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• Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award given by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), 2000. As a student ... Biology, June 30 – July 2015, Atlanta, ...

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39 BAB III METODE PENELITIAN 3.1 Definisi Operasional Definisi operasional variabel adalah pengertian variabel (yang diungkap dalam definisi konsep) t ersebut, secara operasional, secara praktik, secara nyata dalam

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0.5 cycle per pixel. Validation of LV Input Function Forty-four normal C57BL/6 mice were studied to verify the LV input function derived from dynamic PET data. For measurement of the equilibrium constant for plasma and whole blood over time, arterial

PID control, to the non-Euclidean manifold, SO(3), describ-ing spatial rigid body rotations. In the area of underactuated ... described in Section 4

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