Data sheet Samsung UED Series video wall displays

Samsung UED Series video wall displays are an ideal choice for many retailers because managers can configure the displays based on available space and...

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Data sheet

Samsung UED Series video wall displays Sleek premium-quality displays for simplified, creative configurations


Promote products and services with a superb display

• Convey a sophisticated image with a slim and sleek design: Promote products and services with simple-to-create video walls in a variety of unique configurations to attract customer attention.

Merchandisers want to give their customers an immersive shopping

• Reduce space modification and installation effort: Configure and install video walls in confined spaces more easily with narrow, lightweight displays employing LED BLU technology.

retailers have limited space, they are seeking a LFD that enhances

• Implement the most advanced embedded video wall management solution: Deliver state-of-the-art large format display (LFD) innovation without an additional PC unit using the 2nd Generation Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) software, powered by powerful quad-core processor in an embedded media player.

experience. Many are installing video walls as a way to provide an impressive ambiance and to increase revenues. Because most their surroundings without overwhelming them. The preferred LFD enables retailers to create near-seamless video walls with high-quality pictures and simplified content management. Samsung UED Series video wall displays are an ideal choice for many retailers because managers can configure the displays based on available space and can control the display content with ease. Available in 46-inch and 55-inch sizes, the UED Series features slim,

• Reduce needless clutter with PC-less digital signage operation: Eliminate clutter and the need for a separate PC to playback content, connect to a network with built-in Wi-Fi and a mobile app for display and content control from a mobile device.

sleek profiles and ultra-narrow bezels measuring 11 mm (0.43 in.).

• Create an array of display screens with vibrant pictures and text: Increase color consistency with enhanced color calibration

further attracts potential customers.

technology while maintaining image ratios when changing orientation.

These sophisticated displays can be combined to create captivating video walls in myriad creative configurations for impactful, nearseamless, immersive viewing. Full high-definition (FHD) picture quality

Data sheet

Create impactful content using the powerful quad-core processor with embedded media player

Build video walls in small spaces with extensive installation options

Launch a variety of versatile features with the processor's upgraded SoC technology

Multiple installation options help retailers design video walls wherever

The UED Series is designed with upgraded SoC technology - the

needed, even behind display cases. UED Series displays use edge

brains of the SSSP - providing convenience, simplicity of use and

LED technology that makes a single display or a wall of displays

versatility. Included are features such as multi-channel scheduling,

more comfortable to work around because fewer lamps are in use.

internal auto-play, built-in Wi-Fi and a mobile interaction application.

With a depth as shallow as 29.9 mm (1.18 in.) and weighing as light as 10kg (22 lb.), UED Series displays enable businesses to create

2nd Generation SSSP

video walls within limited spaces.

Enhanced UX/UI Pre-designed Templates Multi Channel

Samsung technology also offers a dimming solution that generates

Priority Player

PC-less Touch Overlay option Touch-friendly UX / UI USB Keyboard/Mouse Support Screen Mirroring

deeper black tones by controlling the LED BLU (backlight unit).

Broadcast rich content with the most advanced embedded

Event Schedule Datalink Support USB Auto Play

video wall management solution

Quad-Core Processor

PC-less video wall Mobile Control

The UED Series comes equipped with the most advanced embedded

Built-in Wi-Fi

video wall management solution, the powerful 2nd Generation SSSP and MagicInfo® S2 software. This state-of-the-art LFD innovation

Mobile Control : Display H/W control over Wi-Fi

platform eliminates the need for a separate PC to run the displays and is powered by the powerful quad-core CPU with a graphics card built

Mobile Content Share : Direct content share over Wi-Fi

Figure 1. An integrated solution to provide a new digital signage experience

into the embedded media player. It boasts a 1GHz quad-core CPU and 1.5GB double data rate (DDR3) dual 48 bit memory. SSSP is also compatible with various third-party solutions. Plus, SSSP is equipped with a variety of features that simplify the design and deployment of display content, such as an interactive whiteboard and picture-in-picture (PIP) viewing, which can be enlarged to encompass over 50 percent of the display screen.


Data sheet

Manage displays directly from a mobile device while ensuring precision color uniformity

Perform direct playback and management without a PC or wire clutter

Increase color consistency with enhanced color calibration

Samsung UED Series displays require no external PC to operate,

white balancing and color difference compensation, resulting in

either locally or over a network, which means there are no

improved color temperature matching. The Samsung Color Expert

cumbersome wires or equipment to distract viewers from the

software with built-in ACM chipset is also enhanced for ease of use

message being delivered. Content playback, touch overlay support,

and performance and offers three options: gamma calibration, local

as well as daisy chain and network connections, can all be performed

uniformity and white balance. The calibration speed is higher and the

without an external PC thanks to the embedded SSSP.

user interface (UI) is augmented for more precise color management.

The integrated factory color tuning process has been refined for

Light reflection, absorption and scatter are significantly reduced Plus, built-in Wi-Fi and a mobile app enable LFD control and direct

with the help of the Ultra Clear Panel. As a result of Ultra Clear

playback of content directly from a mobile device or laptop. Clutter-

Panel technology, images are brighter and sharper, which ultimately

free and wireless content sharing and display management results in

improves content visibility.

a video wall that is sleek-looking and pleasing to the eye, which can enhance any business environment.

Create an array of screens with vibrant pictures and text UED Series displays can be arranged to construct exceptional video walls. Refined color calibration, improved picture quality, a bezel-tobezel width of just 11 mm (0.43 in.) and vivid high-resolution images create a pleasurable viewing experience.

Figure 2. Improved video wall color calibration for color uniformity


Data sheet

Create dynamic video wall configurations without resolution loss or additional equipment

Maintain image ratios when changing orientation UED Series displays offer pivoting capability and image rotation

Daisy chain multiple displays without the need for additional equipment

software that can change image orientation from portrait to landscape

Businesses can join multiple displays without losing picture quality

for greater display flexibility. For convenience when rotating images,

using DisplayPort (DP) 1.2 multi-stream support. The UED Series

two ratio options are available: original ratio or auto full-sizing ratio.

displays offer High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)

Users do not need to rotate a picture in the software to make it

daisy chain capabilities. By supporting HDCP daisy chaining, UED

appear correctly in a different orientation.

models can display HDCP content such as LiveTV™ or Blu-ray Disc™ content without a HDCP distributor or an external PC. The HDCP daisy chain function helps reduce the cost of deploying multiple displays throughout an organization. By using the DP 1.2 port, businesses can display content resolutions of 3,840 x 2,160 in 2 x 2 video walls. The port enables such high resolution content to maintain its quality without the need for additional equipment. With no complex distributors’ equipment to connect, a digital daisy chain allows simpler configuration with less clutter.

Figure 3. Portrait to landscape image rotation enhances usability with no loss of resolution

Figure 4. The HDCP daisy chain function reduces the cost of deploying multiple displays to manage each display in a video wall


Data sheet

Samsung UED Series video wall displays

UED 46" /55"

1 2 3 4 5







1. 2. 3. 4.



5. 6. 7. 8. 9.




10. HDMI IN 11. RGB IN 12. DP OUT 13. COMPONENT IN / OUT 14. RJ45


Data sheet

Samsung UED Series video wall displays


Diagonal size






120 Hz E-LED BLU


1,920 x 1,080 (16:9)

Pixel pitch (mm/in.)

0.15375 x 0.46125 0.00605 x 0.01815

0.210 x 0.630 0.008 x 0.024

Active display area (mm/in.)

1,018.08 x 572.67 40.08 x 22.54

1,209.6 x 680.4 47.62 x 26.78

Panel Brightness (Typ.)

450 nit

Contrast ratio


Viewing angle (H/V)


Response time (G-to-G)

8 ms

Display colors


Color gamut


Dynamic C/R

100,000 : 1 (AV Mode)

H-Scanning frequency

30 - 81 kHz

V-Scanning frequency

48 - 75 Hz

Maximum pixel frequency

148.5 MHz



10 bit Dithering - 1.07 Billion


Analog D-SUB, DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2


HDMI, Component (CVBS Common)


Stereo mini jack


DP 1.2 (Loop-out)




Stereo mini jack


Power Out


External control

RS-232C (in/out) thru stereo mini jack, RJ45

External control




Power supply

Power Power consumption

AC 100 - 240 V~ (+/- 10 %), 50/60 Hz Max (W/h)



Typical (W/h)





BTU (Max) Sleep mode

Less than 0.5 W

Off mode

Less than 0.5 W


Data sheet

Samsung UED Series video wall displays


Dimension (mm/in.)

Set Package



1,030.9 x 585.4 x 29.9 (Max: 31.3) 40.5 x 23.0 x 1.1 (Max: 1.2)

1,222.4 x 693.2 x 29.9 (Max: 31.3) 48.1 x 27.2 x 1.1 (Max: 1.2)

1,110.0 x 688.0 x 130.0 43.7 x 26.2 x 5.1

1,340.0 x 800.0 x 145.0 52.7 x 31.4 x 5.7

10 / 22

13.3 / 29.3

13 / 28.6

17.8 / 39.2

Set Weight (kg/lb) Package

Mechanical specs

400 x 400 15.7 x 15.7

VESA mount Protection glass


Stand type

Foot Stand (Optional)

Media player option type

Embbeded, SBB-C (Attachable)

Bezel width (mm/in.)

5.5 / 0.21

Operating Temperature

0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F)

Operation Humidity

10 - 80%


LED slim video wall H/W

WiFi Module Embedded, SD Card Slot, Super Clear Coating, Temperature Sensor, Pivot Display, Clock Battery (80hrs Clock Keeping), Built in Speaker (10 W x 2 ch)


ACM Support(Advanced Color Management), Magic Clone(to USB), Auto Source Switching & Recovery, Lamp Error Detection, RS232C/RJ45 MDC,Plug and Play (DDC2B), PIP/PBP, Image Rotation, Button Lock, DP 1.2 Digital Daisy Chain(HDCP Support), Smart Scheduling, Smart F/W update, Built In MagicInfo Player S2, Video Wall (10X10), Firmware Update by Network, LFD New Home Screen, PC-less VideoWall, Predefined Template for Vertical Usage, Multi Channel, Mobile Control, Event Schedule, Backup Player



Cortex-A9 1 GHz Quad Core CPU

On-chip cache memory


L1 (I/D) : 32KB / 32KB L2 (Unified) : 1MB

Clock speed

1 GHz CPU Quad

Main memory interface

1.5GB Dual 48bit DDR3-933 (1866MHz) 2D & 3D graphics engine - Up to 1,920 x 1,080. 32 bpp - Supports OpenGL ES

Internal player (Embedded H/W) Graphics Storage (FDM) Multimedia

8 GB (2 GB occupied by O/S, 6 GB available) Video Decoder : MPEG-1/2, H.264/AVC (Dual) / VC-1, JPEG, PNG Audio DSP (Decoder) : AC3 (DD), MPEG, DTS and etc.

IO ports

USB 2.0

Operating system



Data sheet

Samsung UED Series video wall displays

Specifications UE46D cUL (USA+Canada) : UL60950 TUV (Germany) : EN60950 CB (Europe) : IEC60950/EN60950 EK (Korea) : K60950 CCC (China) : GB4943.1 PSB (Singapore) : IEC60950 GOST (Russia) : IEC60950, EN55022 SIQ (Slovenia) : IEC60950, EN55022 PCBC (Poland) : IEC60950, EN55022 NOM (Mexico) : NOM-001-SCFI-1993 IRAM (Argentina) : IRAM SASO (Saudi Arabia) : IEC60950 BIS (India) : IS13252



FCC (USA) FCC Part 15, Subpart B class A CE (Europe) EN55022, EN55024 VCCI (Japan) V-3 (CISPR22) KCC (Korea) : KN22, KN24 BSMI (Taiwan) : CNS13438 (CISPR22) C-Tick (Australia) : AS/NZS3548 (CISPR22) CCC (China) : GB 9254-2008, GB 17625.1-2003



ENERGY STAR 6.0 (USA) Quick Setup Guide, Warranty Card, DP cable, Power Cord, Remote Controller, Batteries

Included Stand

STN-L4055AD, STN-L4655E


WMN4270SD WMN250MD WMN4675MD (for Video wall W/M)

Accessories Optional



CML450D (ceiling mount)


Media Player

SBB-C Memory Ethernet USB Connectivity

Output Others


Data sheet

Legal and additional information

About Samsung

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