AngularJS Master Plus Course

AngularJS Master Plus Course is a 2 months’ program where advanced level ... 5. JavaScript Code Mini˜cation or Compression 6. JavaScript Loading Strat...

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AngularJS Master Plus Course Duration: 02 Months [Class Room | Online Training] Weekdays:- 2hrs / 3 days

Fastrack:- 1½ hrs per day

Weekends:- 2½ hrs (Sat & Sun)

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Revit Architecture AngularJS Master Plus Course Course

Duration: 02 Months

Front-end web developers mostly depend on JavaScript (JS) to create the interactive aspects of a website that users see in their browsers and other frameworks and libraries are also used to streamline and simplify the complex code. AngularJS a comprehensive JavaScript framework—and it gives AngularJS developers everything they need to set up the front-end of a web application, with a modular approach to web design and a large support community. AngularJS Master Plus Course is a 2 months’ program where advanced level JavaScript and AngularJS will be taught which is essential for any front-end developer who plans to develop complex applications, libraries, or frameworks. Angular framework provided by Google and is one of the most sought after skill in the industry today. AngularJS is the leading front-end web application development framework. It is a powerful open-source JavaScript framework, which is used for making web- applications. With our highly-qualified instructors, the participants will learn various effective ways of adding AngularJS to HTML and cover its vital elements that includes directories, filters, events, controllers, form validation, modules, routing, single page application, data binding, dependency injection, integration with MVC and many more. The learners will get hands-on exposure on implementing the concepts and making the applications more responsive to user actions. We are one of the best advanced AngularJS training institutes in Delhi. This short-term certificate course in AngularJS from our institute has been especially customized for web designers and UI developers who want to do an advanced and professional level training in advanced AngularJS but have basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Prerequisites to Join AngularJS Course • •

Individuals with prior JavaScript knowledge and a sound understanding of web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 etc. is a must Knowledge of JavaScript • Good understanding of the Document Object Model (DOM) • Good command over JavaScript's functions, events, and error handling

AngularJS Master Plus Course Semesters and Modules: Module 1: Advanced JavaScript 1.




5. 6. 7. 8.

Advanced Functions in JavaScript • Callback Functions • Bind() • Currying • Chaining Debugging JavaScript • Browser Development Environment (BDE) • Test Driven Environment (TDE) Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS) • Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript • Built-in Prototypes in JavaScript • Functional Inheritance in JavaScript • Class Abstractions in JavaScript • Namespacing in JavaScript • Polymorphism in JavaScript • Encapsulation in JavaScript JavaScript Design Patterns • OO Design Patterns • JavaScript-specific Coding Patterns • Singleton Pattern • Module Pattern • Revealing Module Pattern • Factory Pattern • Anti-patterns • Object Creation Patterns • Code Reuse Patterns JavaScript Code Minification or Compression JavaScript Loading Strategies Dependency Management of JavaScript JavaScript Security

Duration: 02 Months

AngularJS Master Plus Course

Duration: 02 Months

Module 2 : AngularJS 1. Steel Framing • What you should know before starting the course • Role of JavaScript • What topics will be covered 2. Getting Started • What is AngularJS? • Exploring a basic Application built in AngularJS • Knowing the Model-View-Controller Architecture • Use of Modules and Scope 3. Expressions and Built-in Directives 4. Filters and New Directives • Filters Usage • How to display first image? • Displaying all thumbnails • Creating an image gallery with JavaScript 5. Overview of Controller 6. Working with Models • Working with Complex Models • Using the $http Service to read a JSON file coming from server • Filtering Content with Directives • Binding to Input Fields using Filters 7. Learning Events and event propagation 8. Working with Forms • Forms and Models • How to make a review form? • Reviewing of live preview • Accepting form submission • Creating and using review controller • Form Validation • Styling form 11. Dealing with Services, Routing, and Dependencies • Dependencies Injection and Controllers

AngularJS Master Plus Course

Duration: 02 Months

• Inbuilt and Custom Services • Different Types of Routing 12. Integration of AngularJS with Twitter Bootstrap 13. Creating an App in AngularJS • Setting up deep linking • Wiring up a second partial • Creating details template • Adding navigation to details page • AngularJS animation events • Setting up the routing (AngularJS Application by Students of our Institute) 14. Evaluating You on AngularJS – 100 Marks • Project – 45 Marks • Theory Test – 25 Marks • Blog Writing – 10 Marks • Attendance – 10 Marks • Conduct – 10 Marks

Training Mode: • • • • • • •

Regular Fast-Track Weekends (Sat/Sun) Only Sundays Online

Career Options:

AngularJS Developers • Single Page Application (SPA) UI Developers AngularJS Specialist, Front End Developer etc. ANIMATION & DIGITAL MEDIA EDUCATION CENTER® Our Office: Block C-7/ 114, Second Floor, Sector- 7, Rohini, Delhi-110085 Mob: 99 1178 2350, 98 1181 8122 e-mail: [email protected]

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