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“The journey towards a safety culture is an ongoing one. With strong commitment from management and ownership from every Keppelite towards safety, we ...

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  Annex B (II)

PROFILES OF WSH AWARDS 2012 WINNERS WSH Performance Awards (Excellence) Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) Limited To Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (PCS), winning the WSH Excellence Award is testament to their commitment to create a strong safety culture within the company. To ensure that every employee embraces workplace safety and health (WSH), PCS regularly shares lessons learned from near misses and incidents that occurred elsewhere. At PCS, an open, two-way communication is also emphasised. Through their “Speak Out for Safety” initiative, workers are encouraged to speak out and take action in potentially dangerous situations. The company believes that this will instill in workers a sense of ownership at work and inspire them to achieve greater things for themselves and the company. “We cannot be complacent about workplace safety. What was practised in the past without incident does not ensure that we will be safe in the future. Therefore we have to continuously improve workplace safety standards.” Mr Lucas Ng H K General Manager (Plant) WSH Performance Awards (Gold) Turbine Overhaul Services Pte Ltd To Turbine Overhaul Services (TOS), workplace safety and health means that employees are able to go home safe to their families from work every day. Their WSH philosophy stems from their Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy stating that they will not be satisfied until their workplace is safe from hazards, employees are injury-free and their products and services are safe. TOS is proud to be a bizSAFE Partner and has made bizSAFE requirements a compulsory criteria in their selection of contractors. They believe that bizSAFE has improved their safety knowledge and is sending the message that WSH is very important to their business. “Winning the award is extremely important to our company. Here at TOS, the safety of all our employees comes first and the main reason for our success is everyone, every day plays an active part in our safety culture.” Mr Chris Brooks Manager EHS WSH Performance Awards (Silver) Life Technologies Holdings Pte Ltd Life Technologies Holdings Pte Ltd believes that every employee deserves a conducive, safe and healthy work environment. They believe that their employees are their greatest asset and that a safe work environment boosts employee morale and as a result, increases productivity. At Life Technologies, safety goes beyond putting on personal protective equipment and conducting risks assessments. Meetings begin with employees discussing safety issues. 1


  Sharing sessions and discussions on workplace safety and health are also conducted among employees to encourage ownership and accountability towards WSH. “As a company that manufactures medical devices, we deeply believe in shaping discoveries and improving life. With that, the well-being of all individuals becomes paramount. It is critical that we don’t lose sight of workplace safety and health while striving to manufacture instruments for the betterment of mankind.” Mr Jason H. Halsey Head, Singapore Operations

WSH Developer Awards CapitaLand Residential Singapore Pte Ltd As one of the leading developers in Singapore, CapitaLand Residential paves the way by prioritising safety above all else. Upholding high standards of workplace safety and health forms the cornerstone of their business. To ensure that work is carried out safely on all projects, CapitaLand Residential works closely with their contractors to maintain stringent safety standards at all times. Contractors and workers are rewarded for achieving good WSH standards. CapitaLand Residential also sees it as their personal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all contractors and workers. They do this because they firmly believe that adhering to such high standards results in higher productivity and enhances their business competitiveness. “This award is a strong endorsement of CapitaLand’s commitment to workplace safety. We are very encouraged by the recognition and will continue to strive for excellence in our workplace safety and health practices.” Mr Wong Heang Fine CEO WSH Developer Awards City Developments Limited At City Development Limited (CDL), their commitment to workplace safety and health stems from their Corporate Social Responsibility towards providing safe and healthy work environments. CDL leverages on their position as one of the leading property developers to promote WSH and influence their contractors, suppliers and workers to implement effective risk management and adopt measures to ensure safety on worksites. CDL has also put policies and programmes in place to encourage everyone to comply with stringent safety standards. An independent third-party WSH consultant is appointed by CDL to audit and assess safety performances across all worksites according to their in-house CDL 5-Star Environmental, Health and Safety Assessment System. CDL attributes its high productivity to a robust WSH system and philosophy. “Being accorded the WSH Developer Award honour for the sixth time affirms CDL’s sustained commitment towards promoting WSH excellence and reflects the dedication of our like-minded builders and consultants.” Mr Anthony Chia Director (Projects) 2


  WSH Developer Awards Keppel Land Limited Safety is a core value in the Keppel Group and clinching the WSH Developer Award is a testament to that. Keppel Land conscientiously shares best practices with their contractors and sub-contractors to encourage knowledge sharing as well as to enhance safety awareness onsite. Their good safety practices have also enabled Keppel Land to complete projects on time with significant improvements to the company’s Accident Frequency and Accident Severity rates, and zero fatalities in 2011. Beyond the recognition from the government and the industry, for Keppel Land, the greatest reward comes in seeing everyone return home safely at the end of each workday. “The journey towards a safety culture is an ongoing one. With strong commitment from management and ownership from every Keppelite towards safety, we can achieve our vision of creating an incident-free workplace.” Mr John Birchall Keppel Group Safety Coordinator and Director of Workplace Safety and Health Unit

WSH Awards for Supervisors Balasubramanian Baskar SDDA Pte Ltd Workplace safety is important to Balasubramanian Baskar as it protects the lives of his workers. He derives a sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing that his workers are safe at work, and can return home to have dinner with their family each day. Family is important to him and motivates him to give his best at work. The staff under Balasubramanian turns to him whenever they have any difficulties. He always offers them a listening ear, and tries his best to help them. He is also especially proud of the staff for their teamwork and effort put in to ensure that their workplace is accident-free. “WSH is important because it can protect lives, which have an impact not only on my workers but also our families.”

WSH Awards for Supervisors Sandaran Subramaniam Multiheight Scaffolding Pte Ltd Sandaran Subramaniam firmly believes that as a supervisor, one should be sincere to his workers, and make a genuine effort to understand them. He conducts toolbox briefings twice daily to reinforce safety regulations and provide workers with an avenue to share their experiences and voice their concerns. To Sandaran, a safe work environment would not only keep his workers safe, but would also give their families the assurance that the company is looking out for their safety.



  Sandaran is proud to win this award for his company and credits his success to his superior and the team. “In a safe working environment, parents and wives would willingly allow their sons and husbands to work… being safe will increase productivity, increase morale and keep everyone happy.” WSH Awards for Supervisors Subramaniyan Baskaran Eastman Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd Apart from conducting risk assessments and Subramaniyan Baskaran makes use of the daily workers the importance of safety. He stresses to home safely after a hard day’s work but for that to daily commitment towards his own safety.

implementing risk control measures, toolbox meetings to inculcate i in his them that everyone deserves to return happen, every worker has to make that

Honoured and elated to receive the Supervisor award, Subramaniyan would like to thank his manager for recognising his efforts, and his fellow workers for their commitment towards workplace safety. “Workplace safety is an individual responsibility and it must be reflected in their daily work attitude so that they can return home safely to their loved ones.” WSH Awards for Supervisors Mohd Kartika bin Hurdi Gammon Pte. Limited Mohd Kartika bin Hurdi believes that respecting and treating his workers like family is an effective way to drive home the safety message. When he has gained their trust, the workers will be more willing to listen when he shares with them the importance of workplace safety. Mohd seeks to make them truly understand how accidents not only affect their lives, but also those of their families. He believes that this will ingrain the safety message in their hearts. Mohd is very thrilled that his efforts had been recognised. He dedicates this award to Yazid, the Assistant Safety Manager of Gammon Hong Kong Project, whose support and encouragement has inspired him to never stop learning. “I am making workplace safety and health “A Way of Life”.” WSH Awards for Supervisors Elangavan Baskaran Safety Coordinator, SAMBO E&C Pte Ltd Since joining the Workplace Safety and Health profession in 2004, Safety Coordinator Elangavan Baskaran has not looked back. Winning the WSH Supervisor Award is not only an achievement; it also represents a culmination of his passion for saving lives at work. Elangavan is a conscientious supervisor, he keeps himself up-to-date on WSH information and translates them into different languages during toolbox meetings. He also attends to his workers’ needs; this includes safety briefings, training and recognising exemplary safety behaviour.



  Elangavan is elated to be a recipient of this Award and credits his win to Juries, his employer, SAMBO E&C Pte Ltd, his project team and his workers. “To me, WSH is about saving lives and preventing all incidents.” WSH Awards for Supervisors Mohammed Nazrul lslam Welding Superintendent, Keppel FELS Limited Every morning, Mohammed Nazrul makes sure his workers are briefed on safety and correct work procedures. He also finds that the other good way to spread safety messages is to lead by example. He knows that his role is pivotal in ensuring the safety of his workers and his company’s ability to deliver their products on time and within budget. Mohammed Nazrul is elated to win the Supervisor award and attributes it to his manager, Mr Scott Yan’s, guidance. This award is not only a recognition of his hard work, it also sends his peers the message that their efforts to keep their workers and workplace safe would not go unnoticed. “Some of my workers, who have left the company, thanked me for teaching them how to work safely. They told me that this knowledge is for life, and can be applied everywhere.” WSH Awards for Supervisors Mohammad Alamgir Hossain Md Anower Hossain Supervisor, Keppel Singmarine Pte Ltd To Supervisor Mohammad Alamgir, communication is crucial to ensuring the safety of his workers. Because we all spend so much time at work, he feels that it is important that workplace safety and health policies are in place to protect everyone. Each workday, he briefs his workers on safe work procedures and informs them of the risks involved in their job. He praises them when they do a good job and takes time to explain when they are doing something wrong. He even stops work if he sees that safety precautions are not followed. “I am motivated when I see my colleagues and workers perform their job without accident and in a safe manner. Many of them are my friends and because they work hard, it is important that they return home safely to see their loved ones.” WSH Awards for Supervisors Richard Low Keng Fatt Senior Foreman, PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd Senior Foreman Richard Low sees reminding his workers to work safely as a personal responsibility. He makes sure that his workers have the right equipment and reminds them of the job hazards they face. Staff welfare and morale are also important to him, so he makes sure they get enough rest and gives them a treat once in a while to boost their morale. Richard firmly believes that supervisors are role models and must practice what they preach. Only then will their workers look up to them and be motivated to work safely. “I would like to thank the management of PPL, my fellow colleagues, friends and especially to my wife for being a constant support throughout these years. Working in the marine and offshore industry is never an easy task, and her constant love and understanding motivates me to work diligently and safely.” 5


  WSH Awards for Supervisors Michael Kee Site Engineer, Woh Hup (Pte) Ltd For Site Engineer Michael Kee, winning the WSH Supervisor Award is especially meaningful. This is the first time that Woh Hup has won an award in this category and Michael is proud to have helped them achieve this milestone. In addition, Michael is also proud that his work site has achieved more than 8 million man-hours worked without incidents. Not one to take safety at work for granted, Michael is steadfast in protecting the welfare and safety of his workers. He takes time to make sure that all workers attend daily toolbox meetings to raise their awareness of safety matters at their worksite. “At Woh Hup, we are like one big family. I believe supervisors must see themselves as the guardians or ‘brothers’ of the workers, and not just a superior.”

WSH Officer Awards R. Sivakumar Assistant Corporate EHS Manager, Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd Work Sincerely with Heart, to R. Sivakumar, this is what WSH stands for. For R. Sivakumar, safety is more than just a job. It is about embracing the correct mindset with passion and addressing the challenges with compassion. As his work environment is a multicultural one, he found that being able to have an all-rounded view of the projects, and understanding and creating rapport with the workers on the ground work in his favour when educating and training his workers on safety rules and regulations. “Everything else can be obtained with time, effort and money but a life cannot be compensated with anything in the world.” WSH Officer Awards Tan Joo Jin PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd It is not easy to maintain good Workplace Safety and Health standards and compliance within a shipyard, especially when one has to work with a diverse group of people. But for Tan Joo Jin, being a WSH Officer at PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd has helped him develop the skills and qualities that are needed to overcome these challenges. With open communication and the knowledge and experience gained from years of field work, Joo Jin has learnt how to mitigate, reduce and prevent incidents in his area of work. Joo Jin’s greatest motivation to do his job well comes from seeing his colleagues and partners safe and happy at the workplace. “WSH is a noble cause as it is about safeguarding lives and preventing loss… I am honoured to play a part in promoting WSH excellence within the industry and the nation.”



  WSH Risk Management Awards Testing Inspection & Solution Private Limited Winning the Workplace Safety and Health Risk Management (RM) Award has boosted the morale of all the staff at Testing Inspection & Solution Private Limited. They are now even more determined to keep up with their efforts to make their workplace safe. To Testing Inspection, conducting RM is essential before they start any operations. They believe that the process helps to reinforce in their employees the notion that safety is an important component of their job. Implementing RM has also helped them grow their business. Testing Inspection strongly recommends other companies to follow suit because RM is a basic yet practical and effective way to keep a workplace safe. “Workplace safety and health is a continuous journey to ensure the success of our business.” Mr Ragu S/O Ramachandran Associate Director, HSSE

WSH Innovation Awards Handrail Welder’s Friend Keppel Sea Scan Pte Ltd Keppel Sea Scan’s marine division produces handrails for ships. Workers fabricate and weld the handrails by sitting on two working tables. This potentially exposures their workers to hazards such as falls, awkward postures and fires. To address these hazards, the team came up with the “Handrail Welder’s Friend”— a frame that the handrails can be attached to. Instead of having to confine themselves to tables, workers can now access the handrails from all angles. This frame eliminates falls from height, minimises back injuries due to poor posture and increases productivity. Encouraged by their win, the team plans to modify the Handrail Welder’s Friend to accommodate handrails of different sizes and designs. They also hope to implement this initiative across other products they produce. “Safety is a journey but not a destination. We’ve made safety a habit because safety is also part of our life. Safety is the first thing that comes to our mind before we start work.” Mr Kyaw Kyaw Lwin Team Leader WSH Innovation Awards Tiong Seng Contractors (Pte) Ltd Tiong Seng Contractors (Pte) Ltd’s project on NUS Kent Vale’s Housing Extension, included the construction of side-mounted railings for 300 balconies. Compelled by the need to protect their workers, the team came up with the innovative “Safe Working Platform” to reduce risks of falls. Traditionally, the installation of the railings required the erection of scaffolds or the use of gondolas, both of which came with their own set of challenges. The “Safe Working Platform” is a pre-fabricated 5-component system that only required two men to install. This system reduced risks from falling from height, manpower, and installation costs. It also boasted cost 7


  savings of up to 80 per cent from other traditional methods. The team also plans to share this system with other projects and to make modifications for other stages in the construction process. “Innovative and creative is one of our company’s six corporate values. Winning this WSH Innovation Award affirms our continuous strive in achieving WSH excellence.” Edwin Lee Team Facilitator