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Mar 19, 2018 · Date: February 19, 2018 Publication Notice for Consulting Services in Sovereign Risk Analysis The Japan International Cooperation Agenc...

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Date: February 19, 2018 Publication Notice for Consulting Services in Sovereign Risk Analysis The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is the main public agency responsible for implementing the Official Development Assistance—including grants, technical assistance, and concessional loans—of the Government of Japan. It currently operates in approximately 155 countries. The JICA USA office plans to employ consultants to assist JICA’s Credit Risk Analysis Division, which is based in Tokyo, with conducting credit risk analysis of a cohort of JICA’s partner countries. One (1) expert consultant will be assigned to each of the selected countries— Jamaica, Kenya, Vietnam, and India—and will jointly prepare an analysis report alongside JICA staff members that outlines major macroeconomic risks and includes multi-year projections of standard macroeconomic and debt indicators for their assigned country. The Financial Programming (FP) and Debt Sustainability Analysis (DSA) frameworks employed by the International Monetary Fund will form the basis of the analytical techniques underlying these country reports. Please read the attached Terms of Reference of this assignment and submit a technical proposal for conducting the solicited services. Required qualifications for application and the items that should be covered in the proposal are as follows: 1. Qualifications (1) The expert consultant for each selected country must have a Master’s degree, preferably a Doctorate, in economics or a related discipline. (2) The expert consultant for each selected country must have at least five (5) years’ experience in carrying out FP and DSA exercises according to International Monetary Fund standards. (3) The consultant(s) or consulting firm must have a bank account at a financial institution domiciled in the United States of America. 2. Items to be Included in the Proposal (1) The background and experience of your firm, including a list of present and past work (within the last five (5) years) of a nature similar to this assignment. A report of one such work should be attached to the proposal. (2) The name, background, and professional experience of each staff member to be assigned to the project, with particular reference to his/her work experiences of a nature similar to that of the proposed assignment. (3) The general approach, methodology, and overall work program which you propose for carrying out the services covered in the Terms of Reference. The consultant who has submitted the first-ranked technical proposal will be invited to discuss the financial and other terms of a contract after all proposals have been evaluated. Selection will 1/5

be made solely on the basis of the ranking of the proposals according to the qualifications of the consulting firms and assigned staff, as well as the quality of their respective approaches, methodologies, and work plans. The evaluation criteria are included in the first appendix to this publication notice. You are requested to submit your financial proposal in a separate sealed envelope. Reimbursement for travel expenses and per diem associated with business trips to the selected partner countries to conduct appraisal missions should be included in the financial proposal and must reflect relevant JICA travel guidelines. These travel guidelines are included in the second appendix to this publication notice. In addition, please note that the total contract amount for this project will be paid after the completion of service. JICA USA can issue an advance payment of up to forty (40) percent of the contract amount if you can provide a bank guarantee of an equivalent amount to our office. Detailed terms and conditions of payment will be discussed during the process of contract negotiation. We request that you notify us by email ([email protected]) no later than March 5, 2018 if you intend to bid for this assignment. You are requested to send by mail or bring three (3) copies of your technical proposal, along with one copy of your sealed financial proposal, to the address below no later than March 19, 2018. If you send your proposal by mail, we will only accept those proposals that are delivered on or before March 19. JICA USA 1776 I (Eye) Street, NW, Suite 895 Washington, D.C. 20006 Should you desire additional information, we will do our best to provide it. However, requests for additional information or any delay in complying with such requests shall not, in any way, affect the obligation of firms to send or bring complete proposals by the deadline indicated above. Sincerely yours, Ryosuke Nakata Chief Representative JICA USA


Appendix 1: Technical Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Items


1. Experience of Consulting Firm 2. Experience and Qualifications of Assigned Personnel 3. Quality of Technical Proposal Total score

10 40 50 100


Appendix 2: Supplemental Explanation of Allowed Travel Cost Reimbursement for Consulting Service Contract with JICA USA Office 【English Version、May 2013】

1.Classification of Contract Amount ➢ Contract amount is classified into Direct Costs (Direct Labor Cost + Direct Expenses) and Indirect Costs (Administration Costs). JICA will reimburse Direct Expenses only if the Consulting Company provides original receipts (except for Per Diem and Accommodation), otherwise JICA will not reimburse such expenses.

2.Payment for Travel Expenses ➢ In accordance with the stipulation of Article 7 of the Service Contract, “Payment, Inspection and Delivery of the Product,” travel expenses will be paid based on JICA’s internal rules and regulations. These rules and regulations for travel expenses are subject to change, and the latest version will be applied. 3.Grade of Experts ➢ In order to determine flight class, per diem and accommodation ceiling, JICA grades each expert based on the number of years after university graduation. Grade

Number of years after university graduation

Grade Special

30 years or more

Grade One Grade Two Grade Three Grade Four Grade Five Grade Six

22 years or more 15 years or more 12 years or more 7 years or more 5 years or more Less than 5 years

4.Flight Class Determination ➢ Flight class is determined by the number of years after university graduation and flight time. In order to save money, discount economy class is desirable regardless of grade of experts. ➢ Boarding pass stubs shall be provided to JICA for reimbursement. If stubs were lost, a certification of boarding issued by the airline shall be provided as an alternative; otherwise, JICA will not reimburse airfare.


Flight time during one flight Grade of Experts Less than From 8hours From 16hours More than 8hours to 16hours to 24hours 24hours Grade Special C C C C Grade One Y C C C Grade Two Y Y C C Grade Three Y Y C C Grade Four-Six Y Y Y C Note)C:Discount Business Class Y:Discount Economy Class

5.Per Diem and Accommodation ➢ Per Diem and Accommodation reimbursement are fixed and based on the destination country. ➢ Per Diem and Accommodation may be paid only if JICA confirms that records on the Log Book are consistent. (Unit:JPY) Accommodation

Per Diem Grade of Experts Area Area Area A Area B Area C Area A Area B Area C Special Special Grade Special 8,300 7,000 5,600 5,100 25,700 21,500 17,200 15,500 Grade One and Two 7,200 6,200 5,000 4,500 22,500 18,800 15,100 13,500 Grade Three -Five 6,200 5,200 4,200 3,800 19,300 16,100 12,900 11,600 Grade Six 5,300 4,400 3,600 3,200 16,100 13,400 10,800 9,700 Note 1) Area is stipulated in JICA’s internal rules and regulations. Note 2) For business trips to Tokyo, the “Area Special” rates are applied for per diem and Area A is applied for accommodation. 6.Currency Conversion Rate and Fraction Adjustment ➢ OANDA rate( be used for currency conversion between local currency and USD, and the rate to be used is for the day the payment was made. ➢ JICA’s monthly internal rate will be used for currency conversion of Per Diem and Accommodation reimbursement between USD and JPY. For February 2016, JICA’s internal rate for currency conversion is 118.740 JPY/USD 1. ➢ Currency conversion value shall be rounded down to the value of the second decimal point.