IEC 60651, Class 2

Power unit 230 V/ 8 V/ 1 A, for instrument (European plug) 0554 1084 testo 815 Sound level meter, accuracy class 2, incl. microphone, wind protection ...

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testo 815 / 816

Measuring Sound Level from 30...130 dB Sound level measurement – To DIN/IEC 60651, Class 2



Real-world Sound Level Measuring Instruments Whether at a working place , in machine halls, offices, in discotheques or in the environmental field, it is important to control sound levels, which is often prescribed. testo 815 and 816 are easy to operate, precise sound level measuring instruments of the accuracy class 2. A calibrator for controlling and calibrating can be ordered as an accessory.

The Parameter Sound Next to the human eye the human ear is the sense organ used the most. Due to sound occurences in our ambience - be it a tone, music, bird twittering or machine noise - we participate in our ambience via the ears. The ears are a precious sense organ, which is necessary to be protected. Especially in the job-related everyday life, sound is generated by machine noise in a way we sense as disturbing. Everybody knows, noise and sound occurences, which are too loud on a continuing basis can damage the ear permanently. The new sound level measuring instruments testo 815 / 816 are modern sound level measuring instruments, which allow us to measure and evaluate sound, noise or pure tones.

threshold of pain

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hearing limit

testo 816 The instrument for evaluators, workplace measurements and measuring industrial and environmental noise. The bigger model offers additional features compared to the testo 815, which predestine it especially for evaluators, workplace measurements and measuring industrial and environmental noise.

Additional benefits of testo 816: • Automatic range switchover

time weighting part of meas. range frequency weighting present reading

• Backlit display • Mains unit connection • BarGraph display • AC output to connection from recorders and amplifiers • DC output with 10 mV/dB to connect recorders or dataloggers

Max / Min memory frequency weighting A/C automatic range switchover

On /Off key time weighting Fast / Slow backlit display On / Off

analog output AC/DC easy calibration with screwdriver mains unit connection


testo 815

Mutual features of both instruments • Accuracy class 2 according to IEC 60651

The ideal instrument for daily use. Whether it is for air

• Easy to adjust (calibration screwdriver

conditioning or heating, disco noise, machine noise or


noise in combustion systems, testo 815 is the ideal

• Frequency weighting according to


characteristic line A and C • Max / Min memory • Built-in stand screw /(1/4 inch) • Switchable time weighting Fast / Slow frequency weighting present reading time weighting

Sound weighted curves

part of measuring range LA (dB)

Max / Min memory frequency (Hz)

frequency weighting A/C automatic range switchover

On / Off key time weighting Fast / Slow

• The “A” weighted graph corresponds to the hearing sensation of the human ear. • The “C” weighted graph is used for measuring low frequency sounds.

easy calibration with a screwdriver

Sound Level Calibrator Sound level measuring instruments should be re-calibrated in case of changes in place or temperature. With the help of the calibrator, available as an accessory, both instruments can easily be controlled and adjusted. Two levels can be adjusted (94 and 114 dB). It is as well suited for 1/2 inch and 1 inch microphones of other makes.

LED function and battery status indication

Sound level calibrator, more security! For regular control, especially in case of temperature or air pressure variations, due to changing weather

2 levels adjustable

conditions, the measuring instrument should be adjusted with a calibrator. 2 levels can be adjusted at the calibrator (94 dB / 114 dB).

Removable adapter ring for calibrating instruments with 1 inch microphones. With inserted adapter ring 1/2 inch microphones can be fitted (testo 815 / 816).


Fax Order Form Part no.

testo 815

Sound level meter, accuracy class 2, incl. microphone, wind protection cap and battery

0563 8155

testo 816

Sound level meter, accuracy class 2, incl. microphone, wind protection cap, battery, stereo 0563 8165 jack 3.5 mm, in a practical measurement case


Part no.

Calibrator, for regular calibration of testo 815, testo 816

0554 0452

ISO calibration cert./Sound pressure, Calibration points 94 dB(A); 104 dB(A); 114 dB(A) at different frequencies

0520 0111

Power unit 230 V/ 8 V/ 1 A, for instrument (European plug)

0554 1084

Sound fibula, entering guide in sound level measuring technology

0980 0763

Technical data

testo 815

testo 816

Meas. range

+32 to +130 dB

+30 to +130 dB

Accuracy ±1 digit

Class 2 ±1.0 dB

Class 2 ±1.0 dB


0.1 dB

0.1 dB

Battery life

70 h

50 h


195 g

315 g


255 x 55 x 43 mm

309 x 68 x 50 mm

Battery type

9V block battery

9V block battery

Oper. temp.

0 to +40 °C

0 to +40 °C

Storage temp.

-10 to +60 °C

-10 to +60 °C

Other features

Technical data

Section measurement ranges: 30 to 80 dB; 50 to 100 dB; 80 to 130 dB Time weighting: FAST 125 ms setting / SLOW 1 s setting Pressure dependency: -0.0016 dB/hPa Sound level calibrator Battery type

9V block battery

Battery life

40 h


±0.5 dB in accordance with Class 2 to IEC 60942

Sound pressure level: 94 dB/114 dB, switchable Frequency: 1000 Hz Also suitable for 1/2 and 1 inch microphones by other manufacturers


Subject to change without notice.


Measuring instrument

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