filtration membrane coupled with a decantering system to separate the palm oil mill raw sludge to recover oil, remove suspended solids as decanter cak...

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To Our Respected Partners & Millers

1st March 2017

AQUAECO-SRORS - A PATENTED GREEN TECHNOLOGY TO PROCESS PALM OIL MILL RAW SLUDGE Patented System to reduce discharge foorproint and recover addtional oil Aqua EcoTech had officially launched the AquaEco-SRORS on 30th November, 2016. AquaEco-SRORS is a system, incorporating a membrane filtration system, a separation system using decantering equipment and a series of tanks, to process the raw sludge or decanter heavy phase into its 3 basic components - oil, solids (decanter cake) and a filtrate (with only dissolved solids). The additional oil recovered is very significant to the bottomline of the operation of the mill. The raw sludge or decanter heavy phase is processed continuously until it is separated into the 3 components. Such system and/or process has never been used in the palm oil mill before. Our patents were granted based on their inventiveness, novelty and applicability to the palm oil industry; and we have been issued with 2 certifications of grant of patent, and another 3 patents still pending. Components used in the System The 2 major equipments in the System are the membrane filtration, in use in other industries for decades, and the decanter, which is being used in the palm oil mill. We have designed the system where these 2 main equipments and other components are used in patented combination and process. Individually the equipment is unable to attain the complete separation of the three elements in the sludge. For clarification – the membrane unit is a generic product that can be purchased from any membrane suppliers in the world. There are many pores size in membrane varying from 0.001µm to 5.0µm which are being used in different industries for different purposes. Certain pores size range have been found to be optimal to process palm oil mill raw sludge, and this has been identified in the patent. Caution against unauthorized sale or use of or patents Following the offical launch, it has come to our knowledge that certain parties are attempting to capitalize on the patented design and have gone around promoting a

system parallel to our design to some of the mills. These parties have also claimed that our patents are not valid. These parties are also claiming to represent certain manufacturer of membranes which we have also found to be untrue. Unfortunately, we need to advise millers that once any mill installs a system, where filtration membrane coupled with a decantering system to separate the palm oil mill raw sludge to recover oil, remove suspended solids as decanter cake, and filtrate (water with dissolve matters) that is not from Aqua Ecotech Sdn. Bhd. and its official distributors, the said mill will be infrindging on one or more of AquaEco patents. We wish to advise that the use of our Systems without our license or our approval is a violation of the Patent Laws of Malaysia and will be subjected to legal redress.

Yours Faithfully,

Andrew Liew Managing Director HP: +6 0138667711

Official Distributors of AquaEco-SRORS  Integrated Green Engineering Sdn. Bhd.  Millgreen Technology Sdn. Bhd.  Nano Quest Sdn. Bhd.  SAGE Ecotech Sdn. Bhd.  YKL Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Note: Review of these Certificates of Patents are available at our office on request.

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