Android mobile apps for smart devices such as mobile phone. ... - Learn how to play audio and video in your application. - Understanding permission in...

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ABOUT MALAYSIAN TECHNICAL COOPERATION PROGRAMME (MTCP) The Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) was first initiated at the First Commonwealth Heads of Government Regional Meeting (CHOGRM) for Asia Pacific Region in Sydney in February 1978. It was officially launched on 7 September 1980 at the 2nd CHOGRM in the New Delhi to signify Malaysia’s commitment to South-South Cooperation, in particular Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC).In line with the spirit of South-South Cooperation, Malaysia through the MTCP shares its development experiences and expertise with other developing countries.The MTCP was first formulated based on the belief that the development of a country depends on the quality of its human resources. Annually, MTCP collaborates with its leading Training Institutions to conduct capacity building programmes in various key areas of development. Since its inceptions in 1980,more than 32,800 participants from 143 countries have benefited from the various programmes offered under MTCP

OBJECTIVES OF MTCP To share development experience with other countries To strengthen bilateral relations between Malaysia and other developing countries To promote South-South Cooperation (SSC) To promote technical cooperation among developing countries (TCDC) TYPE OF ASSISTANCE Short-term specialised courses Long-term courses (Scholarships) Technical Assistance Dispatch of experts CONTACT DETAILS For further enquiries, applicants can either approach their respective Malaysian official representatives or contact the following MMU Secretariat DR. ONG SUE LYN EMAIL: [email protected] TEL: +603 83125534 MS. ZAYNAB MHD JAMIN EMAIL: [email protected] TEL: +606-2523560

ABOUT MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY In 1996 the government of Malaysia was looking for methods to liberalise higher education in the nation, and to involve the private education sector in the development of this critical sector of human capital building. In October 1996,the then Telekom Malaysia was given the distinction by the Ministry of Education to set up the first private university in Malaysia.Being a natural extension of the existing ITTM campuses that TM already runs, TM accepted the invitation and Universiti Telekom was established in Melaka.A year later, with the planning of the MSC underway,the government was once again looking for a suitable candidate to construct a university in the heart of the MSC.In March 1997,TM was again honoured when it was given the task to set up this university, to be known as Multimedia University.Considering that the telecommunications industry was becoming closely linked with developments in ICT,expansion into an education field directly related to ICT is a natural strategic decision. Then, on 25th January 2016,MMU launched its third campus in Educity,Iskandar Puteri, Johor which exclusively delivers MMU Cinematic Arts Programme. MMU aspires to become a Top 100 University in Asia with Global Recognition through Quality Students and Staff Engaged in Innovative Academic Programmes and Research,driven by Academic and Commercial Revenue streams.

ABOUT FACULTY OF APPLIED COMMUNICATION (FAC) The Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) was previously known as the Learning Institute for Empowerment (LiFE).The acronym of “FAC” uniquely represents the strength of communication being a salient academic attraction, aptly translated into a faculty for applied communication, a discipline that finds its most advantageous position in a media-driven world where social networking,media creation, computer-mediated communication and digital economy rise to prominence.FAC extends the learning opportunities on campus by incorporating professional internship and practical exposure to give students transformational experiences and confidence to join the workforce.With the incorporation of multimedia related subjects and an array of electives, including foreign languages makes our programme unique. Our graduates will be multimedia savvy communication strategists who are proficient in a minimum of three languages. FAC students and staff are dedicated to build and change the communication landscape.




This course is designed to help interested participants to develop Android mobile apps for smart devices such as mobile phone. The participants with little basic knowledge of Java will learn how to set up Android Studio,work with various Activities and create simple user interfaces to make the apps run smoothly.They will learn how make the app production-ready by developing a variety of different sample apps.This is a hands-on training course for designing and deploying mobile applications for Android OS. Employees with this Android App Development skill will be able to develop apps by themselves for their personal and the organization’s needs.

A candidate is eligible for admission only if he/she meets the following requirements: - Must not be more than 50 years of age (Middle to Senior Level) - Have minimum programming skills. - Educators, Engineers, Designers, R&D professionals, product manager, innovations, managers, project managers. - Must ensure that he/she has never participated in any previous MTCP courses organised by Multimedia University or other Malaysian implementing agencies. - This course will be conducted in English,therefore,participants must posses an appropriate level of proficiency in English, written as well as spoken. - Comply with other general requirements of Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP).

PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES At the end of this course, participants will be able to:- Understand the operation of the application,application lifecycle, configuration files, intents, and activities. - Apply the UI - components, layouts, event handling, and screen orientation, - Use broadcast receivers and services. - Build and deploy simple Android applications. TRAINING METHODOLOGY This course introduces the design and implementation of Android applications for mobile devices from scratch.This is a technical course and the use of computer is compulsory.Each participant is expected to have a smart phone. The instructor will, by way of teaching, first make the participants understand the fundamentals of Android App Development.Then he will demonstrate the development process using Android Studio.The participants are then required to develop similar apps. The instructor will help the participant to eliminate the errors, if any, form the program (debugging). The course content will be include these aspects: - Understanding Java/OOP concepts. - Introduction to Android Platform. - Developing a Hello World application in android. - Understanding different folders in an android project. - Creating an Activity. - Implementing a user interface. - Understanding layout params in android (margin,padding,etc). - Learn how to play audio and video in your application. - Understanding permission in Android. - Using SQLite Databases for storing data. - Android App Market.

MONITORING AND EVALUATION METHOD Each participant will be asked to develop apps for practical problems.Each stage app development such as, design, build, deploy, test,release to app stores and support, will be closely monitored by the instructors.

GENERAL CONDITION OF AWARDS Visa and Vaccination Training Institutions will apply for Visa With Reference (VWR) and upon approval,a copy will be forwarded to the participants who will subsequently need to collect their respective VWR from the nearest Malaysian mission. Participant must bear all expenses on medical check-up, vaccinations(whenever applicable) and all visa-related fees, airport-tax/airport user’s charge, transit insurance, excess luggage, travel tax, transit fees, domestic passenger terminal fees, phone charges, private purchases, etc. Manners Participants shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner compatible with their responsibilities as MTCP scholarship holders and abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the land and institutions. Dress Code During lectures, male participants are required to dress in long-sleeved shirts with ties, long pants and lounge suits and female participants should be appropriately dressed in office attire. For formal occasions – lounge suit or national costume are required. Accommodation and Subsistence Allowance Accommodation and daily subsistence allowance are as follows: - Participants will be accommodated either in hostel belong to the training institutions or nearby hotel on Twin Sharing Basis. - Participants will be given daily allowance of RM85. - However, if the training institutions provide full-board accommodations, the subsistence allowance will not be fully provided.

Tuition Fees Tuition fees will be borne by the Malaysian Government under the MTCP. Medical and Dental Treatment Participants should be certified medically and physically fit to participate in this programme. In the case of emergencies and need of medical treatment, medical expenses at a government hospital will be borne by the Government of Malaysia. Dental treatment is restricted to only extraction and filling.Medical expenses at private clinics shall be borne by the participants. Terms and condition covered by the MTCP for international participants: This scholarship cannot be held concurrently with any other scholarship award. - Participants shall follow the programme approved for them. Request for change of programme will not be entertained. Participants should fully participate in all activities related to the programme. - Participants are NOT allowed to participate in any political and/or commercial activities in any capacity whatsoever. Participants shall not take up paid employment during the tenure of their scholarship or serve as the staff of their Diplomatic Missions in Malaysia. - Participants are NOT allowed to bring along their spouses or families for the duration of the course. Participants will be required to return to their own countries upon completion of the course or at the end of the tenure of the scholarship whichever is earlier. - The award may be terminated at any time due to unsatisfactory conduct, breach of the conditions of the award, failure to make satisfactory progress or as deemed necessary by the Malaysian training institution with the approval of the MTCP Secretariat. - Participants who are found to be medically unfit during the course of the programme will be required to return to their country.

SPECIFIC CONDITIONS Air Fare A return air ticket from the capital city of the recipient country to Kuala Lumpur on excursion economy class is provided for participants.

NOTIFICATION Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the course either through the Malaysian Embassy or Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC), MMU.Incomplete and/or unendorsed forms will not be processed. For further details on MTCP: