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Vol.1. No.1 (2008)


Persatuan Alumni Kimia Pusat Pengajian Sains Kimia

Bulletin of Chemistry Alumni Association School of Chemical Sciences

From Chief Editor

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the fresh graduates who will receive their first degrees in the forthcoming USM Convocation which will be held over 14-17 August 2008. I am sure all of us from the Chemistry Alumni Association will be glad and proud of them. For me this signifies an achievement of another milestone of which they have set since they step onto the academic ladder. They have started from the primary and even the kindergarten to secondary (including pre-university level) and now they have completed the degree study. It is undeniable fact that there are many other challenges ahead of them after this phase but I believe they can handle well and know how to find the resources to unravel the problems. There are many people including our Chemistry Alumni members as well as non-Chemistry Alumni members who are around all the time and who can teach them, challenge them and encourage them. Actually, the fresh graduates are now in the stage when they should expand their circle of associates in order to take them to reach their full potential. Secondly, I am grateful to our school as well as our alma mater to constantly give full support to run the activities merely for the sake of strengthening the bonds either among our members or between our students and members. The website of our association can be accessed via our school homepage as http://www.usm.my/chem/alumni.htm Through this webpage, we can manage to establish several effective linkages with other association and to update the information in relation to our members’ directory and activities. Comments from our members are always welcome so that we can continue to serve as one of the efficient channels to disseminate the news concerning our association in particular and school in general. Last but now least, I would like to thank all the EXCO members in 2008 for their assistances, thoughts and times to ensure all the projects can be carried out within our capacity. As we understand that the present office bearers, like those in the past, are serving our association on voluntarily basis.

CONGRATULATIONS to All Graduates (New Members) in 2008 & THANK YOU to All EXCO Members 2008!!

Prof Yeap Guan Yeow


Message from Dean, School of Chemical Sciences


ONGRATULATIONS to All who have successfully completed their studies at the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS), USM. Hence you are now officially an Alum-

nus of USM and USM is your alma mater.

You are now on your way for new adven-

tures in another phase of your live and certainly whatever that was taught (at SCS, USM) may not be sufficient. Hence, without a doubt you will learn and experience new things and we wish you well and success.

During your years at USM, you have made new friends, encountered numerous situations (be it social and academic) and overcome much obstacle, these have somewhat prepared you for the ‘working-world’. Acquaintances and friends forged at USM forms a new network of contacts for you, be it your seniors/juniors as well as your coursemates, you will soon find them most useful. I urge you to make full advantage of all these web-of-contact to enhance your career and self development, this where the Chemisty Alumni Association at SCS can play its role.

Note that, the Chemistry Alumni Association will only succeed with your cooperation, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure its success. The School of Chemical Sciences and USM will always be proud of our alumni and whenever we can assist do let us know, I am very certain that there will occasion where we may need each other in the future. Hence, do keep in touch through our website and send us a note just to let us know how you are doing.

Lastly, I wish ALL of you great success and Godspeed.

Prof Wan Ahmad Kamil Mahmood 3

Vol. 1, No.1 (2008)

Bulletin Chemistry Alumni Association School of Chemical Sciences

From Chief Editor - Prof Yeap Guan Yeow


Message from Dean, School of Chemical Sciences - Prof Wan Ahmad Kamil Mahmood


List of EXCO Members for 2008 and Editorial Board of Bulletin of Chemistry Alumni Association


Sub-Committees of Chemistry Alumni Association for 2008 & Activities




Recreation/Sports & Fund-Raising


Updates from Alumnus


Chemistry Alumni Directory



LIST OF EXCO MEMBERS for 2008 Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Ass. Secretary Treasurer Ass. Treasurer Committee members


: Prof. Yeap Guan Yeow : Dr. Teoh Geik Ling : Dr. Hasnah Osman : Ms. Norul Ashikin Ramli : Mr. Sam Leong : Mr. Teh Chia Boon : Mr. Hng Tiang Chuan Ms. Tan Wei Leng Ms. Rosniza Hamzah Ms. Lee Hooi Ling Ms. Kalaivani Kandasamy : Prof. Boey Peng Lim Mr. Manoharan Veeran

Chief Editor

Prof Yeap Guan Yeow


Advisors Prof Wan Ahmad Kamil Mahmood Dr Afidah Abdul Rahim Prof Bahruddin Saad

Dr. Hasnah Osman Mr .Teh Chia Boon Ms. Kalaivani Kandasamy Ms. Rosnizah Zakaria Ms. Tan Wei Leng


Sub-Committees In order to facilitate and monitor the projects proposed for the year 2008, several sub-committees have been set up. Each sub-committee is led by a facilitator. For this year, the sub-committees and the respective leaders are as follows: Buletin Persatuan Alumni Kimia/Bulletin of Chemistry Alumni Association ♦ Prof Yeap Guan Yeow Seminar ♦ Dr Teoh Gaik Ling Lawatan/Visit ♦ Mr Sam Leong Kit Nang ♦ Prof. Boey Peng Lim Media Massa & Teknologi Maklumat/Mass Media & Information Technology ♦ Mr Hng Tiang Chuan Jamuan Makan/Foods ♦ Ms. Nadiah Zakaria Publisiti/Publicity ♦ Ms Lee Hooi Ling Sukan & Kebajikan/Sports & Charity ♦ Mr Teh Chia Boon


An annual dinner ‘Malam Penghargaan Kimia 2008’ or the Chemistry Appreciation Night 2008 jointly organized by Persatuan Sains Kimia and Persatuan Alumni Kimia with a theme “Fusion Glamour” has been held at Hotel Cititel Penang on 23 February

2008. This function was meant at strengthening the relationship between our undergraduate students with chemistry alumnus including our lecturers and other relevant associates.


Our Chemistry Alumni Association has continued to give support for the Recipients of The Dean List in 2008. In this year the supports have been received from our alumnus and associate members from various sectors and companies as follows: • • • • • • • •

Mr Khoo Teng Aun from the Bruker(M) Sdn Bhd, Selangor Mr Teh Wah Thye from the Save Consult Engineering, Penang Mr Sam Leong from the Main Stream Consultancy Sdn Bhd, Penang Dr Teh Guat Li and Dr Teoh Geik Ling from the Texchem Polymers, Penang Mr Hithaya Jeevan from Jabatan Kimia Malaysia, Selangor Mr Phuah Keng Huat from Jabatan Kastam & Eksais Diraja, Penang Mr Foong Poh Cheng from Research Instruments Sdn Bhd Mr Heng Kai Chuan from the Novozymes(M) Sdn Bhd

Total collection : RM2,200


Alumni Talk has been held in

conjunction with the final year students’ seminar on 28 & 29 April 2008. Our alumnus cum the EXCO member Sam Leong has enlightened our students with the subject related to financial planning for chemists. His talk entitled ‘Becoming a Millionaire-A Reality or Myth?‘ has received over-whelming responses from the students and also staff. Sam Leong BSc(Hons) , 1994

E-mail address: [email protected] 8

Several activities to foster the relationship among our alumnus and the on-going students have been lined up for this year. 1. Badminton: Healthy Chemistry Alumni 2008 Date : 26 April 2008 Venue : USM Sport Complex Time : 2.00-5.00 pm


Hiking Penang Hill Date : 22 November 2008 Venue : Penang Hill Time : 7.30-10.00 am

2. Bowling: Striking Chemistry Alumni 2008 Date : 06 September 2008 Venue : Bukit Jambul complex Time : 2.00-5.00 pm

1) One of the fund-raising projects has been succeeded through the cooperation between our alumnus and students during the International Conference for Young Chemists ’08 which was held in USM on 18-20 June 2008.

2. T-Shirt ‘Persatuan Alumni Kimia’ on sale. Please contact us if you wish to make the order.


Cosmetic Chemist Cosmetic Production Manager http://www.usm.my/chem/alumni.htm

Norul Ashikin Ramli

in creating and developing product Cleansing foam, hair shampoo, moisturizer, works whether for a new products or modified in

lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, facial scrub, market products. Cosmetic chemist must be a toothpaste and perfume! Have you ever creative person because cosmetic products always change time by time. Cosmetic chemheard these products? ist always spend most of the time in the lab, There are parts of cosmetic products that we create something new, do testing and workused everyday. Cosmetic products are com- ing up with miracle formulas. ing out all the time with different names and brands. Some of it used for care like soap or The other work for cosmetic chemist is to shampoo, some for creating a “look” like think about the product’s safety, useful and make-up set and some may be use for a little effectiveness. She must study to find the best bit of pampering such as lotion and condi- raw materials and the best packaging to use for best products. Usually cosmetic chemist tioner. works in team to get the idea from the people So, what is cosmetic? Where do cosmetics who want their cosmetics. Cosmetics chemist come from? Why cosmetic products look in also must know their customers to sell their different types and packaging likes cream, products are. It’s used for women, men, teen or baby? What are their demanded? Nowaliquid, foam or lotion? Who create this? days, cosmetic products demanded are very The definition of cosmetic is any substances wide and that are challenging for cosmetic or preparation intended to be placed in con- chemist. tact with various external parts of human body (epidermis, hair, nails, lips and external Usually cosmetic chemist combines her idea genital organ) or with teeth and mucous with marketing persons. Marketing person membrane of the oral cavity, with view exclu- works in customer environment and they sively or mainly to cleaning, perfuming, know what are customers needed. Somechanging their appearance and/or correcting times customers make comparison with the body odor and/or protecting them or keeping other products. them in good conditions. The answers of the above questions come from cosmetic chemist. Cosmetic chemists are the responsible person beside of famous cosmetic brands today. Cosmetic chemist 10

Cosmetic products actually can be categoried in 5 elements :-

Packaging development- developing packaging for cosmetic products that is attractive, safe and capable of dispensing a product efficiently and in the correct amount.

1. Skincare products such as moisturizer, cleanser, mask, toner and facial scrub 2. Bodycare products such as body lotion, shower foam and talcum

Quality control and assurance – testing raw materials and manufactured products for consistency of quality.

3. Haircare products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair dye and hair styling

Product evaluation – testing products under development to produce evidence for the claims that are made for the product.

4. Perfume and fragrances such as deodorant, eu de toiletries, spray and cologne Decorative colour cosmetic or make set such as lipstick, lip balm, mascara, eye shadow and foundation

Safety testing – testing cosmetic products to make sure that they are safe before they are sold. Testing usually takes the form of a toxicological risk assessment and can include testing on cell or tissue culture on human volunteers or by computer modeling.

Experience and Education Cosmetic chemist must have degree in basic chemistry or microbiology, product development and specialty like aroma and flavor chemistry. Nowadays it also have certificate for a short course programs in cosmetic science by certain local university that take 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

Microbiology – making sure that during the product development stage, products are not too susceptible to contaminate. Their works also involves testing raw materials and finished products during the production process.

Cosmetic chemist also can work in one of several areas: Research – seeking to understand the properties, behaviors and reactions of skin, hair, teeth and nails and working to produce new ingredients for cosmetic products.

Regulatory affairs – ensuring that products complies with all the legal requirements for countries where it is to be supplied.

Product development – working with research scientists to develop new cosmetic products. There are several important factors in developing a new products. They must do what is intended, meet legal requirements and be safe, pleasant and attractive to use. Process development- translating a small scale process that has been developed in the laboratories into a full-scale manufacturing process.


August 2008

- Chemistry Alumni Directory http://www.usm.my/chem/alumni.htm

We will be glad if you can constantly keep in touch with us. Let us know about your new recent undertaking, achievements, latest corresponding address, contact, email and etc. You may send the inforamtion using the following format to [email protected] or by normal post to our school. My particulars Name: Degree:

Bachelor Degree (Hons) majoring in Chemistry Industrial Chemistry (Applied Chemistry) Analytical Chemistry (Applied Chemistry) Masters Degree by Research Mixed-mode

Year of graduation:

Doctor of Philosophy 2006 2005 2004 2003 Others, please specify ______


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