* Standard reduction potential and standard hydrogen electrode. *Electro chemical series and its relevance. CHAPTER-7, THE P-BLOCK ELEMENTS CHAPTER-8,...

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HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (Base d on cl ass XI syl l abus the stude nts can pre pare the fol l owi ng topi cs and i ts chapte r wi se appl i cati on i n cl ass XII i s as fol l ows) Work to be done duri ng summe r hol i days and e val uation wi ll be done afte r the re ope ni ng of the school on 31 s t May2017. CHAPTER-3, ELECTRO CHEMISTRY * Dani e l ce l l and ce l l re pre sentation. * Standard re ducti on pote nti al and standard hydroge n e l e ctrode . *El e ctro che mi cal se ri e s and i ts re l e vance . CHAPTER-7, THE P -BLOCK ELEMENTS CHAPTER-8, d and f BLOCK ELEMENTS CHAPTER-9, COORDINATION COMPOUNDS *Pe ri odi c tabl e , ge ne ral e l ectronic confi guration of s,p,d and f -bl ock e l e me nts. *General trends in periodic properties and anomalies. *Hybridisation sp, sp2, sp3 , sp3d, sp3d2, sp3d3 and dsp2. *Examples such as H2O, NH3, PCl 3, PCl 5, SF6, IF7. *Anomalous behavior of second period of elements, inert pair effect. *Hydrogen bonding, intermolecular and intramolecular. TEXT BOOK-2 (ORGANIC CHEMISTRY) IUPAC System of naming of organic compounds with different functional groups. Resonance effect, inductive effect, hyperconjugative effect. The ortho para directing and meta directing substituents on the benzene ring. Important reactions like Wurtz, Friedal crafts alkylate and acylation, Markownikovs rule and peroxide effect.


1) Read the “Invisible Man by H.G.Wells and prepare 10 long answers

कक्षा बारह ीं .1निम्िलिखित विषयों पर फीचर लिखिए। १. चुिाि में जानतिाद का प्रभाि २. राजिीनत और दे शभक्तत ३. युिा पीढी और िि माध्यम . 2निम्िलिखित विषयों पर फीचर लिखिए। १. िेिकू द और स्िास््य २. संचार विप्िि

HOLIDAY HOMEWORK CLASS XII PHYSICS 1. Two point charges 0.2 C and 0.4C are placed 0.1m apart . Calculate the electric field at midpoint between the charges and at a point on the line joining the charges 0.05m away from 0.2C ? 2. Two point charges +16µC and -9 µC are placed 8cm apart in air. Determine the position of the point at which the resultant field is zero? 3. The sum of two point charges is 7 µC .They repel each other with a force of 1N when kept apart 30cm apart in free space .Calculate the value of each charge. 4. Two point charges placed at a distance r in air exert a force F on each other .At what distance will these charges experience the same force in a medium of dielectric constant k ? 5. Define electric field intensity at a point. Write its SI unit . If it is a vector quantity what is its direction? 6. Define electric flux .Write its SI unit . Is it a scalar or a vector quantity. 7. Define electric dipole moment .Write its SI unit .If it is a vector specify i ts direction. 8. What is an electric field line ? Write down the important properties of electric field lines. 9. Draw the electric field lines due to (a) point positive charge (b) an electric dipole 10. State and express Coulombs law in vector form 11. State and explain Gauss theorem 12. Prove the inverse square law dependence of electric field intensity due to a point charge using concept of electric field line. 13. Derive an expression for the electric field at a point due to a point charge

14. Derive expression for the electric field at a point along the (a) axial line and (b) equatorial line of an electric dipole 15. Explain what happens when an electric dipole is placed in an external (a) uniform electric field (b) non uniform electric field.

HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOLIDAY HOMEWORK CLASS XII 1) Application of physics in the field of physical education?

MATHEMATICS 1.Revise the chapters trigonometric function of limits and derivatives of class XI. 2. Prepare formulae chart.

BIOLOGY CLASS XII Recording of twelve experiments in the lab record book

CLASS XII COMPUTER SCIENCE 1. Write 10 program illustrating the if statement? 2. Use switch case write any 5 programs? 3. Using for write any 5 programs?

4. Using while write any 5 programs? 5. Using do.. while any 5 programs? 6. Write any 3 programs using function? 7. Write any 2 programs using structure? 8. Using 1-dimensional array, write 2 programs? 9. Using 2-dimensional array, write 2 programs?