Why FUJITSU FP-2000 series? For End users For POS system & KIOSK For Distributor & Dealers For System Integrators Good effect for running cost Helping...

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FUJITSU FP-2000 series 1 Station Thermal POS Printer Ultra high speed, 400mm/sec Multi-function & Compact Design FUJITSU Super Green Product FUJITSU advanced printing algorithm Dual printing mode, 180dpi & 203dpi New compression printing mode

FP-2200 400mm/sec. FP-2100 300mm/sec. FP-2000 230mm/sec.

Good effect for running cost ■Helping paper consumption - Helping paper consumption 30% OFF by printing thin (53µm) paper. (*Comparing with 75µm) - Reduced printing by printer driver ■Non-synchronous thermal head control technology - Compression printing with high grade quality by printer Stress free operation ■Non-waiting ultra high speed printing & Throughput ■User friendly functions - Removing Paper curl function - Retry printing - Alarming for Paper Near End (PNE), Paper End(PE), Cover Open High quality printing by the new FUJITSU algorithm ■Automatic optimum power printing mode ■16 gray scale printing

For End users

Why FUJITSU Salable printer for your business ■All accessories in one printer box ■Selectable interface cards Contribute to the replace business ■New FUJITSU advanced printing algorithm - Support 180dpi & 203dpi with 1 thermal head - Automatic optimum printing mode ■Low field failure rate Appropriate printer for international business ■Multi language equipment ■Covering safety standard for each region

For Distributor & Dealers

Advanced connectivity for hardware ■Protecting inrush current ■Countermeasure for ESD (Level 4 of IEC61000-4-2) High quality printing by new FUJITSU algorithm ■Automatic optimum printing mode (For POS system which only provides low power) ■Simulated 180 dpi printing mode Supporting customization for your POS system ■Printer's design ■Software, commands. *All technical manuals are completed

For POS system & KIOSK

FP-2000 series? For System Integrators

Completed supports for your integration ■Completed drivers & software - Windows, OPOS, Java, CUPS, Utility, SDK(Android, iOS) Customization support for hardware / software - Fiscal printer supports (providing module, without board) - Customization for software, commands Advanced connectivity & integration to your system ■No need to uninstall drivers & utilities (FP-1000 series) ■Versatile Utility - LAN utility, Status Monitor Certain Serviceability for the trouble ■Log functions - Receiving host data & printer’ s status information ■Completed technical documents - Maintenance manual, Command specifications, and so on

User friendly printer by FUJITSU mechanical design

Easy open

Drop in

Ultra high speed printing in the class

Printing for thin paper (53µm)

~ Achievement of “Non-waiting” printing~

~ Helping paper consumption 30% OFF~ FP-2000 series support printing for thin paper thickness (53µm). Comparing with 75µm thickness, there is 30% difference of receipt consumption. FP-2000 series can helps support of low paper consumption for end users (*53µm paper which width is 50mm and 58mm are not supported.)






230 220 180

FP-2000 FP-1100 FP-1000



Ultra high speed printing






400mm/s is the Max. printing speed of FP-2200 with excellent printing quality in POS thermal printers in the world. FP-2100 and FP-2000 are also more enhanced printing speed than previous models. 1

Optimum driver/ FP-2200 Firmware technology and High speed paper FP-2100 feed mechanism FP-2000 enhances the S Company throughput. This E Company enables customers not to waste time. T Company


4 (sec.)


1.9sec 2.1sec

80 60 40

30% longer



2.8sec 3.3sec 3.6sec

Print condition:Windows 7,USB Interface, 250mm Receipt length with our test pattern




~ Stress free operation ~ When the end of paper roll is closed, the paper curl becomes strong, and it is hard to pass the receipt straightly to show the receipt’ s surface.

~ FP-2000 series have everything you need~ All accessories to use this printer are prepared in one box. FP-2000 series can cover the procurement cost and time for preparing accessories. Interface cable(USB)


rt Gu k Sta Quic

AC cable

Paper roll for test

AC Adapter



All in one box design

Quick Start Guide




Removing paper curl adjustment function


*Throughput: The speed from pressing enter to finish of printing 1 receipt


*Roll diamater:Φ80mm


This function loosens the strong curl of paper, and it helps for users to pass the receipt to the customers easily. (FP-2200 only)

FUJITSU advanced algorithm software Retry printing

High quality printing by FUJITSU technology

~ Trouble free function when printer stops suddenly ~ Printing is stopped in the middle of date because of paper out, and so on. Sometimes, end users have to operate to print the data again. If the printing is stopped in the middle of data, the printing is started over by this function. “Retry printing” can be setup by Printer Utility (Default is disenable.)

Compression & Reduced printing functions

~ Achievement high quality printing in any environment~

■Simulated 180 dpi printing mode Print head for 203dpi is adapted for FP-2000 series because fine character or barcode are printed with high resolution, and it is flexible to print a large amount of information for the limited receipt’ s space. However, If customers require to print 180dpi printing result which is bigger character than 203dpi. This mode enable to print 180dpi printing result (not only character but also all print data which are barcode or image and so on) without layout adjustment from the replacement of 180dpi printer. 180dpi print

203dpi print

203dpi print head with 180dpi mode

~ Helping paper consumption with great printing~

■Compression printing by printer Print data is compressed vertically by 7 patterns setup (from 95% to 50%). The current function is only enable to compress pint date, however, this function achieves the excellent printing quality with non-synchronous thermal head control technology. Also, driver setting is not necessary, and it can save the paper. Compression by printer driver

New functions Compression by printer


Similar position

(This function can be selected by printer setup)

■Automatic optimum printing mode Clear printing


Printer calculates the density of print data before printing. Depending on the print density, printer controls power and speed to print clearly for high duty printing. FP-2000 series



Slow down

■Reduced printing by printer driver FP-2000 series have function of “Reduced printing” & “Reducing Top margin 3mm printing” . These functions helps to reduce wasted margin for printing and contribute to low paper consumption. ・1/4 reduced vertically ・1/2 reduced vertically ・80mm width paper -> convert to 58mm Take off each receipt every time after printing in case of 3mm setting.


■16 gray scale printing




Slow down

Same printing speed


16 gray scale printing in receipts like a logo printing or coupon printing have advertise effects to attract customers. FP-2000 series support this function. (FP-2200, FP-2100 only)

FUJITSU professional hardware Protecting from inrush current

Selectable interface cards

~ Certain connectivity ~ FP-2200 and FP-2100 are supported by Down inrush current circuit to decrease the peak of sudden current’ s start up. This support helps to prevent the printer from system down in the environment even though using powered USB, for example, situations of connecting POS system or KIOSK machine. Current

↑FP-1000 series FP-2200 & FP-2100

~ Selectable interface cards to accommodate end users needs~ USB is a standard interface card with Drawer kick connector and AC connector on the main board. Also, various optional interface cards are available depending on end user's usage environments.

Decreasing peak of current

Power switch on




Powered USB



Countermeasure for ESD ~Proper operation in any environment~ FP-2000 series are passed the strict FUJITSU standard which is adequate Level 4 of IEC61000-4-2 in categories of ESD. This technology has been adapted FUJITSU thermal printer which is high-end model, however, FUJITSU developed the technology to adapt low-end models, FP-2000 series.

*Interface board can be changed by removing screw.

Covering safety standard for each region ~ Appropriate printer for international business~

Details Air discharge

Level 4 (± 8 KV)

Contact discharge

Level 4 (± 15 KV)

FUJITSU products covers safety standard for each region. (*Safety standard is different depending on product)

Energy saving


~ ECO & Saving printer's cost~ FP-2000 series comply with the New Energy Star Program. Also, the power consumption is 1W or less at the waiting mode and 30W or less at the operation (average). (at using USB interface only) Power consumption FP-2200 Standby

1W or less

Operation (Average)

30W or less






BIS RCM *CB Test is certificated.

Moreover, FP-2000 series obtain the standards which are advantage for your business. (*Other standard) Energy Star, CE mark, FUJITSU Super Green Products

Technical specifications Mechanical & Functions Model


Printing Technology

Direct Line Thermal Method

Print Resolution

8 dot/mm (0.125mm/dot), 203dpi

Printing Speed (Monochrome Only)

Max. 400mm/s

Paper Feed-out Direction

Top feed out

Cutter Method

Full/Partial cut

Installation Direction

Two ways (Horizontal / Vertical) Paper width


Maximum Print Width



Maximum 300mm/s

Maximum 230mm/s

Partial cut

80mm, 58mm, 50mm

Outer Diameter of Roll Paper

less than φ 83mm

Paper Thickness

53µm - 85µm (53µm thickness paper which width is 50mm and 58mm are not supported.)

50mm with paper

45mm (360dots)

58mm with paper

48mm (384dots) or 52.5mm (420dots)

80mm with paper

64mm (512dots) or 72mm (576dots) 203dpi(Normal Mode)

Font size and Column *1

Font A (Column)

Font B (Column)

Extended Mode Font C (Column)

Font A (Column)

Font B (Column)

Body Face

12x24 (30)

10x24 (36) 9x24 (40)

Letter Face

11x22 (30)

9x17 (36) 9x22(40)

Body Face

12x24 (32 or 35)

10x24 (38 or 42) 9x24(42 or 46)

8x16 (48 or 52)

12x24 (32)

10x24 (38 or 42) 9x24 (42 or 46)

Letter Face

11x22 (32 or 35)

9x17 (38 or 42) 9x22 (42 or 46)

8x13 (48 or 52)

12x24 (32)

9x22 (38 or 42) 9x17 (42 or 46)

Body Face

12x24 (42 or 48)

10x24 (51 or 57) 9x24 (56 or 64)

8x16 (64 or 72)

12x24 (42)

10x24 (51) 9x24 (56)

Letter Face

11x22 (42 or 48)

9x17 (51 or 57) 9x22 (56 or 64)

8x13 (64 or 72)

12x24 (42)

9x22 (51) 9x17 (56)

Paper width 50mm

12x24 (30)

10x24 (36) 9x24 (40)

8x16 (45)



8x13 (45)



8x16 (45)

12x24 (42)

10x24 (51) 9x24 (56)

Paper width 58mm 11x22 (30)


9x17 (36) 9x22 (40)

10x24 (51) 9x24 (56)

8x13 (45)

8x16 (64)

12x24 (42)

12x24 (42)

9x22 (51) 9x17 (56)

10x24 (51) 9x24 (56)

Paper width 80mm



9x17 (51) 9x22 (56)

12x24 (42)


83&$83&(-$1â ($1 -$1 ($1 &2'(,7)&2'$%$5 1: &2'(&2'(

Two dimensional code

QR code(Common to all models), PDF417 & DataMatrix(FP-2200&FP-2100)

Receive Buffer

Max. 4KB

Logo Store Memory


Removing paper curl adjustment function


Paper Near End Sensor


Paper End Sensor


Black Mark Sensor or Paper Exit Sensor

Available (Factory Option)

Internal Buzzer

Available to notice errors and printer status

Retry printing

Available (Approx.200cm reprinting)

Simulated 180 dpi printing mode

Available (Default)

16 gray scale printing


Acoustic Noise

Less than 55 dB(A)

Software Interface

ESC/POS emulation

Drawer Interface

Interface *2

8x13 (64)

576KB Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

Available (Approx.40cm reprinting)

Not Available


Not Available

2 Drawers Controllable USB

USB(2.0 Full-speed)

USB + RS232C(*1)

USB(2.0 Full-speed) + RS232C Serial (25pins)

USB + LAN(*1)

USB(2.0 Full-speed) + Wired, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX

USB + Bluetooth(*1)

USB(2.0 Full-speed) + Bluetooth

USB + Powered USB(*1)

USB(2.0 Full-speed) + Powered USB (2.0 Full-speed)

USB + RS232C + LAN(*1)

USB(2.0 Full-speed) + RS232C Serial (9pins) + Wired, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX

Not Available

9x22 (51) 9x17 (56)

* Mechanical specification is in the previous page. Software & Driver for FP-2200, FP-2100, FP-2000 Windows driver Windows Printer Driver Linux


JavaPOS driver (Ver.1.10) *3

Linux SuSE11.4/13.2, Cent OS 6.4.

CUPS driver

Linux SuSE11.4/13.2, Cent OS 6.4., Ubuntu 14.04

Printer Utility

Software to set the printer’s setup items(only Windows OS)


Android : LAN/ Bluetooth : 2.3.3 or more. USB : 3.1 or more iOS : LAN/Bluetooth : 6.1.3 or more

Language selection

English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai

Character Sets

Language *7

JavaPOS driver (Ver.1.10) *3

Windows® 10, Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows® 12, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8, Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows® 7, Windows Server® 2008, Windows Vista®, Windows® POSReady 7, Windows® POSReady 2009,

OPOS driver (Ver.1.13)


1 byte

Alphanumeric character(95), International character(16 sets: Gothic), International character(14 sets: Mincho), Enlarged graphics(128 x 21pages: Gothic), Enlarged graphics(128 x 9pages: Mincho (It contain a Thai page)), Downloaded registration(95)

2 bytes

Hangul character(8227), Big5-2003 character(13501), GB18030-2000chracter(28427), Use-defined Kanji(94) PC437, Katakana, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, WPC1252, PC866, PC852, PC858, Thai code page, MIK, PC857, Thai code 18, PC864, PC851,PC869, ISO8859-2, ISO8859-7, PC866 Type 2 , TCVN 5712:1993 VN1) JIS (1st, 2nd, 3rd level,), KS code, GB18030-2000, Big 5

Code page

Reliability FP-2200




MCBF (Mean-cycle-between-failure)

70million Lines

MTBF (Mean-Time-between-failure)

Main Board : 360,000H

FP-2000 60million Lines

Printer Mechanism life

25 million line-feed

20 million line-feed

Print Head

150km 150million pulse

100km 100million pulse

Cutter Life(times of cut)

3million (Full cut: 2million)







Power Requirements

DC Input: +24VDC±10% AC Input: 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase


Power Consumption


During standby 1W or less (48mA) (USB interface use)

Operation (Average)

30W or less (1A) (USB interface use)

Protecting from Inrush current Countermeasure for ESD (IEC61000-4-2)*6



Direct discharge

Contact discharge: 0~8kV, Air discharge: 0~15kV

Indirect discharge


Not Available


Operation guarantee: 0 ℃ to 40℃ Print quality guarantee: 5 ℃ to 35℃ Operation guarantee: 10 % RH to 95% RH Print quality guarantee: 10 % RH to 85% RH


Standard Model: 128(W)x170(D)x126(H)mm, 5.0(W)x6.8(D)x4.9(H) inch

Weight (without the packing box)

Standard Model: 1.0kg


Cover Color

Ocean Black & Royal White

Standard / Regulations


UL/CSA, TUV-mark, BIS, CCC, CB Test certificate, RCM, EAC


FCC Class A, EN 55022 Class A, RCM (AS/ NZA CISRR Class A)


Energy Star, CE Mark, FUJITSU Super Green Product

Dimensions Front




*Image of wall hanging by screw


2~3mm 5~7mm



3mm 10mm


*1 Italic character for Font Size and Column shows 180dpi fonts mode *2 Standard Interface is USB, and Interface card can be selectable as an option for other interfaces. *3 JavaPOS Driver supports RS232C Interface and USB Interface. *4 Operation condition is under 500 transactions/day(1transaction=25LF + 1cut), 340days/year, print duty less than 9%, and the life of Head or Cutter with using specified paper by FUJITSU. If unspecified paper is used, the life of printer might be shortened than expected. Also, it might be a cause of the trouble of the printer. - All specifications are subject to change without notices. *5 EMS for Wireless interface (Bluetooth model and Wireless LAN) is different depending on each country. Please contact to confirm it. *6 The values of Interface for LAN and LAN+RS232C (9pin) are TBA. *7 Language is different depending on products



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