Engaging Communities for Transformative Education

At the end of the seminar is healing . and reconciliation. Inter-religious Dialogue. Intra-Religious Dialogue seminars among parish lay leaders and la...

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Engaging Communities for Transformative Education

Cardinal Quevedo "Signed peace agreements do not guarantee a just and lasting peace when the political and economic causes of war are aggravated by cultural and religious biases and prejudices that have been operative in the minds and hearts of Muslims and Christians for four centuries."

"Rooted in Christ, we shall strive to eradicate prejudices and grow in deeper understanding and appreciation of other ecclesial communities and religious traditions, especially followers of Islam. We shall engage in dialogue of life, faith, prayer and common action with them..."

Two Complementary Peace Processes



Horizontal Peace Process –

processing the peace at the grassroots level among the local inhabitants.

2-day Culture of Peace Seminars with barangay officials and the local inhabitants (Lumads, Muslims, Christians)

Religious leaders, IP elders,

Military, MILF, NGOs, Youths

“If people can be trained for war, they can also be trained for peace.”


One source of bias is ignorance

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Part of the seminar is the History of the Mindanao Conflict

At the end of the seminar is healing and reconciliation

Inter-religious Dialogue

Intra-Religious Dialogue seminars among parish lay leaders and lay ministers

Topics: Mindanao history, Bible teachings, Church teachings, Pope statements, 4 Forms of dialogue.

Four Forms of Dialogue Dialogue of Religious Experience Dialogue of Words

Dialogue of Action

Dialogue of Life

Dialogue of Life “This is the dialogue where believers of different religions bear witness to their religious values and convictions in their everyday life, in their homes, neighborhoods, farms, workplaces, schools, marketplaces, terminals, plazas, streets, etc.

Lumad, Muslim and Christian giving goat and duck siblings to one another.

Muslim neighbors gave cash donation during the repair of a Christian chapel

Christian neighbors gave cash donation during the renovation of a mosque

Muslims and Christians playing together as friends and neighbors

Muslims carry the coffin of Lola Uray, a Christian

Muslim bridesmaids in a Christian wedding

Dialogue of Action “When believers come together to address common social concerns, they are engaged in this form of dialogue.

Disaster Response Team composed of Muslim and Christian volunteers

Muslim and Christian volunteers brought food to starving evacuees, demolishing the myth that the war in Mindanao is religious in nature.

Normina, a typical young Muslim lady who wears a ‘tundung’ stayed at the convent for six months.

“When you hear the sounds of mothers weeping and children crying in the night, you don’t anymore ask whether they are Lumads, Muslims or Christians.”

Helping the poor is not a matter of choice. For us human beings, it is a duty and a social responsibility.

Established Space for Peace communities

Negotiated with the MILF and military by 7 barangay captains

We have Lumad, Muslim and Christian scholars.

Mindanao Week of Peace Celebration

Peace camp participated by Lumad, Muslim and Christian youth.

Dialogue and Peace Symposium

Public Health

Water and Sanitation

Dialogue of Words or Discourse “This is the dialogue which often takes place on the formal level amongst trained scholars, religious leaders and theologians of religion. ”

Bishops-Ulama Conference

Interfaith Council

Dialogue of Religious Experience “Also referred to as the dialogue of spirituality, this is the spiritual dimension of dialogue.”

Duyog Pasko

A Muslim mayor gave Christmas gifts to Christians after the mass

Duyog Ramadhan

Notre Dame of Dulawan and Dulawan Parish sponsored Buka in two Mosques. Also Pikit parish in two mosques.

Duyog Samayaan

Duyog Fiesta

Muslim barangay officials also prepared food in their barangay during patronal fiesta celebration of Christians

“Think big, start small.”

“There is no peace in the world as long as there is no peace among religions. And there is no peace among religions as long as there is no dialogue among believers.” (Hans Kung)

“If you want to go near, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together.”

To create a beautiful world where people live in peace and harmony

Thank you.