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Reports to: Assistant Maintenance Manager    Job Summary:  Provide and ensure the school operation run smoothly. Ensure all the utilities, facilities  including classroom, parking lots, event halls, canteen, eating areas, playground, field,  gym, lockers, rest room, electrical DB’s, pump room, electrical fittings and fixtures in  order to enforce school rules with regards to safety and health. To maintain and ensure  troubleshoot, repair, inspect, check and and service facilities of ISKL in proper condition  which covers all electrical equipment, lights, air-cond, water taps, piping and setting up of  function hall/rooms.     Duties:    1. Assist the Assistant Maintenance Manager in diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing  of school facilities.   2. Act for the Maintenance Supervisor during his absence.   3. Undertake building repair works and complete them within the timeline given.   4. Carry out general repair, painting, toiletry and minor plumbing work according to  standards.   5. Troubleshoot and undertake hands on repair work for any issues relating to  equipment and building structure promptly.   6. Coordinates repair work with suppliers and contractors.   7. Correctly use and maintain the tools including power tools, test equipment and  measuring instruments.   8. Install all types of commonly used wiring and wiring accessories.   9. Locate and repair faults in electrical wiring systems.   10. Identify different types of cables and wires.   11. Read and interpret simple electrical specifications, wiring and circuit diagrams,  symbols and building plans.   12. Inspect and check electrical wiring systems.   13. Use safety equipment and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).   14. Electrical knowledge associated with current carrying capacity of cables, wire, fuses,  single phase circuit, three phase circuit, earth circuits, insulating, conducting  material, switch fuses, isolators and other protective circuit devices.   15. Install and maintains all of the various types of electrical systems found in  commercial and industrial facilities. Equipment used may include lighting, 


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receptacles, motors, heating equipment and system that control the operation of all  facility;s energy use.   Diagnose, troubleshoot and repair electrical system.   Perform other related duties of a comparable level/type as assigned time to time if  needed.   In charge of opening/closing specified doors and turning on and off air-cond units in  the absence of the maintenance supervisor.   Carry out indoor and outdoor painting task during spring and summer break or  whenever needed.   Carry out as directed carpentry or joinery in around the school and to assist  Groundsmen when required.   Ensure the tool room, equipment room, storeroom and maintenance room is kept  tidy and clean condition all the time.   Under the supervision of maintenance supervisor assist in moving school furniture  and fittings, setting up of areas like the conference room for meetings, community  room, theater plays, classrooms for testings, etc.   Able to attend, diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and safely switch off and on the  electrical devices during power outage and power trip when school is in operation  or during off school hours including public holiday if required and needed.   Report and notify immediately to maintenance supervisor if there is any  abnormalities, safety issues or emergency situations during school operation hours  or off school hours.   Trace and record the presence of contractor and supplier whenever they carry out a  job task.   Ensure the contractor and supplier work safely and follow the safety compliance  and use the PPE whenever they are directly involved in a work.   Able to communicate and send basic breakdown report via email or any form of  electronic media.   Daily read emails and reply to emails.   Ensure, monitor, update, follow-up and close the work request / order after repaired  and attended to the breakdown or request.   Answer phone calls during emergency situation or breakdown during off hours and  public holidays if required and needed.   Standby during TNB power failure, carry out preventive maintenance work or  service their sub-stations.   Able to switch “ON / OFF” the breakers ACB, MCCB, MCB, CB, RCCB, ELCB,  Switches and bring up back the power.   Record and monitor the maximum demand, volt, ampere, Ksh usage, power factor  and capacitor banks.  


34. Carry out job task and ensure the workplace and all the electrical devices is safe as  per stated in The Electrical Act 447.   35. Carry out any other duties assigned by the Campus Manager and/or Maintenance  Supervisor from time to time.      Skill and Knowledge Required:    ● Computer skills required  ● Experience with current CMMS highly desirable but not essential   ● Spreadsheet and Word Processing (Excel, Word)   ● Project Management Software (MS Project etc.)   ● Able to efficiently perform internet searches and research   ● Able to read and interpret vendor manuals and drawings   ● Able to communicate clearly and effectively with shop floor personnel, vendors,  OEM suppliers, and management personnel   ● Able to perform some level of cost analysis and work within a structured budget   ● Ability to write detailed repair reports   ● Able to develop and deliver a clear and concise presentation when required   ● A level of supervisory experience is desirable  ● Committed to safety and teamwork.   ● Highly motivated   ● Ability to learn and apply maintenance best practices.   ● Ability to organise and plan tasks   ● Self Directing – Able to work towards specific goals and objectives with limited  daily oversight       Educational and/or Certification Requirements:    ● To have a minimum engineering qualification of Diploma equivalent and at least  five (5) years experience. Consideration will be given to individuals with an  equivalent combination of education and experience.   ● Minimum 5-years work experience in the skilled trades   ● Strong mechanical/electrical aptitude   ● The ability to establish, implement and monitor high standards of excellence in  areas of quality, safety and operational performance.  ● Good, all round knowledge of Maintenance Management disciplines i.e. Electrical  and Mechanical Engineering  3