Di erential equations

Course Title Di erential equations (in English) Course number 881.003 Instructor Gerald Trutnau E{Mail [email protected] ... 6. Linear di erential equ...

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Differential equations Course Syllabus Fall Term 2014 — SNU Course Title

Differential equations (in English)

Course number



Gerald Trutnau


[email protected]

Course homepage http://www.math.snu.ac.kr/~ trutnau/teachingODE2014.html Course Objective

Basic linear ordinary differential equations will be studied as well as existence and uniqueness of solutions.


Basic knowledge in linear algebra and analysis


Boyce, William E.; DiPrima, Richard C. Elementary differential equations and boundary value problems. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York-London-Sydney 1965 xi+485 pp. Robinson, James C. An introduction to ordinary differential equations. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2004.


The course is for students who do not major in mathematics.

Tentative content

1. Basics and definition of differential equation 2. Integration techniques (substitution, integration by parts, partial fraction decomposition of rational functions) 3. Separation of variables 4. Linear differential equations of first order 5. Solution via substitution (Euler homogeneous, Riccati, Bernoulli differential equation) 6. Linear differential equations of higher order 7. Linear differential equations with constant coefficients 8. Existence and uniqueness of solutions

Teaching Method

Lecture, exercises.


Midterm (8th week, 75 minutes, 30 % of final score); Final exam (15th week, 75 minutes, 30 % of final score); Assignment sheets (30 % of final score); Attendance (10 % of final score). Students must solve exercises regularily, and will be given assignment sheets every week.