Detection & Automatic lighting systems

The detection zone is adjustable by vertically pivoting the detection head 60° and horizontally rotating it ± 80°. 60° ± 80° • Improves your comfort b...

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Detection & Automatic lighting systems

the Hager group

With more than 9000 employees worldwide and a line of innovative products, the Hager Group is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical distribution system for homes, tertiary buildings and industrial premises.

Our goals Making an important contribution by supplying households with safe, economic and comfortable electric power. Our ambition is to offer the market a complete range of products and services for homes, tertiary buildings and industrial premises.

Established almost 50 years ago and still an independent family owned business, Hager is a major worldwide player in electrical control and distribution systems.

A global company The expansion of the Hager Group worldwide was not only limited to creating commercial agencies, but included the set up of a global industrial organisation with full design and production capabilities to offer the various markets suitable products. Today the Hager Group is present in 60 countries with more than 2300 sales points and offers various products and systems meeting very different needs.

Telford - UK Our quality standard is about people Although Hager’s success was based on the relevance of its offer and the performance of its industrial organization, Human Resources are its basic and fundamental assets. Hager’s renowned quality for products, services and sales organisation

was made possible by the use of advanced equipment and a Quality Assurance System registered to ISO 9001. But it was made possible first and foremost by the involvement of the highly qualified men and women of the Company using such equipment and implementing such Quality Organisation.

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Detection Automatic Lighting Systems This family groups together all the devices for automatic control of lighting in both the residential and private/public industry sectors. They enhance security for exterior accesses to residential homes, garages and halls, and guarantee significant savings in lighting power consumption by illuminating only when necessary.

The movement detectors pages 4, 5, 6 and 7 automatically switch on lighting in case a person in movement is detected.

The presence detectors page 8 detect the presence of a person even in a static position and automatically switch on lighting.

Features • A solution for each type of application. • A design of pleasant and harmonious curves. • An integration of the control function at the lighting level. 2

• An IP55 reinforced waterproofing.


Lumimat D Infrared detectors for interior and exterior lighting

IP 55 140° 200° 12 m

ref.: EE801

360° ref.: 52363

10 m Features • Detectors sensitive to infrared radiation linked to heat emitted by any body in movement such as people, animals, etc. • Devices designed for the automatic control of lighting around or inside the home. • Easy to install, for any type of mounting: wall, interior corner, exterior corner, ceiling for Lumimat D140 and 200; wall or exterior corner for Lumimat D360.

References Reference EE800 EE802 EE801 EE803 52362 52363


Name Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat

D140 D140 D200 D200 D360 D360

Detection angle Cutoff power Contact white 140° 1000 W incan. black 140° 1000 W incan. white 200° 1000 W incan. black 200° 1000 W incan. white 360° 1000 W incan. black 360° 1000 W incan.

Movement detector

• Increases your security by dissuading undesirable visitors.

• Improves your comfort by lighting your arrival and that of your friends. • Saves you money … … by saving energy, since your lamp is only switched on when necessary after detection; and no forgotten switch-offs; it is automatically switched off after a time setting you preset. • And more … ! These small details make the difference. For example, for the 140° and 200° detectors: - vertical pivoting - horizontal rotation - limitation of the detection zone.

60° ± 80° The detection zone is adjustable by vertically Limiting the detection pivoting the detection head 60° and horizontally zone by using the rotating it ± 80°. caps supplied prevents undesirable lighting caused by neighbours, passing cars, etc. Movement detector 5

Lumimat P Halogen floodlights equipped with an infrared detector

IP 55 140° 200° 12 m ref.: 52546

ref.: 52545

Features • Halogen floodlights equipped with an infrared detector, allowing easy replacement of an existing lighting device, in order to ensure automatic lighting when a person or an animal approaches. • Integrated detector sensitive to infrared radiation, for functioning day and night, or only at night. • Also allows controlling additional lamps for a total maximum supplementary load of 500 W.

References Reference 52035 52038 52545 52546 52031 52032 52541 52542


Name Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat Lumimat

P150 P150 P150 P150 P500 P500 P500 P500

Detection angle Cutoff power black 140° 150 W white 140° 150 W black 200° 150 W white 200° 150 W black 140° 500 W white 140° 500 W black 200° 500 W white 200° 500 W


Movement detector

Tectomat 360 Infrared movement detectors for interior lighting, ceiling mounted

360° 6m x 6m

ref.: EE804 / 52370

ref.: EE805 / 52371


2,5 m

• Movement detector for the automatic control of lighting in walk circulation zones. Flush fitting or surface mounting. • Adjustable integrated twilight switch function. • Mounting of Tectomat 360 SE in a standard 75 mm dia. wall box and fastening by two spring clips. • Mounting of Tectomat 360 S flush fit on wire outlet, on connecting box or on mouldings thanks to side pre-cutouts. • Control of lighting by 8 A volt-free contact. • Mounting in parallel possible.




References Reference



Cutoff power


EE804/52370 Tectomat 360S Surface mounting 1000 W incand. EE805/52371 Tectomat 360SE Flush fitting 1000 W incand.

Movement detector


Tectomat Presio Presence detectors over 360° for interior lighting, ceiling mounted

IP 41 360° 7m x 13m ref.: EE810

ref.: EE813

Features • The double lens of the Tectomat Presios (Flash patent) offers an exceptional fineness in infrared detection. Micro movements are sufficient to switch on and maintain the light on. They are particularly adapted for controlling the lighting of offices, conference rooms, class rooms, etc. • Lights are inhibited from being switched on if natural light is sufficient in the room. • Master/slave operation, to synchronise several detectors. • The orientable head allows adapting the detection zone according to the room’s configuration. • The Tectomat Presio IR version allows maintaining, in addition to presence detection, a constant illumination level by variation, regardless of the lighting conditions. • The 2 S version allows, in addition, controlling another lighting circuit or ventilation. A pushbutton input is used to override.

2,5 m

presence area Ø5m




13 m


References Ref. Name EE810 Tectomat Presio 1S

Output 1 lighting output

EE811 Tectomat Presio 2S

2 output

EE812 Tectomat Presio 1R

1 x 1/10 V output for light regulation

EE813 Accessories for surface mounting 8

Presence detector

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This mini-catalogue presents to you Hager solutions in passage detection and automatic lighting, which will facilitate installation and make life more comfortable in the home, office and commercial premises. Flash is part of the Hager Group Hager reserves the right to make changes on the devices presented – Wiring diagrams are given for guidelines and shall not engage the company’s responsibility. For connections, refer to the user manual.