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First English has a total of 8 units with 5 different ... Units 1-4 are at the beginning level and units 5-8 transition from basic to pre-intermediate...

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First English Building a Core Framework First English is an award-winning, English language learning course for beginners. It has been designed specifically to help students succeed in a school setting. The course starts at a beginning level and systematically helps students comprehend, practice, internalize and build the core framework of English necessary for long-term success. DynEd’s innovative use of visuals and comprehension exercises engage the learner in ways that a text-based approach cannot.


The DynEd Advantage

DynEd PT Level: 0.0 to 1.0

First English is ideal for beginners because it provides a core framework that facilitates language acquisition, not short-term memorization that quickly fades. Language items appropriate for this age group are modeled, practiced, reviewed and recycled in an expanding spiral sequence so that students build on what they have learned, step-by-step.

CEFR Level: A1

Features 8 units Teacher’s Guide with Classroom activities Extension activities and worksheets Placement and Mastery Tests Windows, Mac, iOS and Android versions Distance-based and classroom support options Detailed record-keeping system

First English supports efficient language learning by providing: A variety of coordinated lessons and exercises to keep students engaged A well-designed scope and sequence that aids the "bootstrapping" learning process Interactive features such as Voice Record/Playback to promote language mastery and oral fluency Content that automatically adjusts to student performance Optimized skill sequencing, beginning with listening and following the "4-Skills Path" Multilingual Glossary and Help Menus Intelligent Tutor that helps students improve the quality of their study sessions

the smart way to English

Contents First English has a total of 8 units with 5 different types of exercises in each unit. Units 1-4 are at the beginning level and units 5-8 transition from basic to pre-intermediate. Students who complete the first 4 units of First English can begin to study English for Success in parallel. .





Letters & Numbers

Introduces key language and provides intensive listening and speaking practice.

Includes two or more ageappropriate conversations at school, with functional language routines and interesting animated characters.

Presents objects and actions particularly important in a school setting.

Focuses on key grammar patterns and question formation. Gives students practice in manipulating the language.

Includes the alphabet, phonics, numbers, times, calendar language, math functions, and numerical relations.

Testing Tools Placement Test DynEd’s Placement test positions students at their appropriate starting point within DynEd's courses. The process is quick and easy, thanks to DynEd's computer-adaptive testing technology. Speaking Test Using state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, DynEd's Speaking Test quickly and automatically measures students' oral proficiency, eliminating the need for expensive native language raters. Mastery Test DynEd’s Mastery Tests confirm a student’s grasp of the material within a course. Passing a Mastery Test gives students access to more advanced lessons. Intelligent Tutor DynEd’s Intelligent Tutor provides students with real-time, qualitative feedback that continuously helps them maximize the outcome of their DynEd study time.

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