CLASS - Nursery Planner 2017-18

Class – Nursery Session – 2017-18 ... 29 to 33) (1) Concept of colours examples. (Red, Yellow, ... development (i) Visual identification and...

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6.Popular Struggles and Movements(Chapter 6) (Note : Ch-5 is to be done as project work only and will not be evaluated in theory) 7.Political Parties: (Chapter 7) ... and discuss in the class the proceedings; Collect stories of consumer exploitation

Prepositions babysiting,bittercold,hatched Activity: Find and tell 3 suitable adverbs for the given verbs. Jan 1-15 (1 DAY) Jan16-31 MCBL-12 My special sister (13 DAYS) Reading Comprehension - E Vocabulary-trumble,monkey bars,hoof marks,lip read,shut

Udaan Mathematics Course Planner for Class XII S. NO. TOPIC SUB_TOPIC LECTURE HOURS PER WEEK NO. OF ... Definite Integration & Its Applications Properties of definite integration 4 ... Revision of Class - XI - Inorganic - Organic Chemistry 4 4 2nd We

Daily Practice Problems (DPPs): A handout having problems for home assignment, practice and classroom discussion covering current and previous topics. Most of the DPPs contain upto 10 problems or more. Study Material (Sheets/Modules): Topic wise stud

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