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The Environment Club has always been actively sustaining environmental efforts in our school. ... put in were very well worth it, as they enjoyed the ...

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Sports Carnival

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Feedback Week & Principal’s Dialogue 2016

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College Day

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JC1 Senior Civil Servant Dialogue

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Debating Nationals / Environment Club

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Community Builder Week

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Project Work Learning Journey

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Overseas Service Learning Trip 2016

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St Andrew’s Hall : Community Service

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Citizenship Education In SAJC


n 29 July, the St Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) Sports Carnival marked the perfect end to a hectic week. Needing to juggle between studies and other co-curricular activities, it was definitely sweet relief for all students to be able to engage in a day of fun and games. In an attempt to interest and engage the student population, this year’s Sports Carnival featured the most number of sports played in our SAJC Sports Carnival history. In total, ten different games were played by our Saints, namely Basketball, Captain’s Ball, Floorball, Football, Handball, Netball, Tchoukball, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, and last but not least, Ultimate Frisbee. The morning began with the usual assembly. With the handing over of the microphones to the event emcees, the tempo of the day went up several notches – the Sports Carnival had begun! The event started with “Shake It” as warm-up, heightening the atmosphere with groovy music. The rest of the event continued with equal levels of energy and enthusiasm. And just when the weather became a little too warm and the energy was fading, the Parent’s Support Group (PSG) and the Milo truck came in to save the day by providing refreshments to rejuvenate us. After a day of fun and games, the House of Gomes pulled ahead and emerged as the Overall House Champion. Resounding cheers and celebratory applause rang throughout the entire arena. All in all, it was a Friday well-spent with good games and even better company. The event would not have been possible without the support of our Principal and Vice-Principals, staff of our College, the PSG, AVA Club members and Sports Leaders. The PE Department and House Council look forward to organising an even more electrifying Sports Carnival next year! Wei Chen Kun (16S05)

l a v i n r a C s t Spor

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ollege Day is a significant event in the school’s calendar to commemorate the outstanding achievements of students past and present, and this year was no exception. SAJC’s 39th College Day was held on 29 July to much pomp and fanfare. Guests, dressed to the nines, were greeted with a huge banner adorning the entrance of the College, which read, ‘Welcome Home, Saints.’ Indeed, while College Day celebrated the academic accomplishments of various students, it was also a homecoming – a special occasion that welcomed the return of our very own Saints who studied and excelled within the school’s walls, individuals who called the school home. The chosen theme of this year’s College Day was ‘With Blessings Manifold,’ a line from our College Hymn, which centred our attention on God as the source of our blessings. This sentiment of gratefulness for all that has been bestowed upon us as a Saints family permeated the entire ceremony. After Bishop Kuan Kim Seng led the crowd with Scripture readings and prayer, the College sang in heart-warming unison the familiar hymn, ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness.’ Our newly appointed Principal, Mr Mark Lo, proceeded to share the Principal’s Report, where he showcased the various achievements of our Saints, as well as the desired outcomes of education as a student of the College. He also lauded the invaluable contributions of our former Principal, Mrs Lee Bee Yann, who served the College faithfully from 2008 – 2015 and played a vital role in bringing our school to greater heights. The Guest-of-Honour, Mr Ong Chong Tee, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Financial Supervision at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) also gave an inspiring speech on being committed to our causes and not giving up. In his graduating speech, the school’s valedictorian, Jotham Teo, shared touchingly about his indelible memories in school, and highlighted the teachers’ instrumental roles in shaping the students’ lives and aspirations in the College. After the prize-giving ceremony, the entire school leapt to their feet to sing a rousing rendition of the College Song, led by Old Boys Mr Yee Teck Peng and Mr Tan Peng Yong, as well as Board Member Mr Tan Soo Kiang. The evening thus ended on a high note, as the school spirit sprung to life in Saints both young and old as they recalled their best memories in their lives as a Saint. Wilbur Fong (16S16)

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he debating nationals, the MOE-ACJC Intercollegiate Debating Championship, took place on 3 and 4 June 2016. The St Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) team won all the three matches for the Preliminary Rounds. With that, we went into the Quarter-Finals ranked third.

A Tough and Memorable Fight!

In addition to the already wonderful showing by the team, Bryan Goh Zhen Ting of 15S03, the President of our Debating and Oratorical Society, and Ko Zhi Heng Issac of 15A06, were declared Best Speakers for their respective matches in the Preliminary Rounds. The other three team members, Ruth Yap Lu Ying of 15S21, Alan Tao Bai Lun of 16S07, and Audrey Loo Wan Yi of 16S11 all also performed commendably. Bryan Goh shared that this was his final year representing SAJC. He mused that for his swan song, “it was an honour to participate in the nationals.” “The icing on the cake was being a Best Speaker for one of the matches,” Bryan continued. “I shall remember this for a long time to come.” “I learnt a lot from participating in a competition at this level,” Audrey Loo said. “I will use the experience that I’ve acquired this year to return next year and fight even harder for SAJC!” Truly, the hard work and sacrifices that these debaters had put in were very well worth it, as they enjoyed the fruits of their labour on the debating floor. Alan Tao Bai Lun (16S07)

L-R: Bryan, Ruth, Issac, Alan and Audrey


he Environment Club participated in a wide range of activities again. In March, our club participated in the annual ‘Community in Bloom’ competition, where we attained a Bronze award for the diversity in plant life throughout our school gardens. On 27 April 2016 this year, the Environment Club completed its annual litter-collection exercise, where we cleaned up the area outside the St Andrew’s Junior College campus around the Kallang River. Besides helping to keep our immediate surroundings clean, the litter-picking also served as a bonding activity and helped to bring our members closer to one another. Over the June break, our members took part in the ‘National Youth EnvirOlympics Challenge’ (NYEC) 2016, which trained us in coming up with creative campaigns to spread awareness on key environmental issues such as energy wastage. One of our members, Kevin Quek of 16S20, managed to secure an award for ‘Best Presentation’.

More recently in July, our members participated in the ‘Sembcorp Greenwave Competition’, embarking on a threeweek long project to raise awareness on the importance of the ‘Mozzie Wipeout’. The five-step process aims to prevent and eliminate mosquito breeding in households, especially important in light of the Zika outbreak that Singapore is currently experiencing. To increase the awareness of green engineering and upcycling among our own members, the club also embarked on learning journeys to the Building and Construction Authority and Dunman High School respectively. The Environment Club has always been actively sustaining environmental efforts in our school. Through self-initiated projects and participating in more high profile external competitions, we hope the Saints family can grow into an active and passionate community that will strive to keep our environment healthy and green! Therese Lau Yu Ru (16S01)

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he Community Builder Week (CBW) was held from 25 to 29 April 2016. This year, we chose the theme of handiCAPABLE, mainly to publicise the fact that the physically handicapped are just as capable in doing daily activities as us, or even better! We aimed to conduct different daily activities which were based on different forms of disabilities. One of the activities was named ‘When there’s a Wheel, there’s a Way’. This activity required students to push themselves on a wheelchair and manoeuvre through an obstacle course, allowing them to understand what it is like to depend on a wheelchair and experience the difficulty of it. It proved to be the most popular activity with our participants.

Another activity was ‘Painting with Patience’ which allowed the individual to experience what it is like to lose the use of their hands. In this activity, one had to paint with any part of their body except their hands. Since most of us are very used to using our hands to do everything, so painting with other parts of the body was slow and exasperating. Hence, the name ‘Painting with Patience’ was a fitting one in describing the seemingly easy tasks which we take for granted. We also had a voting board to let Saints vote which ability they would least want to lose. Losing their eyesight was a lot of people’s worst fears, with reasons such as not being able to see the world’s beauty and losing a sense of direction. We hoped that through this voting board, Saints would have done a little reflection and realise how blessed they really are.

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The CBW ended with a ServiceLearning Convention for the ServiceLearning representatives of every JC1 class. We had the distinguished guests, Mr Ethen Ong, co-founder and chief trainer of Positive Intentions, a social enterprise agency, and Mrs Koh Chern Ee, Deputy Principal 1 of St Andrew’s Junior College, to share some of their insights about service learning. A training session for attendees was also conducted by some of our Advocates on what it means to be a Service Learning Representative. The 6th Saints Advocate hopes that the Saints enjoyed the Community Builder Week 2016. Charlotte Tan (15S16)



rom 5 to 11 June 2016, the 7th Saints Advocate embarked on our Overseas Service Learning Programme (OSLP) to Phong Thanh Commune in Vietnam, where we had the opportunity to serve local villagers, who belonged to the Khmer ethnic minority. We constructed water storage tanks, conducted primary school English and Science lessons, and organised a library event for the local children. Prior to the trip, most of us did not have any OSLP experience. Planning suitable English and Science lessons for the children was a challenge, especially when there was limited information about their academic standards and proficiency in English. However, things turned out smoothly due to the locals’ warm support and enthusiasm. Throughout the trip, we were fortunate to have a group of four volunteers from our partner, Eco-Vietnam Group, a non-profit community-involvement organisation, whose staff not only served as our translators but also enthusiastically taught us simple Vietnamese phrases and simple Vietnamese customs so that we could better communicate with the locals. The children at the local school were keen learners who made special effort to attend our classes because the lessons were held during their summer school vacation. They were always engaged, and participated actively in our activities. In particular, they were engrossed in our origami and bookmark-making activities at the library event, eagerly trying their hand at the arts and craft. In contrast, constructing the water tanks was a more challenging process, taking us more than six hours to complete each tank. Thankfully, patient locals guided us through the process with hand signals. The warm hospitality allowed us to overcome the communication barrier and make the process of serving become so thoroughly enjoyable. Although the trip lasted only a week, the OSLP gave us valuable understanding of serving an overseas community. By stepping out of our comfort zones and enduring hardships not commonly experienced in Singapore, we were able to develop compassion, resilience and perseverance to handle challenges. This allowed us to understand the importance of serving boldly and with an empathetic heart. In addition, we were reminded of our roles as advocates, bringing awareness and change to less privileged communities. The 7th Saints Advocate

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During the Total Defence Day Commemoration in February 2016, JC1 students participated in exciting games and exercises led by soldiers from the SAF’s 8th Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment (8 SIR). The 8 SIR soldiers led activities that underscored the Military aspect of Total Defence. JC2 students attended an enriching forum entitled “Transforming Extremism”. This inaugural forum was organised in partnership with OnePeople.sg. Our guest speakers for the event were Mr Jufri Osman, volunteer and facilitator with OnePeople. sg and Mr Salim Mohamed Nasir, Head of the Religious Rehabilitation Group Secretariat and Associate Research Fellow at the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University. The speakers examined the roots of terrorism and shared their experience rehabilitating radicalised youth. This forum helped Saints gain greater insight into the Social and Psychological pillars of Total Defence.

In April 2016, as part of our International Friendship Day Commemoration, we welcomed non-profit literary arts company Word Forward to our College for a Spoken Word showcase. The students enjoyed Spoken Word performances by renowned local artists Mr Chris Mooney-Singh, Ms Deborah Emmanuel and Ms Jennifer Champion. The highlight of the event was the ASEAN poetry showcase which featured our very own students performing pieces from Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines in their native languages. The showcase helped students gain an intimate understanding of the cultural and historical threads that bind the ASEAN region.

As part of the Racial Harmony Day Commemoration in July 2016, we invited local professional theatre company ACT3 to our College for a Forum Theatre experience. ACT3 put up thought-provoking performances for the entire cohort. Forum Theatre empowered our students to share their thoughts on the plot as well as the various themes which surfaced, enabling all to learn from each other’s insights and experiences.

Dialogue Sessions with senior civil servants and political leaders were organised on-site in SAJC. In July 2016, the JC2 cohort took part in a Minister’s Dialogue with Associate Professor Dr Yaacob Ibrahim (Minister for Communications and Information and Ministerin-charge of Muslim Affairs). In August 2016, the JC1 student cohort participated in a Senior Civil Servant Dialogue with Mr Albert Chua (2nd Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Suatifnortsm, ore enriching

do keep a slohoikp-Eo ducation experiences Citizen iting you next year! awa ittee

CE Comm

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Feedback Week

and Principal’s Dialogue



his year’s Feedback Week was jointly organised by the 38th and 39th Student Councils to gather feedback from all Saints to make the College a better learning environment for all. Under the theme of “Let’s Make Andrew Smile,” many Saints flocked to the booths set up in the canteen to pen their feedback on the myriad aspects of their school experience. They also voted for some of the pregenerated feedback on the attractively designed ‘Voting Board’. The Student Council collated and read through all the feedback collected, sifting out the more pertinent ones and discussed various suggestions for improvement.

The consolidated feedback was then submitted to the school leaders and management in preparation for the Principal’s Dialogue 2016. The Principal’s Dialogue which followed on 5 May 2016, saw our school leaders addressing the various feedback collated from Feedback Week. Our principal, Mr Mark Lo, and the school leaders touched on the many issues which arose, including improving school facilities and enhancing security for school access. During the Question and Answer Segment, several students took the opportunity to raise their feedback and

questions directly to the school leaders, who listened intently before providing thoughtful responses that considered the feasibility of the feedback presented. It was heartening to note that various improvements were implemented following the dialogue session. Amongst them was the initiative that all lessons of graduating classes were to be conducted in D and G blocks with air-conditioning. Lights with switches were also installed outside the Popular Bookshop, creating more nooks for those who wished to stay back later in school to revise their work.

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Feedback Week and Principal’s Dialogue 2016 were important platforms for engaging the entire student body so that Saints can raise issues close to their hearts and learn how to give constructive feedback responsibly. The Student Council also hopes that such platforms created the necessary opportunities for both school leaders and students to carry out a meaningful exchange of views, cementing a sense of ownership and belonging so that SAJC can truly be a Home for all our Saints. Nguyen Minh Hung (16A02)

JC1 Senior Civil Servant Dialogue


s the clock struck 3 pm on that 3 August afternoon, the JC1 cohort gathered in the Cultural Centre to attend a dialogue session with the Second Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Mr Albert Chua. There was a keen level of anticipation as Mr Chua delivered his opening address on Singapore’s foreign policy and relationships with other countries. He was once the Singapore’s High Commissioner to Australia and had also served as Singapore’s ambassador to the United Nations. He highlighted the problems Singapore faces today

and the importance of maintaining friendly relations with other ASEAN states. He interrupted his address with an invitation for us to work for MFA in the future, and we students chuckled. Mr Chua managed to strike a perfect balance between expressing seriousness when sharing about Singapore’s foreign policy and creating an atmosphere of light heartedness, so that we could engage and learn from him. When the question and answer session commenced, there was but the briefest of hesitation before a student took up the microphone,

but the Cultural Centre still erupted in an appreciative burst of applause for the student’s courage. Subsequently students queued up in quick succession to ask questions. The questions centred on current events that could affect Singapore, like the South China Sea dispute, the haze issue, the effects of a Donald J. Trump victory in the 2016 US Presidential Election, and Brexit. It appeared that many students were interested in SingaporeAmerican and Sino-Western relations. Mr Chua’s years of experience in Singapore’s foreign relations shed light on

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the dynamic world we live in. He highlighted transnational terrorism as the main security concern we currently face, and cited how the Singapore government has managed to neutralise the threats so far. I learnt a great deal about our country’s international context, and now more deeply understand that we must always be forward-looking to anticipate changes. I am thankful that I could attend this session, and it was a pity that it ended so quickly. I look forward to the next session in 2017. Kenneth Tan (16S19)


his year, ActiveSg, an all-encompassing and inclusive national movement for sports, has come alongside the National Sports Associations to present an excitement-filled Singapore National Games (SNG). During the first week of August 2016, St Andrew’s Junior College sent two teams from both the Girls’ and Boys’ Hockey Teams to participate in the SNG under the ‘Indoors Hockey 5s’ category. It was the first official match for the new players as well as for the A-Division team after their season, and the team took on the challenge enthusiastically despite being unfamiliar with the format of the ‘Hockey 5s’ category. The teams trained hard together, working on both fitness and game skills prior to the games. The games were filled with excitement as our teams gave their all and both the girls’ teams successfully beat our opponents from Millennia Institute and National Junior College, going on to the finals to play against each other.

The final match for the girls’ teams to clinch the title of champion was dynamic, with the end result of Team B winning the championship with a narrow score of 3-2. The girls were overjoyed with the win and forged stronger bonds together as a team, with the new players gaining more confidence and experience to prepare for the next season. The Boys’ Teams put up a strong fight against their opponents too, but were unable to proceed to the finals. Nevertheless, it was a great learning opportunity and enriching experience for all. All teams would like to thank Coach Robin and Coach Sunil, along with the teachers, Mr Benny Tan, Ms Ng Geok Peng, Mr Eng Kai Seng and Ms Eve Ong for providing guidance and the opportunity to participate in the SNG. Up and On!

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Nikki Sun (16A04)



he Project Work Supervising Tutors embarked on our annual Learning Journey (LJ) on 10 May, this year to explore the Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG). The focus of the LJ was in line with this year’s Project Work Task: to learn more about the expansion and achievement of this organisation, the MFLG. The aim was to share the knowledge gained with students, in the hope of inspiring them in their projects. We were warmly greeted by our guide from the MFLG who briefed us on the organisation and its history, including the expansion of the number of cable cars from 43 cabins in 1974 to the current 68. We were also given a back-ofhouse tour where the guide shared with us the daily operations of the cable car network and its careful maintenance. We were wowed by the top-of-the line technology, and gained greater insight into MFLG’s motto – “SEA” – which stands for Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy.

We looked forward to the highlight of the LJ, the cable car ride; but before that, however, the majority of us could not resist checking out the awardwinning ‘loo with a view’! Not only was the washroom spotlessly clean, it came with a view of the lush greenery of Mount Faber that we enjoyed through the full length glass wall of the washroom. This was of course just a prelude to the exciting cable car ride, which many of us had not experienced in a long time. Undoubtedly all of us enjoyed the scenic ride that transported us from the verdant heights of Faber Peak, to the busy urbanity of Harbourfront and the ships docked off-shore, to the exciting features of Resorts World passing beneath us. Before we could even catch our breath from this ride on the Mount Faber Line, we were treated to yet another cable car journey on the Sentosa Line, again enjoying soothingly beautiful vistas but this time from within Sentosa itself.

As part of the LJ, we also visited the Cable Car Museum, where we saw for ourselves examples of the three previous generations of cable cars. What got most of us excited was the world’s only life-sized cable car cabin constructed entirely from Lego blocks – approximately 10,000 blocks that cost $34,000 and took 30 hours to assemble. The other informative exhibits and photographs in the museum helped to enlighten us on the history and the development of the cable car in Singapore. With the beautiful memories of our journey captured in the many photographs taken, we left Sentosa and headed back to Faber Peak. These photographs were eventually translated by the PW STs into display projects that had as their foci the people, places, product and processes that were learnt on this enriching LJ. Ms Rani Suppiah - PW Department

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Do Good, Feel Good “No one is here by chance.”

Saints at St Andrew’s Hall see this slogan outside the General Office every day. Typically, one may overlook what it means, however, upon contemplation, one would realise that it actually possesses a deep meaning. To some, our presence in the hostel is the fruition of our hard work in academic excellence and the reward for our abilities; to others, our presence seemed out of pure chance alone. However our being here is certainly for a higher purpose. We have been much blessed with good fortune; surely we are capable of giving back to society. In fact, this is a notion strongly endorsed by our hostel, which organises events to give every Saint the opportunity to lend his or her hand towards the various causes.

decided to proceed to another block which we were not assigned, instead of searching for the vanished newspapers and thus lose time. We had to adjust to circumstances and work quicker. In the end, there were no complaints and not one was disgruntled by having to take the extra effort. In fact, we felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement as experiences like these made us realise that everyone has the ability to bring a change in the lives of others. My experience was indeed a rich one. Not only was I able to have a glimpse of HDB life, but, more importantly, I got to work alongside my Hall mates which helped to build our camaraderie. This episode taught us many indispensable values including bonding, teamwork, friendship, time management, and, most memorably, exploring last-minute options. Siddharth Agrawal - JC2 Hall Saint of St Andrew’s designed & printed by LONDONBOB DESIGN

I took part in a recent exercise involving the collection of old newspapers from

the Potong Pasir neighbourhood. There were thirty of us Hall Saints, ranging from Secondary 3 to JC2, who, for the first time, got the chance to walk about the HDB blocks and interact with the heartlanders. Our goal was to collect material for recycling, with the proceeds donated to the St John’s Home for Elderly Persons’ building fund. We were grouped into small teams to comb two blocks each within one and half hours. While the work was strenuous at times, it was also fun and tested my ability to adapt to unforeseen events. For instance, after completing the first block, we decided to use a nearby area as the rendezvous point and to temporarily deposit our collected newspapers there. However, after we completed the second block, we found that our first collection of newspapers had disappeared! Perhaps it had become the windfall for a fortunate rag-and-bone man who was just passing by. After a short discussion, we