e-Delivery of Services in Haryana

e-Delivery of Services in Haryana ... State Portal, SWAN, SDC, ... 3 e-DISHA G2C Service Centers ... Smart-Card based PDS Project...

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e-Delivery of Services in Haryana Citizen Centric e-Governance Regional Consultation Workshop

06-Sep-2010 Chandigarh

Current Status ●

Over 100 services being delivered in Haryana –

Interactive informational and transactional

Services centers spread throughout the state

Government offices also serve as service centers

Main projects involved in delivering these services are –

e-DISHA G2C Service Centers

CSCs (e-DISHA Ekal Sewal Kendra)

Enabling projects ●

eDistrict, State Portal, SWAN, SDC, ... 2

e-DISHA G2C Service Centers ●

Primary mode of G2C service delivery in Haryana

State-owned and operated service centers –

Conveniently located at mini-secretariat offices at all district headquarters

Operational in 19 of 21 districts ●

Additionally in Tehsils and SDM offices too

Operations partner is Indian Red Cross Society ●

Self-sustaining, Social Welfare objectives

Each center is self-sufficient (IT & non-IT infra), connected to the SWAN

Expansion plans ... 3

e-DISHA G2C Service Centers ●

Some of the services being provided are: –

Driving License, Vehicle Registration

Birth and Death Certificates

Certificates of Domicile, Income, Caste and Physical Handicap

Record of Rights (Nakal), House Tax

Public Grievances

Applications to various services like

Passport ● Social Welfare schemes, Arms licenses Forms and Procedures downloads ●


Services Statistics Summary ●

Total number of services identified for delivery


Services currently being delivered


Services proposed / work in progress


Number of departments covered


Types of services covered


(some at single location, some at multiple)

Lion's share of the credit goes to NIC Haryana's biggest implementation partner 5

Citizen Service Centers ●

In initial attempt at setting up CSCs has not succeeded –

1159 rural and 104 urban centers (incl. 49 showcase centers)

At one-time, 1st state to achieve 100% rollout

Process to appoint new SCA(s) is in progress

Most common services delivered through e-DISHA centers were also being offered through CSCs –

Main objective was geographical coverage

Issuance of certificates (birth, death, caste, income, …)

Receipt of applications for other services

Additional B2C services as per project vision for sustainability 6

Major Services Online ●

Land Records related services –

Transport Department services –

Sarathi and Vahan software implemented at 50 centers

Social Justice and Empowerment –

Property registration, jamabandis, mutations, certificates

Old age pensions, Widow pensions, PH pensions, Senior Citizen ID cards

Health Services –



eDistrict as an enabler ● ●

● ●

Enhancing the back-office service fulfillment capability A key requirement if the front-offices are to truly deliver prompt & efficient services Services being delivered through the other projects De-facto implementation of this scope is already in place, as a state initiative –

Enhancements to align to eDistrict MMP

Pilot in progress in Rohtak district


SDC & SWAN as enablers ●

One of the objectives is to put in place the necessary infrastructure for e-DISHA and CSCs –

Apart from other core projects

SDC work has commenced – expected to be completed in a few weeks NIC operated Data Center is currently used for as enabler SWAN plays a major role in ensuring connectivity of all e-DISHA centers –

SWAN NOC also provides access to centrally delivered services 9

UID: a new & key enabler ● ●

● ●

State's UID Project has been initiated Mass enrollment drive will be combined with the state's Smart-Card based PDS Project Expected to begin in October 2010 Availability of reliable identity data impacts every citizen service delivery significantly! 3-5 year window expected for changes to propagate to all projects Review of all projects for impact assessment is on the anvil 10

3-Year Roadmap ●

Reach, Convenience –

CSCs to be reinvented and implemented


Expanded list of locations for eDisha Centers


(UID related services are being added as desired)

Integrated approach for true services delivery


Emphasis on Process Re-engineering

UID-enablement will be an important opportunity to do this

Equip Back Offices to keep up with demand/vision

3+yrs 11

1-Year (+) Timelines ●

Services enhancements (eDistrict)


Improvements in e-DISHA services


Smart Card based PDS delivery


Driving License and Vehicle Registration


– ●

UID-enablement of all services –

Smart card based DL/RC


NREGS integration, Students benefits administration, payroll administration, …

Reorganized State Portals

12m 12

Issues & Challenges


Integration of services in a meaningful way


Flexibility from Central Project Teams


Back office ability to carry out process steps


Meaningful integration of services ● ●

Piecemeal service delivery is no longer sufficient UID-based integration is neither envisaged nor provided for in most project plans Visionary BPR is a key requirement –

e.g., elimination of “certificates”, “notary”, “documentary proof” regime – as a 2-year goal?

Review and incorporation of the changes in the project plan – takes time Change of scope in contractual terms and conditions – also takes time 14

Flexibility in implementation ●

Different states – different maturity and capability levels Our experience has been that central guidance and oversight could be more flexible –

e.g., SDC – incorporation of virtualization elements

e.g., SeMT team structure and selection

e.g., UIDAI approach to most problems


Back office capacity building ● ●

An extremely important component of services delivery Use of data entry operators is both a convenience and a hindrance An IT Cadre administered by the Secretariat of IT – proposed, work under way Exchange of experiences and ideas is a necessity in this area


Thank you


Why UID now? ●

If not now, when?

Mid-course upgrades are not simple

Adding UID means recalling & reissuing cards

Process and People change management all-over

Status quo will suit solution partners

Time & effort needed to amend contracts

Despite this, project will retain practical limitations tag

Costs of such changes are not small

Commitment from the Chief Minister to UIDAI