several seconds, your brain triggers you to wake up and ... just like you do and provides highly predictable pressure ... the 90% of people with...

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No Other Sleep Therapy System Delivers More.

Only the ResMed S9 Series Gives You More Comfort, Style and Sleep.

About sleep apnea Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common form of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB). The term “apnea” literally means “without breath.” It occurs when the muscles at the back of your throat relax and close during sleep due to a lack of muscle tone and the natural pull of gravity. When apneas happen, your breathing slows down

or stops entirely. After several seconds, your brain triggers you to wake up and resume breathing. This can happen up to hundreds of times a night, although you probably will not remember waking up. The constant interruptions to your sleep may lead to increased heart rate, raised blood pressure, tiredness and fatigue. OSA can also lead to many other serious health conditions.

You are not alone Approximately one in five US adults suffer from OSA, making it as common as diabetes or asthma.1-3

Good sleep results in more energy and a better quality


of life for both you and your bed partner.

he most effective and

widely accepted treatment for OSA is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. During this process, a flow generator placed beside your bed gently delivers air through a tube and mask that you wear while you s sleep. As the air passes through the nose and into the throat, the slight pressure keeps the upper airway open and allows you to breathe freely without obstruction. Treatment helps OSA sufferers to feel more en energetic and alert, and relieves symptoms The ResMed S9 Series Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device.

such as excessive daytime sleepiness, memory loss, poor concentration, morning headaches and depression, to name just a few. Successful CPAP treatment can also improve many of the complications and health risks associated with sleep apnea, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.4-9

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Designed for More Comfort. The ResMed S9 is a state-of-the-art CPAP device designed from the ground up to help you comfortably transition to CPAP therapy, so you can finally experience the long-term benefits of restful sleep.

Stylish design

Easy to use

Maximum comfort

With its sleek contours and compact size, the ResMed S9 device blends into your existing bedroom decor, looking as natural on your bedstand as your clock radio or reading lamp. An enhanced motor design reduces sound to a whisper, so your sleep environment remains quiet and restful. And the slim design also increases portability, making it easy to bring along when you travel.

A user-friendly and intuitive interface guides you through the setup process, while straightforward menus and a bright color LCD display help you customize settings. The large power button and push dial make it simple to navigate the menus.

The flexible SlimLine™ tube moves along with you as you change positions during sleep, without tugging at your bedding or pulling on your mask. Now 40% lighter and 21% smaller in diameter than tubing on other devices, the SlimLine tubing connects effortlessly to the S9 Series, is less obtrusive, and virtually eliminates tube drag. So your mask stays on, and you can stay asleep.

ResMed S9 devices are the most advanced sleep therapy systems available, delivering more comfort, convenience

Enhanced Easy-Breathe technology

and style than ever before.

ResMed’s Enhanced Easy-Breathe technology is proven to provide the most natural breathing experience possible in a CPAP device. Based on our advanced algorithm, Easy-Breathe delivers air in a smooth waveform that intelligently follows your natural breathing pattern.

Breathe naturally The Easy-Breathe waveform is uniquely designed to give you a more natural breathing experience. By closely following your inhalation and exhalation cycles, it breathes just like you do and provides highly predictable pressure relief.

Mask Pressure ure


Mild pressure relief: Level 1 reduces pressure upon exhalation by 1 cm H2O.

Medium pressure relief: Level 2 reduces pressure upon exhalation by 2 cm H2O.

Maximum pressure relief: Level 3 reduces pressure upon exhalation by 3 cm H2O.

New platform design is stylish and user-friendly.

Give Yourself More Control. The ResMed S9 device includes customizable features that allow you to determine what works best for you and adjust your humidifier settings accordingly. And since it’s so easy to use, you can make the adjustments without the assistance of a doctor or specialist.

The importance of humidity

H5i™ heated humidifier

The airflow generated by CPAP therapy is often greater than what your body is accustomed to humidifying on its own. However, with proper humidification, you can reduce common symptoms such as nasal congestion, upper airway tenderness and dry throat.

The optional ResMed H5i improves your comfort even more by delivering heated humidification that reduces these common symptoms. As a result, you sleep better at night, feel better in the morning and have more energy throughout the day.

Climate Control: Keeping you comfortable throughout the night Through an intelligent algorithm combined with an integrated tube and humidifier, your S9 device automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity levels to your actual environment, instead of relying on an arbitrary setting. Doing so protects your airway, prevents your throat from becoming dry or sore and makes your sleep therapy more comfortable. Standard heated humidifier systems are blind to the changing user experience. Delivering humidification based on arbitrary settings rather than what you are actually experiencing can cause a number of challenges, including insufficient humidification

How does Climate Control work? The Climate Control system measures and calculates five key variables: • Ambient temperature of the room • Ambient humidity in the room • Total system flow

delivery and rainout, which is the buildup of water collecting inside the tube. The S9 Series with Climate Control allows you to control the temperature of the air according to your preference. Then, no matter what happens from changes in pressure, mask leak or room temperature, the Climate Control system will maintain optimum relative humidity and minimize rainout.

• Humidity output of the H5i humidifier • Air temperature at the mask using the ClimateLine™ tube

Mask temperature sensor

Flow sensor

Heater plate sensor Ambient temperature sensor and humidity sensor

Easy-to-use features The control panel of the S9 Series device includes a color LCD screen, as well as a Start/Stop button, push dial, and the Info and Setup menu keys.

Access settings from a main menu.

Simple, easy controls An intuitive interface makes it a breeze to adjust settings and customize levels on the S9 Series device. And the large, color LCD display makes it just as easy to see what you are doing.

Adjust the humidity level to breathe easier.

Make sure your mask is on securely.

Change the Ramp time so pressure increases gradually while you fall asleep.

The S9 Series Has More Advanced Features. CPAP therapy is about more than just getting a good night of sleep. It’s about living a better and more fulfilling life while you are awake. Which is why every advanced feature and technology that goes into the S9 has one purpose only—to make sure every night of sleep is restful, restorative and comfortable.

Adjusting Ramp time

Easy maintenance

Maximum benefits

Designed to make the beginning of treatment more comfortable, Ramp time is the period during which the pressure increases from a low pressure to the prescribed treatment pressure. Your S9 Series device lets you determine the Ramp time that allows you to fall asleep most comfortably.

The S9 Series is simple to clean by design. With warm water, mild detergent and a damp cloth, you can make sure the interior of your device stays as clean as its exterior. And you can replace your filter easily— just snap and go.

ResMed masks are designed to maximize the benefits you receive from sleep apnea treatment.

Mirage™ SoftGel

Achieving the perfect fit The mask-fit feature helps you fit your mask properly by delivering air pressure for up to a three-minute period prior to treatment, during which you can check and adjust your mask to minimize leaks. Swift™ FX

Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor technology With Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor technology, the S9 Series sets a new industry standard for quiet and comfortable sleep therapy. Its motor design delivers superior performance with less effort, significantly reducing device noise to nearly a whisper for both you and your bed partner.

Better design

Axial airflow distributes air throughout the motor more evenly, generating less turbulence and significantly lowering noise levels.

By incorporating foam and noise-isolating materials into the base of the flow generator, vibration from the motor remains at a minimum.

Smaller motor

Lower inertia

The smaller motor in the S9 Series device has fewer parts, which makes it more reliable and also reduces radiated noise.

Smaller diameter impellers provide lower inertia, allowing the motor to easily track the algorithm waveforms that detect central apneas and quickly respond by changing pressure without using much power.

Low conducted noise

Low radiated noise Flow generators typically produce “radiated noise” which emits through the casing and inlet of the device and out to the surface it’s resting upon. But with its remarkably low radiated noise level, the S9 Series device is no louder than normal breathing— which is great news for you and your bed partner.

Axial airflow

Radiated Noise

Conducted Noise

The noise that circulates from the flow generator through the breathing tube and into your mask is called “conducted noise.” S9 devices produce conducted noise levels that are 78% less than all ResMed S8™ II models, which results in less vibration through the cheekbones, better comfort and lower noise at the mask.

More Sleep for a Healthier Lifestyle. The direct benefits of the S9 Series device, like comfort, quiet and restorative sleep, are only the beginning. The results of successful sleep therapy also spill over into your daily lifestyle with increased energy, better focus and a better quality of life for you and your partner. By using the ResMed S9 Series device regularly, you can take control of your health and rediscover what it feels like to get a great night of sleep.

Sleep better…for a better life ResMed is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment for treating, diagnosing and managing SDB, including OSA and other respiratory disorders.

S9 Series devices are no louder than normal breathing, which makes a big difference in terms of comfort and relaxation for you and your bed partner.

Since 1989, we have developed a number of innovative products to treat SDB, including airflow generators, diagnostic products, mask systems, headgear and other accessories. Our primary goal is to provide comfortable and effective treatment for people with OSA, as well as to let the 90% of people with undiagnosed SDB know that better sleep is within their reach.

ResMed’s S9 Series of premium devices include the S9 AutoSet™ and S9 Elite.™ For more information about ResMed products, visit

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