matter if she was darker than me? English 5 (i) If you were in the speaker ’s place would you feel ... One of the reasons can be lack of toilets in th...

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English (302) Tutor Marked Assignment Max. Marks: 20 Note: (i)

All questions are compulsory. The marks allotted for each question are given against each.


Write your name, enrolment number, AI name and subject etc. at the top of the first page of the answer sheet.


Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words. (a)


The Intruder had found out many facts about Gerrard before coming to his house. But because of his boastful attitude he gives away a lot of information about himself. Pick out four examples from Chapter 12- ‘If I Were You’- which suggest the boastful nature of the Intruder. (Refer: If I Were You)


Apart from the personal loss what other impact did Baldeo’s death have on Tembu’s life? (Refer: The Tiger in the Tunnel)


Do you think Bholi was sent to school because her father wanted to educate her? Give a reasoned answer. (Refer: Bholi)


Describe the role of Gavaskar’s extended family in shaping his career. (Refer: My First Steps)


Read any one of the following extracts and answer the questions that follow in about 40-60 words. 2 (a)

My mother only said Thank God the Scorpion picked on me and spared my children. (i) What light do these lines throw on the character of the poet’s mother?


(ii) Explain the phrase ‘picked on me’.

(Refer: Night of the Scorpion)

And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.

(Refer: The Road Not Taken)

(i) What had the poet left to take up another day? (ii) Why was the poet doubtful about coming back? (c)


"Fair, Fair". I felt anger rise inside me. Fair! As if that was all that mattered, mattered most, more than a good figure, a chiseled face, more than beauty that lies within. I knew I wasn’t as beautiful as she was with her fine, regular features, and I wasn’t even half as talented as her. How did it matter if she was darker than me? English

(i) If you were in the speaker’s place would you feel angry? Give a reasoned answer. (ii) What, according to the speaker, are the real traits of beauty? (d)

(Refer: I Must Know the Truth)

I may never have become a cricketer and this book would certainly not have been written, if an eagle – eyed relation, Mr. Narayan Masurkar, had not come into my life the day I was born (July 10, 1949). It seems that Nan-Kaka (as I call him), who had come to see me in hospital on my first day in this world, noticed a little hole near the top of my left ear lobe. The next day he came again and picked up the baby lying on the crib next to my mother. To his Cutter honour, he discovered that the baby did not have the hole on the left ear lobe. (i) Why does the writer call Masurkar eagle-eyed? (ii) How did Masurkar know that the baby was exchanged?


Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.



In the poem ‘Night of the Scorpion’ what difference do you find between the attitude of the poet’s father and the other villagers? (Refer: Night of the Scorpion)


What is the significance of the phrase ‘two roads’ in the context of one’s life? (Refer: The Road Not Taken)


“Parents play an important role in the development of a child both mentally and physically.” In the light of the lesson “Bholi” comment on the above statement. (Refer: Bholi)


What is the significance of the title ‘My First Steps‘? (Refer: My First Steps)


Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words.



Without Narayan Masurkar’s (Nankaka) alertness and observation Sunil Gavaskar may never have become a cricketer. Do you agree? Give a reasoned answer. (Refer: My First Steps)


Make an attempt to ‘twist the tale’ and end the story, ‘The Tiger in the Tunnel’ on a happy note. (Refer: The Tiger in the Tunnel)


‘By adopting 284 trees instead of a human child, the childless couple, Thimmaka and her husband Bikkala Chikkaih did a wonderful service towards protecting the environment”. Elaborate the statement. (Refer: Lesson 3, Reading with Understanding)

(d) 5.

Do you think Aradhana was justified in refusing to perform at the inaugural function? Why did she ultimately decide to perform? (Refer: I Must Know the Truth)

Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words.



At the end of the story Bholi showed great confidence and ability to take independent decisions. Do you agree? Give reasons to justify your answer. (Refer: Bholi)


What brings the Intruder to Gerrard’s place? Chance? Fate? Or a planned move? Give reasons to justify your answer. (Refer: If I were You)


A leading export-import house is looking for a young and dynamic person with a pleasing personality to coordinate business at its new showroom opening shortly at Nehru Place, New Delhi. The selected candidate would be expected to offer Customer Care Services and do initial level coordination.



Essential Qualification: Knowledge of English, Basic Numeracy and Computer skills Apply for the above job giving all necessary details. d.


(Refer: If I Were You)

World Environment Day was celebrated by the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of your colony. Twenty saplings were planted. The lawns were dressed and manicured. Write a paragraph on the function. (Refer: Lesson 3, Reading with Understanding)

Attempt any one of the following projects in about 500 words. a.


Mary Kom is an Indian boxer to have won a medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics. She is a five time World Boxing Champion and has been ranked as Number 4 in the Flyweight category of AIBA World Women’s Ranking. Title: Bio-Sketch of Mary Kom Objective: To be able to write a bio-sketch Step-I Collect information about the boxing champion Mary Kom. You may include: (i) birth, place, year etc. (ii) family and schooling background. (iii) training in boxing and passion towards the game. (iv) important aspects that helped to shape the career. (v) achievements at national and international level. Step-II Select the information which is important to be included in the biography. Include important points which will motivate and inspire sports persons to take up the game. Step-III Imagine that you are Mary Kom. A journalist wants to write your biography. He wants to take your interview. What important things would you like to be included during the interview? Step-IV Write a bio-sketch based on your information.


Write a project on ‘Education in Slums’ Title: Education in Slums Objective: Problem of Education in Slums Step-I Interview at least 20 families of slum areas. Step-II Before interviewing, prepare a questionnaire to collect detailed information. (Why are children in slums not getting proper education?) Step III Write the main points to reflect the information. Step IV Analyse the problem keeping the information in mind. Step V Find out government’s efforts for providing education to the dwellers. Step VI Write a report in about 500 words with at least 3-4 practical suggestions to solve the problem.

(c) You live in an area which has a big school and a shopping mall. You notice that there is a lot of noise every time. It is gradually increasing and thus giving rise to health problems. Taking this view point, write a project on ‘Noise Pollution.’ Step-I Visit places in and around your colony. 6


Step-II Talk to the Principal of the school, Incharge of the Shopping Mall and the President of the nearby societies. Step-III Talk to families in the nearby area. Draw their attention towards the noise made by loud music, power horns, by students in the nearby school and vehicles in the shopping mall. Step-IV Make notes for reference with the information collected. Step-V Write a report based on your information. (d)

Everyday cases of harassment and sexual assault of young women, particularly in villages are reported in the newspaper and T.V. One of the reasons can be lack of toilets in the houses due to which women have to go out to ease themselves particularly in the very early morning or late evening hours under the cover of darkness. This gives a free hand to the misbehaving elements. As a social worker you want to tackle this problem. Step-IAdopt a particular village. Step-II Prepare a questionnaire and interview 20 households to find out:i. How many houses have proper toilets? ii. Whether girls go out in groups or alone in the dark. iii. Whether the government or some NGO is taking any step to solve the problem. iv. Is anyone from the village doing anything for protection of women/girls? Based on the above findings, prepare a report and provide recommendations and suggestions to solve the problem.