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naked presentations. The truth is, our expertise cannot be replicated simply by removing the linen from any table. The scratches, dents, and damage th...

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Food & Beverage Operating Systems

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The difference between involvement and commitment is like a ham and eggs breakfast The chicken was involved....the pig was committed

Our story It was the ‘80s. As a hospitality graduate, I was working as a room service waiter in a 5-star hotel. Within months I had stumbled into the hidden world of operating equipment design. At that time it was an industry that was virtually monopolized. A couple of large, old businesses with no hospitality expertise, selling products that lacked lustre and competitive edge. Inevitably, it was all about the right timing for me, together with an utmost passion to be someone better and do something different. Since then, my personal interaction with expert hoteliers, forward-thinking operators, and master chefs has elevated hotel operating standards globally into new frontiers. ‘We haven’t stopped at regional success. Instead we have traversed this magnificent world to adapt our designs to all cultures, preferences, habits, styles, and needs. We haven’t been satisfied with just improving product. We have created new and unique ideas that have elevated hospitality service standards forever.’ And that brings us to our latest developments. Sure, we’ll be copied again in no time. But there’s plenty more to come which we’ll keep secret for now. We are proud to be making a difference....Will you? Nick Polidoros Director/Designer

A lifetime of design….

In room service,

our Freefold series asserted that in-room dining should never be a compromise.

In event management,

we unveiled Naked Conferencing™.

In live cooking,

we created perfect indoor cooking practices.

In buffets,

we rejuvenated all traditional presentations and operations.

Room service

Live cooking



Rollaway mobile table systems

The challenge For years, event management operations were immersed in predictable ways. Every practice took longer than the next; every conference hall looked as pedestrian as the last. And it was all attributable to age-old designs that were not performing, and to table suppliers who were stuck in a rotation of imitated product. Even today, some focus on one table element such as edging, and ignore the more important mechanics of the table. Most push linen-free tables but leave you to deal with the unsightly legs and tabletop splits that actually need covering. None offer linen-free tables which survive the grind of everyday handling. Two decades ago we released our Rollaway Series. Its intelligence, its cost saving abilities, and its beauty remain unrivaled. This is how we did it...

Our solution It’s a table that never needs carrying. It’s a table whose speed of handling is 5 times faster than all others. It’s a table that converts into 3 different styles. It’s a table which, in just one size, can service all your event needs. It’s a table truck whose storage is half what you expect. It’s a table whose edges are indestructible. It’s a table that never touches another during storage, ever.

And therefore it’s a system that delivers perfect linen-free presentations for a very long time.

Vertical storage truck

Roll on vertical storage truck

Fold away optional modesty panel

Registration panel storage truck Registration folding panel

It’s a very simply rule of thumb; if you’re going to go naked, make sure you’re able to weather the storm. Naked conferencing is a presentation we pioneered over three decades ago. The design journey was exhaustive and the studies very involved. We examined user practices, bump-ins, breakouts, traffic flow, costs per delegate, and interior interactions. We assessed how the tables handled, how well they returned a profit, and how often you should buy. And in the end we mastered the table science behind perfect, long-term naked presentations.

The truth is, our expertise cannot be replicated simply by removing the linen from any table. The scratches, dents, and damage that will result in just a few weeks of use will make sure of that. Weathering the storm of naked presentations is about a complete table system that protects your tops forever, and a formidable design aesthetic that deserves exposing.

Plenty have imitated. But none have replicated our inspiring linen-free system.

Fold...and roll ‘Never carry a table again…’

Yes....they roll!

A unique roller feature enables a wheelbarrow-like transport. Pick your tables up from one end and roll them across your floor with incredible pace. No more table lifting. No more weight concerns for your staff.

Beauty with brains.

Table transformation ‘Choose how you use me...’

Stand alone

Optional fold away modesty panel

As a stand-alone table I have unrivaled beauty.

Sometimes I require modest privacy and my skirt comes down.

I am a work of art.

When it needs lifting again, you can discreetly fold it under me where it stays locked and hidden. No loose items that can be lost. No noisy panels that need separate attachment.

Optional fold away registration panel

For those days when I need full coverage, a three sided panel completes me. And it allows me to be anything you want me to be - registration desk, check in counter or display unit. When I’m ready to just be me again, remove my panel and fold it down flat for storage and transport.

One table, 3 faces.

Rock Edge ‘Smart top technology...’

In short, this edging is indestructible. Why? Because it’s a polyurethane that is injected into the tabletop. It’s also non-removable. Because it chemically bonds to the wood core. It’s the only edging whose 90-degree angled corners will not break or chip if tables are dropped.

Vinyl edging, rubber edging, and most other types cannot deliver protection to a linen-free table the way Rock Edge does.


Multifunctional linking ‘Just imagine….a one-size table for all your function needs…’



Over the last three years, we have slowly but surely changed global table specifications. It’s out with the traditional, uncomfortable and unsightly sizes, shapes, and configurations. And it’s in with our onesize table that can be linked in endless styles, including dining. 1.

Do away with old-fashioned half rounds, corners, and crescents.


Discard the tables whose front panels lift to become larger tables with unsightly splits.


Avoid the purchase of round tables - save money, save storage.



This is a revolution in table management that you need to be a part of

Formidable logistics ‘Save 50% of your valuable floor space through vertical table storage…’

Up to this point…. • • • • • •

you’ve kept your staff safe by eliminating all table lifting you’ve sped up your operation by rolling tables from one room to another you’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating linen you’ve transformed your tables into 3 different styles you’ve drastically increased the lifespan of your tabletops you’ve saved incredible money by using the one-size table for all your function needs.

And now...halve your storage requirements through our vertical truck design. Roll your tables up and into the truck via its clever ramp and store them safely upright.

This vertical truck design heralds a new era in table handling.

8 tables

16 tables

Xilo - New release Meeting tables The design brief was challenging. ‘Develop a meeting table that that doesn’t look like a meeting table, but performs like one.’ The Xilo Series meets the brief perfectly, with its warm, residential-style aesthetic coupled with precisely engineered operating strength. This is the world’s first timber folding-leg table to feature such impressive stability, integrity, and strength.

Cross Cube mobile table systems

The challenge Buffet presentations were dull. For years you pondered on ways to best to entice your clients to the buffet; you ironed your way through mountains of pleats to skirt your trestle tables; you built permanent stations and later regretted the repetitive appearance of single level displays; and you focused on impressing with the food, to compensate for the uninteresting display.

In 2004, we released the first series of our globally renowned Cross Cubes. Like Lego, the design is simple, yet the possibilities are endless. Like Lego, no other version stacks up.

Now, here’s the exciting part......

Our solution The range has just been improved and developed in incredible ways. Storage truck

We have expanded the models available to you. We have options for any heritage, traditional and contemporary interiors. We have opened up a greater world of multi-usage for you. We have extended the life span of the series far beyond what you would believe possible. We have halved your future refurbishment costs.



Most importantly, this Cross Cube system continues nues nu es to to deliver the most perfect, the most long-term naked aked ak ed table presentations.



Storage case

IInterchangable ntterch hangabl ble appli liances include: incllude de: appliances Carving, Hot / Cold induction, Sushi, Grill, Ice well

FFolding old lding registration registtratition on panel pan anel el

Interchangable tops include: Hot / Cold induction, Sushi, Grill, Ice well

Folding bar / barista stations

Smart top technology Protect me...

Vinyl and rubber edging, even frameless glass, has all been tried and tested by us. The best they deliver are disposable tops. Tops that need constant replacing, tops that quickly compromise your linenless presentations. And so we developed our own edging; a beautiful, indestructible stainless steel frame. It’s a lifetime protection of your table edges It’s a visual appeal that unifies the tops to the stands perfectly. It’s the only table to make you money from day one of operation. For those of you who are operating our original cross cube models, don’t buy new tables. Simply upgrade your existing tops to this new stainless frame and enjoy the refurbishment, rather than a replacement.

an indestructible edging…


Smart top technology Update me...

and when it’s time for change, don’t buy new tables... Our new stainless steel edging connects to its table top insert through a clever locking mechanism. This patented mechanism allows for easy removal of the inserts. At very little cost, you can order new inserts. In very little time, you update your Cross Cube. Bring your tables back to brand new, or be adventurous and change their look. Can this table get any smarter?

Smart top technology Reverse me...

Table top reversibility is a standard offering on the Lock and Corner Top models. It’s for those who like to keep things interesting... Switch, and create another mood. Swap, and liven the atmosphere Put a light grain on one side and a dark grain on the reverse. Or like some, go for black and white, for day and night. Even if you don’t choose different colours, you still have the luxury of reversing your top.

a new look for lunch, a new look for dinner...

Multi-leg options Set top series

For a timeless, elegant presentation... The revolution started with our Set Top series. A simple knock-down table system whereby the tops remove from the legs, legs fold flat, and both store on custom built trucks. And then the family grew....

Multi-leg options Lock top series

If you’re feeling more daring... Through this model, we have expanded the power of your presentations. The Lock Top operates in the same way as the Set Top, yet its appearance has an air of added confidence. The most exciting difference is its reversible top. Choose the same colour on both sides and get more life out of your tops. Choose different colours and create more wow factor. Very simple, yet so powerful.

Multi-leg options Corner top series

If you’re ready to make a statement... This model will assert a distinctive flair. Showcase its table top reversibility Appreciate the added sturdiness it delivers in the cocktail models. Admire the strong lines of its design.


One table can do plenty of work. Working this table plenty, makes you more money. Serve, snack, present, break, wine, or dine. There is nothing more you need of a table, that the Cross Cube doesn’t already deliver.

exhaust the ways you use the one table...





Storage efficiency transport me….

a naked presentation needs perfect preservation…. Whichever cross cube you buy, there’s a perfect truck to house it. Sure, all cross cubes may fold down in the same way but to maximise every efficiency out of this system was almost a science. First, a dose of logic; whatever model table you have, there is a truck designed to hold it. Next, a dash of smarts; the combined storage of tops and stands means each truck offers a complete set of tables. Following on with a pinch of wisdom; restrictive thoroughfares and lifts, heritage buildings, or simply small doorways have all been accounted for in the complete slimming down of all trucks. There is not an inch of wasted space in the design of the cross cube trucks.

Following on with a pinch of wisdom; restrictive thoroughfares and lifts, heritage buildings, or simply small doorways have all been accounted for in the complete slimming down of all trucks.

Starter kits We’ve taken the guesswork out for you... Changing systems can be daunting. Starting from scratch can be confusing. And so we devised Starter Kits to get you going. Choose from Coffee Break, Cocktail, and Buffet Kits, in any of the Series or models you’ve just viewed. Our Kits include recommended combinations of tables and plate risers that will:

1. 2. 3.

cater up to 350 people knock down in less than 10 minutes store on their trucks in less than 65ft2 / 6m2 storage

And all with amazing affordability

Choose from Coffee Break, Cocktail, and Buffet Kits, or enquire about your own customized kit Coffee break

Buy as many Kits as your serving capacities require. Modify the Kits to better suit your needs Customize the Kits to suit your interiors From poolside functions, to tea and coffee breaks, to gala cocktail needs, we will guide you through which Kit you need, and how you can best utilize this cross cube system.



Cross riser Complement me...

it’s the simple things that matter most...

Adorn, elevate and excite your cross cube displays through their matching plate stands. Their recently upgraded design makes them stronger to take the largest of platters. And sturdier to handle heavier loads. When you’re done, fold them flat for storage with the tables, on the one truck. The perfect accompaniment to your Cross Cube displays.

Mobile Designer Stations action modules

Mobile Action Stations It was 1996 when we first ventured into live cooking stations. The intention was simple, yet brilliant. Dress the cooking stations, fuse them with their interiors, and flaunt them as the mobile showpieces they are. It was the first time Chefs worldwide could merchandise their rooms as they pleased and excite their guests with culinary flamboyance. It was the first time such flexibility of catering was possible; from indoors, to outdoors, to upstairs, or downstairs. It was the first time these kitchens on wheels were able to be so specifically customized to suit the client’s needs, budgets, and interiors. Two decades on, and we’re still creating world-firsts.

Mobile designer stations

Build an interactive kitchen with our corner modules. Extend your displays with our ice wells and work counters. Link your stations with our connectors Mix it up, liven it up. It’s endless what you can create.

Live cooking When commercial kitchens with their full artistry came into the limelight, it was a trend that was quick to excite. The pace, the live flames, the freshness of the food, and of course the interaction with the Chefs. We were the first to expand on this and offer individual food and beverage stations that could be transported anywhere throughout your establishment. And now, testament to our intimate experience with your world of gastronomy, we introduce the most comprehensive array of cooking, holding, chilling, and beverage dispensing concepts.

Bringing out the designer in you….. To begin your journey of conceptualization with us, we ask you to sketch your dream. We then contribute with what’s possible, plausible, and feasible. We explore ways to maximize the usage, such as inclusion of inserts which can convert your units into a multitude of catering and serving stations. We analyze ways to substitute inclusions, such as the use of insulated ice wells over expensive refrigeration. We exhaust cost saving opportunities, such as suggesting interchangeable appliances to reduce the total number of stations you need. And once we commit to working together, the real evaluations begin.

A commercial fan forced convection oven along with G/N storage Oven – MCO2000

Two recessed induction plates for cooking or holding. A perfect buffet module Induction Cooking & Holding Station – MIS6000

G/N insulated ice well with G/N storage sealed by two roller doors along with two deep drawers Ice Well – MIW1000

A quarter round module to connect all stations along with a cut out section for display or plate storage Corner Unit – MCU1000


Induction buffett

Ice cream

Grill - griddle

Mobile bar

Mobile back bar

Barista bars - custom

LED lighting

In Room Dining operating systems

Our industry

In room dining There are many things in Room Service which we consider unacceptable. From poorly engineered trolleys whose table tops sea-saw from day 1 of operation. To upward folding wings whose metal under-work destroys your expensive interiors, and door ways. To bacteria inducing food warmer designs whose interiors shouldn’t be viewed by guests. To industrial looking product that isn’t worthy of front-of house.. To the hazardous storage of shelving systems whose cords and wires hang loosely and dangerously. Thirty years ago we released the award-winning Freefold Series. To this day, there is no other company that rivals the expertise, passion, and understanding that we continue to inject into our in room dining product design.

We give you table tops that remain unaffected in stability no matter what punishment you subject them to. We deliver trolleys whose highly engineered precision casters can be steered with one finger, over the plushest carpet. We offer the safest food warmer on the market to operate and handle. We ensure the most correct safe serving temperatures for your hot, cold or ambient food. We inject a style that over-hauls the presentation standards of this equipment.

In room dining Room service should not be a compromise, it should be a memorable dining experience….

Treat your guests to an exquisite private dining experience. Equip your staff with efficient and effective operating systems. Excel, excite and profit this department.

The freefold system In room dining

The Freefold enters its third decade of operation over-haul across room service departments globally. Excel, excite and profit your department through the award winning Freefold series. A formidable performer, whose 4-post leg design eliminates forever the inherent sea-saw of tops which feature on all flip-top trolley models. A valuable space saver, whose A-frame design will individually or collectively better any other system. A healthy worker, whose automatic locking wings eliminate the need for un-hygienic and time consuming pull out rods. And quite a looker…..especially when teamed with our stainless dress casters which do your expensive tableware justice.

design is a good idea…

A smooth operator, whose precision casters effortlessly glide, and which reduce pull-push forces.


In room dining We’ve over-hauled the standard of this economical T-frame trolley.

trolleys whose tabletops sea-saw, are unacceptable… This trolley needed a face-lift. Being a budget alternative didn’t mean compromise to us, and so gone is the unacceptable table top rocking evident in all other brands. We’ve dealt with your awkward pull-out rods on the wings, through an automatic locking mechanism. We’ve eradicated your steering problems through the precision gliding motion of 5” casters. Most importantly, we’ve rejuvenated your expectations of this standard t-frame model.


Food warmers Would you present your food in anything less than this?

you needed it, so we designed it….


warmer because it is UL listed for electric and general public safety


warmer, weighing an unbeatable 38.6 Ibs / 12.5 kg


safe-serving temperature zones


heat up time of only 10 minutes to reach 208°F / 98°C, with a 30 minute cool down to a hygienic 149°F / 65°C


and most impressive bacteria control through the substitution of all flat shelving, with wire shelves and supports


operation through features such as a ‘ready’ light for quick identification of those warmers ready for use


retention of heat through its purpose designed vinyl exterior

Butler service Food carrier

Why not offer a royal dining experience to all your guests? This beautiful butler system was designed in conjunction with Armani Hotels and reasserts IHS’s reputation as the global IRD specialists. Comprising a cold box, hot box, and 2 trays with a lid, its modules can be separately used across many delivery and presentation needs.

Smart tray

Finally! A tray you can drop without concern about damage. Our long-awaited tray is encased with an injected polyurethane (Rock Edge) which prevents chipping and splintering. Smart, stylish, lightweight, and hygienically perfect in its design. The Smart tray heralds a new era in tray service.



Trays storage Most tray designs fly under the radar. The Z-Rack doesn’t have to. It deserves the limelight for being so simple, yet achieving so much.

a humble tray rack can do all this?

Its name says it all. A Z-formation forms the base of the rack, which saves 133% floor space when stored. Its detachable shelving does it all. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting your tray heights. Or, place a food warmer in the rack and deliver your food at its perfect temperature; hot, ambient or cold. Hygienically speaking, it’s inspiring. Remarkable levels of hygiene control are had through wire shelf supports which don’t allow food build up. Operationally, it’s quite perfect. Enjoy the ease of maneuverability through 5” precision casters that ensure an effortless and well balanced motion .


System storage A well-organized housing of your entire room service system with more attention to detail than anyone would expect.

save your energy, save your dollars…. An automatic timer programmed to turn on and off through your shifts pays for the system within 3 months. And that’s just the beginning…. How convenient is the choice of three different models? How impressive is the tidy storage of your trolley and warmers in one? How about the safe clipping and channelling of all electric cords under the shelves so that no live wires are exposed? How easy is the lego-like shelving which allows you to assemble, grow, or customize the caddy’s as you need. How imposing is the gravity-feed system, whose capacity to house mass volumes of warmers is ingenious.


Gravity feed storage system

Roller glide system

Roll stop at front

Cable management

Angled shelf for gravity feed

Event Management

Cross Cube

Cross Riser

Presentation Cubes

Buffet tables

Plate stands

Nesting tables

Create powerful naked presentations with these knock-down buffet tables

Elevate and excite your table tops with these simple and elegant accessories

Experience our design-take on this more traditional presentation table.

Mobile Designer Stations

Mobile Designer Stations

Mobile Designer Stations

Action modules

Bars and Barista modules

Cold serving

Live cook, hold, chill, or grill on your personalized stations, and captivate your audience.

Mix, shake, stir or serve your way through any event with our designer collection of beverage stations and ice wells.

Whether through refrigeration, or insulation, explore your cold serving desires with us.

In room dining




In room dining trolleys

Electric food warmers

Storage system

Enjoy the unparalleled service grace, ease and comfort of this globally renowned food delivery system

A 5 star presentation, deserving of your culinary efforts and your clients’ expectations.

A tidy and safe housing of your trolleys and warmers




Gravity feed system


Tray storage

For when back-of-house storage need not be a problem.

Stylish and sleek, our signature designs herald a new era in tray service

Heighten your temperature control of tray presented food.

Our environment ‘The time is always right, to do what is right…’

IHS Global Alliance is committed to contributing to a clean and safe environment: •

our stainless steel is 100% recyclable

our medium density fibre board (MDF) is certified by the Good Environmental Choice Association and is produced from fast growing pine woodlands which are regularly replenished

our packaging is 100% recyclable

our package removal program is critical to our commitment of thriving in a low carbon economy.

We have changed our ways. In the past, we used native timbers. They were easier, more affordable, and more available. Today, IHS is directly responsible for saving several thousand acres of rain forest simply by switching to MDF. MDF is made of young forest thinnings and sawmill off-cuts that are normally of very limited value. Continuing our focus on wood, our pallets are now produced from hybrid pine which can be replenished in half the time of non-hybrid pine. All offcuts are converted to mulch and sawdust and sold for re-use. In a bid to reduce and prevent harmful effects on nature, IHS has made a positive impact on water and energy consumption, recycling, landfill waste, and overall lifecycle improvement.

Our testimonials We offer our guests a 5 star experience in every aspect of their stay. IHS provides us the tools we need to ensure our guests needs are met with quality and functionality. Their products are second to none and their customer service is top rate. I trust the IHS product line for all my In Room Dining needs.

- Nicholas McGinnis SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand

The customer service and the follow up has been very professional and timely at every interaction. The IHS products have transformed our banquet events and our setups to be more current and innovative. They are very flexible as standalone pieces or accent pieces to an existing set. The products are very chic, modern and contemporary. The style calls for no linens, so we are saving money on every display. Well worth the investment.

- Danny Wells Grand Hyatt San Francisco, CA

I have been dealing with your company and people for fifteen years and your astute approach to business, dedication, attention to detail is unique to none. IHS Global Alliance is a star team.

- Massimo Di Luca RACV

HA+D Awards Reader’s Choice Winner 2012 Hong Kong

NRA Chicago

FHA Singapore

IHS Team Portsea

IHS Team Red Hill The L.A. Gang Santa Monica IHS Team & Wolfgang Puck

IHS Team Red Hill Hong Kong HD Las Vegas