Edutainment Thai Art of Self-Defense and Boxing by Motion

hidden like a fortress. Front foot must face onwards and place only half weight on the sole. Back foot is diagonal, wider than shoulders and place onl...

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between motion segments. The second paper is [5] which has presented in 3D dynamic using direct linear transformation (DLT) to calculate the kinematics kicking from 3D video recordings by measuring linear, angular velocity and impact forces. The last

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4. The length of the shorts must not be shorter than med-thigh, cannot cover the knee and must not worn above the belt line. The belt line is an imaginary line from the navel to the top of the hips and must not cover the navel. 5. Boxers shall box in

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2.5 PROPER NOUN is the name of particular person, place, or thing. 2.5.1 PERSONAL NAME e.g. name, family name, title: name of a king