Global Citizenship Camp (GLC 2016)

Global Citizenship Camp (GLC 2016) During November 2 - 14, 2016 at Mahasarakham University, Thailand Date/Time Activity Venue ... - MSU Digital Learni...

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MSU Global Citizenship Camp 2016 is here. A camp organized by ... Cultural Competence and Out-of-School-Learning immersion through series of learning workshops and hands-on experiential, campers across the world will ... Approval/Recommendation Lette

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Global Citizenship Education in ASEAN ... • Intercultural competency • Foreign language skills • Knowledge of world history

all scheduled meals, local transportation, course material, workshop tools & materials such as fabrics, ... IT in Emerging Society Business Model Canvas (BMC)

・Defense Bunt(バントシフト) ・Kids Baseball Lesson ... PITCHER 1.KUMABARA 11.YAMAGUCHI 12.KOBAYASHI 14.ISHIDA 17.MISHIMA 18.MIURA 19.YAMASAKI