DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, PASCHIM VIHAR, NEW DELHI Summer Vacation Worksheet Subject: Science Q1 Group the objects in the box on the basis of the given prop...

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NOTE: Solve the following worksheets separately on different pages.



Q1. Fill in the blanks: a) The set of natural number with Zero is called a ____________ number. b) Every natural number is a ____________ number but vice versa is not true. c) The largest whole number is ____________. d) The smallest whole number is ____________. e) The whole number that does not have a predecessor is _____________. f) Commutative property of addition and multiplication holds good for ___________ whole numbers. g) The property used for addition and multiplication for three or more numbers is ______________. h) ____________ is the additive identity and _____________ is the multiplicative identity. i) All the properties of whole numbers are closed or satisfied for _____________ and ______________. j) A number that divides the given no. completely or exactly is its ___________. k) Factors of a number are always _____________. l) ____________ is a factor of every number. m) Every no. is a ___________ or _____________ of itself. n) __________ is the only even prime number. o) Two numbers are _____________ if their common factor is only 1. p) The sum of two even numbers is always ____________. q) The seventh multiple of 18 is _____________. Q2. Use number line to find: a) 3 + 2 b) 6 – 3

c) 2 X 4 Q3. If a = 156, b = 93, verify a – b is not equal to b – a. Q4. Verify the associative property of addition and multiplication for the given numbers: a) 5, 4, 2

b) 8, 7, 5

c) 0, 8, 6

Q5. Verify the distributive property of multiplication for the following: a = 38, b = 20, c = 12 a = 5, b = 6, c = 3 Q6. If a = 112, b = 56 and c = 98, show that a x ( b + c ) = ab + ac. Q7. Divide and check using Dividend = divisor x quotient + remainder for 2256 ÷ 15 Q8. Find the factors of 169, 264 and 525. Q9. Find the first five multiples of 18, 19 and 26. Q10. Which of the following are co-prime numbers? a) 14 and 18

b) 24 and 108

Q11. Verify if 298 is a perfect number. Q12. Check the divisibility of 3178964 for all the numbers from 2 to 12.

DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, PASCHIM VIHAR, NEW DELHI Summer Vacation Worksheet Subject: Science Q1 Group the objects in the box on the basis of the given properties. (One object can have more than one property)

Steel knife, glass window pane, ceramic tea cup, iron nail, rubber tyres, cardboard case, black board, marble statue








Answer the following a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l)

Name any two translucent objects. Why mustard oil does not mix with water? Name any immiscible liquids. How can we make paper translucent? Name the theory given by John Dalton. Name two gases soluble in water. A property that resist deformity. A property that decides the floating and sinking of an object. Smallest particle of a molecule. Which has greater density? Ice or water? Two gases insoluble in water. Name the smallest particle of element.

Q3. Water and milk flow easily but honey and honey flow slowly. Why? Q4. Why frosted glass is used in bathroom? Q5. What is rusting? Q6. Can solubility help aquatic plants and animals to survive in their habitat? How? Q7. Find out the formula of the following compounds. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

Water Salt Sugar Carbon dioxide Carbon monoxide Vinegar Washing soda Baking soda


Q1. Define the following Globe, equator, axis, parallel of latitudes, meridian of longitudes, standard time, Indian standard time. Q2.How are the lines of longitudes and latitudes useful? Q3.Name 5 important parallels of latitudes? Q4.What is the longitudinal degree of Greenwich? Q5.What is the standard meridian of India? Q6.Which hemisphere is ahead of Greenwich? Q7.what is the difference between Greenwich and Indian standard time? Q8.Fill in the blanks:A) Line which divides earth in two equal parts is called__________. B) Part of earth which is toward north of equator______. C) Part of earth which is towards south of equator_______. D) Network of parallels and meridians is called_______. E) Meridian which passes through greenwhich_______. F) Sun takes_____minutes to cross one degree of longItude.

Q9.. Draw a diagram of the earth and label the following. Torrid zone, Frigid zone, Temperate zone, Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, North Pole, South Pole Q10. Name whether Latitude or Longitude:


They are parallel to each other.


They are drawn at intervals of 1 degree.


Vertical lines that join at the poles.

4. They are also called Meridians. 5. The distance between 2 lines is 111 km. 6. The equator is a 7. There are 181 of them. 8.

They help us to determine time.

They divide the earth into 9. Eastern and Western Hemispheres. They divide the earth into 10. Northern and Southern Hemisphere.


DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, PASCHIM VIHAR Subject: English Name: _____________

Roll No: _____________

B. Choose the word that best complete the sentences.

1. I talked to Bob two weeks ago. I thought he wanted to know about my cat, but I misunderstood him. He asked me where _______, not my cat.

A. is my hat B) my hat was C) my hat is D) was my hat

2. "The people in the apartment upstairs must have a lot of children." "I don't know how many _______," but it sounds as if they have a dozen." A. children do they have B. do they have children C. children they have D. they have children

3. "There is too much noise in this room. I can't understand what _______" "Neither can I." A) is the professor saying B) is saying the professor C) that the professor is saying D) the professor is saying 4."Sorry, I can't. The boss has an urgent report for me to write. She demanded that it _______ on her desk by 5 p.m. Today."

A) was

B) will be

C) is

D) be

5. "Did you tell Carol where _______ us this evening?" "Yes, I did. I can't understand why she is late." A) should she meet

B) she to meet

C) she meets

D) to meet

6. "Bill Frazer seems like a good person for the job, but we don't know why he left his last job." "I know why. He told me _______ a serious policy disagreement with his boss last January."

A) if he'd had

B) that what he had

C) what he'd had

D) he'd had

7. ……… prompt is important to our boss.

A) A person is

B) Is a person

C) if a person

D) Whether or not a person is

8. A scientific observer of wildlife must note every detail of how _______ in their environment: their eating and sleeping habits, their social relationship, and their methods of self-protection.

A) do animals live

B) live animals

C) do live animals

D) animals live

9. The mysterious movie was clever and suspenseful. The audience couldn't predict _______ rescued the wounded penguin until the ending.

A) who we

B) who had

C) that who

D) that

10. "Nothing ………… want is much too expensive."

A) That I

B) What I

C) That what I

D) What do I

DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, PASCHIM VIHAR Subject: English Name: _____________

Roll No: _____________

A.Complete the exercise with correct forms of the given nouns. Use each noun only one time.













1. The age at which the first tooth appears differs greatly from child to child. Very occasionally, children are born with one or more . 2. I need some

to light the fire.

3. Studies are showing that women.

process information differently from

4. Maria needed some legal advice for her businesses, so she contacted two .

5. New scientific world.

are made every day in

6. The farmer loaded his cart with to market. His cart was pulled by two

throughout the

of fresh vegetables to take .

7. The north side of the island has no There are only steep rock.

for people to walk on.

. No one can climb theses steep walls of

8. The music building at the university has 27 on.

for students to play

9. People get most of their news about the world through the mass , that is, through radio, television, the internet, newspapers, and magazines

DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, PASCHIM VIHAR COMPUTER WORKSHEET Lesson -9 I. Fill in the blanks. 1) A __________can be evaluated to either true or_________in a program. 2) _________are special symbols or words that perform some action on constants/variables and return an output. 3) A_________is a quantity whose value does not change during the execution of the program. 4) ____________are special keywords that instruct the computer to perform a specific task. 5) The___________statement is used for testing multiple conditions in a program. 6) You can run a QBasic program by pressing _______key. 7) The _______statement is used to assign values to variables in a program. 8) ______________operator helps to perform comparisons in a program. II. Answer in True/False. 1) The select case statement is used to test a single condition in a program. 2) The constant is a quantity whose value can change during the execution of a program. 3) CLS command is used for assigning values to a variable. 4) QBasic is developed by Microsoft. 5) String constants are letters, numbers or a combination of both. 6) Numeric constants cannot hold numeric values. 7) Print commands prints a value of a variable.

8) Condition is a relational expression that evaluates to either “True or False” III.MCQs 1) Which of these is not a type of variable? a) Select b) String c) Numerical 2) Which of these can test multiple conditions? a) Select case b) For c) IF 3) Which is a mathematical operator? a) + b) > c) == 4) Which is used to separate multiple values with input statement? a) Comma (,) b) Semi colon (;) c) colon (:) 5) How many ELSEIF statements can be included between the if and else keyword a) Unlimited b) four c) two IV. Answer the following questions a) What is if….then…else statement? Ans:

b) What is a variable? Ans:

c) What is IF…THEN statement? Ans:

d) What is the difference between Mathematical and Relational operators? Ans :