Bioinformatics “B” level (BI-B) Syllabus COURSE STRUCTURE

Bioinformatics “B” level (BI-B) Syllabus: COURSE STRUCTURE OF THE “B LEVEL (BIOINFORMATICS)” S. No. Paper Code Title . Semester I 1. B1.1 IT Tools and...

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Bioinformatics “B” level (BI-B) Syllabus: COURSE STRUCTURE OF THE “B LEVEL (BIOINFORMATICS)” S. No. Paper Code Semester I 1. B1.1 2. B1.2 3. B1.3 4. B1.4 5. B1.5

IT Tools and Application Basic Mathematics, Probability and Statistics Programming and Problem solving through C Basic Bioinformatics Foundation Course in Modern Biology

Semester II 6. B2.1 7. B2.2 8. B2.3 9. B2.4 10. B2.5

Introduction to Database and Web enabling technologies PERL/PYTHON Programming and applications to Bioinformatics Introduction to Object Oriented programming through JAVA Elements of protein Sequence, Structure and modelling Basics of Genomics and Proteomics

Semester III 11. B3.1 12. B3.2 13. B3.3 14. B3.4

Computer Organization and Distributed computing Probability and Information theory Computational methods in Biomolecular sequence analysis Discrete Mathematics

Semester IV 15. B4.1 16. B4.2 17. B4.3 18. B4.4

Statistical methods in Bioinformatics Biomoleculer Structure and Dynamics Data Structure and Algorithms Computational Genomics

Semester V 19. B5.1 20. B5.2 21. B5.3

Optimisation, Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence Object Technology for Bioinformatics Computational Proteomics and Gene Expression studies

Optional Course 22. B5.4.1 B5.4.2


Computer aided Molecular Modeling and Drug Discovery (OR) Chemoinformatics

Semester VI



Theory = 60 hours and Practical = 60 hours

Practicals: Each course module has a practical component and the same will be carried out with software recommended by DOEACC from time to time.