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Department of Applied Mechanics Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai – 600 036, India Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula PROJECT COORDINATOR Ref: No. APM/MAHS/001

DATE: 19.05.2017 Tender due date: 15.06.2017

Dear Sir, 1. Quotations are invited in duplicate for the various items shown below/overleaf/enclosed list. 2. The quotations are to be in two parts as Technical Offer and Commercial offer: The two parts of the offer are to be clearly marked on the envelopes. The two parts of the offer in separate envelopes must be enclosed in one bigger envelope duly sealed and super scribed with reference number and due date and must be addressed to the undersigned so as to reach him on or before the due date stipulated above. 3. Fax and Email quotations are not acceptable. 4. Quotations should be valid for 60 days from the due date and period of delivery required, warranty terms etc. should also be clearly indicated. A minimum of one-year warranty is required from the date of commissioning. 5. Imported supplies should be quoted CIF Madras. 6. Local firms to quote free delivery to this Institute. If quoted for Ex-Godown delivery charges be indicated separately. 7. Relevant literature pertaining to the items quoted with full specifications (and drawings, if any) should be sent along with the Quotations, wherever applicable. Samples / machine/ equipment if called for should be submitted / demonstrated free of charges, and collected back at the supplier’s expenses. 8. Compliancy certificate is to be provided indicating conformity to the technical specifications. 9. Sales Tax/General Taxes/ED if applicable and such other taxes legally leviable and intended to be claimed should be distinctly shown along with the price quoted. If this is not indicated no such claim will be admitted at a later stage. The taxes leviable should take into consideration that we are entitled to concessional Sales Tax applicable to Non-Government Educational Institutions run with no profit motive for which a concession is given. Sales Tax Certificate will be issued at the time of final settlement of the bill. 10. Goods should be supplied carriage paid and insured. 11. Goods shall not be supplied without an official supply order. 12. If the item is under DGS&D Rate contract No. and the price must be mentioned. It may also please be indicated whether the supply can be made direct to us at the Rate contract price (Please note that we are not Direct Demanding Officers). If so, please send copy of the RC. 13. The Guarantee period of the item may be indicated clearly. 14. In case of LC. Payment, 90% of the payment will be made after completion of the supply. The balance 10% of the payment will be made after satisfactory installation of the equipment. 15. IIT Madras is exempt from payment of Excise Duty and is eligible for concessional rate of custom duty. Necessary certificate will be issued on demand. IIT Madras will make necessary arrangements for the clearance of imported goods at the Airport/Seaport. Hence the price should not include the above charges. 16. Acceptance and Rejection: - I.I.T. Madras has the sole right to accept the whole or any part of the Tender or portion of the quantity offered or reject it in full without assigning any reason. Yours faithfully

Project coordinator


Technical specification of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter (large pipe size) The mass flow meter for the following specifications,

Order requirement Type 1 (as per technical specs given below)

4 Nos

Technical specification Type 1: Type Working medium Range Mass flow accuracy Mass flow repeatability Operating Pressure Operating Temperature Temperature accuracy Temperature repeatability Output signal Transducer Input Power Connections

Coriolis mass flow meter Air 0-100 kg/h ≤ ±0.5% of rate ≤ ±0.20% of rate 0-5 bar 0-50°C ≤ ±1°C ±0.5% of reading ≤ ±0.2 °C Linear 0-5VDC and 4-20mA with 0-500 Ohms loop resistance. Universal +12 to +26VDC, 200mA maximum. 3/4” – 1.5" compression fittings , 316 SS

1. Required connecting accessories like connecting cables, multiport adapter, etc. and power supply modules should be included. 2. Documents like operating manual, trouble shooting, regular maintenance of equipment etc. shall be provided. 3. The functionality of the mass flow meter and accessories in total to the stipulated specification shall be demonstrated to an IITM representative after installation. 4. The warranty certificate for the equipment shall be provided for a period of 12 months. Additional 24 months’ warranty shall be quoted separately. 5. Housing of the Flow Transmitter should be made from Epoxy coated die-cast Aluminum 6. Self-Diagnostic Functions Flow Transmitter/Display unit shall be capable of performing self-diagnostic tests on hardware and displaying diagnostic messages and alarm features on indicator 7. The transmitter and sensor unit are separate as specified in data sheets. The interconnecting cable and suitable cable glands with PVC Shrouds shall be supplied by the bidder 8. Product catalogues containing technical specification, options, features and functions, dimensional drawings, installation arrangements with proposed piping modifications, of the quoted model shall be submitted with the bid. 2

9. Operation and maintenance manuals containing installation procedures terminal connections, wiring details, spare part lists etc. shall be supplied along with the equipment delivery