Architect Interior Master Course

Come and learn how to design spaces that are stunning, sustainable, ... from the fundamentals you will get knowledge about designing of patterns, text...

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Architect Interior Master Course Duration: 8 Months Weekdays:- 2hrs / 3 days

Fastrack:- 1½ hrs per Day

Weekend:- 2½ hrs (Sat & Sun)

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Revit Architecture Architect Interior Master CourseCourse

Duration: 8 Months

Are you interested in creating exciting environments for work, play and living? Come and learn how to design spaces that are stunning, sustainable, functional and safe with the Architect Interior Master Course. By Architect Interior Master course you will prepare to enter the profession without any previous background or experience. At ADMEC Multimedia Institute, the Architect Interior Master course offers a comprehensive education of design theory, history and you will develop your skills for presentation, learn valuable resources that allow you to create good design solutions, develop your understanding of architecture and design, and build a strong portfolio to excel in the field of Architect Interior Master.

Prerequisites to Join Architect Interior Master Course For pursuing Architect Interior Master Course, from our institute, students should have familiarity with computer basics only. Apart from this in order to pursue Architect Interior Master course students should have good understanding of basics of 'Building Information Designing'. A background in art or design is useful, but not necessary required. Semesters and Modules:

Module I: Essentials of Architect and Interior Designing In first module of Architect Interior Master course we will talk about visual perception of spaces and their organization through design elements & principles, human factors like anthropometrics, standard clearances, proxemics and territoriality. Digital Media and Industry In this module of Architect Interior Master course we will teach these topics: digital media, examples and principles of digital media, how to work with digital data, compression in digital media, etc. After completion of this basic introduction of digital media our trainers will mainly focus on architect/ interior industry specific information. Our institute's faculty will assist you to develop your interest level for Architect Interior Master course and you will be familiar with your industry at a different angle. Design Concepts In this module of Architect Interior Master Course we will teach you how to create designs related to architecture and interior. For knowing about architect interior industry or to develop excellent designs you must be knowing about this term (design) very well.

Architect Interior Master Course

Duration: 8 Months

In this context our institute's faculty will teach you these terms: design principles, introduction to color theory, color systems, how to scan, store and transport Images, how to enlarge and reduce, resolution, depth of color, image/file size, palette, mode and image attributes and many more. Apart from the fundamentals you will get knowledge about designing of patterns, textures, and many more by using Adobe Photoshop in this section of Architect Interior Master Course.

Module II: AutoCAD and 3D Visualization In this module of Architect Interior Master course you will learn to develop 2D plans, 3D design, drafting and visualization skills via CAD and develop advanced modeling and presentation skills for interior and architecture designs.

Learning Outcomes • • • • • • •

Develop the Skills to Convince the Clients 3D Perspectives Develop the Skills to Create Modeling an Architectural/ Interior Structure Learn How to Handle Lighting Using VRay Learn How to Set Up the Most Stunning and Dynamic Camera Angles Develop the Best Final Rendering Do's and don'ts of Modeling Learn how to Model From Sketches in Professional Practice

Module III: Video Editing and Project Management For every professional 3d architect or interior designer, whether he/she works in company or work on freelancing basis, it is very quite necessary to hand over the project to the client without any inconvenience. This module of Architect Interior Master course is very spontaneous. It teaches you how to manage the projects. Collaborative Project in Architect Interior Master Course Students will be working on class room projects as their applications finished. At our institute we have a strong assessment system. To get certificate from ADMEC Multimedia Institute is not very easy. When you will visit our center our counselor will explain it in depth.

Architect Interior Master Course

Duration: 8 Months

Training Mode: • Regular • Fast-Track • Weekends (Sat/Sun) • Only Sundays • Online What You Study: Following is the learning outcome of Architect Interior Master Course: • Adobe Photoshop • Interior and Architectural Designing Essentials • Drawing and Sketching Classes • Autodesk AutoCAD for Architecure • Autodesk Revit Architecture • Autodesk 3Ds Max • Adobe Premiere Pro • Adobe Media Encoder • Showreel and Portfolio • Tests & Projects

• Interior Designer • Exhibition Designer • Set Designer • Retail Environment Designers • Compositor, 3D Modeler • Revit Architecture Expert • Lightning Designer

Career Options:

• Exhibit Designer • 3D Elevation Modeler • Pre-visualization Artist • Technical Director • Video Editor • 3D Interior Decorator • VRay Lighting Professional etc.

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