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the widest range of High-Positive indexable inserts in the world. Our High-Positive indexable inserts are just right for the high-precision turning op...

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High-Positive indexable inserts



HIGH-POSITIVE INDEXABLE INSERTS: ENORMOUS VARIETY. Do you have challenging machining requirements? We have the corresponding solutions. We offer the widest range of High-Positive indexable inserts in the world for precise machining of challenging materials and for thin-walled parts. Besides standard dimensions we also offer intermediate sizes and inserts with edge-honing. Therefore, you will for sure find the right insert for your application – all of them are periphery ground with sharp cutting edges and polished chip-breaker. Right from the start, you will achieve top results even with tough materials with high chrome and nickel content.

More than 1,300 indexable inserts 5 geometries

7 insert shapes 3 different insert types

11 different sizes of corner radius 8 insert thicknesses

17 grades

2 types of edge preparation

5 clearance angles

15 different edge lengths

“We grind 2.5 million inserts a year!” We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the quality of our High-Positive indexable inserts. They are developed, polished and ground in-house – something which has not changed in the past 30 years. Since the 1990s, we have continuously increased our grinding expertise and the volume of ground products. In the meantime, we grind 2.5 million inserts a year! Our customers can definitely rely on one thing: all High-Positive indexable inserts from ARNO consist of a special substrate with an ultra-fine grain. They are periphery ground and have a sharp cutting edge combined with a polished chip breaker. This makes the inserts so sharp that the workpiece is not displaced, no matter how thin-walled it is or what material it is made of.

Josef Storf, Managing Director of ARNO Werkzeuge, speaking on High-Positive indexable inserts.



by using High-Positive indexable inserts from ARNO Guaranteed high quality – precision ground in-house at ARNO Tailor-made solutions – standard sizes, intermediate sizes and edge-honed cutting edges Sharp for demanding materials – also perfect fort hin-walled workpieces

THE SOLUTION FOR DEMANDING TURNING OPERATIONS. Perfect for both demanding turning operations and materials – the widest range of High-Positive indexable inserts in the world. Our High-Positive indexable inserts are just right for the high-precision turning operations of demanding materials and thin-walled workpieces. As a specialist in this area, we know the critical factors for success. Therefore, for all High-Positive indexable inserts, we focus on the combination of an ultra-fine grain substrate, precision ground cutting edges and polished chip breakers. Due to our vast variety of sizes and geometries we can offer you the specifications you need, without compromises. This helps you to achieve a perfect surface finishing, right from the start.

Precision ground indexable inserts

Just what you need – with no compromises

Every year, we precision grind over 2.5 million indexable inserts with complex geometries. That is why we can guarantee you the best quality.

Besides standard sizes we also offer intermediate sizes, edge-honed inserts and special coatings. This allows us to offer you a tailor-made solution for your application.


TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS. Just what you need: special indexable inserts from ARNO. Do you need at short notice a special insert in order to manufacture a complex workpiece? Then ARNO ist the right partner. We always have a wide range of blanks in stock for you. Therefore, we can directly produce your insert based on your specifications – flexibel, precise and fast. You will benefit from our unique ARNO grinding expertise and from our experience in tool development which has grown over three generations.

Do you have any questions about our special solutions? Then just send us an email at [email protected]

Special for Swiss Type Machining: PS-geometry

In it’s best form for mass production. In order to produce long and thin-walled workpieces an uncompromising quality of indexable inserts is required: The combination of ultra-fine grain substrate, precision ground cutting edges and polished chip breakers guarantees an surface quality, right from the start. This is why we have developed the PS-geometry for Swiss Type Machining, which will show an excellent result when machining steel and non-ferrous materials. ARNO indexable inserts with the PS-geometry are available with different sizes of corner radius, grades and both sharp and edge-honed cutting edges. With these inserts you are perfectly equipped for any challenge.

OUTSTANDING VERSATILE AND INNOVATIVE. Turning or Swiss type turning, grooving, drilling or milling: whatever your requirements are it is worth checking ARNO’s program. We have a solution for almost every ma­ chining application. Influenced by the right combination of experience, pioneering spirit and quality assurance our tooling systems, tool management systems and clever innovations make sure that you get the best out of your productions. For more details on our innovative systems, go to www.arno.de

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