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Achieving energy-saving and improving passenger comfort through technology Toshiba initiated the transport system business in 1899 and started to manu...

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General Brochure of the Railway Systems Division Rolling Stock Systems Locomotives Information Systems

Global Supply Record

Full Turn Key

Power Supply Systems

Further beyond, steadily and thoughtfully Toshiba's railway technologies that contribute to individuals, society, and the environment Toshiba has supported domestic and foreign railway systems in areas such as electric components for rolling stock, locomotives, electric power supply, and information technology. In addition, based on customer expectations, we are endeavoring to reduce life cycle costs, improve safety, accuracy, and comfortability and develop environmental-friendly products. We are also trying to create new values by combining competitive Toshiba products with IoT and AI-related advanced technologies and proven railway system technologies. Toshiba will continue to use its technologies to achieve the future vision of high-quality and reliable railway systems.

World-wide Experience

IoT platform Data



Digital service

Equipment & components PMSM*1 TCMS*2 VVVF Inverter*3 APU*4 ATO*5 Sensors Battery Systems Train Air Conditioning

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SCiB™, Toshiba’s rechargeable battery with superior safety SCiB™ provides a long life of over 20,000*6 charge/discharge cycles, rapid charging,high Input/output power performance and excellent low-temperature operation, all while maintaining a high level of safety.


System of systems

Rolling Stock Systems Locomotives Systems Power Supply Systems Information Systems Full Turn Key Solution Global Network World-wide Experience

Safety Low-temperature operation

Long Life

High input/ output

Rapid charging Wide effective SOC range

*1 PMSM : Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor *2 TCMS : Train Control Monitoring System *3 VVVF Inverter : Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Inverter *4 APU : Auxiliary Power Unit *5 ATO : Automatic Train Operation Equipment *6 Results of cell level tests under certain conditions. Not a guaranteed performance.

P. 04 P. 06 P. 08

P. 10 P. 12 P. 14

P. 1 5

Achieving energy-saving and improving passenger comfort through technology Remote monitoring service

Rolling Stock Systems

This system consists of IoT terminals and the wayside server that are connected via radio communication to monitor the condition of rolling stock. The data obtained by this system are used to improve the efficiency and sophistication of operation and maintenance of rolling stock. It transmits and stores the data from the IoT terminal to the wayside server to allow monitoring of the condition of train in real time.The data can be displayed on standard computers or tablets using a web browser.

Solutions for rolling stock systems that evolve to achieve safe transportation and energy-saving.

Toshiba IoT Cloud

Operation data

Toshiba initiated the transport system business in 1899 and started to manufacture traction motors for electric railcars, control equipment, and bogies. Since then, we have been designing and manufacturing rolling stock systems to solve the challenges that our clients face while always seeking innovation. We combine advanced technology and energy-saving technology for various systems such as the propulsion system, auxiliary power supply system, air conditioning system and train information system; seek improvement in safety, security, and stability, which are fundamental requirements for railway transportation; and provide solutions with superior environmental performance and maintainability.

Traction battery system The lithium ion rechargeable battery developed by Toshiba (SCiB™) is structured to suppress risks of explosion and fire. It boasts a long life of more than 20,000*1 cycles of charge and discharge and has superior characteristics for operation in low temperatures. The rapid charge capabilities makes it suitable to store energy generated in the regenerative brakes and reuse the energy to accelerate the train. The battery system is also used as an emergency power source for transporting passengers to a safe place when the power supply from the catenary is stopped.

Train information system / Train safety system Toshiba provides train information system employing a highly reliable CPU and rapid transmission system. The system is integrated with functions for highly efficient control, safe operation, and improved guidance services for passengers. We adopt highly reliable and fail-safe CPUs for the safety systems such as, to provide automatic train control (ATC) devices, automatic train stop (ATS) devices, and automatic train operation (ATO) devices. It is structured as a redundant system to support stable operation.

Failure data

Propulsion system

Air conditioning system

Our propulsion system adopts a permanent magnet synchronous motor and contributes to decreases power consumption by 39% compared to conventional induction motors*2, and also reduces the maintenance time. The traction converter that uses the state-of-the-art SiC device achieves 38% downsizing and weight reduction compared to conventional equipment*3.

Toshiba adopts a highly efficient compressor to operate air conditioning system, and by employing inverter control it achieves optimized operation to reduce power consumption and improve comfortability. 

Auxiliary power supply system Toshiba provides various auxiliary power supply system for supplying power to the air conditioning system, lighting system and etc. in the train while taking redundancy into consideration.

*2 From test results based on JIS E6102 (PMSM manufactured in 2010 and measured in May of 2012, and IM manufactured in 1992 and measured in April of 2012) Calculation conditions: Includes the regenerative brake performance improvement effect from control that used adhesion limit relaxation and regenerative braking power as a train unit. *1 Results of cell level tests under certain conditions. Not a guaranteed performance.


*3 Based on comparison between existing equipment and new equipment in the 02 series for Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.


Innovative products adopted worldwide

Locomotive Systems Toshiba provides solutions for locomotive systems that lead the world market based on years of experience and superior technological ability. Toshiba has been providing various locomotives that are indispensable for personnel and freight transportation since we started manufacturing electric locomotives in 1923. Toshiba's locomotive technologies are used worldwide to operate hybrid locomotives driven by both the high-performance lithium ion battery and the engine, advanced locomotives that adopt permanent magnet synchronous motors, and large capacity locomotives that use large capacity induction motors in combination with the water-cooled main traction converter.

Accumulated experience Hybrid system Standard hybrid locomotives

Adopts a hybrid system that is in development

Battery driving

The hybrid system uses an engine generator and the high-performance lithium ion battery (SCiB™) as the power source. Various combinations of systems can be adopted for each purpose. Using the power supplied via the catenary as the power source is also possible by


For the Japan Freight Railway Company

Compatible with multiple catenary voltages

installing a pantograph as an option. This system reduces fuel consumption and suppresses the emission of CO2 and NOx.


First hybrid locomotive in Japan


For China Railway


iB ry SC atte em B yst S

The locomotive is driven by using both the engine generator and SCiB™ Battery System as the power source. TM

For the Japan Freight Railway Company

Exported abroad

Hybrid driving

iB ry SC atte em B yst S

First mass-produced product


Suitable for low-speed operation and freight shunting

The battery system that consists of SCiB™ and the monitoring unit for managing safety satisfies the qualitative and quantitative safety requirements that complies with EN 50129 regarding SIL4* application. It assures that the battery system has superior safety characteristics such as low risk of fire and explosion. * Safety Integrity Level 4

Reuse of regenerative energy Regenerative energy is stored in SCiB™ Battery System when the brake is applied on the locomotive. The stored energy is reused for acceleration.


iB ry SC atte em B yst S


Electric power supply, the core of railway transport

Power Supply Systems

AC feeding system

Transmission system

SCADA system

Stable supply of power to railway systems through the use of highly reliable equipment based on energy efficient and environment-friendly technologies. Toshiba provides highly reliable DC and AC feeding substation equipment, as well as SCADA system, in various railway systems such as Shinkansen, suburban and subway lines.

Protection & control system

Toshiba also provides environment-friendly products and energy saving solutions based on advance technology to support stable power supply in railway infrastructure.

DC feeding system

Solid Insulated Switchgear (SIS)

TESS can be used not only for energy saving purposes, but also as an alternative solution to building new substation and as emergency power supply system in case of power failures.

Greenhouse gases are not used.


(regenerative energy)

Substation Emergency operation




Deceleration (regenerative energy)


28.5 km

Reduction of energy consumption

32 %


*1 According to field tests results in Okinawa Urban Monorail, Inc. conducted in August 2015.


Energy saving & peak shaving

Emergency power supply

Enables energy saving and peak shaving of power consumption by using regenerative power.

In case of wide area power failures, TESS enables train operation in emergency mode.

Alternative to substations

Storage of regenerative energy during braking operation

By adopting TESS as an independent battery substation, a simpler and more compact power supply system can be realized.

Effectively reuses regenerative power instead of wasting it as heat through resistors in conventional systems.

SIS utilizes high-performance epoxy resin to insulate the main circuit conductor and the main circuit components. It reduces SF6 gas, which causes global warming, by 100%. The amount of SF6 that is used for the cubicle type of SF6 gas insulated switchgear (C-GIS) is reduced from approximately 300 kg / system*2 to 0 kg. *2 Comparison with Toshiba's GF type C-GIS. Excluding cases wherein VCT, which requires connection interface of SF6, is used.

Approx. 300kg

Main bus interconnection between panels

100% Reduction

Surge arrester Cable head



Current transformer


Vacuum circuit breaker / vacuum disconnecting switch

2CB-1VCT (with BPDS) -2CB configuration

Comparison of Use Amount of SF6

Vacuum earthing switch / earthing switch

Vegetable oil transformer Contributing to the society with environment-friendly equipment. Transformer for which vegetable oil that is certified in the Eco Mark program is used as the insulating oil. It contributes to the decrease of environmental load with a carbon-neutral*3 design. *3 Carbon dioxide (CO2) generated when oil is incinerated for disposal is offset by the absorbed amount during rapeseed plant growth.

CO2 emission(kg・CO2)

Using Toshiba's rechargeable battery SCiB™, TESS charges surplus regenerative energy from decelerating trains and discharges it to accelerating trains. This contributes to energy saving in railway systems. In addition, by adopting TESS as an independent battery substation, a simpler power supply system with significant reduction in space footprint compared to conventional substations, can be achieved. Furthermore, TESS contributes to the improvement of safety and reliability in railway operation through its ability to provide emergency power to the trains during wide area power failures.

Usage Amount(kg)

Traction Energy Storage System (TESS)

CO2 emission when it is disposed

Approx. 1650kg•CO2 Approx. 90%

CO2 emission when it is produced



160kg•CO2 Mineral oil

Vegetable oil

Comparison for 620L oil (corresponding to the oil for 1000kVA capacity transformer)


Creates new value with a combination of technologies and knowledge

Information Systems

Transportation Scheduling Systems Facility Management Systems

Automatic Train Supervision Systems

Achieves the advanced railway system by using IoT technologies and supports safe, stable, and accurate operation. Toshiba establishes control and information systems for areas of train operation, transportation scheduling, rolling stock & crew management, facility management and signaling by combining advanced information-communication technologies and the accumulated knowledge of railway operation. In addition, we offer total solutions that improve the efficiency in railway operation based on the integrated railway information system with advanced technologies such as IoT.

Signaling Systems Rolling Stock Management Systems

Transportation Scheduling Systems

Automatic Train Supervision Systems

Toshiba provides solutions to improve the efficiency of overall transportation scheduling tasks, such as train timetabling, rolling stock operation & maintenance scheduling and crew duty scheduling.

Toshiba provides solutions to improve railway’s operational efficiency such as train tracking, operation monitoring, automatic route control, and in case of traffic disruption, train rescheduling and delay recovery control.

SaaS, the only one that features all the basic functions for transportation scheduling.* TM

Available for high-density train timetable and complex operation modes.

Run Curve Generator

* As of September 1, 2019.

Headway Calculator

Uses AI and IoT technologies to efficiently support train operation control tasks.

Crew Rostering Maintenance Work Scheduling & Trainset Rostering

Integrated Database

Timetable Editor

Daily Depot Work Scheduling Crew Duty Editor Base Depot Work Scheduling TrueLineTM is a registered trademark of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation that represents a co-developed product.

Available through monthly subscription for only necessary functions from your PC connected to the Internet. The award-winning user interface supports an intuitive look and feel. The data center protected by robust security maintains and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Collectively manages the data to contribute to achieving the seamless cooperation among tasks and functions. 10

We have experiences in the provision of on-premise systems specifically designed for each operator.

IoT Solutions Our IoT solutions thoroughly connect devices and users in operation control center, stations, substations, depots and crew offices, and utilize the collected data to contribute to achieving an integrated railway system.

Combination of foreseeability, response capability, and resourcefulness

Toshiba cooperates with domestic and foreign partners while focusing on technologies and contributes to establishing integrated railway systems abroad. Toshiba develops full turn key business that generally deals with design, procurement, construction and various support after the inauguration for areas such as rolling stock, signaling and communication facilities and, and electric facilities. Based on technologies that we have developed, we provide various services and products for railway business such as RAMS* analysis for the project, adaptation for international/foreign standards, operation test and maintenance that are established while considering both the engineering and management aspects.


Full Turn Key Solution

anagem M t c je en o r P RAMS

Support for operation, maintenance and education

Ergonomic study

Total system engineering

System integration test

Interface coordination

Adaptation to foreign standards and specifications

* RAMS:Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

Purple Line (Thailand)

Taiwan High Speed Rail (Taiwan)

First Japanese rolling stock running in metropolitan area in Thailand.

First export case of Japanese Shinkansen

The Purple Line, an urban railway line with 16 stations that runs about 23 km between north western area of Bangkok and Nonthaburi Province was inaugurated in August 2016. The joint Venture that Toshiba established with partner company got a bulk order for a whole railway system (rolling stock, substations, signaling facilities, platform screen door system, communication system, automatic fare collection system, rolling stock depot facilities, etc.).After submission of proposals and negotiation for about 3 years, we made full endeavors to meet requirements such as completion and inauguration within 34 months after we got the order and compliance with European standards and specifications. Then finally we managed to introduce the railway system produced by Japanese enterprises for the first time in the urban transport market in Thailand that was occupied only by European enterprises. In addition, the joint venture is awarded the 10-year maintenance contract to contribute to stable operation of the Purple Line.

Taiwan High Speed Rail of which the section of approximately 350 km from Taipei to Zuoying was inaugurated in January 2007 as a main artery in the north-south direction is the first export case of Japanese Shinkansen System. Toshiba joined the consortium of 7 Japanese companies that tried for the project and provided electric units for rolling stock, substation and power receiving facilities, operation management/maintenance management systems, communication facilities, and dispatcher's desk facilities. Even after the inauguration, Toshiba provided additional facilities for 4 stations including the extended section to Nangang Station, additional rolling stock, and IT system updates. Even now we are contributing to the development of the high speed railway infrastructure in Taiwan while adopting our rich experience in the area of maintenance and operation of Japanese Shinkansen and advanced technologies.



Global Network

World-wide Experience

We rapidly support our customers from worldwide locations.

Toshiba’s products have been used worldwide for more than 60 years in over 30 countries.

■Oversea bases

DB Cargo HELMS (2 prototypes)


Aiming to achieve high efficiency and high reliability by applying the hybrid technology compliant with European standard.

4 11 Germany

● Hybridization

2 6 China

1 United States


3 5 India

8 Taiwan

of existing 1,000kw class diesel shunting locomotive

Toshiba series-parallel hybrid technology with SCiB™

SMRT C151 系

7 Singapore


Equipped with our PMSM driving system. Since it was introduced in commercial operation in 2015, it brings superior energy savings compared to existing

9 South Africa


equipment systems and delivers safe operation with high reliability. ● Refurbishment

10 Australia


drive system for 750Vdc

Korail’s 8500 series

Major Manufacturing Facilities Fuchu Complex

of existing drive system

Mie Operations

Fuji Operations

South Korea

Thanks to our reliability that has been cultivated for more than 20 years in the

Hamakawasaki Operations Kashiwazaki Operations

Korean market and locomotive technologies, we delivered electric equipment for 56 units of large capacity electric locomotives. It has maintained high quality since delivery in 2011 and delivers stable freight transport.

● Driving system and power source system for large capacity (6,600kw) electric locomotives Manufacturing products

72-34, Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa

■ Oversea bases 1

Manufacturing products

Manufacturing products

Locomotive Systems, Rolling Rolling Stock Systems(Transformer), Rolling Stock Systems Stock Systems(Driving, Power Power Supply System(Transformer) (Air Conditioning System) Source, Vehicle Information, Vehicle Driving Battery),Power Supply System(Switchgear, Rectifier, TESS, Protection Relay)

Manufacturing products

WMATA 7000 series

Rechargeable Battery (SCiBTM)


13131 West Little York Rd., Houston,TX 77041, U.S.A.

Dalian Toshiba Locomotive Electric Equipment Co., LTD.

Information System for 746 cars manufactured in Houston Texas. Toshiba’s highly

Dalian Free Trade Zone ID-35, China

reliable system contributes to stable operation in the Washington metropolitan area since the start of revenue service in 2015.

● Driving system and Vehicle Information System for 750Vdc

Rudraram, Patancheru Mandal, Sangareddy District, Telangana-502329, the Republic of India Rolling Stock Systems(Driving),

Manufacturing Power Supply System products (Transformer, Switchgear)


Bunsenstrasse 29, 24145 Kiel, Germany

Global supply records (after 2005) Country name Brazil

* Engineering only

Toshiba India Private Ltd.




Toshiba Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

8 9

10 11


3rd Floor, Building No. 10, Tower B, Phase-II, DLF Cyber City,Gurgaon-122002, India



11a Gibbon Rd, WINSTON HILLS, NSW 2153, Australia Egypt


Indonesia Indonesian Railways

Directorate General of Railways Malaysia


Singapore Land Transport Authority

Chongqing Rail Trainsit (Group) Co Ltd


South Africa


Dalian Modern Rail Transit Co.,Ltd.

2007, 2012

South Korea

Incheon International Airport Corporation

Wuhan Metro Group Co Ltd


China Railway


National Authority For Tunnels (NAT)

2010~ 2016

2017 2016~ 2018


Tianjin BinhaiMass Transit DevelopmentCo.,Ltd.

10th Floor, Sandton Office Towers, Corner 5th Street & Rivonia Road, Sandhurst E x tension 3, Sandton, Republic of South Africa

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd Dedicated Freight Corridor Corpora tion of India Limited

Rio de Janeiro State Company of Engineering 2011 of Transport and Logistics(CENTRAL)

Canada Metrolinx

20 Pasir Panjang Road, #13-27/28 Mapletree Business City, Singapore 117439

Marienstrasse 8, 40212 Dusseldorf Germany

Delivery year

Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo 2010

4F.,No.168, Sec.3, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei City 10488, Taiwan

Toshiba Africa (Pty) Ltd

Client name

Companha de Transporte de Salvador 2007

Manufacturing Rolling Stock Systems products (Driving, Power Source, Vehicle Information)


United States

WMATA7000 series car includes Buy America compliant Propulsion and Vehicle

The bases from 1 to 3 are manufacturing & engineering base; and 4 is an engineering base.

Manufacturing Rolling Stock Systems (Driving, Power Source, Vehicle Information) products


Manufacturing products Power Supply System (Transformer, Switchgear)

Malaysia Railways Limited (KTMB) 2005

Taiwan Railway Administration Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

Bangkok Expressway and Metro Limited 2016


Turkish State Railways(TCDD)

United Arab Dubai Airport Company Emirates

2016 United States

2009 2006

Roads & Transport Authority

2007~ 2009

New York City Transit Authority


Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District






Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit



Yong In Rapid Transit Corporation 2008 Taiwan


2007~2008, 2012~2016 2006, 2015~2016

Metropolitan Washington Airports 2007 Authority City of Atranta, Department of Aviation 2007 Venezuela IAFE

2015 15

History of our railway business Toshiba's transport business started with manufacturing of main motors, control equipment, and bogies for electric railcars in 1899 and has recorded about 120 years of history since then. Toshiba has continuously delivered various cutting-edge products to clients such as the JR group, private railway companies, and foreign railway users.Toshiba will continue to deliver railway solutions with an increasingly complicated society.


Tanaka Seizo-sho, the predecessor of Toshiba Corporation, was established.


Started to manufacture control equipment and main motors for electric railcars. This year is commemorated as the start of the transport business for Toshiba.


Delivered first main motor and bogie in Japan to Daishi Railway (predecessor of Keikyu Corporation).


Completion of our first electric locomotive with the delivery of 6 Deki 1 vehicles (40 tons, B-B) to Ina Electric Railway (predecessor operator of a part of the Iida Line of Central Japan Railway Company.)


Delivered electric locomotive EF52 for the Tokaido Line to Japan Railways (predecessor of the Central Japan Railway Company).


Fuchu Plant (predecessor of Fuchu Complex) was completed and started operation as a railcars factory.


Toshiba Sharyo (predecessor of our division) was established.


Exported electric railcars for the Sarmiento Line of Argentina National Railways for the first time as a Japanese company.


First export of AC electric locomotives (85t, 2400kw), 15 vehicles to Indian National Railways.


Taiwan High Speed Rail inauguration of the section between Taipei and Zuoying, for which we are engaged in as a member of the main contractor.


Started to provide the PMSM for subway lines and its control devices for the Marunouchi Line of Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.


Delivered the HD300, the first Japanese mass production hybrid locomotive, to JR Freight Railway Company.


The world’s first delivery driving system using three advanced technologies together (All-SiC, PMSM and SCiBTM) on the Marunouchi Line of Tokyo Metro Co Ltd.

72-34, Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-8585, Japan

Railway Systems Division   TEL.+81-(0)44-331-1600

Please contact us for details.

1, Toshiba-cho,  Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-8511, Japan

Overseas Sales Division

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