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Agarwal, P

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Agor, R Agor, R Agrawal, P K

4 Agrawal, P K 5 Alapati, S R 6 7 8 9 10 11

Ambedkar, A G Anand Kumar, A Anand Kumar, A Antonakas, J L Arora, C P

12 13

Arora, K.R Arora, R C Arora, S C & Domukundwar, S Arora, S C & Domukundwar, S Arora, S.P & Saxena, S.C Arrora, S C & Domkundwar, S Arya, A.S & Ajmani, J.L Ashbourn, J

14 15 16 17 18 19

Asnani, S 20 21

Ayala, K Ayala, K

22 Bahrami, A 23 24

Balagurusamy, E

Tiltle Earth quake Resistant Design of Structures A Text Book of Surveying and Levelling Elements of Civil Engineering SAP HR India Payroll : Technical Reference Learning Guide SAP HR : OM PD and Training : Technical Reference and Learning Guide Oracle Database 11g: New Features for DBAS and Developers Mechanical Vibration and Noise Engineering Control System Engineering Switching Theory and Logic Design The Intel Microprocessor Refrigeration and Airconditioning Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Refrigeration and Airconditioning

Publisher PHI Khana Khanna PHI PHI

Wiley India

PHI PHI PHI Pearson TMH Standard PHI

A Course in Power Plant Engineering Dhanpat Rai A Course in Refrigeration and Airconditioning Dhanpat Rai Railway Engineering

Dhanpat Rai

Heat and Mass Transfer

Dhanpat rai

Design of Steel Structures Practical Biometrics From Aspiration to Implementation Oracle Database 11g: Hands on AQL and PL/ SQL The 8051 Microcontroller (With CD) The 8086 Microprocessor : Programming & Interfacing the PC Object Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML ANSI C

Nem Chand Springer PHI Cengage Learning Cengage Learning TMH TMH

25 26 27 28 29

Balanis, C.A Balguruswamy, E Ballaney, P L Ballaney, P L Ballaney, P L Baluja, G S

Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics Programming with Java Thermal Engineering Theory of Machines Refrigeration and Aircondtioning Data Structures Through C

30 31 32

Bansal, K.M Bansal, R K

33 34 35

Bansal, R.K Bansal, R.K Bansal,R K Barclay, K & Savage, J Barrow, H.K Basse, S & Gelder, A V Bayross, I

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45

Bayross, I Bayross, I Beckwith, T G & Lew'is, N Begamudra, R.D Begamudre, R.D Bell, D A Bell, D A

46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56

Berman, F & Fox, A C Bhandari, V B Bhatt,N D & Panchal, V M Bhatt,N D & Panchal, V M Bhattacharya, A Bhavikati, S.S Bhavikati, S.S Bhavikatti, S.S Bhavikatti,S.S Bhimbhra, P.S

Renewable Energy sources and conversion Technology Theory of Machines A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machine Strength of Material Engineering Mechanics Object Oriented Design with UML and Java Water power Engineering Computer Algorithm

BSP TMH Khana Khana Khanna Dhanapat Rai & co. TMH Laxmi Laxmi Laxmi Laxmi Elsevier MGH Pearson

HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Perl CGI BPB Web Technology v-I Web Technology v-II


Mechanical Measurements Extra High Voltage AC Transmission Engineering High Voltage Engineering Electronic Devices and Circuits Electronics Instrument and Measurement Grid Computing : making the Global Infrastructure A Reality Design of Machine Element

Pearson New Age New Age Oxford PHI Wiley India TMH

Machine Drawing


Engineering Drawing Metal Cutting Theory and Practice Design of RCC Structure Strength of Material Structural Analysis (V-1) Structural Analysis (V-2) Electrical Machinery

Chartor New Central New Age Vikas Vikas Vikas Khanna


Bhimbhra, P.S

58 59

Bhimbra,P.S Bidelman, Eric Bindra, S.P & Arora, S.P Black, U D

60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71

Bolton, P Boylestad, R L Brey, Barry B Buczek, G Buhari, S M Burger, W & Burge, M J Cengel, Y.A & Cimbala , J.M Chaitanya, S R & Aksar, V B Chakrabarti, A Chakrabarti, A & Haldar, S Chakrabarti, S

72 73 74 75 76 77 78

Chakraborti, A Chakraborti, A & Nath,S Chakraborty , P Chakroborty, M Chanda, D & Majumder, D D


Chandola, S.P Chandra, A.M & Ghosh, S.K Chandra, A.N Chandra, A.N Chandra, S & Agarwal, M.M


Chang, K.T

79 80 81

Power Electronics Generalized Theory of Electrical Machines Using The HTML5 File System API

Khanna Khanna SPD

Building Construction Data Communications and Distributed Networks (3rd ed) Mechatronics Electronic Devices and Circuits The Intel Microprocessor ASP.NET Developer's Guide Principles of Programming Language Digital Image Processing An Algorithm Introduction Using Java

Dhanpat Rai PHI

Fluid Mechanics Natural Language Processing: A Platinum Perspective Circuit Theory: Analysis and Synthesis Power System Analysis Operation and Control Mining the Web : Discovering Knowledge A textbook on power System Engineering


Basic Electrical Engineering Text book of Analog and Digital Communication Civil Engineering Drawing Digital Image Processing and Analysis A Textbook of Transportation Engineeing

TMH Dhanpat Rai

Remote Sensing and GIS Higher Surveying Plane Surveying

Narosa New Age New Age

Railway Engineering Introduction to Geographical Information Systems


Pearson Pearson Pearson TMH TMH Springer

Dhanpat Rai PHI Elsevier

Dhanpat Rai

Bhaktivedanta PHI



84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113

Chattopadhya, D & Raksit, P C Chattopadhya, P Chitkara, K.K

Electronic- Fundamental and Application Engineering Thermodynamics Construction Project Management Geotechnical Engineering Principles Coduto, D.P and Practice Comeron, A Basic Lubrication Theory Cooper, H Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation Crichlow, J M Distributed Systems : Computing over Networks Crowley, C Network Processor Design vol-2 Dand,H; Patil, R. & Programming with PL/SQL For Sambare, T. Beginners Dandekar, M.M Water power Engineering Daniel, J Speech and Language Processing

New Age

Das, B.M Das, R Dasgupta, S Dash, S.K & Khuntia, S.R Date, C J & Darwen, H Davie, B S & Peterson, L L De, A Debbabi, M & Saleh, M Deitel, H M & Deitel, P J Deitel, P & Deitel, H Deo, N

Cengage Vikas TMH

Desai, A.V Deshmukh, A V Deshpande, M.V Dev, S R Dewar, Mike Dey, P & Ghosh, M Dey, Sukhendu Dietel, H M

Principles of Geotehnical Engineering Core Java Algorithms Fundamental of Electromagnetic Theory Temporal Data and the Relational Model Computer Networks A System Approach (4th ed.) Plane Surveying Embedded Java Security For Mobile Devices Java : How to Program (8th ed)

Oxford TMH PHI J/W PHI PHI Elsevier SPD Vikas Pearson Education

PHI Elsevier Elsevier S Chand Springer PHI

C++ How to Program, (8th ed)


System Simulation with Digital Computer Non-Conventional Energy Microcontrollers Power Station Engineering Robotics Getting Started with D3 Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C Graph Theory With Applications An Introduction to Operating Systems

PHI New Age TMH PHI TMH SPD Oxford SPD Pearson

114 115 116 117

A Course in Internal Combution Domkundwar, V M Engines Donald, M Pro. ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010, 4th ed.

Dhanpat Rai Wiley India

Donaldson, C Doyle, J Dreamtech

TMH Pearson Wiley India

118 119

Dubey, G.K

120 121

Duggal, K.M Duggal, S.K

122 123 124 125 126

Duggal, S.K Duggal, S.K Duggal, S.K Duggal, S.K Dukkipati, Rao V

127 128 129

Dutta, B.N Dwivedi, H Edminister, J.A Elmasri, R & Navathe, S B Englander, I

130 131 132 133 134 135 136

Faujdar, A & Choudhury, B K Feuer, A R Firtman, M. Floyd, T L Forouzan, B A & Gilberg, R F Foster, I

137 Gadre, D 138 139

Gahlot, P.S & Dhir, B.M

140 141

Gambhir , M.L Gambhir, M.L


Gambhir, M.L

Tool Design Routing TCP/IP , Volume I (2nd ed) Java Server Programming (J2EE 1.4) Black Book 2007, Platinum ed, Electric Drives Elements of Environmental Engineering Building Materials Earth quake Resistant Design of Structures Limit State Design of Steel Structures Surveying ( V-1 ) Surveying (V-2 ) Textbook of Mechanical Vibration Estimating And Costing in Civil Engineering Mobile Application Security Electromagnetics Fundamentals of Database Management Systems(4th ed.) Architecture of Computer Hardware & Software System SAP Sales & Distribution Certification Guide The C Puzzle Book jQuery Mobile Digital Fundamental A Structured Programming Approach Using C The GRID2:Blue Print for a New Computing Infrastructure Programming and Customizing the AVR Microcontroller (With CDROM) Construction Planning and management Concrete Technology Theory and Practice Building Materials Design of Reinforced Concrete structures

Narosa S Chand New Age Oxford TMH TMH TMH PHI UBSPD TMH TMH Pearson John Willey TMH Pearson SPD Pearson Cengage Elsevier TMH


143 144 145

Ganesan V Ganesan V Garde, R.J


Garg, S.K


Garg, S.K


Garg, S.K


Garg, S.K


Garg, S.K Gaur, R K

151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165

166 167

Internal Combution Engines Gas Turbines Engineering Fluid Mechanics Hydrology and water Resources Engineering Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Sewage Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Electrical Power Generation & Utilization Digital Electronics and Microcomputers

Gaylord, E.H & Gaylord, C.R Design of Steel Structures Gere, J.N & Gordon, B.J Strength of Materials Ghosh A & Malick, AK Manufacturing Science Network Theory: Analysis and Ghosh, S Synthesis Ghosh, S.P & Chakraborty, A.K Network Analysis and Synthesis Data Structures A Pseudocode Gilberg, R F & Forouzan, B A Approach with C Gillenson, M L Fundamentals of Database Management Systems Automobile Mechanics Giri, N K Goldberg, D E Genetic Algorithms: Search Optimization and Machine Learning Gonzalez, W Digital Image Processing Gonzalez, W Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB Goodrich, M T & Algorithm Design Tamassai, R Gopi, S & Shanti Kumar, R Advanced Surveying Gobal Positioning System: Principles Gopi,S and Application Goswami, S Internet Protocols Advances,Technologies and Applications Gottfried, B Programming in C

TMH TMH New Age Khanna Khanna Khanna Khanna Khanna Dhanpat Rai

TMH Cengage EWP PHI TMH Cengage John Willey Khanna Pearson Pearson TMH Wiley India

Pearson TMH Springer


168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177

Gram, A & Gupta, V etc Griffths, D. & Griffths, D. Gross,C Grover, M P Gulhati, S.K & Dutta, M Gupta, B R & Singhal ,V Gupta, B.R Gupta, B.R Gupta, B.R

179 180 181

Gupta, B.R Gupta, B.R & Singhal,V Gupta, C P & Prakash, R Gupta, J B Gupta, J B

182 183

Gupta, J.B Gupta, J.B

184 185 186

Gupta, J.B Gupta, K M Gupta, K M Gupta, M.K


187 188 189


191 192

Gupta, R B Hagen, Silvia Hajara Choudhary,S K & Hajara Choudhary, AK Hajara Choudhary,S K & Hajara Choudhary, AK Hall, D V Halvorson, M

193 194

Hansmann, U & Merk, L

An Introduction to Parallel Computing Pearson Head First C


Electrical Machines CAD/CAM/CIM


Geotechnical Engineering


Elements of Eletrical Engineering Network Analysis and Synthesis Generation of Electrical Energy Electrical and Electronics Engineering

S Chand S.Chand S.Chand S.Chand

Power System Operation and Control S.Chand Digital Electronics

SK Kataria

Enginering Heat Transfer Electronics devices and Circuits Analog Electronics Theory and Performance of Electrical Machines A course in Power System Utilization of Electrical Power and Eletric Traction Automobile Engineering Vol-1 Automobile Engineering V 2 Practical Handbook to Building Construction ,7th ed. Automobile Engineering Planning for IPV6

Nem Chand S.K.Kataria S.K Kataria

Element of Workshop Technology, Vol. -1

Element of Workshop Technology, Vol. - 2 Microprocessor and Interfacing Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Step by Step Priciples of Mobile Computing

S.K. Kataria S.K.kataria S.K.Kataria Umesh Umesh Nabhi Publication Satya Prakashan SPD

Media Promoters

Media Promoters TMH PHI Springer

195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209

210 211 212 213 214

215 216 217 218 219 220

Hate, S. & Paharia, S. Haykin, S Haykin, S Haykin, S

.NET 4 for Enterprise Architects and Developers Communication system Digital Communication Neural Networks:A Comprehensive Foundation Haykin, S Communication Systems ,4th ed. Heffelfinger, David Java EE6 with Glass Fish 3 Application Server Heitner, J Automobile Mechanics Hennessy, J L & Computer Organisation and Design Patterson, D A (4th ed) Henshey, J Cryptography and Network Security Hentrich, C. & Process Driven SOA Zdun, Uwe An Introduction To Geographical Hey wood, I Information Systems Hibbler, R C Mechanics of Material HMT Limited Mechatronics Hogan, Brain P. HTML5 and CSS3 Holmes, J Struts: The CompleteReference Hopcroft, J E & Design & Analysis of Computer Aho, A V & Algorithm Ullman, J D Horton, I Ivor Horton's Beginning Java (7th ed.) Hortsman, C S Hortsman, C S Hubbard, J R Hughes, B & Cotterell, M & Mall, R Hussain,A Ida, N Indian Building Congress ISRD Group ISRD Group Jaggi, J

221 222 223 224

Jain , A.K Jain, A K Jain, R K

SPD John Wiley John Willey PHI John Willey SPD East -West Press Elsevier Springer SPD

Pearson Pearson MGH SPD TMH Pearson

Wiley India

Core Java.Tm2 Vol-I Core Java.Tm2 Vol-II Data structures with Java (2nd ed) Software Project Management

Pearson Pearson TMH TMH

Basic Electrical Engineering Engineering Electromagnetics

Dhanpat Rai BSP Nabhi Publication

Manual of Fire Safety in Buildings Data Structures Through C++ Applications of .NET Technology Programming Websphere MQ with Java Reinforced Concrete Limit State Design Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing Engineering Metrology


Nem Chand PHI Khanna

225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238

239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254

Jain, R P Jain, R P

Modern Digital Electronics Digital Electronics and Microprocessors Jalaludeen, S MD Machine Design Jalote, P A concise Introduction to software Engineering Jay, R The Complete Reference:SAP Net Weaver Portal Technology Jones, C Estimating Software Costs : Bringing Realism Fundamental of Metal Forming Juneja,B L Process Fundamentals of Metal Cutting and Juneja,B L Machine Tools Kahathe, A Cryptography & Network Security Kalavaty, S Operation Research Kamal, R Microcontroller Kamal, R Embedded Systems Kamal, R Embedded Systems Design Kamala, A Transportation Engineering Kambhampaty, S Service Oriented Architecture for Enterprise and cloud Applications (2nd ed) Kambhampaty, S Service Oriented Architecture for Enterprise Applications Kanetkar, Y Data Structures Through C Kanetkar, Y Pointers in C Kanetkar, Y Let Us C++ Design Aids in Soil Mechanics and Kaniraj, S.R Foundation Engineering Kannkiah, P Workshop Manual Keogh, J J2EE Complete Reference Kernghan, B W & The C Programming Language Ritchie, D M Kessin, Zachary HTML5 Applications Khan, B.H Non-Conventional Energy Resources Khan, H & Digital Logic Design Khan, A Khana, O P Material Science and Metallurgy Khanna, S.K & Arora , M.G Air Port Planning and Design Khanna, S.K & Justo,C.E.G Highway Engineering Khurana, R Object Oriented Programming with C++

TMH TMH Anuradha Narosa TMH TMH

New Age New Age TMH Vikas Pearson TMH TMH TMH Wiley India

Wiley India BPB BPB BPB TMH Scitech TMH PHI SPD TMH Scitech Dhanpat rai Nem Chand Nemchand Vikas

Khurana, R 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263

Khurmi, R S Khurmi, R S & Gupta, K Khurmi, R S &J K Gupta, J K Khurmi, R.S Khurmi,R S Khurmi,R S & Gupta, J K Khurmi,R S & Sedra, R S Kiely, G Kimball, R

Software Engineering Principles and Practices, 2nd Ed. Theory of Structures


Theory of Machines

S Chand

Refrigeration and Airconditioning Strength of Materials Hydraulic and Fluid Meachanics

S Chand S Chand S Chand

Machine Design

S Chand

S Chand

Material Science S Chand Environmental Engineering TMH The Data warehouse Lifecycle Wiley India Toolkit:Practical Techniques for Building Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence systems, 2nd ed.

264 Kimball, R

265 266

Kinney, J.S Klawonn, F

267 268 269 270 271 272

Knudesen, Jonathan Koegh, J Koenig, A Kogent Learning Solution Kogent Learning Solution Kogent Learning Solution

273 274 275 276 277

Kogent Learning solution Kogent Learning solution Kogent Learning Solution Kollegal K, Meghashyam

The Data ware House ETL Toolkit, Practical Techniques for Extracting , Cleaning, Conforming and Delivering Data Intermidate Structural Analysis Introduction to Computer Graphics Using Java 2D and 3D Java Cryptography

Wiley India

J2ME Complete Reference C Traps and Pitfalls C++ Interview Questions : Hands in Tips for Cracking the Interview C# 2008 in simple Steps

TMH Pearson Wiley India

HTML Black Book Covers Csss3, javascript, xml,xhtml,Ajax, PHP,& Jquery Ajax , Black Book


Web Technologies, Black Book


SAP CRM Black Book

Wiley India

Analysis of Measurements for Civil Works

Nabhi Publication

John Wiley Springer SPD

Wiley India


Kothari, C R 278 279

Kothari, D.P

280 281 282 283 284 285 286

Kothendarman, C P Krause,J.B Krishna Raju, N Krishna raju, N Krishna Reddy, K Krishna Reddy, K Krishna Reddy, K Krishna, C M & Shin, K G Krishnan, R Kumar, A A Kumar, B V Kumar, K S

287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305

Kumar, K.L Kumar, S Kumar, S Kumar, S.K Kumar, U & Shankar, U Kumar, U & Shankar, U Lathi, B P & Ding, Z Leach, D P& Malvino, A P Lee, S C Leiter, C & Wood, D Leon, A & Leon, M Lesk, A M Levifin, A Levifin, A Liang, Y D

306 307 308

Lightfoot, J & & Beckett, C Lipschutz, S

Research Methodology: Methods and New Age Trends International Renewable Energy resources and Emerging Technology PHI Steam Table and Molier Chart Electromagnetics with Application Prestressed Concrete Reinforced Concrete Design Electrical Machine, Vol- I Electrical Machine, Vol- II Electrical Machine, Vol- III Real Time Systems

Dhanpat Rai TMH TMH TMH Scitech Scitech Scitech TMH

Electric Motor Drives Fundamentals of Digital Circuits J2EE Architecture JDBC , Servlets and JSP Black Book , (New Ed) Engineering Fluid Mechanics Building Construction Treasure of RCC Designs Basic Remote Sensing Advanced Microprocessors and IBM PC Advance Computer & IBM PC Assembly Language Programming Communication system-Analog & Digital Digital Principle and Applications

PHI PHI TMH Wiley India

Digital Circuits and Logic Design Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration Data Base Management System

PHI Wiley India

S Chand Standard Standard Laxmi TMH Tata Mc-Graw Hill Oxford TMH


Introduction to Bioinformatics Oxford Introduction to Design & Analysis of Pearson Algorithms Algorithms Puzzles Oxford Pearson Introduction to Java Programming Microsoft share Point 2010 Plain and PHI Simple Data Structures Schaum's Out Lines TMH

309 310 311 312

Liu, J W S Long, C Mahajan, M Maini, A K

Real Time Systems IP Net Work Design Statistical Quality Control Digital Electronics


Majumdar, B C Malik, R.S & Meo, G.S Mall, R Mallery, P & George, D

Introduction to Tribology and Bearing S.Chand

314 315

316 Maloof, M A 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324

325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335

Malvino, A & Bates, D J Mandal, S.K Manika Selvem, V.K Manke, B.S Mano, M M Mano, M M Martin, J

Pearson TMH Dhanpat Rai John Wiley

Civil Engineering Drawing Real Time Systems SPSS for Windows Step by Step: A simple Study Guide and Reference, 17.0 Update, (10th ed) Machine Learning and Data Mining for Computer Security Electronic Principles

New Asian Pearson Pearson

Digital Electronics


Elementary Structural Analysis Automatic Control System Digital Design Digital Logic & Computer Design Introduction to Language and the Theory of Computation (4thed) Cloud Security and Privacy

Dhanpat Rai Khanna Pearson Pearson TMH

Mather, T.; Kumaraswamy, S. & Latif, Shahed Mathur, A P Introduction to Microprocessor Mathur, M L & Sharma, R P Internal Combution Engines Mazidi, M A The 8051 Microcontroller & Embedded Systems Meheta ,V.K & Meheta, R Electrical Machines Mehta , V.K & Mehta, R Principle of Electrical Engineering Mehta, Ashwin & Advanced Java for Students Shah, S. Mehta, V.K & Mehta, R Basic Electrical Engineering Mehta,V.K & Principle of Electrical Enginering and Mehta, R Electronics Mehta,V.K & Mehta, R Principle of Power System Milenekovic, M Operating System Concepts

Springer TMH


TMH Dhanpat Rai Pearson

S.Chand S.Chand SPD

S.Chand S.Chand S.Chand TMH

Mills, B

344 345

Theoritical Introduction to Programming Mishra, K L P The Theory of Computation Mithal, G K Eletronics Device & Circuits Mitra, S K Digital Signal processing Power Electronics Converters, Mohan, N Application and Design Fluid Mechanics Mohanty, A.K Moret, B M The Theory of Computation Mukherjee, D P & Computer Graphics : Algorithms and Jana, D Implementations Muneesawang, P & Multimedia Database Retrieval Guan, I Murach, Joel Murach’s MYSQL


Murgesh Kumar, K Induction and Synchronous machines Vikas

347 348

Murgesh Kumar, K DC Machine and Transformer Murgesh Kumar,K Electric Machines Soil Mechanics and Foundation Murthy,V. N. S Engineering Murugesh Kumar,K Electrical Machines Vol-I Murugesh Kumar,K Electrical Machines Vol-II Nag, A & Singh, J Data structures and algorithms using C Nag, P K Power Plant Engineering Nagi, L.S Design of Steel Structures Tool Engineering and Design Nagpal, G R Nagpal, G R Power Plant Engineering Nagrath, I.J & Gopal, M Control System Engineering Nagrath, I.J & Kothari , D.P Electrical Machine Nagrath, I.J & Kothari, D.P Modern Power System Analysis Nagrath,I.J & Kothari, D.P Basic Electrical Engineering Naidu, M.N & Kamaraju, V High Voltage Engineering Nair, B S Digital Electronics and Logic Design Nair, R & Smith, J Virtual Machines: Versatile Platform E for Systems and Processes

336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343

349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363

Springer PHI Khanna TMH John Wiley PHI Pearson PHI Springer SPD

Vikas Vikas CBS Pub Vikas Vikas Vikas TMH TMH Khanna Khanna New Age TMH TMH TMH TMH PHI Elsevier

364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389

Narayan, R & Ramamrutham, S Narayan, R & Ramamrutham, S Narayan, R & Ramamrutham, S Narayan, R & Ramamrutham, S Natarajan, R.A & Ramesh babu,P Neville, A.M Neville, A.M & Brooks, J.J Nielsen, F

Design of RC Structures

Dhanpat Rai

Strength of Materials

Dhanpat Rai

Theory of Structures

Dhanpat Rai

Design of Steel Structures

Dhanpat Rai

Control System Engineering Properties of Concrete

Scitech Pearson

Concrete Technology A Concise and Practical Introduction to Programming Algorithms in Java Discrete Time Control systems Ogata, K Ogata, K Modern Control Engineering O'Neil Data Base Principles Programming and Performance (2nd ed) Oppenheim, A V & Digital Signal Processing Scafer, R W Ozsu, M T & Principles of Distributed Database Valduriez, P Systems(2nd ed.) Padiyar, K.R HVDC Power Transmission Systems Pahlvan, K Priciples of Wireless Networks Fundamental of Power System Paithankar,Y.G Protection Pandey, P C & Shan, H S Modern Manufacturing Process Pandit, G.S & Gupta, S.P Theory of Structures (V-2) Pandit, G.S & Structural Analysis : A matrix Gupta, S.P Approach Pandit, G.S & Gupta, S.P Theory of Structures (V-1) Peatman, J B Design with PIC Controllers Peitgen, H O Fractals for the classrooms Peitgen, H O Choas and Fractals Pelter, T R Information Security Policies & Procedures Pelter, T R Information Security Fundamentals, 2nd ed. Petkovic, P Microsoft SQL Server 2005: A Begineer's Guide

Pearson Springer PHI PHI Elsevier PHI Pearson New Age PHI PHI TMH TMH TMH TMH Pearson Springer Springer Prentice Hall Prentice Hall TMH

390 391 392 393 394 395 396

Peurifoy, R L Pfleeger, S L & Pfleeger, C P Pherwani, Ajay Pillai, S.K Pillai, S.U & Menon, D Popov, E.P Powell, T A Pozrikidis, C

397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414

Pratap, H Pratap, R Punima, B.C Punima, B.C & Jain, A.K Punima, B.C & Jain , A.K Punima, B.C & Jain, A.K Punima, B.C & Jain, A.K Punima, B.C & Jain, A.K Punima, B.C & Jain, A.K Punima,B.C & Jain, A.K Punmia, B C & Jain, A.K Punmia, B.C & Jain, A.K Punmia, B.C & Jain, A.K Punmia, B.C & Jain, A.K Punmia, B.C & Jain, A.K

Constructuion Planning Equipment and methods Security in Computing

TMH Pearson Education

Java for Students A First Course on Electrical Drives

SPD New Age

Design of Reinforced Concrete Design Engineering Mechanics of Solids HTML Complete Reference Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics Utilization of Electrical Power and Eletric Traction Getting Started with MATLAB Waste Water Engineering

TMH PHI TMH Springer

Higher Surveying ( V-3)


Building Construction


Water SupplyEngineering Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete

Laxmi Laxmi

Reinforced Concrete Structure V-1


Reinforced Concrete Structure V-2


Waste Water Engineering Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Laxmi Laxmi

Theory of Structure


Surveying ( V-1 ) Project Planning and Control with PERT - CPM


Surveying ( V-2)


Purushoatma Raj, P Ground Improvement Techniques Purushothama raj, P Advanced Foundation Engineering

Khanna Oxford Laxmi


Laxmi Pearson

415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446

Purushothama raj, P Quinn, M J

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Parallel Programming in C with MPI and Open MP Rafiquazzman, S Microprocessor and Microcomputer Based System Raghavan,V Physical Metallurgy Raghunath, H.M Ground Water A Course in Workshop Technology, Raghuwanshi, B S Vol. -1 A Course in Workshop Technology, Raghuwanshi, B S Vol. - 2 Rai, G.D Non-Conventional Energy Sources Raja, P Digital Electronics Rajaraman & Computer Organisation and Radhakrishnan Architecture Rajasekaran, S Neural Networks, fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms Rajendran,V Material Science Rajput, R K Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Rajput, R K Material Science and Engineering Rajput, R K Refrigeration and Airconditioning A Textbook of Automobile Rajput, R K Engineering A Textbook of Power Plant Rajput, R K Engineering Rajput, R K Electrical and Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation Rajput, R K Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments Rajput, R K Applied Thermodynamics A Textbook of Engineering Rajput, R K Thermodynamics Rajput, R K Themal Engineering Rajput, R.K A Text Book of Fluid mechanics A Text Book of Fluid mechanics and Rajput, R.K Hydraulic Machines Rajput, R.K A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics Rajput, R.K Strength of Materials Rajput, R.K Electrical Engineering Materials Electrical Technology Rajput, R.K Direct Current Machines Rajput, R.K Rajput, R.K Power System Engineering Rajput, R.K Utilization of Electric Power Rajput,R.K A Textbook of Hydraulic Mechanics

Pearson TMH Pearson PHI New Age Dhanpat Rai Dhanpat Rai Khanna Scitech PHI PHI TMH S Chand S K Kateria Laxmi Laxmi Laxmi S.Chand S.Chand Laxmi Laxmi Laxmi S Chand S Chand S Chand S Chand Laxmi Laxmi Laxmi Laxmi Laxmi S Chand

447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463

Rajput,R.K Ram, B Ramachandra Ramachandra Ramaswamy, R Ramesh Babu, P Ramesh Babu, P Ramesh Babu, P Ramesh Babu, P Ramesh Babu,P Rangwala, R.S Rangwala, R.S Rangwala, S C Rangwala, S.C Ranjan, G & Rao, ASR

464 465 466

Rao, G.V Rao, J S Rao, J S & Dukkipati, R V Rao, P N Rao, P N


Rao, S S


Rao, S S

469 470 471 472 473 474

Rao, S.S Rashid, M.H Ratan, S S Rath, A Rathore, M M Rattan, S.S


Ravindranath, B Ray, A K & Bhurchandi, K M Reddy, C.S Reese, George Reid, Jon Reynolds, T.D & Richards, P.A

476 477 478 479 480

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