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second is for study use and has 15 computers with all the software students need to better their English. The school now also has free wireless intern...

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School - Cambridge

Kaplan Aspect


Welcome to Kaplan Aspect Cambridge. Kaplan Aspect Cambridge offers a peaceful study environment with easy access to the attractions of central Cambridge. The school has long been a favourite destination of language students from all over the world. Less than 1 hour from London, this famous 800 year old town combines the tranquil beauty of its university with a busy town centre that offers a range of shops, pubs and first class restaurants. It also boasts a lively arts scene with a variety of theatres, concerts and exhibitions. Founded in the late 1970’s, Kaplan Aspect Cambridge is housed in a large, converted Edwardian house with a modern extension. The school is west of the city centre in the quiet, residential area of Newnham, a 10-minute bus ride away from the centre. The school has its own gardens where we hold barbecues on warm summer evenings.

Kaplan Aspect Cambridge







CAMBRIDGE Kaplan Aspect schools are members of ENGLISH UK.

Kaplan Aspect schools in the UK are accredited by the British Council.

Kaplan Aspect Cambridge 75 Barton Road Cambridge CB3 9LJ United Kingdom 1

School - Cambridge

Kaplan Aspect Cambridge

School Facilities Classrooms We have 8 large classrooms which are spacious, each seating up to 15 students. All rooms are complete with tables and chairs and a whiteboard. There are televisions, videos, dvd players, cd and cassette players and overhead projectors available for lessons.

Multimedia and IT centre Kaplan Aspect Cambridge has 2 computer rooms. The first is for internet access and consists of 5 computers with free email. The second is for study use and has 15 computers with all the software students need to better their English. The school now also has free wireless internet connection, so students with their own laptops can have internet access while at the school.

Study room There is a study room in the school with textbooks, self-study materials, magazines and some paperbacks.

Coffee shop There is a coffee shop on the premises which serves hot and cold meals and provides a place where students can relax in their free time.

Sports facilities Public parks can be used for outdoor sporting activities. The Activities coordinator can help with organising these events.

Gym facilities Students are able to join the local gym for indoor sports and fitness training.

Activities/Social Programme A full and varied social programme is organised each week. Please see overleaf for an example timetable.

Kaplan Aspect Classroom

Multimedia room

Your first day On the first day of your course you need to report to the school reception at 8.15am. Your first day will be a Monday unless there is a holiday on the Monday - in which case your first day will be Tuesday. Your course will begin with an all-day introduction that will include: • A welcome talk by the Principal or Director of Studies • A Placement Test to determine the level of the course you require • Information about your classes • Information about the school and area • An overview of school activities and excursions • An introduction to the Multimedia Centre • A tour of the school, and facilities • Completion of forms and collection of any outstanding payments You will also receive information about your class schedule, classroom number, study level, elective course, and the hours you are to attend class. We will put you in the most suitable class for your level of English. Please bring your Kaplan Aspect documents, your passport, £25 book deposit and pen and paper for note-taking purposes.


School - Cambridge

Kaplan Aspect Cambridge

Local Information Transport - buses and trains Weekly passes can be purchased for the local bus service which can save you time and money. It takes approximately 10 minutes to get into the town centre by bus. You can reserve tickets and pick up train timetables at the school reception.

Banks and Post Office There are many banks in the town centre for you to choose from. Always remember to change money and cheques in banks. There is also a post office in the town, post office boxes are red and located on many street corners.

The school garden area

Interior of the school

The school cafeteria shop

Kaplan Aspect students

Restaurants and cafés There are many different restaurants and pubs located in the town centre.

Department stores and supermarkets There are some small supermarkets and food stores located within walking distance of the school.

Telephone and Internet Café You can access internet and e-mail in the second computer room and internet cafes in the city-centre. There is a public telephone at the school. Students are advised to purchase a phone card for long distance calls and to call on weekend and evenings as call rates are cheaper then.

Church / Mosque There are churches of all religions and faiths close to the school. A list of these and their locations is posted at the school.

Sample Activities Schedule Please note that this is a sample programme and activities may change. See a current activities schedule at:

Week one

Cost of Living Approximate prices in GBP School Coffee Shop Canned drink: £0.60 Coffee: £0.90 Hot Chocolate: £1.00 Tea: £0.80 Fruit Juice: £0.50 Baguette: £1.50-2.40 Various Pannini £3.50 Croissant with cheese and ham £1.50

Buying lunch in town Sandwich: £2.50-3.00 Coffee: £2.00 Tea: £1.50 Canned drink: £0.80-1.00 Bottled water: £1.00 Lasagne: £6.50 Burger: £3.00 Pizza Slice: £2.50 Chicken Salad: £4.00 Jacket Potato: £3.50 Tickets / Rental Cinema: £6.00 Bike hire (per week): £18.00 Bus pass (per week):

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Welcome tour of Cambridge Football Theatre trip to London to see a musical Evening at a traditional English pub Disco night Trip to Windsor Castle

Week two Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Party Film night Tennis Visit to the Fitzwilliam museum Student Quiz Trip to Ely for cream tea


School - Cambridge

Kaplan Aspect Cambridge

The Team Kaplan Aspect Cambridge Principal: Isabel Ribeiro Isabel is responsible for maintaining the quality of all aspects of the school. She can help you if you have any questions about Kaplan Aspect’s services or if you would like to attend specific courses.

Accommodation Manager: Sarah Tennant Sarah is responsible for finding host families and placing students in the residence. She will also help you adjust to the English culture.

School Administrator: Sarah McIntosh Sarah is the best person to speak to if you want to extend or upgrade your course. She can give you advice on future studies and other courses available to you. She also manages the registration of new students and is responsible for student services.

Course Information Sample Timetables

Courses and Services • Vacation English • General English • Intensive English • Cambridge Exam Preparation (Dedicated FCE and CAE) • General Academic Year • Intensive Academic Year • General Academic Semester • Intensive Academic Semester

• University Placement

Class times are subject to change and you should only use this timetable as an example of what type of structure to expect. The number of classes you receive within the above timetable will depend on the course you have booked. Monday - Friday 8.25am - 9.55am: Class 9.55am - 10.05am: Break 10.05am - 11.35am: Class 11.35am - 11.50am: Break 11.50am - 1.20pm: Class

1.20pm - 2pm: 2pm - 3.30pm: 3.30pm - 3.40pm: 3.40pm - 5.10pm:

Break Class Break Class


School - Cambridge

Kaplan Aspect Cambridge

Transfer Information Kaplan Aspect transfers Students should arrive at Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton or Stansted airports where a driver will meet them to help with transportation. Kaplan Aspect School Transfer Service must be arranged in advance. Independent Transfers For students who prefer to organise their own transport from the airport, National Express runs coach services to Cambridge from most of the major airports. See the National Express website for further details: London Heathrow Airport to Cambridge National Express Coach Coach departs LHR Terminal 4 and LHR Central Bus Station approximately every 30 - 45 minutes. First coach is at 6:10 and last coach is at 23:40. Journey time: 2-3 hours

Many bikes in Cambridge

London Gatwick Airport to Cambridge National Express Coach Coach departs from South or North Terminal Coach Station approximately every hour. First coach is at 02:00 and last coach is at 23:45. Journey time: 4-6 hours London Luton Airport to Cambridge National Express Coach Coach departs from Bus Station, outside Terminal approximately every hour from 06:35 until 21:50. Journey time: 1.5 - 3 hours Central London to Cambridge National Express Coach Departs London Victoria Coach Station approximately every 30 minutes from 06:30 until 22:00. Journey time: 2 - 4 hours Train Trains to Cambridge depart from London Kings Cross station and London Liverpool Street every 30 minutes from 06:00 - 23:00. Journey time: 50 minutes Stansted Airport to Cambridge National Express Coach First coach at 05:00, then a coach departs from the Coach Station approximately every hour from 07:00 until 23:00. Journey time: 50 minutes. Train Approximately every 30 minutes. Journey time: 30 minutes Valid from January 2008. Details may change. Published August 2007.