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recent times and played a vital role in the traditional scheme of learning. It is in such commentaries that we find detailed upapattis or “proofs” of the results and procedures, apart from a discussion of methodological and philosophical issues. Among

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We are pleased to confirm the reservation as follow : ... BOOKING FORM : ... BAYVIEW HOTEL INTERNATIONAL HOTELS & RESORTS AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND

Central Information Commission Baba Gang Nath Marg, 2nd floor, Munirka, New Delhi -110067 Registration No. CICOM/R/2017/01492/SH Date: 21.12.2017 To, Shri Virendra Goswami,

(Drs. Imam Tauhid), ibu (Siti Komariyah) serta adik-adikku (Arini Aula Rusydati dan Husna Umiyati Kholidah) yang telah memberikan doa, kasih sayang dan

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