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ISKL Weight Room and Fitness Area - Standard Operating Procedures: ADMINISTRATIVE: ● This protocol is applicable to the whole of ISKL. ● This protocol supersedes all previously released protocols. It remains in effect until revised or rescinded. ● This protocol will be reviewed yearly and as applicable. ● The promulgating authority for this protocol is the Head of School. SIGNED BY: HS Athletic Director: ACKNOWLEDGED: HS and MS Athletics and Activity Directors HS and MS PE Dept. Heads Risk Management Facilities HOURS OF OPERATION ● Hours of Operation for Community Members ○ GYM supervisor must present at all times or the weight room is locked ○ Parents, Students, Teachers, Staff, and Alumni ■ 5:30a - 10:00p M-Th, ■ 5:30a - 6:00p F ■ 7:00a - 4:00p Sat ■ 12:00p - 4:00p Sun ● Due to class schedules from 8:00a - 3:00p M-F the weight room and fitness area rooms may not be available. ● PE Classes / Students and Athletic Teams have precedence over any other individuals or groups. ● PE Teachers can supervise their own classes into the weight room ■ Current school ID will be required to swipe in unless part of a scheduled PE class or training. ■ MS or ES Students are not allowed to access the area unless accompanied by a teacher/parent/guardian. ● Group Use ○ Community members cannot use the weight room and fitness area for group classes unless the schedule and contractual agreements are held in the Facilities Office. COVERAGE The ISKL weight room and fitness area has a high degree of vulnerability and will have supervision at all times. ● ISKL employs a Weight Room Supervisor, as defined below, on duty. If there is no one available the doors to the rooms will be locked. ● ISKL Security and Weight Room Supervisors will lock the weight room and fitness rooms when not in use to ensure the safety and security of our community members.

Version 1.0 - Effective December 2018

WEIGHT ROOM SUPERVISOR JOB DESCRIPTION The Weight Room supervisor:  ● Must have experience and knowledge of a gym environment and ​training youth /young adults  ● Must have a solid understanding of safe practice regarding exercise physiology  ● Committed to learning current techniques and best practices   ● Holds a current CPR, AED First Aid certificate and concussion training certificate  ● Recommended to be a certified trainer (NASM/ACSM/ACE)  ● Assists and plans with ISKL students and groups appropriate workout plans  ● Knowledge of sports injury & carry out rehabilitation & exercise program has been prescribed  by Physiotherapist  ● Reports to the HS Athletic Director  ● Involved in the supervision and instruction of PE (Fitness) classes when needed  ● Upholds the rules of the ​weight room and fitness area  ● follows the following guidelines while enforcing the rules  ○ Be courteous, polite, positive and professional.   ○ Enforce all rules consistently and fairly.   ■ All ISKL employees must take an active role in enforcing rules.  ○ Does not allow emotions to control your reactions.   ■ Minor Infraction • Verbal Warning, Gain his/her attention, show your ID, and  politely ask the community member, student, or guest to cease the inappropriate  behavior. Explain why and keep the individual’s age in mind when disciplining. If  you see a potential escalation, inform the guards.   ■ Major Infraction • Verbal Warning, Gain his/her attention and politely ask the  community member or student to leave the facilities. Inform the ISKL Guards and  the HS Athletic and Activities Director immediately.  ● Scans the Room ○ Continually scan both rooms while members are in the rooms ○ Scan for potential problems, inappropriate use of equipment ○ Report any equipment issues on the Log Sheet. ● Maintain locked doors for both the weight room and fitness area when unattended.  ● Arranges the weights, machines, and equipment in the morning and remind users to put  equipment away.  ● Works closely with Coaches, PE Department, and other teachers who are operating classes or  training in the space.     

Version 1.0 - Effective December 2018

WEIGHT ROOM AND FITNESS AREA DOCUMENTS ATTACHED:  ● Weight Room & Studio Inventory & Maintenance Log: ​Log Document 


WEIGHT ROOM AND FITNESS AREA RULES  1. No Food or Eating   2. No Open Cups - All Containers Must Have a Cap / Lid  3. No Bags - All Bags Left Outside  4. No Spikes or Cleats - Plastic Included  5. Return All Weights to Designated Areas  6. Do Not Leave Weights on Bars or the Floor  7. If you Move it Put it Back  8. Wipe Off Equipment With Spray After Use  9. Athletic Clothing and Shoes Must be Worn At All Times - No School Uniforms Allowed  10. Play Appropriate Music - No Elicit Lyrics  11. If Rules are not Followed, the Weight Room Could be Closed for a 4 Day Time Period  

Hilir Weight Room and Fitness Area Organizational and Responsibility Chart   Head of School   

● ● ● ●

Director of Risk Management    Safety  Schedules   Annual Policy and Procedure Updates  Staffing    

● ● ● ●

Director of Facilities    Safety  Equipment Testing and Management  Facility Cleanliness  Facility Maintenance 

HS Athletic Director ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Safety  Facility Maintenance  Equipment Testing and Management  Schedule / Hours  Weight Room Supervisor    Safety  Monitoring Effective Use   Uphold the Rules of the Weight Room  Log Sheet - Equipment Issues  Complete Monthly Audit  Complete Annual Inventory  Schedule Contractual Equipment Service

Version 1.0 - Effective December 2018


Hilir Weight Room and Fitness Area Possible​ Schedule for the Weight Room Supervisors Jeyen

Position 1

Position 2

M-F 12:00-3:00 (15)

M-F 3:00-9:30 (32.5) *15 min break, 30 min lunch

M-F 5:30-12:00 (32.5) *15 min break, 30 min lunch

(Lunch, breaks)

Saturday 8:00-12:00 12:30-4:00 (7.5) *30 min lunch

Sunday 8:00-12:00 12:30-4:00 (7.5) *30 min lunch

15 hours

40 hours

Version 1.0 - Effective December 2018

40 hours