Haryana Government Initiatives for Promotion of Solar

Rs.300/ - per month for three years in electricity bills for domestic users Capital subsidy on domestic solar water heater up to Rs.10000/ - for all H...

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Haryana Government Initiatives for Promotion of Solar Water Heating Systems

Sumita Misra, IAS Director Renewable Energy Department & HAREDA

ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT & HAREDA The Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) was set up in 1997 to facilitate the Department in expeditious implementation of the Renewable Energy Programme in the State in its capacity as State Nodal Agency The Department of Renewable Energy, Haryana designated as the State Designated Agency on 2.7.2003 for implementing the Energy Conservation Act-2001. Mandate of the Department: – Promotion & implementation of RE Programme / Schemes – Promotion of Generation of Power from Renewable Energy – Energy Conservation including implementation of EC Act 2001. – Demand Side Management

STRATEGIES TO PROMOTE RENEWABLE ENERGY & ENERGY CONSERVATION IN HARYANA Multi-pronged approach: Regulatory strategies Promotional & incentivising renewable energy & energy efficiency to various users Awareness Govt. to play the leaders role


1000 solar water heating systems of 100 lpd capacity contribute to peak loading shaving of 1 MW. Each 100 lpd system contribute to 1.5 tons CO2 emission reduction.

REGULATORY INITIATIVES Haryana is the first State in the country to issue a comprehensive notification dated 29.07.2005 on Energy Conservation Measures. It makes Solar Water Heating Systems mandatory for water heating application in all functional buildings where hot water is required. The Haryana Urban Development Authority has adopted the mandatory provisions on HAREDA vide their letter dated 28.11.05. The Department of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana has also amended the Haryana Municipal Building Byelaws vide Notification dated 16.11.07.

MANDATORY USE OF SWHS Solar Water Heating has been made mandatory in – industries, hospitals and Nursing Homes, Govt. Hospitals, Hotels, Motels and Banquet Halls, Jail barracks, Canteens, Housing Complexes set up by Group Housing Societies/Housing Board, all Residential buildings built on a plot of size 500 sq.yds. and above falling within the limits of Municipal Committees/Corporations and HUDA Sectors, and all Govt. buildings, Residential Schools, Educational Colleges, Hostels, Technical/Educational Institutes, District Institute of Education and Training, Tourism Complexes and Universities etc.

STATE INCENTIVES To promote SWHS, Rebate upto Rs.300/- per month for three years in electricity bills for domestic users Capital subsidy on domestic solar water heater up to Rs.10000/- for all Haryana residents on flat plate based collectors and up to Rs.8000/- on ETC based systems.

SWHS FOR SOCIAL SECTOR INSTITUTIONS Only State in the country to provide 90% financial assistance on installation of solar water heating systems in social sector institutions like Working Women Hostels, Red Cross Institutions, Deaf & Dumb Rehabilitation Centres, Juvenile Homes, Hostels for the Schedule Caste students, Old Age Homes etc. This initiative has been appreciated by the MNRE/GOI.


CONSUMER FRIENDLY PROCEDURES For domestic sector, the user may install system of his own choice from any supplier provided it is BIS/MNRE/ HAREDA empanelled. The subsidy is granted to the user after verification of the installation at the district level itself. After release of subsidy, an advisory is sent by the district office to the power utility for rebate in electricity bills.

AWARENESS PROGRAMMES Realizing the need for awareness creation on RE & EE, HAREDA is carrying out publicity campaigns regularly through press advertisements, electricity bills, radio jingles, poster, brochures, bus back panels, wall paintings, T.V films, workshops and Seminars. HAREDA is broadcasting an interactive radio programme, HAREDA URJA MANTRA from 9:45 to 10: 00 AM every Tuesday and Saturday on AIR FM at 103.1 MHz. At the end of the programme, a question is asked and the first three correct answers are awarded prizes of two CFLs each. Besides, radio jingles are also being aired on the AIR FM and My FM. Exhibitions on RE/EE are organized in all major fairs in the State

Targeted Approach To promote installation of SWHS targeted approach adopted. Real estate developers, educational institutions like Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges, Hospitals, hotels and industries targeted. Target specific interaction meets and workshops organised at Panipat, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Hisar.

SWHS IN GROUP HOUSING Kalptaru Cooperative GHS, Panchkula 4000 lpd BPTP, Gurgaon

4900 lpd

BPTP, Faridabad

5600 lpd

IVY Complex, Gurgaon

12800 lpd

Haryana Police 2800 lpd Academy, Karnal

SWHS in one of the Towers

SWHS: The Housing Board Experience Consists of 256 flats in 8 towers(G+8 stories) Each flat 2284 sft. Costs Rs.29 lac As per space availability on terrace, for each flat 125 liters system is proposed. On each tower, a 4000 lpd system provided Total 32000 lpd capacity systems at a cost of Rs.71.0 lac to be installed. Annual saving of 4.745 lac units of electricity with saving of Rs.21.35 lac with 4 months usage. Payback period 3 years 4 months only.

Housing Board Complex, Sector-43, Gurgaon

SWHS IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS JP MLIT, Yamunanagar Sainik School, Karnal MLN College, Yamunanagar Prem Institute of Medical Sciences, Panipat NC College of Engineering, Panipat Jat College, Rohtak Chhoturam Polytechnic, Rohtak HIPA, Gurgaon World College of Tech. & Mgmt, Gurgaon Dronacharya College of Engg., Ggn BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya, Sonepat Agroha Medical College, Hisar

14100 lpd 10200 lpd 7400 lpd 1500 lpd 2000 lpd 4500 lpd 4500 lpd 3000 lpd 1500 lpd 2000 lpd 32,000 lpd 8000 lpd

SWHS IN COMMERCIAL INSTITUTIONS Sing & Swing Resort, Panipat Hotel AP Residency, Ambala Hotel GC Residency, Ambala Westside Hotel, Panchkula Pallvi Convention Center, Pkl National Woolen,Panipat Sahil Handlooms, panipat Chelsea Textile,Gurgaon

4000 lpd 2000 lpd 3000 lpd 3000 lpd 1000 lpd 5000 lpd 3000 lpd 50,000 lpd

SWHS in the Chelsea Textile Mills, Gurgaon-50,000 liters

ACHIEVEMENTS During 2008-09, 384 solar water heating systems of 2,06,000 LPD were installed in the state which is 147% more than the previous years installation leading to peak load shaving of 2 MW. During 2009-2010, so far, SWHS of 1,65,000 liters capacity installed against a target of 3,00,00 lpd One of the largest SWHS of 50,000 litres capacity was installed in the Chelsea Textile Mills, Gurgaon. Since inception of the programme, about 1450 SWHS of 13,00,000 litres capacity have been installed in the State.


300000 250000 200000

206000 151000




150000 100000 50000 0 2008-09


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