Download the application “4 pics 1 word” ... Read the book “Malgudi Days” by R.K.Narayan. Write on an A4 size sheet as to what you liked about this bo...

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wheels with 225/55 R 17 tyres, ... 9134 rock crystal white 9197 obsidian black 7368 fl int grey ... Standard tyres 2 195/65 R 16 205/65 R 16 225/55 R 17

Make flash cards of at least ten pairs of Synonyms. 2. Write a paragraph daily ... Nouns Tenses Adjectives Prepositions Social Science:

Prepared by: M. S. Kumar Swamy, TGT(Maths) Page - 1 MATHS WORKSHEET CLASS V Name: _____ 1. Write the numbers in words and expanded form

Compile and put your holiday homework in an attractive ... in it and draw or paste a picture of it. You can take the help of thesaurus for this . ACTIVITY:

CLASS – V Vocabulary Words ... slim, slime tin, tine spin, spine pin, pine win, wine ... cloud proud around found ground pound round sound

CLASS V ENGLISH 1. Read any book from the following list or of your choice and answer the ... Imagine that you are a river. You originate in the Himalaya mountains

Chapter 7 Shapes and Patterns 10 Chapter 10 Volume and Nets 20 Chapter 11 Time and temperature 20 Chapter 12 Money 20 ... 8 79 THE BRAIN AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 25 TOTAL 50 PORTION FOR FINAL EXAM 10 102 FIRST AID 20 11 113 SIMPLE MACHINE 20 12 123 BAL

Prepared by: M. S. KumarSwamy, TGT(Maths) Page - 1 - EVS WORKSHEET CLASS V What special power do animals have?

• Photosynthesis ... • Role play to understand the ... L-16- Credit Card (Tape script) L-17 A Letter From a Robonaut Unit -5 GO GREEN

NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SURVEY CLASS V ... Dr. K. Chandershekhar Assistant Professor ... Informal Observation of Classroom by another Teacher 146