology Management, Asia Pacific Business Review and Economics, and Human Biology. His recent focus includes the role of returnee entrepreneurs’ on China's globalization process, and the problem of corruption in multinational corporations operating in China. 26 _ HUBS

Prof. Jung-Wha Han (Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Ph.D., from University of Georgia) Professor Han has devoted most of his academic career to HUBS, conducting research on entrepreneurship while providing consultation to small and medium sized firms in Korea. He teaches courses entitled “Entrepreneurship” and “Strategic Management” at HUBS, and was recently appointed as the chief administrator of the Small and Medium Business Business Association, an influential government organization in Korea.

Prof. Sang-Bin Lee (Finance, Ph.D., from New York University) Professor Lee is famous for introducing the “Ho and Lee Model”, which is the first arbitrage free model for interest rates. It is a short rate model that is widely used in the pricing of bond options, swaptions and other interest rate derivatives, and in the modeling of future interest rates. His articles can be found in the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Fixed Income, among others. He has also published many books in this area, some of which include, The Oxford Guide to Financial Modeling and Securities Valuation. Recently Prof. Lee received the Maekyung Economist Award, a highly prestigious award given to top economists in Korea. Hanyang University Business School _ 27


Australia / Curtin University of Technology / Central Queensland University / The University of New South Wales/Macquarie University / Deakin University / Bond University / Queensland University of Technology / FH Joanneum Gesellschaft mbH / Institute of Computer Technology of the Vienna University of Technology / Management Center Innsbruck / Belarus / National Academy of Sciences of Belarus / Belarus State University / Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology of the Belarusian Ministry of Public Health / Belgium / Haute Ecole de la Province de Li?ge (HEPL) / Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels / Brazil / Pontifiia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro / Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas(PUCCampinas) / University of Campinas / Universidade Estadual Paulista-Julio De Mesquita Filho / Pontificia Universidade Catolica De Minas Gerais / Canada / The University of Windsor / L'Universite De Montreal / The University of Victoria / York University / The University of Alberta School of Business / Mount Royal University/ CREPUQ / Memorial University of Newfoundland / Medicine Hat College / Chile / University of Los Lagos / Fundacion Chile / Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile / National Commision for Scientific and Technological Research(CONICYT) / The University of Chile / Universidad de Mayor / China / Yonungsung Social Science Center / Heilongjing University / Center for Asian Pacific Studies, Peking University / Harbin Institute of Technology / Yanbian University / Yanbian University of Science and Technology / Peking University / The College of Law / China Center for Economic Research, Peking University / Tsinghwa University / Beijing Language and Foreign University / Shanghai Jiao Tong University / Fudan University / Nankai University / Hong Kong Polytechnic University / Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture / Jilin College of Arts / Graduate School of Architecture Southeast University / Sichuan University / Shanghai Normal University / Kunming University of Science and Technology / Beijing Foreign Studies University / Nanjing Normal University / Wuhan University / Southeast University / Northwest University / Guangzhou University / University of Science and Technology of Suzhou / Jinan University / South China Normal University / Huazhong Normal University / Xi'an Jiaotong University / Taishan Medical University / China NanoScience Technology / Beijing University of Technology / Xiamen University / Shenzhen University / Qingdao University of Science and Technology / Yantai University / Dongbei University of Finance & Economics / East China Normal University / Dalian University of Technology/ Northeast Normal University / Ocean University of China / City University of Hong Kong / Soochow University / Northeastern University / Nanjing University / Yunnan University / Yangzhou University / Shandong University / Hunan University / Guangxi University / Wuhan University of Science and Technology / Wuhan University of Technology / Nanjing University of Finance & Economics / University of Shanghai for Science & Technology / Jilin University / Zhejiang University / Nanchang University / Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications / China Conservatory / Hefei University / Tianjin University of Finance & Economics / Guizhou University / Tsinghua University / Zhejiang University / Sihong High School / Qingdao Feiyang Vocational & Technical College / Huzhong Normal University / Shangqiu No.1 High School / North China University of Technology(NCUT) \ Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, College of Automation / North China University of Technology / Xinyang Normal University / Yanbian University / Liaoning University / Renmin University / Lingnan University / The Open University of Hong Kong / Croatia / University of Zagreb / CzechRepublic / Thomas Bata University / Institute of Technology and Business in Ceske Budejovice/ Denmark / Copenhagen School of Design and Technology / VIA University College / Ethiopia / Adama Science and Technology University / Finland / Haaga-Helia University / Hanken School of Economics / France / L'Universite De Rouen / Ecole Nationale Superieure de Ceramique Industrielle / Universite d'Evry Val d'Essonne / Ecole d'Architecture de Paris la Villette / ESC Rennes School of Business / Universite Paris - Saint-Denis Universite / Lille Catholic Universite-IESEG School Of Management / "N+I" Network / Negocia / ISC Paris / ESDES School of Management, Universite Catholique de Lyon / Amiens Picardy School of Management / ESCE- Ecole Sup e‘ rieure du Commerce ext?rieur / Groupe Sup De Co De Montpellier / Dijon Chamber and Industry Representing Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne / Burgundy School of Business / Ecole de Management de Normandie / Reims Management School / Ecole Centrale Paris / Euromed Management / Ecole Superieure Des Sciences Commerciales DANGERS(ESSCA) / The University Montpellier 2 Sciences et Techniques / Leonard De Vinci Pole Universitaire / ESPEME Business School / Ecole de Management Bretagne Atlantique / EPITA / EPF Graduate School of Engineering / ICN Business School / Grenoble Ecole de Management / Germany / Ruhr-University Bochum / Koln Music College / Eberhard-Karls Universitat Tubingen / Friedrich University / Technical University Berlin / International School of Management (ISM) / Max-Planck-Institute Fiir Metallforschung / Universitat Stuttgart / Motorola Transportation Systems Group / Vorsitzender des Vorstands-Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung / Bucerius Law School / Technische Universitat Dresden / Esslingen University of Applied Sciences / University of Erfurt / Universitat Konstanz / Universitat Wurzburg / Reutlingen University / Cologne Business School / Karlshochschule International University / Worms University of Applied Sciences / European University of Applied Sciences / Fachhochschule Neu-Ulm / The University of Bamberg / Frankfurt School of Finance & Management / Hochschule Pforzheim University / University of Bayreuth / Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences / Hungary / Szent Istvan University / India / Nirma University / Shivaji University / University of Pune / International Institute of Information Technology / Vishwakarma Institute of Technology / Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology / Dr. Babasaheb AmbedkarMarathwada University / Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University (SRTMU) / J.K. Lakshmipat University / Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati / Shivaji University / Indonesia / Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology / Universitas Indonesia / University of Surabaya / BINUS University / Iran / Mazandaran University of Science and Technology / Ireland / Dulbin City University / Israel / Tel Aviv University / Italy / The University of Trieste / Facolta di Architettura Valle Ciulia-Universita degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza / IUAV Universita degli studi / University of Florence / Salento University / Council of National Research (CNR) / The University of Siena / Politecnico di Torino /Japan / Shibaura Institute of Technology / Waseda University / Nagoya Industrial Engineering Research / Tokyo Institute of Technology / Kansai University / Tokai University / Kokushikan University / Chiba University of Commerce / Institute of Intellectual Property / Shinshu University / Kobe University / Chiba University / Tokyo Seitoku / Kyushu International University / J.F.Oberlin University / Kanda University of International Studies / Rikkyo University / Nagaoka Institute of Design / Osaka University of Economics / Nagoya Institute of Technology / Kochi University / Nagasaki University / School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo / The University of Tsukuba / College of Education Nagasaki University / Nagoya University / Tokyo Nissin Educational Institution / Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology / Ritsumeikan University / Technology Advanced Metropolitan Area / Konan University / Kyushu Kyoritsu University / Niigata University /Japan College of Foreign Languages / National Institute for Basic Biology / Tohoku University / Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University / Nagasaki University College of Education / Center for Advanced Science and Technology,

Global Partnerships with

493 Universities in 56 Countries (as of March, 2013)

HUBS Undergraduate Program Hyogo / Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry, University of Hyogo / Osaka University of Economics / Chuo University / Shibaura Institute of Technology / Musashino University / Rikkyo University / Tsukuba University / Osaka University / Niigata University / Kyoto Institute of Technology / Yamagata University / Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies / Juntendo University / Senzoku Gakuen College of Music / Kwansei Gakuin University / Tokyo Metropolitan University / Tama University / Meiji University / Tottori University / Hokkaido University / Kanazawa University / Kazakhstan / Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research(KIMEP) / Kazakh National University / Kyrgyz Republic / Bishkek Humanities University / Lithuania / Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania / Malaysia / Universiti Teknologi Malaysia / University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology / Multimedia University / Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman / Berjaya University College of Hospitality / University of Malaya / Mexico / Universidad Nacional de Mexico / Universidad de Monterrey / CETYS University / Mongolia / Mongolian University of Science Technology / National University of Mongolia / Mongolian International University / Ministry of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia / Mongolian State University of Education /Nepal / Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University / Netherlands / Hanze University / Fontys University of Applied Sciences / Hogeschool van Amsterdam / The Hague University / HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht / University College Utrecht / University of Groningen (Faculty of Economic and Business) / NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences / New Zealand / The University of Otago / Pakistan / The Higher Education Commission Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan / The Higher Education Commission, Pakistan / National University of Sciences and Technology / The Institute of Space Technology (IST) / Institute of Business Management / Paraguay / Americana University / Peru / National University of San Marcos / Philippines / University of Santo Tomas / University of the Philippines / Silliman University / University of The Philippines Visayas Cebu College / St. Luke's Medical Center / University of the Visayas / Cebu Doctors' University / Poland / University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw / University of Physical Education in Wroclaw / Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities / Silesian University of Technology / Cracow University of Technology / Kozminski University / The Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza / Warsaw University of Technology / Kadir Has University / Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences / Portugal / Nova School of Business and Economics / Romania / University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest / Russia / The Institute of Far Eastern Affairs, Academy of Sciences of the USSR 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Statistics on Foreign Students (2013)

28 _ HUBS




No. of Foreign Students (Including exchange)




% of Foreign Students (Including exchange)




Hanyang University Business School _ 29

List of Courses


HUBS Undergraduate Program

(Offered in English)

Special Programs for Chinese Students

About 30% of undergraduate coursework is offered in English

Special Programs for Chinese Students Academic Advisor for Chinese Students Chinese Student Advisor (Prof. Sung-Jin Choi) is specially appointed to help Chinese Students adjust to the Korean educational environment.

Prof. Sung-Jin Choi

Korea-China Mentoring HUBS offers mentoring programs to promote better understanding between Korean and Chinese students through a one-on-one pairing of all freshmen. A total of 60 Chinese and Korean students are partnered with each other every year. In addition, HUBS provides various programs for Chinese students to boost interaction and networking with their Korean counterparts.

Spring Semester

Fall Semester


-Intermediate Accounting

-Accounting Principle -Principles of Investment

-Financial Engineering -Investment Management -Global Communication in Finance -Finance Case Research -Financial Econometrics -Financial Engineering -Asset Pricing Theory

-Derivative Securities -Corporate Finance -Financial Time Series Modeling and Forecasting

-International Business -Asian Business and Marketing -Global Entrepreneurship and Ventures

-International Financial Management -Management of Global Corporations

-Marketing Research -Marketing Management

-Consumer Behavior -Advertising & Promotion -Marketing Research Methodology

Management Information System

-The Internet and The Future Society -Business Data Analysis -Management Information Systems

-Data Management and ITs Applications -Knowledge Management & DSS -Information Technology Strategy


-Organization Development

-Organizational Behavior -Organization Development

Operations & Service Management

-Basic Business Statisrics -Business Communication -Services Marketing - Logistics Management

-Business Communication Strategy

-Strategic Management -International Strategic Management

-Strategic Management -International Strategic Management -New Venture Creation -Competitive Strategy


Wu Xiaoming President of the HUBS Chinese Students Association (Business Administration, admitted in 2008) I was very impressed by Korea-China mentoring program that HUBS provided for Chinese students. This program helped many Chinese students to understand the school system and Korean culture. I think my Korean skills have significantly improved since I participated this program. The mentoring program is one of the reasons why I strongly recommend HUBS to other Chinese students who are considering studying business in Korea.

Career Advice and Consulting for Chinese Students HUBS invites Chinese alumni who are currently pursuing their business careers in Korea, and arranges various career advice sessions and lectures.

Courses offered in English (as of 2013)

Academic Disciplines

Global Business


Hanyang University Shanghai Center Established in 2003, the Hanyang University Shanghai Center arranges internships for Hanyang students in Shanghai, while it also provides business education and consulting services for Korean firms there. HUBS and Shanghai Jiaotong University (SAIF) have been working in collaboration to provide Executive Education programs at the Shanghai Center for many years. 30 _ HUBS

Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Hanyang University Business School _ 31


The Business School Building

HUBS Undergraduate Program

The new Business School Building, opened in 2007 (8 floors) Lecture rooms with high-tech multimedia resources Main auditorium with 300 seat capacity (7th floor) Global Student Lounge for international students Library and study rooms


Hanyang University provides 2 types of housing, dormitory rooms (located on campus) and off- campus housing located beside the rear campus gate. Both types of housing are within short walking distance to/from the classrooms.

On-campus Housing Students are responsible for purchasing their own meals and bedding. The cafeteria in the dormitory offers three meals a day, all of which are affordably priced. There are also many other on campus cafeterias and some restaurants, as well as plenty of eateries nearby.

Internet cafe & Individual lockers Lounge for female students Indoor golf driving range Fitness center & pool tables (nominal fees)

Dorm room features

Cafe (Sandwich &Snacks) Cafeteria with 300 seat capacity Convenience store Underground parking lot with 500 car capacity Ubiquitous Wifi Access

2 people per room Communal shower facility per floor (cleaned daily) Washer and dryer machines per floor Internet access (LAN) 5-10 minute walking distance to/from--> classrooms Fitness room (free access) Cafeteria Cafe‘ Convenience store (1st floor)

Off-campus Housing Off-campus housing is located next to the campus hospital entrance. Students are responsible for purchasing their own meals and bedding. There are nearby convenience stores and many restaurants walking distance from the off-campus housing. 1. Pool tables

2. Indoor golf driving range

Housing features

3. Fitness Center

32 _ HUBS

2 People per room (single rooms available but supply very limited) Restroom/washroom in rooms (to be cleaned by student) Washing machine in rooms Internet access (LAN) 10-20 minutes walking distance to/from classrooms

4. Caf e‘

Hanyang University Business School _ 33



HUBS provides both MS and Ph.D. degrees in Business Administration for those students seeking to enhance their theoretical knowledge and pursue academic careers. In Pursuit of Academic Excellence

The purpose of both the MS and Ph.D. programs is to educate and train our students to become researchers who are able to conduct rigorous studies and publish their work in major academic journals worldwide. To do so, students are required to take various research methodology courses in addition to their core courses.

Publish or Perish?

At HUBS, professors work closely with their MS and Ph.D. students to hone students research skills before beginning their thesis and/or dissertation writing efforts. All doctoral students are required to publish their work in a major journal, domestic or international, in order to receive their doctoral degree.

Locally global, globally local

Although most graduate seminars in the MS/Ph.D. program are conducted in Korean, there are courses offered in English. Thus, foreign students who only speak English (and lack Korean proficiency) can still pursue their MS/Ph.D. degrees at HUBS. However, these students should consult with their academic advisor before planning their coursework and thesis/dissertation. From 2013, HUBS in collaboration with the ICN business school in France are offering a dual MS degree in Business Administration for international students.

Balancing Academic Rigor with Real World Application

Professors at HUBS actively engage in real world research projects, many of which students can participate, and in the process receive grants from the government and/or corporations. Our students have a number of options from which to choose after graduation, including continuing their studies and research, pursuing employment in various organizations, and/or starting their own business ventures.

Kim, Hyo-Joon - CEO of BMW Korea - Ph.D. from Hanyang University (International Business) “Writing a research paper from scratch was a whole new experience even for a top manager like me. I had a hard time during the process of writing the paper, but in the end, it really paid off. I was able to actually apply theories that I had acquired in the classroom to business cases and situations in real life”.

Cho, Hwan-Eik - CEO of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Ph.D. from Hanyang University (Strategic Management)

At the graduation ceremony

34 _ HUBS

“Working together with my advisor and world-class faculty members really broadened my perspective in the field of business management. I had been interested in academic theories since I entered the world of business and HUBS was the turning point and guiding light in my life”.

Hanyang University Business School _ 35


1 Strength of our MBA

HUBS MBA HUBS provides the most diverse MBA Programs in Korea Currently, HUBS offers six different types of MBA programs to Korean students (eg. Finance MBA, Healthcare MBA, etc.) In addition to its variety, HUBS MBA has the largest number of registered students because of its popularity in Korea. Based on such domestic strength, HUBS is now planning to offer a new ‘Global MBA’ from 2015. The new ‘Global MBA’ will be taught in English and targets foreign students from all around the world.

3 Curriculum of the Global MBA

1. Core courses (3 credits/course, minimum 6 courses are required) Marketing Management Financial Management and Investment Organizational Behavior and Leadership Corporate and Financial Accounting Operations & Service Management Management Information Technology and Digital Strategy Strategic Management International Business and Trade

2. Internship and/or Field Study (Case Write-up) (3 credits each)

Extensive cooperation between industry & MBA program HUBS MBA and KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) in October of 2011. The two institutions agreed on academic exchange, global industryacademia cooperation, and the nurturing of key players in the business world.

3. Elective Courses: Korea and Asian Management (1.5 or 3 credits each) Business Communications in Korea Korean and Asian History and Culture Korean Industry and Business Practice Asian Business Management Special Lectures: Lessons from Executives from leading Korean Firms

2 4. Advanced Electives

New “Global MBA” (100% in English)

In 2015, HUBS is planning to launch the new “Global MBA”program, which will consist of

Global Brand Management

classes conducted 100% in English.

International Financial Management

- Innovative curriculum that includes new and up-to-date Asian business perspectives

E-biz Model & Strategy in Korea

- Scholarship available for international students

ICT Industries in Korea

- Students invited from all around the world

Capital Market and Financial System in Korea

New Global MBA Program for International Students Date of Launch 2015 Language 100% English Length of Study 16 months Class Size 40 Credit hrs. 45 1. Internship arrangements in Korea Special Advantages 2. Business field trips during the semester 3. Various courses on Korean and Asian business 36 _ HUBS

Supply Chain Management and Alliance Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategic Cost Accounting Business Economics Strategy of Korean Entertainment Business Strategy and Structure of Korean Conglomerates Human Resource Management in Korea

Hanyang University Business School _ 37

Opportunity for International Students

HUBS Undergraduate & MBA Program


1 Internship in Korea

An internship at a Korean firm is an ideal learning opportunity for students as it allows them to more practically link their academic learning with real-world business situations and experiences in a structured manner. HUBS provides assistance to its international students in procuring internship positions in Korea during vacation (for both undergraduate and MBA students). International students are encouraged to apply for internship opportunities in major Korean Corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai, and LG.

Business Field Trip

HUBS offers international students with unique and exciting opportunities to visit the headquarters of prominent corporations and/or major manufacturing plants around the Seoul Metropolitan area. These trips are intended to offer some firsthand perspectives on the inner workings of the Korean business environment.

In addition, HUBS has in place an internship agreement with AHPEK (Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea), which is comprised of more than 400 well- established firms and other large companies in Korea.

International students visiting Hyundai Motors (2013)

International studens visiting Samsung Electronics (2012)

3 Cultural Experience

HUBS regularly provides special lectures on Korean culture and holds traditional Korean Thanksgiving party for international students. There are also short trips organized to historical sites and scenic places of interest in Korea.

MOU signing for internship with AHPEK (Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea) on Sep. 2nd, 2013

Michael Kruk Internship at Dongwha Pharmaceuticals, Exchange Student from Austria

HUBS provides Korean Thanksgiving dinner party for international students every year

After my exchange semester at Hanyang University I had the chance to start an internship at Dongwha Pharmaceuticals in Seoul. During the internship I had many responsible tasks and I learned a lot about business development and marketing. This internship was a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in international business as well as to attain deep insight into Korean business culture.

HUBS Students at the Boryeong Mud Festival, 2012

38 _ HUBS

A visit to JSA (Joint Security Area) between South and North Korea

Hanyang University Business School _ 39

Student Life at HUBS

40 _ HUBS

Hanyang University Business School _ 41

42 _ HUBS