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Chemvi Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. was formed in early 2000 by a group of professionals; some of them started their careers in the Malaysian Department of En...

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From Managing Director

We are pleased to enclose here with our company profile for your attention!

Chemvi Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. was formed in early 2000 by a group of professionals; some of them started their careers in the Malaysian Department of Environmental. They have several years of experience in environmental management, pollution control and monitoring, environmental impact assessment, environmental education and training. The company has associated themselves with other local and international companies that have vast experience in related fields. We take pride in our position as an effective provider of efficient and quality services. We are continuously striving to enhance this through quality improvement initiatives. We welcome an opportunity to extend our services to your organization and to build a mutually beneficial business relationship. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned to further discuss your environmental needs. Remember !….. Your environment is as much a concern to you as it is to us at Chemvi Laboratory. Thank You Sincerely Yours, Chemvi Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. Dr. Shanmugam B.Sc. (Hons)(UM)., M.Sc. (Chem)(UM)., DBA (Env. Mngt)(MMU)., AMIC., MRSC (UK) Managing Director H/P. no. 016-2256283 Email: [email protected] : [email protected] : [email protected]

QUALITY POLICY Strives to seek excellence in customer services by providing the following to our esteemed customer: -

Guaranteed Quality Services -

Competitive Cost


On Time Delivery


To achieve an average of equal to or less than one customer complaint per year -

To be a leader in the field of Laboratory Services

To maintain the ISO/IEC-17025 Accreditation throughout


ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY We at Chemvi Laboratory Sdn.Bhd. are proud to be one of the leading Laboratory’s in Malaysia, firmly believe in the preservation of the environment and safeguarding the management, staff and the public. Towards this end, we are committed to practice CHEMVI by;


Compliance to relevant environmental legal and other requirements;


Having training for all employees and continually improving our


Environmental Management Systems; Enhancing the image of the company as an environmental friendly organization; Minimizing waste through better management of resources;


Viewing and looking after our environment through the prevention of


pollution; Instituting a sustainable policy for ensuring and enhancing a better quality of life for employees, public and future generations.


This policy will be periodically reviewed, communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of Chemvi and made available to public.

Dr.Shanmugam Managing Director Date: 03rd January 2017

We from Chemvi, take great pleasure in introducing our services to your esteemed organization. Chemvi is involved in various aspects of independent analytical services tailored to meet your demands either routine analysis or prompt attendance to your analytical needs. Chemvi is fully committed to provide high quality and efficient services to its clients. On top of that you can be assured of total reliability and strict confidentiality at all times. Chemvi is equipped with the latest laboratory instruments and sampling equipments to cater for the ever-demanding needs for analytical precision.

Laboratory Division -

Effluent Analysis Water Quality Analysis Food Analysis Soil and Sediment Analysis Organic Analysis Microbiological Analysis

Environmental Division -

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (Detailed and Preliminary) Studies Chemical, physical and microbiological analysis for compliance to various environmental specifications. Wastewater, river water, seawater and ground water quality monitoring Air Quality Monitoring Emission, Effluent and Waste Monitoring Baseline data for EIAs (Environmental monitoring for EIA Study) Occupational, Safety & Health Monitoring Identification of sources of impact Characterization of wastes and waste streams Liaison with the Department of Environment and Agencies and Authorities on matter relating to the environment. Asbestos Removal and Management.

Our services will be of interest to you, whether you are in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, plating, food processing, electronics, environmental services, agriculture service.

Put Our People to the test.

We realize our people are key members of your organisation team. In order to provide accurate and timely test results we carefully scrutinize all procedures and scheduling, evaluate new technologies and stay abreast of the many charges and advance being made in the field of medical technology. This process has become a way with us and will be an ongoing commitment to our clients.

How can ChemVi Laboratory help your business? We can offer testing and support services covering all aspects of the environmental profiles of chemical products and manufacturing operations. We operate in compliance to relevant environmental legal and other requirements to ensure the highest quality of our services. Our clients also appreciate that all enquiries, project discussions and results will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Higher Tier Studies 

Our expertise in conducting long term studies is extensive and backed by new state-of-the-art facilities.

If you require studies to meet your individual requirements, eg extended life cycle studies with additional biomarkers, our dedicated team of experts can advise and tailor our procedures to meet your needs. We will perform Data Searches using Read-Across in vitro data.

Collaborative programs on environmental consultancy to acquire the skills and expertise to support your business needs.

We can perform the tests required for the generation of data for factory / project development.



Award from IKM

ISO 14001:2004 Certificate


IKM Registration (Dr Shanmugam)

Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry (Dr Shanmugam)

IKM Registration (Ms Sukunah)

IKM Registration (Ms Punitha)

IKM Registration (Ms Kalaivani)

Chemvi Laboratory MOF Certificate

Approval Letter for doing Chemical Analysis (Food)

TNB Registration

Industrial Hygiene Tech 1 – Dr Shanmugam

Industrial Hygiene Tech 2 – Dr Shanmugam

CHRA Assessor – Dr Shanmugam

Indoor Air Quality Assessor – Dr Shanmugam

Noise Competent Person – Dr Shanmugam

Noise Competent Person – Logesh a/p Perumall

Asbestos (BOHS) – Dr Shanmugam

Asbestos (SEI) – Dr Shanmugam



Train the Trainer – Dr Shanmugam