BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (CENTRAL MARKS DEPARTMENT-III) Our ref : CMD III/ 16: 7285 2.03.2005 Subject : Implementation of revised IS 7285 & revised ...

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BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (CENTRAL MARKS DEPARTMENT-EEE) Our Ref CMD-3116: 12615 31/03/2014 Subject: Implementation of IS 12615:2011 'Energy efficient Induction Motors - Three

BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (CENTRAL MARKS DEPARTMENT-EEE) ... 1.0 Indian Standard IS 12615:2004 has been revised as IS ... for GOL/inclusion shall be accepted under

DOC:STI/8034/5 August 2004 6.0 LEVELS OF CONTROL - The tests, as indicated in Table 1 and 2 attached and at the levels of control specified therein, shall be carried out on the whole production of the factory

397(Part 2), IS 397(Part 3) and IS 397(Part 4)]. 3.1 In addition, effort should be made to gradually introduce Quality Management system in accordance with IS/ISO 9001

Electronics Engineering 17 8 5 3 1 ... assignment has been extended beyond five years and in whose case the Ministry of Defence

bureau of indian standards central marks department-iii our ref: cmd-iii/16:15683 02/04/2013

4 Doc: STI/7098 (Pt.3)/2 May 2007 9. STOP MARKING – The marking of the product shall be stopped under intimation to the Bureau if, at any time, there is some difficulty in …

2. Endorsement in the license as per revised standard shall be made after obtaining Acceptance of revised STI as per IS 2062:2006.No additional tests have been specified in

bureau of indian standards production and general engineering $ / $/ 2£! document despatch advice 2 [ /ref. Ñ !2 date

5.2 Details with name, designation, qualification, experience, training details, functioning area and concerned department etc. to be submitted in separate sheet as per the following format: Name Designation Qualification Experience Training details