Aerosol Measurement : Principles, Techniques, and

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Aerosol Measurement : Principles, Techniques, and Applications Table Of Contents: Preface Contributors PART I PRINCIPLES 1 Introduction to Aerosol Characterization Pramod Kulkarni Paul A. Baron Klaus Willeke 2 Fundamentals of Single Particle Transport Pramod Kulkarni Paul A. Baron Klaus Willeke 3 Physical and Chemical Processes in Aerosol Systems William C. Hinds 4 Size Distribution Characteristics of Aerosols Walter John 5 An Approach to Performing Aerosol

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Measurements Pramod Kulkarni Paul A. Baron PART II TECHNIQUES 6 Aerosol Transport in Sampling Lines and Inlets John E. Brockmann 7 Sampling and Analysis Using Filters Peter C. Raynor David Leith K. W. Lee R. Mukund 8 Sampling and Measurement Using Inertial, Gravitational, Centrifugal, and Thermal Techniques Virgil A. Marple Bernard A. Olson 9 Methods for Chemical Analysis of Atmospheric Aerosols Paul A. Solomon Matthew P. Fraser Pierre Herckes 10 Microscopy and Microanalysis of Individual Collected Particles Robert A. Fletcher Nicholas W. M. Ritchie Ian M. Anderson John A. Small 11 Real-Time Particle Analysis by Mass Spectrometry Anthony S. Wexler

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Murray V. Johnston 12 Semi-Continuous Mass Measurement Ernest Weingartner Heinz Burtscher Christoph Huglin Kensei Ehara 13 Optical Measurement Techniques: Fundamentals and Applications Christopher M. Sorensen Josef Gebhart Timothy J. O'Hern Daniel J. Rader 14 Real-Time Techniques for Aerodynamic Size Measurement Paul A. Baron Malay K. Mazumder Yung-Sung Cheng Thomas M. Peters 15 Electrical Mobility Methods for Submicrometer Particle Characterization Richard C. Flagon 16 Instruments and Samplers Based on Diffusional Separation Yung-Sung Cheng 17 Condensation Particle Counters Yung-Sung Cheng 18 Instruments Based on Electrical Detection of Aerosols Suresh Dhaniyala Martin Fierz Jorma Keskinen






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Marko Marjanaki 19 Electrodynamic Levitation of Particles E. James Davis 20 Fundamentals of Cone-Jet Electrospray Alessandro Gomez Weiwei Deng 21 Calibration of Aerosol Instruments Bean T. Chen Robert A. Fletcher Yung-Sung Cheng 22 Size Distribution Data Analysis and Presentation Gurumurthy Ramachandran Douglas W. Cooper PART III APPLICATIONS 23 Nonspherical Particle Measurement: Shape Factor, Fractals, and Fibers Pramod Kulkarni Paul A. Baron Christopher M. Sorensen Martin Harper 24 Biological Particle Sampling Tuna Reponen Klaus Willeke Sergey Grinshpun Aino Nevalainen 25 Workplace Aerosol Measurement Jon C. Volkwein Andrew D. Maynard Martin Harper 26 Ambient Aerosol Sampling

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John G. Watson Judith C. Chaw 27 Indoor Aerosol Exposure Assessment Charles E. Rodes 28 Radioactive Aerosols Mark D. Hoover 29 Measurement of Cloud and Aerosol Particles from Aircraft James C. Wilson Haflidi Jonsson 30 Satellite-Based Measurement of Atmospheric Aerosols Rudolf B. Husar 31 Atmospheric New Particle Formation: Physical and Chemical Measurements Peter H. McMurry Chongai Kuang James N. Smith Jun Zhao Fred Eisele 32 Electrical Classification and Condensation Detection of Sub-3-nm Aerosols Juan Fernandez de la Mora 33 High Temperature Aerosols: Measurement and Deposition of Nanoparticle Films Pratim Biswas Elijah Thimsen 34 Characterization and Measurement of Atmospheric Large Particles (PM ≥ 10 μm) Kenneth E. Noll

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Dhesikan Venkatesan 35 Manufacturing of Materials by Aerosol Processes George Skillas Arkadi Maisels Sotiris E. Pratsinis Tolvo T. Kodas 36 Aerosol Measurements in Cleanrooms David S. Ensor Anne Marie Dixon 37 Sampling Techniques in Inhalation Toxicology Owen R. Moss 38 Factors Governing Pulmonary Response to Inhaled Particulate Matter Vincent Castranova 39 Measurement of Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Inhalation Aerosols Anthony J. Hickey David Swift Appendix A Glossary Of Terms Appendix B Conversion Factors Appendix C Commonly Used Constants Appendix D Some Properties Of Air And Water Appendix E Key Dimensionless Numbers Appendix F Properties Of Particles Appendix G Geometric Formulas Appendix H Bulk Density Of Some Common Aerosol Materials Appendix I Manufacturers And Suppliers Index






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